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					                              Strategic Project Management











                               PROJECT & CONSTRUCTION
Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful
completion of specific project goals and objectives in the most streamlined cost and time effective manner. It is a finite
endeavor (time dependent) undertaken to create a unique product or service which brings about tangible value
addition to a business.

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         ABOUT SUKAD
              The vision of SUKAD was born from the cumulative global experiences of some of the pioneering Project and Organi-
              zation Management professionals from and across the Middle East.
              The founding members of SUKAD realized, the burgeoning economy of Middle East needed cutting edge Project
              Management Professionals who not only measured up to international standards, but also professionals who could
              develop solutions tailored for the Middle East business environment.
              Since the day of SUKAD’s inception our vision was never to be just another training institute, but one that was unique
              in its approach of application of real time training methodologies, along with highly comprehensive inputs, that
              encapsulated years of experiences by the best practicing professionals in the industry.
              In line with our vision and quest for excellence, we have always put a premium on establishing a culture that primarily
              focuses on accumulation and inflow of knowledge as perhaps its single biggest competitive strength in the market as
              on date. Towards this end we have aggressively but selectively forged strategic partnerships with core Project
              Management entities in training and consultancy across the globe, thus ensuring our edge as knowledge based
              business entity.
              A significant measure of our reputation and credibility as project management professionals, is the fact that we have
              been hired by some of the top business entities of the Middle East not only as project consultants, but also as the
              official “In-house” trainers for their employees.
              It comes as no surprise, that in a relatively short period of its existence, SUKAD trained professionals have gained a
              reputation in business circles in and around the region as “excellent investments”.
              So you may be an established professional looking to augment your knowledge base, a rising professional in quest of
              international certifications, a fresh graduate OR a business entity looking to maximize returns by upgrading the PM
              knowledge level of your employees, SUKAD has courses and training approaches to cater to all your requirements.

         OUR VISION
              To be the premiere management center of excellence in the Middle East, the preferred provider of services to our
              strategic partners, and a most rewarding working environment to our associates.

         OUR MISSION
              Be an effective resource in acquiring, transferring, and creating professional management practices and knowledge;
              be an agent of change that helps organizations convert the acquired knowledge into practical applications leading to
              organizational success.

 For more information please e-mail us @ or call us to one of our representative @ +971 4 367 1976 today.
                 WHY SUKAD?

        WHY SUKAD?
           “When you join SUKAD, imagine yourself sitting at a discussion with a consortium of top industries and project
           managers, analyzing advanced theories and solutions - embellished with insights encapsulating cumulative expertise
           and experiences gathered over the years.”

              Our in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as a thorough understanding of your career objectives as an
              aspiring Project Management Professional enable us to design highly focused, effective and “value for money”
              courses that equips you with cutting edge tools, designed to make the most of each minute and dollar you spend
              with us.

              Industry specific advanced certificate courses – giving you a clear edge over other certified project management
              professionals in your domain.
                  Information Technology
                  Oil & Gas

              Ample practical exposure on simulated projects – a key factor missing from many training courses in the market.
              This ensures you understand the application of all Project fundamentals ground up.

              Continuous up gradation of course materials - that not only prepare you for certification, but hone you as an
              industry ready professional.

              Partners and Tie –Ups: As mentioned before SUKAD aggressively but selectively enters into strategic alliances with
              global experts in project management chief among them are:
                  “RMC” is one of the premiere training entities in the world, with proven expertise in designing highly effectively course
                  materials for various Project Management certification courses. Their online and offline training material has been
                  acknowledged by professional organizations to be among the best. SUKAD is the only authorized representative of RMC
                  in the Middle East.

                  “Projectize group USA” credited with developing highly advanced derivative of PMO, simplistically named – “PMO tool in a
                  box”. We are the only Middle East Consultancy to have licensed usage of this tool.

                  “3PM” are a Switzerland based company specializing in project management, organizational project management and
                  organization project management assessment.

              Ten-100 program – Our focus on ensuring you benefit from the course and not just “attend” it. This is a 3 part
              program that has been acknowledged by experts as the most comprehensive and effective training programs in
              the Market today, more importantly designed for the Middle Eastern segment.

              For Existing PMP Professionals:
              SUKAD is one of the few institutes whose courses and events are recognized by PMI as official credit hours for
              renewing PMP certifications.

