ESL New Arrivals: Teacher Mentor Program - checklist for providing support
School:                                                                                              Teacher:


School support (principal, ESL program supervisor)

Issue                                          Resource                                                         Follow up

ESL NA Program - general                       ESL NAP Letter to school
    School has knowledge of ESL NAP           ESL NAP advice ref#
     teachers allocation

    School has knowledge of options for       ESL Guidelines
     organising ESL NAP teachers allocation
    School has overview of ESL NA program     Entry Level assessment
     requirements                              Progress assessment
     - Entry level and Progress
     - Documented plan of teaching support
         – program
     - Reporting to parents

    School has knowledge of ESL NA            Resource kit application form
     program resources                         Access to online resources
                                               Equity Resource Library

                                                                                                                 NSW Department of Education and Training
    Teacher has been employed to support          Teachers handbook
     the student (CEPS 711) according to 
     allocation and requirements of                oktoc.htm
     engagement of a Temporary teacher

Data collection                                    School ERN data
    ERN data students data is accurate (date
     of arrival, date of first Australian school
     enrolment, visa, language, country of
    ERN student data is accurate (phase           ERN Maintain ESL
     data, assessment date and receiving

    School advised of how to maintain phase
     data                                          tm

    School is aware of data collection            ESL NAP Surveys
                                                   ESL Annual Surveys

Teacher support (ESL and classroom teacher)

Issue                                              Resource                                                       Follow up

Student information                                School ERN
    Teacher has background knowledge              Student profile
     about the newly arrived ESL student (ie.
     language, country of origin, reasons for
     migrating, prior schooling etc)
Settlement                                         Assisting Refugee Students at School
    Advice about refugee students has been

                                                                                                                   NSW Department of Education and Training
      provided where applicable                .htm#ESL_education

                                               Teaching Refugees in my Classroom – course material

Orientation to school                          First few days
      School has planned orientation to       First few weeks
         school strategies
                                               Orientation to school - ning

Teaching newly arrived ESL students            Teaching Newly Arrived ESL Students
     Teachers are advised of general          No English 1 and 2
      teaching practices for supporting NA
      ESL students.

Assessment for learning – ESL Scales           Student work samples
     Oral , reading & writing work samples    ESL Scales
      have been collected for initial          ESL Scales tracking proformas
     Student has been assessed against
      ESL Scales levels
     A process for tracking and monitoring
      progress in ESL Scales levels has been

Assessment of learning
     Teachers advised about the need for
      differentiated assessment for newly
      arrived ESL secondary students.
     Appropriate assessment tasks have
      been planned in oral, reading and

ESL Pedagogy                                   ESL Orientation folder

                                                                                                     NSW Department of Education and Training
     Teachers understand how students learn       TELL course
      a second language including BICS &
     Teachers understand ESL support
      Framework C.G. I
     Teachers understand the importance of
      oral language for successful developing
      of literacy skills.

ESL Steps (K-6)                                    ESL Steps K-6
   ESL teacher knows how to use ESL               Intensive English Programs Curriculum Framework:
      Steps                                        secondary
   ESL teachers understands relationship
      between English K-6 and ESL Scales

IEPCF (7-10)
    ESL teacher knows how to use IEP CF
    ESL teachers understands use of ESL
     Scales in English 7-10

Programming                                        Teacher mentor and teachers
    An intensive English program has been
    A differentiated mainstream program has
      been planned
    Class teachers advised on how to
      differentiate tasks to support learning in
      mainstream classes

     Teachers advised of strategies to support
        students in intensive English and in
        mainstream classroom settings.

Reporting to parents                               ESL Reporting Scale
    School advised ESL reporting                  ESL Reporting Scale and ESL Scales
    Teachers understand ESL Reporting
       Scale and its relationship to ESL Scales
    Sample reporting templates provided

                                                                                                      NSW Department of Education and Training
Supporting students at the conclusion of the
    School has advised how the student will
     continue to be supported at the
     conclusion of the ESL NAP.

Other                                          Resource                                                        Follow up

    Translated documents            

    Using the Telephone Interpreter 
     Service                                   x.htm

    Equity Programs Library         

    ESL professional learning                 ESLINS
     - ESLIN                                   My PL@DET
     - TELL
     - Teaching Refugees             
     - PLLD classroom teacher program
     - other

                                                                                                                NSW Department of Education and Training

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