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					          Donate A Dollar Fundraiser For the FUN RUN Entry Fee
I am a student at Webster Middle School and would like to participate in the Fun Run to be held on
November 23rd. It is a school fundraiser to help out with Student Body Funds as well as new
equipment for our PE Department. In order to participate, I must raise $10.00. If you are
willing to donate, choose a phrase you like the most, donate your dollar and sign your name on line
provided. Thank you for supporting me.

       Pick a Phrase                                                 Signature
1.     Let me help you with your first dollar.
2.     What’s a dollar?
3.     A dollar goes a long way.
4.     What’s four quarters anyways?
5.     I think I can scrounge up a dollar if I look in and under the
       couch cushions.
6.     I won’t even know the dollar is gone.
7.     Pocket change? Who’s counting?
8.     A dollar spent is a dollar well earned.
9.     You can bet your bottom dollar.
10.    Your dollar is safe with me.
11.    A dollar in need is a dollar indeed.
12.    You can’t change the value of a dollar.
13.    A hundred pennies for your thoughts.
14.    How else will you raise money? It doesn’t grow on trees.
15.    A dollar can’t buy happiness, but it will help this kid.
16.    Have my dollar. It’s burning a hole in my pocket anyways.
17.    This dollar’s for you!
18.    What would I have bought with a dollar anyway?
19.    A dollar can do wonders.
20.    This dollar is sending you on your way to a fit, fabulous
       healthy lifestyle.

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