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					 University of South Carolina Upstate Upward Bound
           2011-2012 Academic Handbook

    University of South Carolina Upstate Upward Bound
                    800 University Way
             Health Education Complex (HEC)
                   Spartanburg SC 29303
                   Phone: 864-503-5532
                    Fax: 864-503-5574

“Building A Foundation For Academic Success”


i.     Attendance ……………………………………. 3

ii.    Academic Standards.………………………….. 4

iii.   Behavioral, Alcohol & Drug Policy…….…….. 4

iv.    Participant Dismissal & Appeals Process ……. 5

v.     Overnight Trip Rules…………………………6-7

vi.    Student Code of Conduct ……...................….. 8

vii.   Upward Bound Code of Conduct ……,..…..... 9

viii. Dress Code……………….………………..…. 10

ix.    Passport Program……………………………..11

x.     Cell Phone Policy…………………………….12

xi.    Saturday Session Schedule………………….. 13

xii.   Stipends & Tutoring Schedule…….………....14

xiii. Community Meetings ………………………..15

xiv.   Rising Bridge Students…………………….....16

xv.    Contact & Emergency Information…………..17

xvi.   2011-2012 Calendar of Events……………….18-27


All individual counseling sessions, Saturday Sessions and College Tours are mandatory.
If you know that you will miss either one due to illness or a school related conflict, please
speak to your counselor in advance. As stated in the Upward Bound Handbook, you are
required to provide your counselor with both written and verbal notification of all
absences in advance. It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of these notices as well.
If you miss a Saturday Session for any reason, whether excused or not, you will not
receive a stipend or points. Students who miss two consecutive class sessions will be
referred to an Upward Bound Counselor for a conference and may be placed on
probation. You may find the procedures for reporting “excused” absences below:

                            USC Upstate Upward Bound
                    Procedures for Reporting “Excused” Absences

       1. Obtain an announcement of the school related event that you plan to attend. If
          there is no official announcement, ask a school administrator of the event to
          write a letter on your behalf to attend the event.
       2. Mail or deliver this information in person to our office.
       3. On the Friday prior to the session that you plan to miss, call the Upward
          Bound office 864-503-5532 to make sure that an “excused absence” is
          documented on the attendance roster.

Please note that your excuses will not be accepted after the session has taken place.
Students that arrive more than ½ hour late (after 9:00 am) WILL NOT receive a
stipend for that Saturday Session

Please note that the following are not EXCUSED absences: family gatherings, social
meetings, studying for exams, etc. If you are in doubt, call your counselor BEFORE

Class activities such as band, BETA club, boy and girls scouts, etc are excused
activities but you will not receive points or stipends for those activities. You are still
required to report to Upward Bound staff when you will not be attending a session
in a timely manner. However, those students which inform UB staff of these
activities will have the opportunity to make up points at a later day; such as
volunteering. Failure to report these activities in advance will be consider
UNEXCUSED absence.

       “In order to succeed, your desire for
  success should be greater than your fear
                 of failure.”
                                 -Bill Cosby
                              ACADEMIC STANDARDS
As stated before, students who are selected to participate in the Upward Bound program
represent a very distinguished population. We expected participants in the Upward Bound
program to continue to pursue excellence at their school and enter the program with the
intent to improve their academic work, study skills, and level of motivation. We strongly
encourage our students to strive for a GPA of 3.0 or higher, but definitely not falling
below a 2.0. For those students who have below a “C” average in any of their core
academic courses, tutoring will be required. For those students who currently have a 2.0
or below, an improvement agreement will be drawn up and followed.

Please make note that homework and class projects are an integral part of the Summer
Component and our comprehensive academic curriculum. Any student who fails to
complete and turn in homework assignments and/or class projects will be referred to the
Director; suffer a reduction in stipend and placed on probation. Continued failure to
complete classroom work will result in dismissal.

                                BEHAVIORAL POLICY
Upward Bound students are expected to exemplify appropriate behavior at all times. Any
report of student misconduct or disruptive behavior will be reported to a counselor, who
in turn will schedule a conference with the student or students involved. Extreme cases of
physical and/or verbal misconduct can result in immediate dismissal. Profanity is
prohibited at all times.

