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                           "bathing tightaßdrnusic"
                  canchange mind.
                          your  AndyourSpa
                                        By RenateMaerten

              n BadSulza, smallSpa health
                           a       and             warmthsoothes bodyasyousiideinto thenear
              resort in Thuringia, Germany,        body-temperature water.
              something   speciai
              the opening of the "Toskana          Dipping  into the watermeansimmersing      yourself
              Therme" November
                        in           1999.
                                         Not       in colored               from a ring of underwater
                                                              light projected
              only is it a pieceof impressive      spots.              you
                                                         And, should follow the example other of
architecture, spa complexis equipped
           the                          with               and
                                                   bathers lie backon thewater's             nose
                                                                                     surface, and
       Sound', muitimedia system
             a             spa      developed      mouth abovewater,ears under water,you will
by Micky Remann,   which has alreadyprovided       experienceseveral sensationsat once: The
many peoplewith inspiring,healingand, in the       buoyancy of the salt-water makes you feel
broadest     spiritual
        sense,       experiences.                              as
                                                   weightless an astronaut. watercarries of
                                                                              The              you
                                                   its accord,no need for any correctivebodiiy
\44ratexactly behindLiquid Soundrs
              is                       concept  of movements preventyou from going under.Äs
"bathing light and music", therapeutic
          in                 in            circies yourbodybegins g€tusedto thesituation,
                                                                      to                         vour
also known as Balneo-Sono-Co1or-Reiaxation?        ears hearmusic,    undeLwatermusicof astonishing
Imagineyou enter a high vauiting space, its clarity brilliance.
                                            in           and
centre pool,16metres feet)in diameter.
       a                                      )ust
entering room is morelike enteringa fantasy The specialLiquicl-Sound             underwater    sound
realm than a public bath. In front of you the systems       producea pleasant  soft aural Qualiq, fsi
indirectlylit water shimmers  turquoise blue,and which we, as dry land dwellers,know no
spectral colournuances across walls.
                       play       the      Thisis comparison,     Someprefer to enjoy the listening
not a lasershoiv, insteadyou are exposed the experience
                                           to                   with closedeyes.However,   thosethat
healingqualitiesof colour, qualities know well choose gaze
                                    we                    t0               are          with
                                                                    upwards rewarded a viewof
from in-depthstudies colourtherapyPleasant the9 metre feet)
                       in                                       (30     highdome, highest
                                                                                  the         pointof
                                                                          Tliat bringsme to a topicof
                                                                          professionai            from
                                                                          which i wouid like to
                                                                          recount. a psychologist
                                                                          with manyyears practice
                                                                          and         training       In
                                                                          hypnotherapy              and
                                                                          transpersonai    psychology,I
                                                                          am fascinated    with peopie's
                                                                          reactions bathingin this
                                                                          "Liquid-Sound Temple",
                                                                          whether suffering from
                                                                          ailmentsor in full health.I
                                                                          wantedto find out exactly
                                                                          what happens     whenpeople,
                                                                          through   their contactwith
                                                                          water, openup to innerforces
                                                                          usually inaccessibiein
                                                                           everyday life.

                                                                            The potential for holistic
                                                                            healing            is
                                                                                      processes huge. A
                                                                            recurring         of
                                                                                       reaction bather's
                                                                            in Lhe  Liquid-Sound  bathing
                                                                            experience is            one
                                                                            characterized essential
                                                                            trust, of unity with oneself
                                                                            and the world,of balance, of
                                                                             deeprelaxation internal
                                                                             clarity. Bathersare quickly
                                                                             envelopedin comforting
                                                                             embryonic feelings,they
                                                                             experience  onceagainthe
which is decorated    with a multi-colored  mandala    sheltering waters, beingin touchwith one's
                                                                         of                          own
from which the timbers radiate- a gaze lose  to        existence,  of happiness  and youth. Someeven
yourself Thisbathingexperience for manythe
         in.                         is                identifythemselves seaanimals plants,
                                                                           with             and       or
starting point for a journey,a journey into new        "slipinto the skin"of a dolphin.
dimensions. the moresurprising that this is
              Ail                      is
made possible     throughthe use only of natural       Suchexperiences'may       occur sPontaneously  but
elements:  warm water,   light and sound,  enhanced    they are morelikely whenfacilitated   by a trained
by a combination       of  weightlessness the
                                            and        psychologist bodpvorker.
                                                                     and                           can
                                                                                      Experiences be
experience underwater
             of             listening. soundof
                                      The              of suchintensitl'  that i wouldassign  themto the
whale's dolphin's
        and            singing, choirs, sounds
                                of        the          field of transpersonal  psychology therapy'
                                                                                          and          In
of nature, birds,waves belisenricha carefully
                         and                                       the
                                                       particular matrices       (3D phases) perinatal
chosen  selection music.
                    of        Equally surprising:all   deveiopment   described Professor Stanislav
                                                                                 by          Dr'
this is available a Spaaccessibie the general
                   in                 to               Grof (seehis book "Cosmos        and Psyche")   are
public.The Liquid-Sound       hardware   conjuresup    experienced   with  remarkable           Expectant
futuristic    associationsof high-tech and             mothers,when floating in body temperature
multimedia, bather'sexperience,
              the                                 is
                                          hoivever,    saltwater  themselves,report  moreintensive contact
moreahinto an emotional archaic
                              and          contact
                                                 to    to the worldof the foetus    and the happiness this
thelife-giving  eiixirofwater, to areas might
                              and          one         brinss.

