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Extra Care Housing


									Extra Care Housing at Thomas Hardy Court

We are very pleased to announce in partnership with Staffordshire County
Council Thomas Hardy Court is being developed as an extra care housing

This will see building works at the scheme to provide five additional self
contained flats, one of which will be a two bedroom, an extra guest room,
activity rooms, dining room, automatic opening front doors plus other office
space. It’s expected the building work will be finished in the spring 2010.

In the mean time the County Council are tendering for a contract that will
provide a care team to be on site to coincide when the building works are
completed. This will provide for new and existing tenants the opportunity to
opt in to a 24 hour care service when they want to meet their needs.

What will the care team do?
The team will be on site 24 hours to provide flexible care and assistance such
as helping people to dress, bathe, get in and out of bed, and help with
medication as well as meeting any other personal care needs.

We are also very pleased to announce in joint partnership with the County
Council, Waterloo Housing Association and Age Concern we have secured
funding for a Well Being Coordinator post. This post holder will be responsible
for developing activities at the scheme that promote health, well being and
peoples’ quality of life.

The improved communal facilities, planned activities and on site care team
are designed to help tenants lead an independent life in their own home for as
long as possible.

What is extra care housing? (Click here)
Extra care housing provides older people with another housing choice in
Tamworth. Our aim is help you to maintain your independence through the
security and privacy of your own home together with access to 24 hour care
and support tailored for you when you need it.

Thomas Hardy provides self contained flats for rent.
    Each flat has it’s own front door, bedroom(s), lounge, kitchen and
    Emergency intercom alarm system with pull cords in each room;
     pendants are available to wear for people who may have any
     difficulties in using the pull cord system;
    A care team is based on site to provide you with the care and
     assistance for you to keep your independence; such as help with
     dressing, bathing and getting in and out of bed.
Facilities and services

The scheme offers a range of facilities;

      Special bathrooms for assisted bathing;
      A large centrally located resident’s lounge;
      Luncheon club and dinning room;
      Smaller games/activity rooms;
      Wheelchair and scooter storage;
      Hairdressers;
      A guest bedroom which may be booked for visiting relatives or friends;
      Laundry rooms containing washing machines and tumble driers;
      A 24 hour entrance door entry phone system to give you additional
       home security;
      Lifts to give easy access to the first and/ or second floor
      Enclosed private gardens and
      Car Parking.

How much does extra care housing cost? (Click here)
There are five elements to the cost of extra care housing;
  1. The cost of renting your home. Depending on your financial
     circumstances you may qualify for Housing Benefit to help you pay for
     your rent;
  2. The service charge associated with your home, for maintenance and
     communal facilities’. You may also be able to receive Housing Benefit
     to help you with some of these costs;
  3. Your support costs. If you receive Housing Benefit you will not have
     to pay these;
  4. Your care costs again this will depend on your financial
     circumstances, Social Care & Health may be able to help you with
     these costs.
  5. You will be responsible for any other costs for help with housework,
     costs of meals, entertainment, shopping and transport.

Can I afford extra care housing? (Click here)
Depending on your income, you may qualify for housing benefit and
supporting people grant funding to cover the rent and support charges.

You may also qualify for benefits to meet all or part of your care costs.
Welfare benefits advice is available from;

Welfare Rights Service tel 01785 277055

Citizens Advice Bureau, Philip Dix Centre, Corporation Street. Tamworth tel
(01827) 305950
Age Concern- Staffordshire – Tamworth Helpline Tel 01785 600610

Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit advise is available From the
Council’s Benefits Section Tel (01827 709540)

Money matter surgeries are also run free every Saturday 9am til 2pm and
Tuesday evenings 5pm til 9m at the Philip Dix Centre tel (01827) 709655

Who can apply for extra care housing? (click here)
Extra care housing is suitable for people of retirement age (60+) and would
benefit from the care and support available. The first step is applicants will
need to satisfy a local connection assessment to Tamworth

What happens next? (click here)
As part of your application, there is an initial assessment to look at what you
need from extra care housing and any support needs you may have.

You will be invited to look around Thomas Hardy Court to see the facilities
available. A copy of your needs assessment will be available for you.

The scheme aims to keep a balance between people who are independent
and those who are more frail and because of this some applicants will be
offered a second assessment of their care needs.

If after either or both of these assessments it is agreed extra care housing can
meet your needs, your application will be placed on a waiting list.

You will be given further information about the rent and care costs and advice
to ensure extra care housing is suitable for you.

If we can not offer you a place in extra care housing we will explain the reason
why and how to appeal against this decision.

Appeal Process (click here)
If you are unhappy with any decision about extra care housing, you can
appeal against the decision. You must do this in writing to the Joint
Allocations Panel, care of Tamworth Borough Council within 28 days of
receiving our decision. You must say why you are asking for an appeal. The
panel will investigate your case for you.

Moving in (click here)
If you are offered and accept a property we will agree with you a date for
signing the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is a legal agreement
between your landlord and you – the tenant. Staff will go through all the forms
and details with you, explaining everything such as how to pay your rent,
other charges and the role of key staff.

A date will be agreed for you to collect the keys to your new home.

Care and support will be arranged for the day you move in.

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