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									                  Health Guarantee & Contract
                                          Meadowview Havanese

                                           Karen Marie Duprat

                                 2 Pondview Lane, Southwick, MA. 01077

                                 (413) 569-2029 email:

I strive to produce high quality puppies and to place them only in loving homes where they will have a
wonderful life full of love, companionship and happiness.

The Seller, Karen Marie Duprat, and the Buyer __________________________________ hereby
agree as follows:

 The Seller hereby sells to the buyer, for the amount of $ ______________ a male / female Havanese
puppy,    known     as     ________________          Born    on  ______________      from   (Dam)
______________________________ and (Sire) ________________________________ in
accordance with the terms of this contract.

The Seller has registered this puppy's litter with the American Kennel Club - AKC,

Puppy registration number ________________________, and will provide puppy registration
papers to the Buyer at the time of sale.

 The Buyer has 3 Business days to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at the Buyers
expense. Seller must be notified by fax or email immediately of the examination's results. Failure to do so
can result in cancellation of this contract. If examination reveals a puppy was unfit for purchase due to
illness, disease, or congenital disorder, puppy may be returned ( at Buyers expense) for a replacement
puppy or refund of the purchase price. (Not to include shipping charges). Documentation required.

 The Seller guarantees puppy up to one (1) year of age against genetic disorders that threaten the health of
the puppy and alter their life in a negative manner. Such as severe Hip Dysplasia, Heart Murmur,
Demodectic Mange - generalized or localized. Documentation from (2) different licensed veterinarians
confirming such conditions must be presented to the Seller to be eligible for a refund of the purchase
price. (Not to include shipping charges)

 All veterinarian charges are the responsibility of the Buyer and written documentation must be presented
to the seller detailing any problem with the puppy immediately. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy
requires maintaining their health and the Buyer will be responsible for all related health care expenses.
Buyer agrees to maintain the health of the puppy through Current Vaccinations, Rabies, Heartworm
prevention and spaying or neutering.

 If the dog dies within one (1) year of purchase date the buyer is responsible to have a Necropsy performed
to verify cause of death. If cause of death is determined to be a genetic or congenital defect, Seller will
refund the purchase price of the puppy or provide a replacement puppy, as soon as one is available. (Not
to include Shipping Charges).
The Seller does not guarantee against any non genetic faults that occur and do not threaten the health or
well being of the puppy ( hypoglycemia, bad bites, umbilical hernias, allergies, undescended testicles,
luxating patellas from trauma, etc...). Coccidia, Giardia, Pneumonia or Upper Respiratory Infections are
not covered by this guarantee as they are usually stress induced and easily treated.

 Hypoglycemia is a disorder caused by low blood sugar and occurs when the puppy misses a meal and has
the stress of a new home. Make sure your puppy always has food and water available and is getting
enough rest. I recommend adding a little water to their dry food to soften it, to help your puppy make the
transition to your home.

 The Seller presents this puppy as pet quality: no guarantee is made with regard to show or breeding

 The Buyer certifies that they are not brokering the puppy for another individual and will not at any time
sell the dog to a kennel, pet shop, of other business for profit.

I advise all my new families to keep your new puppy separate from other dogs (that do not live in your
home) until the veterinarian has checked the puppy and the vaccination series has been completed. Take
this time to bond with your new baby and start the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Additional Information or terms:




DATE: ______________________

PURCHASER SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________

PURCHASER ADDRESS ______________________________________________________

PHONE _________________________ CELL PHONE ______________________________

EMAIL __________________________________________________________________


______________________________________ KAREN MARIE DUPRAT

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