The plan of action for misconduct in the classroom and/or activity is listed below:

                      Plan of Action for Misconduct in the Classroom
          Step One: A verbal warning will be issued by the instructor or counselor.

          Step Two: Written reprimand will be submitted to the Director and a counseling
          session scheduled, as well as a phone call to your parent or guardian. In the
          conference with the counselor the student will sign a disciplinary slip and
          agreement of corrective action.

          Step Three: Student/Parent Conference will be held with the Director, pending

                           ALCOHOL & DRUG POLICY
The Upward Bound program strictly enforces a NO TOLERANCE drug and alcohol
policy. Any student or staff member caught in possession of or under the influence of
alcohol or illegal (non-prescribed) drugs will be dismissed from the program. This
program will uphold and adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the state of South
Carolina, the University of South Carolina Upstate and its own policy regarding the use
and abuse of alcohol and drugs. The possession of illegal drugs and underage drinking is
punishable by law.


 A participant in the Upward Bound program may be dismissed from the program for
failing to live according to the code of conduct, general rules, guidelines, and lack of
participation outlined in the student handbook. Steps for dismissal and student appeal are
as follows:

   1. After a verbal warning by instructor or staff, if the student persists in disregarding
      the code of conduct, his/her Upward Bound Counselor shall be given written
      notification of the students’ absences and/or behavior problems. The counselor
      will schedule a conference with the individual student, as well as call the parent to
      report the misconduct.
   2. In the conference with the counselor the student will sign a disciplinary slip and
      help to construct an agreement of corrective action to be followed. A copy of both
      will be sent home to be reviewed by the parent, as well as the Director.
   3. If the student is reported again for the same offense, hence, being in violation of
      the agreement of corrective action, a parent/student conference will be held with
      the Director. At this time the student and parent will be advised as to the terms of
      probation. A students’ dismissal or continuation in the program will be based
      upon his/her total compliance with the directive prescribed, during the
      probationary period.
   4. A participant and/or parent may contact the Director within five (5) business days
      of the initial probation sentencing to request a consideration of appeal to the terms
      of the probation.
   5. After consultation with appropriate staff, the Director will notify the participant
      and parents, in writing, of the decision regarding appeal. This notification will be
      completed within three (3) working days from the date of appeal. Note: A
      disciplinary appeal may only be heard once. The decision of appeal is final and
      must be honored by staff, students and parents. Important: Repeated offenses
      and flagrant violation of the code of conduct will result in immediate

   “All of us do not have equal talent,
   but all of us should have an equal
   opportunity to develop our talent.”

                                             -John F. Kennedy

                        USC Upstate Upward Bound Program
                         Overnight Trip-Rules /Expectations
Overnight student trips are a privilege for students of the Upward Bound Program. At all
    times students must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, because you are
  representing this program, community, and family. Manners, proper dress and mature
   conduct are very important. All students and their parents/guardians must review the
 rules and expectations listed. No student will be allowed to participate on an overnight
 trip without a signed copy (by student and parent/guardians) of these rules, which must
                                   be on file prior to the trip.
A. General Rules
        1. All Upward Bound rules apply at all times for the duration of the trip.
            OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS OR ILLEGAL DRUGS during the trip. Students
            should not have any of these items in their possession during this trip. Any
            student who must use prescription medication MUST inform and hand over to
            Staff before departure.
        3. At all times, students are expected to show proper courtesy, cooperation and
            respect for the staff, chaperones, and guides. Everyone must be willing to
            abide by their decision
        4. In case of illness, parental permission will be sought before seeking medical
        5. Students will NOT receive tattoos, body piercings, etc. at any time on any
            Upward Bound trip.

