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					                                       Foodshare Board of Directors
                                        Committee Responsibilities

Executive Committee
   When needed, make decisions and implement interim policies between regular meetings of the full Board of
   Oversight and performance appraisal of the President.
   Management of committees and annual work plan -- including assigning work or projects.
   Regularly review progress on meeting the objectives outlined in the organization's strategic plan and suggest
    needed activity to keep on schedule.
   Organize and implement an orientation program for new Board members, including training sessions, hands-on
    learning activities, and a buddy system that pairs experienced Board members with new ones.
   Serve as the grievance committee for employee grievances in keeping with the organization’s personnel policies.
   United Way relations

Finance Committee
   Development and oversight of annual budget
   Regular review of internal control systems
   Monitor investment policy
   Oversee banking relationships
   Review and oversee insurance programs
   Address human resource policy issues as needed
   Information technology
   Risk Management

Audit Committee
   Hires, manages the relationship with, and evaluates the independent auditor.
   Reviews scope of audit and anticipated test procedures with auditor prior to the beginning of the annual audit.
   Reviews the audit report and other relevant documents with the auditor, including the accounting for and
    disclosure of unusual or large financial transactions.
   Reviews compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements (e.g., single audits, IRS Form 990, Connecticut
   Reports the results of the annual audit to the Board of Directors.
   Reviews Foodshare’s framework for internal controls and risk assessment.
   Provides oversight of Foodshare’s fraud detection and prevention procedures.
   Pre-approves any non-audit services to be provided by the independent auditor

Governance and Nominating Committee
   Review Board members activities and involvement on a regular basis
   Identify unmet needs on Foodshare's Board (diversity, skills, organizations) and recruit to fill those needs
   Prepare a slate of Directors and Officers for the March Annual Business Meeting.
   Regular review of governance policies
                                                 Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of volunteers, representing diverse parts of the greater Hartford community that
advises and supports the Board of Directors and staff at Foodshare on various aspects of the organization’s work to
end hunger.

        Advisory Council volunteers are asked to:
         Participate in the Foodshare volunteer orientation program at their convenience.
         Participate in one of the sub-groups of the Council each year, which involves two to six meetings per year.
         Attend the combined Advisory Council meeting each fall for updates on Foodshare’s overall work.
         Attend Foodshare’s annual meeting each spring.
         Be a roving ambassador, using appropriate opportunities to let others know about Foodshare.
         Make a personal annual contribution to the organization.
         When appropriate, assist with the solicitation of their employers for a contribution.

        Additional tasks that Advisory Council volunteers may consider, include:
         Co-host one community breakfast each year.
         Contact government officials for their support of the work to end hunger.
         Being involved in fundraising activities during the course of each year.
         Recommend new volunteers to Foodshare.

The Advisory Council is divided into six sub-groups to work on various aspects of Foodshare’s operations. These
Councils may also organize committees to work on particular projects or events. Current Advisory Councils include:

        Agency Advisory Council – provides advice on policies related to Foodshare’s partner agencies, identifies
        potential new agencies, helps develop and promote new programs, keeps the issues and challenges facing
        hungry people in front of Foodshare’s Board and staff, supports Foodshare’s agency relations staff

        Development Advisory Council -- develops a balanced, year-round fundraising plan, with strategies and
        work plans for each of the major areas of giving; provide oversight to fundraising activities and events;
        evaluation of all development activities; serves as a “think tank” to consider changes in fundraising strategies
        or activities

        Food Industry Council – supports the effort to involve all levels of the food industry in Foodshare’s work

        Public Policy Advisory Council – provides advice on public policy issues that affect hungry people,
        education and outreach activities to further the work of ending hunger, support Foodshare’s President in these

        Public Relations Advisory Council – provides advice on policies, strategy, and evaluation of all public
        relations activities, seeks to build Foodshare’s name recognition as a way to support the work of ending
        hunger, supports the President and Foodshare staff in public relations activities

        Volunteer Advisory Council – provides advice on policies related to volunteers; organizes, evaluates, and
        manages volunteer projects; supports Foodshare’s volunteer management staff
                                           Volunteer Committees

Walk Against Hunger Committee
The Walk Against Hunger Committee is a free-standing, year-round committee that requires broad involvement for
success. The Walk Committee is generally organized into three sub-committees: Arrangements, Recruitment, and
Public Relations. The chairs of each of these sub-committees, along with other key volunteers and agency
representatives serve on a Walk Steering Committee.

Empty Bowls Committee
A committee of volunteers organizes the annual “Empty Bowls” event at Manchester Community College.
This event involves securing donated pottery bowls from both amateur and professional potters, securing
donations of soup and bread to serve in the bowls, and then selling tickets to a luncheon.

NALC Food Drive
Not really a committee in the classic sense, this group of volunteers helps organize the annual National
Association of Letter Carriers food drive by working with local post offices.

Speaker’s Bureau / Ambassadors
Also not exactly a committee, this group of volunteers spreads Foodshare’s message through speaking
engagements, tabling events, and other opportunities to get Foodshare’s name and mission out to the public.

Gleaning Captains
Again, not a committee, but this group of volunteers oversees volunteer harvesting projects in local farmer’s
fields during the summer and fall.

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