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					E-MAIL:                                                                                  March 2011
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OPENING OF AVIATION DATA ONLINE AND UPDATE ON                                            Ref. Energy Supply

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Dear Aviation Operator

ETS reporting of Annual emissions and Tonne-Kilometre for 2010 is now open and we have already received the
first reports.

According to the Danish Act on CO2 Allowances nr 1222 of 15/10/2010 you are obliged to submit you re-
ports before the 31 mart of 2011.
You can do you reporting in two different ways:

1. Operators with a Danish CVR-number can do the reporting Digital online, by using our on line reporting sys-
tem ” Aviation Data OnLine” (option A). We plan for this option to be available for all operators by next report-

 2. All operators can do the reporting Digital, but not online, by using Excel templates and sending them by
email to The Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen). Since that reporting will not be signed you’ll also in paral-
lel to the excel sheet need to send us a scan of the excel report with your signature on. The signed report can
also be sent by ordinary mail. (option B)

A. Digital online reporting
 We kindly ask the Danish operators to report preferably via Aviation Data OnLine for our and your conven-
ience. Our Online reporting system will help you to do you reporting in most coherent and optimal way, and se-
cure long term consistency and data tracking. You’ll find a user manual attached to this mail.

Benefits of using on line reporting
   1) easy document handling – all relevant documents in one place
   2) automatic calculation and cross checks of reported data
   3) information from monitoring plans is pre entered
   4) data entered into one section of report are automatically reused in other sections
   5) data entered AE report are automatically reused in TK report
   6) aircraft fleet and flight destinations can be transferred to next year report
   7) easy administration. You can see all your documents on line

On line reporting goes through the website ”AviationData OnLine”. Site uses secure SSL connection and login
with digital signature. Digital signature must be a so called “medarbejdersignatur”. This kind of signature con-
tains your company CVR number on it.
Before you start:
     a) Check kindly if you have a valid digital signature. See how to check digital signature here.
     b) Check if you have the latest Java version installed on your PC
    c)   Use kindly browser ”Internet Explorer”, while working with our site

Here is the link to AviationData Online: – soon access will also be possible from our avia-
tion website and the website of the electronic reporting for the rest of the ETS sectors.

We send email to you and your verifier after you have created and signed your report On Line.
To finish reporting you or your verifier have to send the verification reports and verification statement to the
Danish Energy Agency to: Please remember that the verifications reports and statement shall be created in the templates
provided at the webpage of the Danish Energy Agency.

B. Digital, not online, reporting
Download DEA customized excel templates for Annual Emissions and Tonne-Kilometre report from the
webpage of the Danish Energy Agency:
Fill in the reports and send these, as well as the required verifications reports and statements to
Please remember that the verifications reports and statement shall be created in the templates provided at the
webpage of the Danish Energy Agency.

Along with the above stated documents operators will need to send a scan (or by ordinary mail) a signed copy of
the ETS reports ( as has been the case with the monitoring plans).

If you have questions
Digital reporting via AviationData Online or excel forms - contact or Rebekka Falk, tlf +45 33
92 68 47

IT-problems on AviationData Online - contact Elena Johansen, tlf. 33 95 43 97

Digital signature (Danish operators only) - contact DanId på tlf. 80 30 70 50. Get you digital signatue through

Read more on our webpage and related subpages

Best regards

The Danish Administration of ETS Aviation
Ministry of Climate and Energy
Danish Energy Agency
Amaliegade 44

                                                                                                             Side 2/3
1256 Copenhagen K

Phone +45 33 92 67 00

                        Side 3/3

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