B. Hotel Rules
         1. Students are to respect and not vandalize any of the establishment’s
         2. Students must be courteous and respectful to other hotel guest. There is to
            be no loud noises at any time.
         3. Students are held liable for any damage or loss of property at all times while
            on the trip.
         4. Rooms are to be kept locked at all times and windows are not to be open.
         5. Using the hotel room phone is strictly forbidden. There is to be no room to
            room calling or any calls being made to outsiders on these phones. If
            charges have occurred due to phone usage, the charges must be paid by
            the guilty party before departing from the hotel and that person will not
            be allowed on the next overnight trip.
         6. Ordering movies, pay-per-view, video games, or any form of media is
            strictly forbidden. Any charges occurred due to ordering any of the
            above will have to be paid by the guilty party before departure from the
            hotel and that person will not be allowed on the next overnight trip.

         7.   Students are not allowed out of their rooms after curfew for any reason
             (unless it is an emergency and a counselor/chaperone has been notified).
             Students caught outside their room after curfew will not be allowed to
             attend the next overnight trip.
         8. Opposite sexes are NOT ALLOWED in the other room at all for any
             reason! If this occurs there will be consequences that will result in
             dismissal from the program.
         9. Strangers are not admitted to any room. If this occurs it will result in
             dismissal from the program.
         10. Students are not allowed to leave hotel grounds under any
             circumstances without staff or chaperone.
         11. By agreeing to these rules, students surrender the right to staff and
             chaperones to enter and inspect a student’s room at any time the chaperones
             feel such entry or search is necessary.

C. Tour rules
      1. Due to the tight schedule requirements of the buses, students must cooperate
          with the staff, drivers, and chaperones in order to insure arrival and departure
          schedule at all times during trip.
      2. When on tours or at exhibits, students are to stay in groups of 3 or more, so
          everyone will be accounted for.
      3. Students must always tell someone when they are going to the restroom or to
          get a snack, so someone will always be able to account for where they are at
          all times.

D. Consequences
1. Any student who fails to comply with the preceding rules and regulations or who fails
to cooperate with staff and chaperones may obtain one or more of the following
                   a. Unable to attend the next overnight trip.
                   b. Parents will be called and expected to come pick up their child.
                   c. Dismissal from the program.

2. In the event of an illegal act, the police will be notified and charges will be sought.

                                 Student Code of Conduct

Students who are selected to participate in the Upward Bound program represent a very
distinguished population. They are students who are in pursuit of excellence. All
participants are expected to be exemplary representatives of their high schools and USC
Upstate Upward Bound program by demonstrating responsible behavior both on and off
campus. In the program’s Code of Conduct, we clearly express our expectations of our
students and expect you to respect and adhere to this code. When you sign the contract
you agree to these rules and responsibilities. We are a family during your participation in
the Program and accountable to each other. Therefore, if you know that other students are
not living up to the code of conduct and are thereby endangering themselves, others or
the Upward Bound program as a whole, speak with them and remind them of their
promise to the group. If the violation is flagrant, however, it is your duty to report the
misconduct to a staff member. Failure to conduct oneself in accordance with the stated
code of conduct will result in probation and possible dismissal from the Program.

Our mission is to build a foundation for academic success. You may be assured that the
entire Upward Bound staff seriously takes responsibility for the students’ academic
welfare and is committed to the end. We expect only the best of each student and demand
that all students live by the code of conduct. This code of conduct in no way is intended
to restrict the rights of students, but rather is set forth to define and maintain the rights of
all and to safeguard individuals and property.

We would like to implement mandatory parental support of your child and the program.
The following are a list of expectations for Upward Bound parents:
      Attend student/parent orientation
      Participate in mandatory Parent Workshop
      Attend special events such as Graduations, Showcase, and Fund Raisers
      Support one of the various of the Upward Bound Parent Advisory Board
         Committees: Mentoring, Fundraising, or Tutoring

     “There’s a brilliant child
   locked inside every student!”

                                                         -Marva Collins

Below you will find the Upward Bound Code of Conduct in its entirety. Failure to conduct
oneself in accordance with the stated code of conduct will result in probation and possible
dismissal from the program.

1.   I will exemplify excellent academic standards by completing all assignments in Upward
     Bound and in school, and by giving only my best toward successfully completing high
     school and entering college.

