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									                                         FEIB Toastmasters Club
                                               Far Eastern International Bank Toastmasters Club
                               Dare to Speak. Dare to Dream. 勇敢表達, 成就夢想.
                                              Date:           Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010
                                              Time:           6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
                                             Venue:           Dining Room,7th Floor, Taipei Metro Tower
                                                              207 Tun Hua S. Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei 10602

The Mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the
opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

      Theme: Thanksgiving                                              Meeting # 08        Word of the Day:GRATEFUL and GRATITUDE
     Time                            Tentative Program                                                    Conducted By
     6:00         6:14               Reception at 7th Floor Lobby                                         FEIB-Miriam Liao 廖靜宜
     6:15         6:29               Dining Time                                                          FEIB-Karen Hsieh 謝雅婕
     6:30         6:31               Call Meeting to Order                                                FEIB-Miriam Liao 廖靜宜
     6:32         6:34               Welcome (2')                                                         FEIB-Fred Hu 胡祖惠
     6:35         6:41               Toastmaster of the Evening (2')                                      FEIB-Kelly Liu 劉凱琍
                                     Word of the Day (2')                                                 Lester Lin, ACG, CL
                                     Timer (1')                                                           FEIB-Irene Yeh 葉曉文
                                     Ah Counter (1')                                                      FEIB-Tina Wang 王琬婷
     6:42         7:23               Table Topic Session (15')                                            FEIB-WeiYu Chen 陳韋聿
                                     Prepared Speech Session (26')
                                     1st Speaker (4' - 6')                                                FEIB-Brian Chang 張正衛
                                        Topic:"Cherish What You Have" (C1)
                                     2nd Speaker (5' - 7')                                                FEIB-Sean Chang 張景翔
                                        Topic:"Frugal" won’t make you rich!"(C2)
                                     3rd Speaker (4' - 6')                                                FEIB-Tina Chang 張靜薇
                                        Topic:"Asi es la vida! (This is the life!)"(C1)
                                     4th Speaker (5' - 7')                                                FEIB-Ni-Ling Liu 劉乃菱
                                        Topic:"Chasing Love"

     7:24         7:36               Ballot Best Speaker /INTERMISSION (12')                              FEIB-Miriam Liao 廖靜宜
     7:37        8:13                Variety Session (12')                                                FEIB-Shandi Tsai 蔡幸頤
                                     Evaluation Session (25')
                                     General Evaluator (2')                                               Brenda Wang,CC, CL 王群英
                                     Timer Report for Prepared Speakers (1')                              FEIB-Irene Yeh 葉曉文
                                     Individual Evaluator for 1st Speaker (2'-3')                         Coty Huang 黃勝郁
                                     Individual Evaluator for 2nd Speaker (2'-3')                         Shelly Kuo, CC, CL 郭貞伶
                                     Individual Evaluator for 3rd Speaker (2'-3')                         FEIB-Fred Hu 胡祖惠
                                     Individual Evaluator for 4th Speaker (2'-3')                         Sam Cheng 鄭義騰
                                     Timer Report for Evaluators (1')                                     FEIB-Irene Yeh 葉曉文
                                     Ah-Counter Report (1')                                               FEIB-Tina Wang 王琬婷
                                     Language Evaluator (3')                                              Lester Lin, ACG, CL
                                     General Evaluator (5')                                               Brenda Wang 王群英
     8:14         8:16               Best Speaker Award Present                                           FEIB-Fred Hu 胡祖惠
     8:17         8:29               Business Session/ Interaction Activity                               FEIB-Fred Hu 胡祖惠
     8:30                            Meeting Adjournment

Officers Contact List/Sponsors /Mentors
President                         Fred Hu胡祖惠                           fredhu@feib.com.tw                 2378-6868 x5595
VP Education                      Peter Tsai 蔡明徹                       petertsai@feib.com.tw              2378-6868 x5184
VP Membership                     Michelle Pan 潘世華                     huapan@feib.com.tw                 7743-8835
                                  Zona Chien 簡伊淑                       zonachien@feib.com.tw              7738-8866 x6070
VP PR                             Claire Hsu 徐菱嬭                       claire0426@feib.com.tw             2312-7665
                                  Karen Hsieh 謝雅婕                      karenhsieh@feib.com.tw             2376-5617
Secretary & Treasurer             Chen Wei-Yu 陳韋聿                      chenweiyu@feib.com.tw              2378-6868 x5192
Sergeant at Arms                  Brian Chang 張正衛                      brianchang@feib.com.tw             2378-6868 x5620
                                  David Chen 陳俊嘉                       davidchen1224@feib.com.tw          2378-6868 x5115
Web Master                        Aaron Shiu 許志瑋                       aaronshiu@feib.com.tw              2378-6868 x5264
Sponsor Clubs                     Taipei Metro / Prestige
Sponsor                           Lester Lin, ACG, CL                  lesterlin@yahoo.com                0922-769156
Sponsor                           Jane Huang, CL                       janehuang@ydcnotes.feg.com.tw      0916-951593
Mentor                            Neal Stovicek, ACS, CL               neal@metro.feg.com.tw              0930-348111
Mentor                            Bill Wei, CC                         billwei@ydcnotes.feg.com.tw        0936-096113

Definition of GRATEFUL:a : appreciative of benefits received b : expressing gratitude <grateful thanks>
Coming Activities: Next Club Meeting, Dec. 15th, 6:30 p.m.

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