Marketing-Automation-Vendor-Scorecard by lanyuehua


									Marketing Automation Software Vendor Scorecard
Prepared for Pearson College Readiness

   Since                       Year Created
   Target                      Do we match their target customer, or are we asking them to do something un
   Customers                   Sample Customers
   Business Model              How is the software used and paid for?
   Forrester Rating            Has Forrester (or others) included them in a report?

   Browser compatibility       Does the marketing automation software have browser or OS limitations?
   User defined roles          Can Pearson set up users with role-based permissions?
   Usability                   Subjective rating of how usability the software ie
   Drag and Drop               Can you drag and drop elements to create workflows?

   Landing Pages               Review of landing page builder
   Form Builder                Review of Forms Builder
   PURLS                       How are URLs created, and can they be personalized?
   Dynamic Content             Can email or landing page content be displayed dynamically?
   Operational Emails          How are autoresponders and other behind the scenes issues handled?
   Template Builders           Can Pearson create custom branded templates for re-use?

   Custom Lead Scoring         How are scoring rules created and managed over the long term?
   Triggers                    Can things happen based on triggers (score reaches certain amount, etc)
   Scheduling                  Can things happen based on time-lapse or schedule?
   Lead Assignment             How are leads assigned to a human for personalized followup?
   Real Time Lead Alerts       Email or SMS notifications based on real time activity?

   Dynamic Segments            Create rules or field-level segments?
   A/B Testing                 How are A/B tests performed and results reported on?
   List Growth                 How would the system handle growing from 0 to 50k users? Price issues?
   Import                      How are outside lists imported into the system?
   CRM                         Ability to stand on it's own as a full featured app without Salesforce or other C

   Sender Scores               Current sender scores?
   Inbox Previews              Can emails be tested against major email client inboxes for compatibility chec
   Content Check Automated     Ability to score content for spam ratings

   Website / HTML          How is HTML-based action reporting handled? Link clicks, form submits, etc
   Track AJAX/Flash calls  How are complex AJAX, Javascript, or Flash activity handled? Video start, vide
                           Ability to
   Programmable API (REST/SOAP) create external application interfaces
                           Any specific sync or interface to Siebel?
   Siebel On Demand CRM Sync
   Oracle Direct             Any specific sync or interface to Oracle DB/PL-SQL?

   Best Practice Templates   Start with pre-defined templates or from scratch?
   Training                  Assessment of self-guided training - docs, videos, guides, etc
   Community                 Assessment of customer self-support community. Do they help each other?

   Setup/Implementation      Can Pearson pay to have someone set it all up for them?
   Ongoing                   Can Pearson pay to have someone help out and tweak configurations over the

                          How are campaign ROI / effectiveness reports handled?
   Aggregate Campaign Effectiveness
   Detailed User Activity What is tracked at the detail user level?
   KissMetrics            Integration options for KissMetrics
   Google Analytics       Integration options for Google Analytics
   Website Tracking       Standard Web Usage and Activity reporting built in?

   Monthly                   Cost per month
   App Users                 How many app users max.
   Setup                     Initial, one-time setup fee
   Training                  Cost for guided training
   Term                      Month to Month or annual?
   Email Compliance          Costs for value-added email deliverabilty/compliance features
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 activity handled? Video start, video end, etc
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