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					                                DESIGN DEPARTMENT


Responsible to:       Design Manager

Responsible for:      Deputising for Design Manager.

Background of post
The department deals with the design and costing of umbilical cable solutions that meet
customer requirements. This includes all umbilical and terminations for products supplied by
JDR. The post deals primarily in the Applications Design section. The post also requires
deputising for the Design Manager’s absence for both the Applications and Contracts design
teams. Activity is expected on a day-to-day basis in both sections.

Applications Design – The objective of this team is to provide accurate technical solutions
and advise to internal sales personnel with practical and sound cable and systems design. The
work is focused towards bids for new projects, but must also take account of standard
components and design principles.

Contracts Design – The objective of this team is to provide detailed and accurate design
engineering services for new orders. Input is received from Sales, Applications Design and
the Project Manager and the output is generated for the Purchasing, Project Management and
Production teams.

Main duties of the job

1) Design cable and termination solutions that meet customer requirements, and relevant
   national and international standards.

2) Write internal umbilical production and termination design specifications.

3) Operate CAD package and design software.

4) Verify customer design input.

5) Answer customer technical queries.

6) Provide technical support for the sales, purchasing and production departments.

7) Complete internal Non Conformance and Concession/ Deviation Reports.

8) Operate the cable and termination costing software tools – using Visual as much as
9) Contact material suppliers for material suitability and price and delivery information.

10) Ensure a high level of accuracy is present in all design output. Checking of individual
    produced work is to be made by the Senior Design Engineer. Significant Checking and
    Approval, subject to competence, is also expected as part of the Senior Design Engineers
    daily activities.

11) Line Management of Applications and Contracts design teams during Design Managers
    absence – setting work/deadlines, providing management support to the Design Engineers
    and making key Technical decisions within competence.

12) In addition to these duties employees are required to carry out such other duties as may
    reasonably be required.

Characteristics of the job
 Checking, accuracy and attention to detail
 Communication
 Time management
 Organisation

Knowledge and skills required (minimum)
 Basic electrical theory
 Basic mechanical theory
 Basic trigonometric theory
 Teamworking, organisation, communication, attention to detail

Degree in an engineering subject, or relevant experience gained in an engineering field. In
either case having previously demonstrated clear evidence of a significant level of technical
competence, responsibility and professional conduct.

A guide to line manager’s responsibilities

Develop team plans
- Involve team in developing and agreeing team targets/objectives in line with
   organisational targets/objectives
- Monitor performance

Hold monthly team meetings
- Communicate progress
- Discuss issues
- Update plans
- Encourage ideas and suggestions

Conduct performance reviews of all staff
- Agree individual targets/objectives
- Agree individual development needs
- Review previous performance
- Provide constructive feedback
Manage team development
- Agree development objectives
- Evaluate effectiveness of development activities
- Recognise and monitor diversity issues
- Monitor budgets and costs

Self awareness
- Encourage feedback on own performance
- Willingness to adapt to feedback
- Continuous self development

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