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					                         DOLLAR-A-DAY ANNUAL FUNDRAISER
Please help us raise money to invest in our children’s educational experience at
                        Hill Campus of Arts & Sciences

                            This year our goal is to exceed $25,000
What is Dollar-A-Day?
Dollar-A-Day is the ONLY PTA fundraiser of the year. The PTA does not conduct any other fundraisers
during the school year because we want out students to focus on being students, not selling products.
Parents, extended family, and friends of our students are asked to donate what they can to keep Hill the
extraordinary middle school that it is.

It is our goal that every family will contribute to the Dollar-A-Day fundraiser this year. Regardless of the
amount of your contribution your donations will make a difference to the education experience of our
students. Below are some of the ways in which the money was used:

       PBS (Positive Behavioral System)                                 Literary Magazines
       Sea Camp Scholarships                                            Poetry Slam
       Keystone Science Camp                                            Love and Logics Scholarships
       Dinger Dollar Winners                                            Holiday baskets to families in need
       Bookies – Book Purchases                                         Shakespeare Festival
       Journalism club                                                  End of School Trips
       Classroom Books                                                  Art Department supplies

How will your contribution make a difference?

This year’s funds will be used this year to provide needed improvements in the classrooms, sports and
fitness equipment, sponsorship of academic, cultural, and sports opportunities for our students based
upon requests from staff and teachers. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. You will be sent a
letter from the PTA thanking you and documenting your contribution. Many employers will match
contributions, please contact your employer’s HR Department to see if your contribution is eligible.

Questions on DAD?

Contact DAD Chairperson, Kim Ellison at 720-338-0195 or email at

 Detach the bottom portion of this form and send it with your contribution to Kim Ellison 8200 E. 8 Ave., 5-103
    Denver, CO 80230 or leave it in the office with Lynne Lake. Please make checks payable to the Hill PTA.

_____$3 per day ($552)                    Name _________________________________________________
_____$2 per day ($368)                    Address________________________________________________
_____$1 per day ($184)                    City, State, Zip ___________________________________________
_____$100                                 Phone _________________________________________________
_____$50                                  Student Name(s)/Grade(s) _________________________________
_____ Choose your own amount – remember, every donation is important regardless of the amount.

My gift is eligible for matching funds from

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