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									                   MA Program in Environmental Science and Technology
                      School of Environment, Beijing Normal University

     Environmental Science and Technology is one of the most valued programs in Beijing
Normal University as well as a central issue in the international community in recent years. The
MA Program in Environmental Science and Technology in Beijing Normal University is designed
for outstanding students in environmental sciences around the whole world. This Program aims at
developing students’ ability analyzing and tackling the existing issues in environmental studies.
The great research achievement and international teaching staff provide a good study environment
for foreign students. Besides Environmental Science in our school has been acknowledged as one
of the National key disciplines and Environmental Technology is a key discipline in Beijing, the
Environmental Science and Technology is a National Authorized First Grade Discipline.
2. Study Duration and Tuition Fee
Study duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee: 68000 RMB
3. Credits and Courses
Credits: 34 including 2 for Chinese History and Culture, 9 for compulsory courses,15 for
optional courses, 2 for practice and 6 for a dissertation. ※ 1 credit=18 study hours. The students
should have more than 3 courses but less than 5.
Courses: 9 courses for the first semester and 10 courses for the second.
Semester                     Curriculum                         Type       Credits
                     Chinese History and Culture             compulsory      2
                Restoration Ecology and International        compulsory                   5
                            Basic Chinese                      optional      2
                         Ecological Modeling                   optional      3
            Environmental Biotechnology: Principles and        optional
                 Environmental Health Risk Analysis            optional      3
                       Environmental Statistics                optional      3
                         Landscape Ecology                     optional      3
               Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry             optional      3
                Strategic Environmental Assessment          compulsory        3
                      Environmental Economics               compulsory        3
              Ecosystem Assessment and Management             optional        3
                       Water Quality Modeling                 optional        3
    II                    Industrial Ecology                  optional        3
                        Conservation Biology                  optional        3
                     River and Coastal Pollution              optional        3
                       Urban Remote Sensing                   optional        3
              Membrane Technology and Applications            optional        3
                 The Economics of Natural Resources           optional        3
                        Dissertation Proposal               compulsory        0
   III                                                                                        2
                               Practice                     compulsory        2
   Ⅳ                            Thesis                      compulsory        6               6

The dissertation: students should hand in the thesis and take part in defense. Only after pass the
defense and being assessed by Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee the students could get the
degree. The dissertation should be 40-60 pages according to the requirements of the school.
4. Contact Information
Address: School of Environment, Beijing Normal University
19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China. Post code: 100875
Contact Person: Dr. Su and Dr. Xu.
Tel: 0086-10-59890151 or 0086-10-59893228
E-mail: liya@bnu.edu.cn or xly@mail.bnu.edu.cn
Website: http://test2.beijing99.cn/index.aspx

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