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                  Executive Summary-Business Plan
                          Title of the project
General comments
Your business proposal should allow investors to quickly evaluate the potential of your
business and decide whether to look into more detail at your investment proposal. There is
no ideal length for this document however, during this stage, we would expect an average
size of 5-10 pages in total.

1. The Opening Statement: Who? What? When? Where? Why? (5-10 lines)

2. Brief Company Profile (1-2 pages)
    When was your business founded?
    What are the major industries and regions of operations?
    How many employees do you have?
    Historical Financial Data (3 years)?
    Company highlights (mergers / acquisitions, other)?

3. Project Description (3-6 pages)
What are you going to sell? (Product/Service mix definition)
Describe in detail the service/product you will be providing. If you are providing a service
you will need to outline each step required to deliver that service. If you are going to sell a
product provide detailed specifications of how it works. The description should be supported
by information such as:
 • Which are the customers for your product/ service to and why will they prefer your
 • How will you price your service/product?
 • Who are your competitors and what do they do?
 • Which is your competitive advantage against competitors?
This section should give a clear view on why you believe there is a need for your
service/product and how you plan to capture that market segment.

How are you going to deliver/distribute your service/product?
Describe the infrastructure, manpower and processes that are needed to deliver your
service/product. Your description should outline all the resources required to deliver the
service/product described above. It should demonstrate your understanding of the technical
requirements to delivering the service/product to the customers you have targeted.
Use the following guidelines to structure your thoughts:
 • Fixed Assets and infrastructure needed to run the business.
 • Background and number of employees needed to carry out your operations. Availability
     of the staff required.
 • Primary input(s)/resources necessary to deliver the service/product?
 • Marketing strategy in terms of Pricing of your products/services, advertising and
     distribution/ delivery of your service/product?
This section should include a detailed description of the day to day running of the business
from the perspective of physical, financial and human resources required.

4. Key Business Plan Numbers (1-2 pages)
How much money will the business make? (Financial projections for the next 3 years
including key-data of the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Accounts and the Cash-Flow
In completing this section you should cover the following:
a. Once you begin with the project, how long will it take before you start making sales?
b. Once you start making sales, what will your annual sales be?
a. What are the fixed and variable costs that you will incur? Try to think of every cost that
you may have to cover.
b. How will this change as you sales increase?

Please provide the highlights in the form of investment summary table. What you need
money for, how much of your own capital you invest and how much is expected from other
sources (equity investment, bank loans, start up grants etc.) Also state the revenues your
project will generate (revenue projections) and of course the payback period of your project.

How much money do you need?
In this section you should indicate your funding requirements, what share (%) of your
business you are willing to give, based on your evaluation of the business.

5. Key to success (1-2 pages)
(Maturity level, licensing issues, other concerns)

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