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Date: ________________________
Period: _______________________

                               Greece Quiz
Directions: Please read the question and write your answer in a complete and
thorough sentence. You may not use any notes or papers to help you with this
quiz. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Then, when you have
finished draw a diamond in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

  1. Compare the differences of Greece’s geography to that of Egypt’s
     geography. Give 1 similarity and 1 difference.

  2. What is a myth? What are some characteristics of a myth? Please give at
     least two.

  3. Compare two differences and two similarities of life in ancient Athens and
     ancient Sparta.
4. Please tell me what this God or Goddess is the God or Goddess of:
      a. Zeus: _______________________________
      b. Hera: _______________________________
      c. Hades: ______________________________
      d. Aphrodite: ___________________________
      e. Hermes: _____________________________

5. Name at least three other city-states besides Athens and Sparta.
   *More for bonus!
   ____________________________ ____________________________
   ____________________________ ____________________________
   ____________________________ ____________________________

6. Name at least three wars that occurred during the time of ancient Greece.
   *More for bonus!
   ____________________________ ____________________________
   ____________________________ ____________________________
   ____________________________ ____________________________
Directions: Please match the vocabulary term with the definition from the word
bank. Then, draw a circle at the end of this page.

City-states       immortal          democracy         blockade
Tyrant            aristocrat

   1. ________________________ A member of a rich and powerful family

   2. ________________________ The cutting off of an area by enemy forces
                               that closes it to travel and trade

   3. ________________________ A form of government in which citizens
                               govern themselves

   4. ________________________ Someone or something that lives forever

   5. ________________________ A city with its own traditions and its own
                               government and laws; both a city and a
                               separate independent state

   6. ________________________ A ruler who takes power with the support
                               of the middle and working classes; not
                               necessarily cruel and violent

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