2.   I will strive to maintain a 3.0 GPA for each grading period and definitely not fall below a

3.   I will always be on time to class and prepared to learn with appropriate materials and a
     positive attitude.

4.   I will demonstrate outstanding leadership and well roundedness by becoming actively
     involved in clubs, student council and extra-curricular activities in school an in Upward

5.   I will exhibit respectful behavior toward self and others.

6.   I will refrain from drinking alcohol and using drugs.

7.   I will comply with the rules and regulations of the University of South Carolina Upstate
     which involves attending 90% of all scheduled classes. Two tardies will equal one absence.

8.   I will provide both written and verbal notice in advance of all absences. I understand that if
     notice is received after the scheduled event it will be counted as an unexcused absence. I am
     responsible for confirming the receipt of my written and verbal notice. When the absence is
     school related, the written excuse must come from the appropriate school authority. When
     the absence is medical, a doctor must sign the excuse.

9.   I will cooperate with and respect all staff members.

10. I will refrain from excessive gossip which hurts others feelings and attacks someone’s

11. I will maintain continuous enrollment in the Upward Bound during both the summer and
    the academic component throughout high school.

12. I will remain on program premises while under the care of Upward Bound, unless written
    authorization has been granted from parent or guardian.

13. I will always inform my parent(s) or guardian of all verbal or written information that
    Upward Bound shares with me.

14. I will actively enroll in and complete a college preparatory curriculum.

15. I will not bring any materials to Upward Bound that interferes with the educational process
    such as personal music devices, playing cards, and electronic games.

16. I will abide by the rules and regulations in the Upward Bound Handbook.

17. Students are expected to dress appropriately for all occasions. No sagging pants, no T-shirts
    with profanity or inappropriate gestures, revealing tops, short skirts or shorts.

                                       Dress Code
Our guidelines for attire will reflect that of the university for official representation.

                    WHEN IN DOUBT, RULE IT OUT

Please Do:
    Practice good personal hygiene
    Jeans (no baggy) are ok as long as they are presentable and provide coverage; not
       skin tight
    Dress or skirt length -2” above the knee or longer
    Clothes should fit properly (not tight or baggy) and provide coverage
    Top straps should be wider than two fingers
    Undergarments should not be visible

Please Avoid:
    Facial piercings
    Extreme hairstyles or coloring
    Visible tattoos
    Tank tops or muscle shirts
    Spaghetti straps, halter tops, or mesh tops
    Bare midriffs (no skin showing between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the
    Exposed underclothing
    See-through blouses or shirts
    Hats or caps on inside of buildings
    Logos or sayings on clothing or person that promotes alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
       gang or cults, offensive language, inappropriate behavior, or may cause
       distraction from the education process. This also includes pins and buttons
    Shorts or skirts that are shorter than halfway between the knees and waistline
    Sagging pants (if your underwear and bottom are exposed, your pants are not
    Pajama pants
    Hair wraps, hair rollers, or extreme hair accessories

            *T-shirts and/or polo shirts will be provided for special events and for
                            touring /college visitation purposes.*

Dear Upward Bound Students:

A new and exciting school year is underway. We at Upward Bound have many new and
innovative ideas for the 2011-2012 school year. In previous years, the Passport Program served as
a valuable tool to help participants successfully engage in all Upward Bound activities.

The Passport Program motivates students to earn a place in the 2012 Summer Program.
Academic progress in school courses plus participation in Upward Bound activities will allow
each student to earn points.

Our Passport Program will include ten sessions that will be held on Saturday mornings.
Participants will also be required to maintain a journal. Journal writing is designed to
acquaint students with factors that will help them become a successful scholar in pursuit of a
college degree and a rewarding career. Upward Bound Staff have chosen 20 specific topics to
select from, but only 10 are required for maximum points.

The following point system will be used for Passport 2011-2012:
                                                                                  Max. Pts
Attendance at Saturday Sessions (Saturdays at USC Upstate)                        100pts
(10 meetings are scheduled.)

Journal (will be provided)                                                        50pts
(10 entries are required. To be turned in December 2011; completed by May)

School Community Meetings                                                         45pts
(9 meetings are scheduled)

A grade of “C” or above per semester or block (in all classes)                    100pts
(A deduction of 10 points per class for grade below “C”)

Tutoring Sessions (Mandatory or as needed)                                        Unlimited pts.