For more information please e-mail us @ or call us to one of our representative @ +971 4 367 1976 today.
                                THE TEAM

Engineer Mounir A. Ajam, MS, PMP
Mr. Ajam is a senior professional about 23 years of professional experience in the Engineering, Construction, and Process Industries (oil
& gas, petrochemical, utilities) and most of his experience has been on the management of projects. Most of this experience was
obtained in the United States but also included United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Middle East; Mr. Ajam has been in the Middle East
for 7 years now.
In 1998 Mr. Ajam achieved the internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential and in 2007 he
graduated from the Project Management Institute (PMI®) prestigious Leadership Institute Masters Class.
In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Ajam has held numerous volunteer leadership roles. These include: currently serving on
the 2008 PMI® EMEA Congress Project Action Team (CoPAT), International Correspondent for PMForum and PMWorldToday (two
leading web portals dedicated to promoting Project Management). Mr. Ajam also a co-founder and the first chairman of the Board for the
recently established Global Project and Process Management Association (GPPMA), which is based in Dubai, U.A.E.
Mr. Ajam is the senior partner and co-founder of SUKAD (SUKAD) FZ-LLC, a professional consultancy and training service provider that
is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates but operating across the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East. Mr.
Ajam is currently serving as SUKAD Chief Executive Officer and lead consultant. SUKAD currently specializes in Project Management and
would remain so; by project management we mean the generic project management in addition to his personal focus on construction
management (or management of capital projects).

Alexander Matthey, MSc, PMP
Alex holds a Masters Degree in Computer Electronics and Software Engineering and a Master in Business Information Systems. He has
excellent command over English, French, Hungarian and Bulgarian.
He possesses more than 22 years experience in the service, consulting and teaching industries, with over 19 years spent in project
management up to senior consultant level. He has managed programs and projects by consultancy organizations predominantly in
Europe, but in Australasia as well.
Alex has held seminars at International PMI congresses and seminars in Project and Program Management, an external lecturer at the
University of Geneva for undergraduate and MBA students in project management. He is VP Marketing and Sponsorship at PMI Swiss
Chapter, PMI Leadership mentor for Northern and Central Europe.

Theofanis Giotis MSc, MCT, PMP, Ph.D.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Theofanis Giotis is a Co-Founder and CEO of ITEC Training & ITEC Solutions since 1988. He is also the cofounder
and president of the PMI Greece Chapter. He has over 20 years of professional experience in services and consulting. He has managed
hundreds of IT/TELCO projects and delivered more than 100 presentations on ICT and Project Management. Theofanis is a graduate of
PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class and PM Forum International Correspondent from Greece.

Nada Chaban, MS

Mr. Nada is an honor graduate and holds a Master degree in Project Management from Universite du Quebec en Outaouais and
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Damascus University           Miss. Nada holds a Masters degree in Project Management, with
eight years Marketing and Sales Manger experience.
Prior to SUKAD, Miss. Nada had provided professional services in various global locations; such as Canada, and the Middle East. She
has developed innovative and cost effective strategy and consumer communication strategies and provided training and development
opportunities to improve employee’s skills.

Jack Duggal, MBA, PMP

Mr. Duggal is a recognized international expert in Organizational Program Management, Program Management Office (PMO) design &
implementation. He has developed and implemented a framework for the Next Generation PMO and Portfolio Management, with
pioneering concepts of integration of knowledge management, collaboration and emerging tools and technologies. He provides
coaching, mentoring solutions
Mr. Duggal is an adjunct professor and visiting faculty, teaching in graduate and executive business programs at the University of
Hartford, CT, USA. He has been teaching various Project and Process Management, Strategic Information Systems, Managing Technol-
ogy, e-Business and other courses for over fifteen years. He has also developed corporate university training programs.

           “You may be a established professional looking to augment your knowledge base, a rising professional in quest of
           international certifications, a fresh graduate OR a business entity looking to maximize returns by upgrading the PM
           knowledge level of your employees, SUKAD has courses and training approaches to cater to all your requirements.”

           Professional Certification
           An intensive and thorough preparation for professionals who wish to go for certifications from the following certifying bodies:

               Project Management Institute (PMI®)

           Core Competencies
           For the newcomers (fresh graduates, professionals) making a foray into the fascinating world of project management we offer
           courses in specific knowledge areas defined as integration, scope, time cost, quality, human resource, communication, risk and
           We also offer courses in Practical PM, offering hands on experience with simulation software for project management scenarios

           Industry Specific
           Continuing education for industry specific professionals as a precursor to the more advanced industry specific courses, ideally
           pursued by professionals fresh into the industry:
                   Information Technology / Information Systems
                   Construction / Capital Projects Related Programs

           Industry Specific
           Continuing education – Strategic management courses will allow a professional to seek Project management excellence.
                   Organizational Maturity
                   Managing Multiple & Small Projects

           Special Programs
           Programs that have been uniquely designed by practicing SUKAD consultants, and continually updated to give you the cutting
           edge expertise that distinguishes you from the multitudeOrganizational Maturity
                   Ten-100 Program – Professional Certification
                   Practical PM Program – Comprehensive Core Competency Program
                   Capital Projects Program – Comprehensive Program for Industries Implementing Capital Projects
                   Core Competencies

           Focus on the people side of project management such as Communication, Team Development, Project Leadership, Power &
           Influence, etc.Organizational Maturity
                   Human Aspects

For more information please e-mail us @ or call us to one of our representative @ +971 4 367 1976 today.
                                                                                             CORPORATE TRAINING

           SUKAD understands implementing best Practices in Project Management is but the first step, it is important to create
           an inheritable legacy that permeates every level of the organization. This is the reason we take a holistic view of
           project management and customized Industry specific solutions.

