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					Clean Laundry Appliances
Do a Better Job on Clothes

Source: Sue Badenhop

          Although cleaning laundry appliances is not a priority for most people, a clean

washer and dryer will do a more effective job on your clothing.

          It is a good idea to clean the washer and dryer when you finish daily laundry, or

after doing a heavy load or rugs or badly soiled outdoor work clothing.

          These tips will help you keep laundry appliances and clothing sparkling.

          Wipe the washer tub and dryer drum with a non-abrasive household cleaner and

thoroughly rinse.

          Use a soft cloth with warm, soapy water to the wipe control panels and the

outsides of cabinets.

          Pay special attention to the area in and around the washer lid. Rinse the soap,

bleach and fabric softener dispensers of washers with clean water and wipe them clean.

          Also clean the dryer door with clear water and thoroughly dry it.

          It is especially important to clean the dryer lint screen after every load because

lint buildup lengthens drying time. If fabric-softener sheets leave a waxy coating on the

lint screen, wash it in warm, soapy water and completely dry it.

          Have a qualified service technician clean the dryer interior, lint screen and

exhaust duct every 18 months.

          For more information, contact the (County Name) Cooperative Extension Service


          Educational programs of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension

Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability or national



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