Volunteer for any community service agencies (provide documentation)              20pts

Parent participation                                                              25pts
(Mandatory meetings, Fundraisers, etc)

Cultural Event Attendance (mandatory; 2 per year)                               No pts.
                                                                 Maximum Points: 340 points

A minimum of 250 points must be earned (of a possible 340) to be eligible to participate in
the summer program. Tutoring sessions will be held each week at various locations.

This system allows us to evaluate student’s progress and reward those who have earned the
privilege to be part of the 2012 Summer Program. All of your questions and concerns about this
exciting campaign will be answered when we visit your school and at our general meetings.

                     University of South Carolina Upstate

               NO CELL PHONE POLICY

As of Saturday, October 16, 2010, the Upward Bound Program will be
instituting a NO CELL PHONE POLICY. Because we, the staff of the
program, are committed to protecting the environment and making it
conducive for intellectual pursuits, we deem it necessary to remove any
distractions that may hinder academic progress.

For this reason, we will be making the Health Education Complex,
which is designated for Saturday Sessions, a NO CELL PHONE
POLICY. During Saturday Session, from 8:30 am until 2pm, ANYONE
confiscated and held until the end of the session. At the beginning of our
Saturday Sessions, students will have the opportunity to place their
phones in a fireproof, secure safe which will be locked and place in a
staff members office until the session is adjourned.

While your student is in our care, if an emergency occurs, please contact
one of the following members of staff:

                   Dr. Cassandra Mitchell, Director
                 Yolanda Simuel, Academic Counselor
                    864-503-7407 or 864-415-9361
                Georgia McCarroll. Alumni Counselor
               Latasha Bowser, Administrative Specialist

  9:00am – 12:00 noon Academic Classes (All classrooms are located in the HEC building)
  12:00 noon – 12:30pm Lunch
  12:45 noon-2:00pm General Session (HEC Room 2001)

                             PERIOD          PERIOD            PERIOD        PERIOD           GENERAL
     INSTRUCTORS               ONE             TWO              THREE         FOUR             SESSION
                             9:00-9:45      9:45-10:30        10:30-11:15   11:15-12:00       12:45-2:00
                                                                                              HEC Room

   English/Study Skills       Seniors         Juniors         Sophomores     Freshmen
       HEC Room 2006                                                                      U      ALL

       Mathematics             Juniors        Seniors          Freshmen     Sophomores    N
       HEC Room 2002

       HEC Room 2010        Sophomores       Freshmen           Seniors       Juniors
       HEC Room 2005

          Science            Freshmen       Sophomores          Juniors       Seniors     H
       HEC Room 2007
*Students that arrive more than ½ hour late (after 9:00 am) WILL NOT receive a stipend for that Saturday Session*

An auditing system is in place to ensure fiscal control of participant stipends. During the academic year,
stipends will be distributed at every session. Students will receive no more than $30 per month during the
academic year and no more than $75 during the summer component. Attendance, behavior, and
academic performance will affect your stipends. In order to receive the total amount for each month you
must be in attendance to all meetings and complete all assignments (there will no exemptions). Counselors
will be tracking attendance and assignment every week. Written records will be maintained to track the
disbursement of stipends. Full documentation is required to approve stipends and a student signature is
required for documented receipt. Parents cannot sign for their absent child during Saturday Sessions. Also,
if you miss a Saturday Session for any reason, as stipulated by our grant guidelines, you will not get paid
for that session.
*Students arriving more than ½ hour late for Saturday Sessions WILL NOT receive
                             a stipend for that day!*

                                    ACADEMIC TUTORING

Tutoring is provided on Mondays thru Thursdays and selected Saturdays throughout
the academic year for USC Upstate Upward Bound participants. According to academic
need, students will be referred to mandatory tutoring. All tutorial services are provided at
the USC Upstate at no cost to participants.

