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					                  Professional Liability                                                                           Department Guide


TAGA writes a variety of professional liability products to cover a wide variety of risks. Talk to a TAGA under-
writer today for a quick and competitively priced quote.

Coverages                                                                         Classes
Allied Medical                                                                    Allied Medical
Packaged with GL                                                                  Adoption/Foster Placement Agencies Adult Day
Occurrence or Claims Made Forms Available                                         Cares
Sexual Molestation Sublimits                                                      Ambulance & Non Emergency Transports
Hired - Non-Owned                                                                 Air Ambulance Companies
                                                                                  Group Homes for MHMR
E&O                                                                               Allied Durable Equipment
may be packaged with GL or stand alone
                                                                                  Counselors & Counseling Facilities
Starter ups - Insurance Agency
D&O                                                                               Technology E&O
may be packaged with property, general liability on social services;
or stand alone                                                                    Insurance Agency E&O
Chamber of Commerce, Foundations & Trade                                          Specified Professional E&O
Coastal Property - $500,000 TIV - No wind & hail                                  Real Estate
                                                                                  Mortgage Brokers
Architects & Engineers
Can look at construction project managers                                         D&O
                                                                                  Non Profit Social Service Organizations
Lawyers                                                                           Profit Organizations
Can look at hard to place risks                                                   Chamber of Commerce
EPLI                                                                              Trade Organizations
may be packaged with D&O or stand alone                                           HOA’s
                                                                                  Architects & Engineers
  Markets                                                                         Lawyers
  All Carriers “A” Rated
  Admiral Insurance Company
  American International Group, Inc.
  Argo Pro
  Beazley Insurance Company, Inc.
  Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
  Darwin Group
  The Distinguished Programs Group
  Great American Insurance Group
  Hiscox, Inc.                                                           Debbie Stacks 866-214-4333
  Markel Shand, Inc.                                                      Connie Hatch 800-615-3199
  Monitor Liability Managers, Inc.
  NAS Insurance Services, Inc.
  The Navigators Group, Inc.
  Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  RA&MCO Insurance Services
  Target Insurance Services