           This is the reason most of our consultancy clients also recruit our services as corporate project management trainers
           to imbue a culture of best practices across the length and breadth of the organization.
           Our Institutional / Corporate Training Methodology goes beyond training and seek to establish a comprehensive
           professional development program which broadly involves application of the following tools:
                  Competency assessments,
                  Identification of gaps,
                  Mapping Career Path Process
                  On the job and off the job training
                  Mentoring and coaching programs.

           The approach is unique in the sense it does not end with a few classroom sessions, but addresses the
           fundamental problem of aligning organizational objectives with individual employee aspirations at every
           level. Key deliverables include:
                  Advocating long term career path concept for each employee
                  Career management framework - for each position and member within the organization
                  Proper mix of theory and practice
                  Creating an environment across the organization that stresses on Learning
                  A culture of free flow of Knowledge transfer and sharing
                  Training existing employees to develop Core competence in project management, thus gradually eliminating requirements
                  for external consultants and expensive PM exercises.

                                                                           G - ALONG
                                                                      R NIN          T
                                               A                                                           HE



                                                 SPECIAL PROGRAMS
                                                                                                                        RN E
                              LIFE L

                                                  INDUSTRY SPECIFIC

                                                                                                                           Y TO




                                                CORE COMPETENCIES

                                                                                                                       C     E

                                             AN             EL                                         M
                                                AGA       XC

For more information please e-mail us @ or call us to one of our representative @ +971 4 367 1976 today.
                                                                                                                   CLIENTS & TESTIMONIALS

            Offshore Projects Div. Aramco Saudi                                Syria
            Hamzah I.Al-Kohaji, PMP MPD/Manifa                                 Al Forat

            “The course, provided by SUKAD, I attended last year was so        “I am a Project Engineer. The Project management course that
            informative that I find myself inclined to coming back for more”.   was offered by SUKAD was very important to be because I will
                                                                               use these materials everyday. This course will improve my

            Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings                              e-TQM College
            Mr. Raid Bsaibes, Chief Operating Officer-Corporate                 Dr. Najwa Dham, Dean og Academic Research & Publishing

            “I would rank SUKAD as one of the top Project Management           “Mr. Ajam’s human relation skills are outstanding. He is a good
            institute in the Gulf”.                                            team player; his training and research skills are well honed as
                                                                               well. He is a broadly educated person and well read. He has in
                                                                               depth knowledge in his ares of specialization”.

            PMP MPD/Manifa Offshore Projects Div                               Middle East Lubricant Company, Jebel Ali, UAE
            Aramco Saudi Hamzah I. Al-Kohaji                                   Mr. Afsal Yanus, Project Manager

           “The course, provided by SUKAD, I attended last year was so         “Trainers are really hardcore, well experienced project managers.
           informative that I find myself inclined to coming back for           They were sharing their experiences”.

            Royal Comission, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia                               Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
            Marwan Islam, PMP, Resident Construction Manager                   Mr. Ronnie I. Smith, PMP

           “Thank you I had the most wonderful training ever. SUKAD’s          “It is my pleasure to officially endorse SUKAD. I have worked with
           teaching and personal skills made this course enjoyable and         SUKAD over a year now and I can say without hesitation that
           fun, not mentioning the amount of information I gained from         they are an outstanding provider of project management services
           listening to your presentations”.                                   in the Middle East”.

            Senior System Analyst, Uniliver, UAE                               Shaikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
            Ms. Poonam Tripathi                                                Mr. Bashar Al Ramahi, Head of Biomedical Engineering

           “I had found four companies on PMI website for my training – I      “I’m so glad that I have met all of you. This is by far the best
           contacted all four but your staff have responded in the most        training course I’ve been in, thanks to SUKAD I hope to see all of
           professional and well informed manner; this is why I chose          you in July.” ... “An excellent program.”

            ZADCO, Abu Dhai, UAE
            Mr. S.R. Butler, Strategy Analyst

           “I found the exam exercises to be extremely useful, the
           feedback of our answers was a great help in better under-
           standing PMI.”

For more information please e-mail us @ or call us to one of our representative @ +971 4 367 1976 today.
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