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					                          Galaxy Courier
                          Inmarsat-C/GPS Package

Key features              The Trimble Galaxy Courier™
and benefits              system is a complete Inmarsat-
                          C/GPS communications package
• Global two-way
  communications          that complies with the latest
                          Inmarsat requirements for non-
• Integral dedicated
  computer and display    SOLAS* maritime applications.
                          The system offers simple installa-
• Integral GPS included
                          tion, an easy to learn and use
• Supports Internet       interface, and unparalleled relia-
  addressing              bility backed by Trimble’s world-
• Easy to install         wide support network.

                          Global 2-way communications
                          The Galaxy Courier system enables
                          user access to the highly reliable
                          Inmarsat-C two-way messaging
                          service from virtually anywhere
                          in the world. Maritime users
                          may exchange messages with
                          their offices, other vessels and
                          their homes. Messages can be
                          sent via Telex, Internet Email,
                          FAX or PSDN delivery.

                          Easy to install
                          highly integrated design
                          The Galaxy Courier system
                          offers the industry’s most highly     and Distress Messaging capability     designed with the user in mind.
                          integrated design incorporating       of the Inmarsat-C system.             A single screen may be used for
                          an Inmarsat Type Approved Ship                                              both composing and editing mes-
                          Earth Station (SES), a ruggedi-       Optional equipment                    sages, and for reviewing received
                          zed maritime computer, an             The system operates with stan-        messages. The Galaxy software
                          Enhanced Group Call (EGC)             dard parallel (Centronics inter-      supports a broad range of
                          receiver, and a Global                face) and serial printers. Optional   Inmarsat-C messaging services.
                          Positioning System (GPS)              printers, as well as a remote
                          receiver in a single, compact         alarm panel and an auto               Product support
                          enclosure. SafetyNET messages,        switchover AC/DC power supply,        Trimble field offices spanning
                          providing weather and other           are also available from Trimble.      six continents along with a
                          safety related information, can                                             powerful distributor network
                          be received by the Courier and        Easy to learn, easy to use            are committed to providing life
                          are free of charge. The system also   The system includes the Galaxy        cycle support for installation,
                          includes the full Distress Alerting   QuickSend user interface              training, and after sale service.
Galaxy Courier
Inmarsat-C/GPS Package

   S TANDA RD FEAT U R E S                                                                        A P P R O VA L S

• Inmarsat Type Approval to CN114 Requirements for non-SOLAS applications                    Inmarsat Maritime           TA-04-075-01 19 March 1998
• Highly Integrated Communications Unit                                                                                  IT-04-075-01 19 March 1998
  Inmarsat-C/GPS transceiver, dedicated computer, and LCD in a single                        CE                          20341-3250-1001/F1-KBK2-stt
• Remote Alarm Panel
                                                                                                  RF CHARACTER ISTICS
  Controls and indicators are common with the Communications Unit
  front panel                                                                                Specification
• Galaxy Software (pre-installed )
  Easy to learn and use messaging software to send Internet Email,                           Transmitter                 1,626.5 MHz to 1,646.5 MHz
  Telex, Faxes, mobile-to-mobile, PSDN, etc.                                                 Receiver                    1,530.0 MHz to 1,545.0 MHz
• Flexible Data Reporting Facility                                                           Data Rate                   6 0 0b p s
  Supports low-cost, position reports using Inmarsat-C Data Reporting                        G/T                         – 2 3d B / ° K
  protocol                                                                                   Electrical Power (Communications Unit)

                                                                                             Input Voltage               Nominal 12 to 24 VDC
   COURIER HA RDWA R E                                                                       Power
Communications Unit      Integrated Transceiver/Computer/GPS                                       Receive               22 W Maximum
Antenna                  Standard Galaxy Marine Antenna                                            Transmit              140 W Maximum
Keyboard                 Compact, QWERTY layout
                                                                                                  S TANDARD COURIER CONFIGURAT I O N
   PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                                  Part Number 30090-30

                          Courier Hardware            Antenna                                •   Communications Unit (CU) and adjustable yoke mount
Environmental         tested to IEC 945                                                      •   Keyboard (2 m cable) with installation bracket
Operating temperature –15°C to +55°C             –35°C to +55°C                              •   Marine Antenna & pole mount
Storage temperature –35°C to +60°C               –55°C to +85°C                              •   2 m CU power cable,
                                                                                             •   NMEA 0183 port connectors
                                                                                             •   Pre-installed Galaxy Software
                                                                                             •   Installation Manual and User’s Guide
    Port                  Type                        Connector                              •   2 Year Warranty
    Antenna               Coax                        Type N
    Keyboard              PC/AT                       PS/2 Mini-DIN
    Printer               Centronics Parallel         DB-25 Female
    Printer               RS-232 Serial               DB-9 Female
    GPS                   NMEA 0183 Serial            CONXALL 6-pin
                          GLL, GGA, VTG


Parallel Printer         Centronics interface, rolled paper
Serial Printer           RS-232 interface, rolled paper
AC/DC Power Supply       Automatic switchover; 24 VDC output
Remote Alarm Panel       Remote distress button and indicators

                                                                                             Weight: 9 kg (Communications Unit + Yoke)

                                                                                             * Safety Of Life At Sea

                                                                                             Specifications subject to change without notice.

                                             Trimble Navigation Limited   Trimble Navigation Europe Limited          Trimble Navigation
                                             Corporate Headquarters       Trimble House,                                Singapore PTE Limited
                                             645 North Mary Avenue        Meridian Office Park                        79 Anson Road #05-02
T HE    G PS       SO L U T IO N             Sunnyvale, CA 94086          Osborne Way                                Singapore 079906
                                             +1-408-481-8940              Hook, Hampshire RG27 9HX U.K.              SINGAPORE
                                             +1-408-481-7744 Fax          +44 1256-760-150                           +65-325-5668
                                                 +44 1256-760-148 Fax                       +65-225-9989 Fax

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