A research projectthat I am headingaims to        further investigations,Patientssufferingchronic
evaluate systematize
        and           existingexperiences,
                                         and      pain report the pain-alleviating effectof a 30-
to formulate      questions furtherresearch.
           relevant        for                    minutessession, sometimes  lastingfor hoursafter
Using questionnaire
      a            whichwasdeveloped we
                                     here,        thebathingsession,  Particularly
                                                                                 remarkable effects
try t0 better understand the sensitiveweb of      canbe observed depressed
                                                                  by           patients: report
perceptionand seif-perceptionwhich constitutes    internal illumination,hardenedfeelingsdissolve,
thehumanpsyche howit canbenefitunderthe
                and                               inhibitions and bitterness dissolve, internal
influence sound light in water. alsostudy
        of      and              We               resources re-discovered.
                                                             are              Feelings harmony
a rich archiveof written and other artistic       and integration re-activated discovered
                                                                  are             or           for
documents  describingLiquid Soundexperience,      thefirsitime.
whichwethencheck recurring
                  for          themes.
                                                   Theeffects bathingseemto be rieeply
                                                             of                             anchored
Many musicians  and creative individuali gaveus in long-termmemory,so that the illuminating
feedback abouthow their intuition and crlativrty teelings bere-activated Manypatients
                                                          can               later.                call
was enhanced   with the help of sound in water. memonthslaterandrecount       that in ciiificulttimes
These  phenomena be difficuitto quantify
                  may                         but theyneed  onlythink of "Liquid-Sound" order
                                                                                          in       to
therecanbe no doubtthat theyexistand that they see world
                                                      ihe      positively
are linked to the specificconditions Liquicl
Sound.                                             This long-term effect iikewise requires
                                                   examiaation,Patientssufferingfrom sieeplessness
When I was working as a psychologist the report deeprelaxingsleep,sometimes
                                          in                                               daysafter
Kiinikzentrum Sulza,
               Bad        whereLiquid-Sound     is having bathed,Patieniswitkr eating disorders
being used therapeuticaily, have had the develop morepositive
                              I                           a              reiationship theirbody.
opportunity observe effects patients
            t0        its       on           first People who dici not respondto conventional
hand. anecdotal
      The          evidenceaccumulated  iustifies reiaxationmethodsexperi:ncedeep reiaxation,
                                                                           two to five are
                                                                           necessary. All
                                                                           experiences be
                                                                           further intensified
                                                                           by          special
                                                                           bodpvorkin ivater,
                                                                           rvhich       offers
                                                                           treatments for
                                                                            or     hyperactive
                                                                            individuals     or
                                                                            abuse, Through
                                                                            observation well
                                                                            as questionnaires
                                                                            we havebegunto
                                                                             examine     what
                                                                             happens ,mentaliy,
                                                                             emotionailY and
                                                                             physically partof

                                                                           Apart from the
                                                                           therapeutic and
                                                                            relevance that the
                                                                            relaxing effect of
                                                                            bathing       has,
                                                                            'Liquid-Sound' also
                                                                            addresses   altered
                                                                            states of cons-
                                                                            ciousness, the
practicallyrediscovering theystill possess
                        that               this   transpersonalpsychology and psychotherapy'
abilityat aii.Obsessively         peopleseem to   Experimentalresearch necessary all these
                                                                       is          in
require longerin orderto be abieto          the
                                   experience     fields, whicha large
                                                        for                   exists.
strengthof this system.  Hereis likewisefurther
researcir                                       To summarize,     "Liquid-Sound"   enrichesand
                                                illuminates hüman
                                                           the        psyche thephysical
                                                                              and             and
Becauseacoustic waYes received
                       are        by the entire psychological being. opens
                                                             well       lt       wideandvaried
bodyandtransferred                      to the possibilities therapy, seminarsand for
                     via'bone-conduction'                    for           for
brain, even some hearing-impaired       peopie wellness thehoiistic environmeirt.
                                                        in            Spa
experiencefeelingsof intensehappinesswhenthey
can irear clearly underwaier.  (This of course Liquid Sound presentsa broad range of
requires thehearing
       that             centre thebrainis not
                              in                possibilities the spectrum between_the
damaged.)                                       iherapeutic  application balneo-sono-coior-
                                                 relaxation the useof wateras a concert
                                                           and                                hall.
Through my practice as a psychotherapist, SomeI       of them arebeingusedsuccessfully Bad in
discover repeatedlythat the therapist-client Sulza,but we also look forward to
relationship improved
            is           throughLiquid-Sound. deveiopment drfferentiation
                                              I               an<i                in  the area of
usuallyneedoniy onepreparatory   meeting,udrere watertreatm€nt watercu-lture.
                                                                 and              ffi

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