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					         Gratitude Journals
     Over the next week, you will be keeping a
gratitude journal that highlights the many kind acts
performed for you each day. These acts may be as
subtle as a hug or a smile or something that is a
regular occurrence that you take for granted, such as
home-cooked family dinners. Each entry must share at
least one act performed by an adult (21+) with
legitimate authority over you (parents, grandparents,
teachers, coaches, priests, etc).
     Please date each entry and write in paragraph
form. Use a traditional font size and type and double
space your entries. Explain the circumstances of each
act and how it affected you. Try to look beyond the
obvious and recognize all of the little things that
others do for you on a daily basis. Hopefully, this
exercise will help you to appreciate how very blessed
you are and to thank those who enable you to live such
a comfortable, happy life!
     Include a decorated cover with the title of
Gratitude Journal displayed prominently on it. Your
name and Grade 8, Religion should be typed in the
bottom right corner of your cover page. This journal
will count as a Religion grade equivalent to a test.
The rubric for assessment is provided below.

Content            40 points__________
Organization            20points__________
Grammar             10 points__________
Vocabulary          10 points__________
Spelling            10 points__________
Cover Design               10 points_________

Total ___________________

               Having gratitude and not
expressing it is like wrapping a gift and
              not giving it.

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