                2011-2012 ACADEMIC YEAR TUTORING
                     STIPULATIONS & SCHEDULE
                       Tutoring Times & Locations
Mondays & Wednesdays
USC Upstate
HEC Room
4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Chesnee High School

Gaffney High School                           Woodruff High School (Tentative)
Library                                       Library
3:30pm-5:00pm                                 3:30pm-5:00pm
    Student whose grades fall below “C” in any class will be required to report for
       mandatory tutoring at least once a week.
    All students must remain in tutoring session for at least one hour in order to
       receive passport credit for the session.
    If you are unable to attend mandatory tutoring during these allotted times, please
       contact our office to make special arrangements.

                           MONTHLY COMMUNITY MEETINGS
USC Upstate Upward Bound staff will conduct monthly “Community Meeting” at your high school. These
meetings are designed to promote constant communication between our staff, students, and school
personnel. We will also be implementing special academic and social activities during these meetings.
These activities are designed to further strengthen your career, college, and personal choices and goals.

These 15-20 minute meetings will take place during your lunch period. Please feel free to have your
lunch prior to your meeting or bring it with you to your designated location. The dates in which these
meetings will take place are located on your 2011-2012 Academic Calendar at the following locations:

                                       Boiling Springs 9th Grade
                                    Guidance Office Conference Room

                                      Boiling Springs High School
                                       Library Conference Room

                                          Broome High School

                                          Chesnee High School
                                        Library Conference Room

                                      Dorman 9th Grade Campus
                                      Main Office Conference Room

                                          Dorman High School
                                    Hospitality Suite (above main gym)

                                          Gaffney High School
                                              Room 3430

                                        Spartanburg High School
                                              Room 110M

                                        Woodruff High School
                                    Guidance Office Conference Room

Remember, these you attendance at these meetings are mandatory and will contribute points to your
Summer Passport. If you miss two or more consecutive community meetings, we will call for a parent
conference. It is up to the student to remember the specific dates in which these meetings will take
place at their school!

   “Education is a companion which no
 future can depress, no crime can destroy,
     no enemy can alienate it and no
          nepotism can enslave.”
                    - Ropo Oguntimehin
                             RISING BRIDGE STUDENTS

In order to participate in the 2012 Bridge program, which will take place during the 2012
Summer Program, all Bridge Students will be required to actively participate in the
academic year and earn the necessary 250 points for the summer program AND
must be accepted to USC Upstate.

Bridge students have more responsibilities than in previous years; such as deadlines for
financial aid, scholarships, and colleges applications. These dates and deadlines include:

                   SAT Testing                       October 1st or November 5th
                   ACT Testing                       October 22nd or December 10th
                   College Application Day           October 8th (Required)
                   2011-2012 FASFA Completion November 12th (Required)
                   2012-2013 FASFA Completion February 24th (Required)
                  All college acceptance letters and scholarship awards letters must be
                                      turned in by May 1st, 2012.

In addition to acquiring 250 passport points and completing all activities stated above,
please keep the following stipulation in mind:

          All potential Bridge Students (current seniors) MUST both apply and be
          accepted to USC Upstate in order to participate in the 2012 Bridge Summer

Therefore, please make sure that you keep excellent academic standings and take the
required steps to insure your acceptance not only to USC Upstate, but to the college of
your choice!

"Do not prepare the path for the child.
Prepare the child for the path and he
will find his way.”
                    - Unknown, Native American

Contact & Emergency Information

University of South Carolina (USC) Upstate Upward Bound
800 University Way
Spartanburg SC 29303
Phone: 864-503-5532
Fax: 864-503-5574

Director, Dr. Cassandra Mitchell …………………………………..503-7402

Counselor, Ms. Yolanda Simuel …………………………………….503-7407

Program Assistant, Ms. Latasha Bowser…………..…………..….503-5532

Alumni Counselor, Ms. Georgia McCarroll……….……………..…503-7401

Dial 911 for:                     When you make a 911 call:
     Fire                           Give your name, location, phone
     Police                            number, and describe what
     Ambulance                         happened. Do not disconnect until
     Hazardous material spill          asked to do so.

Police Departments:
     USC Upstate Campus Police ………………………………………503-5911
     Spartanburg City Police Department ………………………………596-2035

Fire Department:
     Spartanburg Fire Department………………………………………578-1616

    Spartanburg Regional………………………………………………560-6000
    Mary Black Memorial Hospital ……………………………………583-0354


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