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COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS SUMMARY.docxRelease date 27 January 2012 by gegeshandong


            16 January 2012 – 20 January 2012
                    Release date: 27 January 2012


Metro clears up misunderstanding (East Record Pg 3) Valeska Abren
The Tshwane metro dismissed claims of foul play after vehicles, with their
official signage on were spotted in the Western Cape. Over the festive
season. Holidaymakers were left baffled after they witnessed six vehicles
with the Tshwane metro’s Electrical Department’s signage on between
Beaufort West and Laingsburg on December 21 last year. The protocol of
the company the municipality leased the vehicles from was blamed for not
removing signage before sending it on. According to Pieter de Necker,
spokesperson for the metro the six vehicles were part of a fleet of 32 cars
that were leased from Eqstra Fleet Management. “The contract had
expired at the end of November and those specific vehicles had already
been send back to Eqstra, so I can guarantee that the metro was not in
possession of those vehicles at that time,” said De Necker.


Public review of rates policy (Rosebank Killarney Gazette Pg 4)
Gazette Reporter
The public is invited to review the Rates Policy. The City of Johannesburg
implemented the policy, which outlines the city council’s property rating
process in 2008. Since then the City of Johannesburg has review the
policy annually to include proposed changes. You are invited to comment
and make suggestions on possible changes to the current policy
(2011/2012) to assist in the formation of the 2012/2013 policy. The policy
can be viewed on the City of Johannesburg website,

Nothing to celebrate (Randburg Sun Pg 3) Ayanda Buthelezi
While there is a lot for the African National Congress (ANC) to celebrate
100 years on, the community of Zandspruit informal settlement is losing
faith in the leadership. Innocent Makondelela moved to the ANC-led camp
in 1996, seeking a better life. Instead he has been unemployed now lives
in a densely populated shack with his partner and earns a living by running
a make-shift tuckshop. “I am very disappointed because it makes no sense
for them to celebrate while we (voters) at the grassroots suffer. We have
been abandoned.” Makondelela compared Zandspruit to a home without a
father. “When there’s no head of the house, children run amok and the
house becomes a soft target for criminals.

Eskom warns of high risk of blackouts (Southern Courier Pg 2)
Power utility Eskom says there’s a very high risk of power outages due to
scheduled maintanance, an increase in unplanned and greater demand for
power. Metros and Eskom are advising; keeping a close eye on electricity,
consumption could stave off reintroduction load shedding. City Power has
posted load-shedding schedules on its website, but says this does not
mean it would happen according to a report. Eskom denies power cut
rumours but admits electricity supply is tight but no load shedding has been

Illegal advertising seems unstoppable (Midrand Reporter Pg 1) Keba
The issue of illegal advertising continues to plague Midrand. Explicit flyers
stuck to street lamps and road signs are the main point of contention.
Some residents have taken it upon themselves to remove adverts that
leave little to the imagination about products enhancing certain human
body parts and bringing back lost love. Most illegal adverts have contact
details in the form of a cellphone number, with the people who put these up
wisely leaving out their names to avoid being traced.

Residents association gets tough (North Eastern Tribune Pg 4) Roger
Chadwick from Orange Groove writes:
This year is the year homeowners agents and business property owners
need to take responsibility for letting their properties to people who engage
in overt/covert illegal activities or permit overcrowding and dereliction of
their property. The ‘I didn’t know’ argument will be met with evidence of
illegal use. Once informed it is up to the owner/agent to rectify illegal use.
Failure to do so will be exposed. All title deeds in Orange Groove and
Fellside with few exception, restrict the sale of alcohol beverages on the
property. The Orange Groove Residents Association (OGCA) in
association with the Sector Crime Forum for sectors 2 and 4 is targeting all
illegal land issues. In the past the focus has been on the tenant but 2012
the concerted focus is on the property owner. We have already engaged
successfully with several property owners and they are cooperating by
legalising their land issues.

Two boys drown at Pikitup site (Lenasia Rising Sun Pg 1) Faatima
Two boys aged between 12 and 13 years drowned on January 15 while
swimming in a storm water drainage dam at the Pikitup Ennerdale landfill
site on the old Lawley Road. It is said the boys started laying in the shallow
end when they decided that they wanted to swim deeper. Pikitup officials
believe that one of the boys was pulled under the mud and water when
another boy jumped in to save him and they both drowned.

Dumping resumes on Ballyclare (Sandton Chronicle Pg 3) David
The illegal dumping site on Ballyclare Drive in Bryanston has been
renewed activity with fresh deposits of building rubble appearing on the
site. Frequently featured in the Chronicle most recently in the issue week
ending 25 November, Ballyclare dumping site addressed at last, the
location accumulated rubble and waste for a number of months before
Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) cleared away most of the refuse and
flattened the rest. Wooden posts were erected in an effort to prevent
vehicle access. It appears that more permanent measures will need to be
taken as there is now a gap between the posts wide enough for a vehicle to
fit through.


Dirty park draws criticism (Boksburg Advertiser News Pg 5)
A Boksburg resident is complaining about the state of a park near Atlas
Road. According to the resident who wishes to stay anonymous the
dustbins in the park are overflowing with rubbish, while the ducks appear to
have suffered injuries, due to fishing gut left behind by those fishing in the
pond. “I will in the meantime be using my own resources to clean up the
area,” said the resident. “The condition of the park is not affecting only the
aesthetics of the community but has a negative impact on the wildlife as
well.” Maggie Mudd acting manager of the Boksburg SPCA thanked the
resident for bringing the problem about the ducks to their attention.

Service delivery will not be affecting by change of metro in
Greenstone – MDB (Bedfordview and Edenvale News Pg 2)
Greenstone was supposed to be part of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan
Municipality (EMM) from the onset. These were the sentiments of the
EMM’s spokesperson, Mr Justice Mohale. In the December 7 edition of the
NEWS, the Municipality Demarcation Board (MBD) was leading discussion
to move Greenstone from the City of Johannesburg to EMM. MBD’s
chairperson, Mr Landiwe Mahlangu, said that this was in line with MBD’s
legislated mandate. “MBD’s invites stakeholders to submit proposals for
demarcation of municipality boundaries. This process is also informed by
MBD’s partnership with Status SA and Independent Electoral Commission
(IEC) which involves assessment of all boundaries,” Mr Mahlangu said.


Mayor Nawa greens Mogale City (Krugersdorp News Pg 2) Sipho None
The commitment by the West Rand District Municipality Executive Mayor
Councillor Mpho Nawa to green the West Rand is swiftly gaining
momentum. Councillor Nawa was accompanied by the Member of Mayoral
Committee (MMC) responsible for Environmental Management, Andy
Mathibe and WRDM Olivia Caldeira MMC for Environmental Affairs. The
planting of trees was in line with the United Nations Conference of Parties
(COP) 17 on Climate of the objectives of greening the West, beautifying the
region and broadening the educational aspect towards climate change as
enunciated in the WRDM’s Green initiative. Before planting trees on the
left side of the Game Reserve entrance, Councillor Nawa known for his
passion in education, engaged pupils from the Khululekani Primary on a
wide-range of issues from biology, mathematics to history using his iPad.

Billing nightmare continues (Roodepoort Record Pg 6) Aneesa Fazel
Although Tanya’s billing statement from City Power incorrectly reflects her
owing an amount of approximately R136 000 and despite her account
being flagged and escalated she now has no electricity. It is close to a year
now that Tanya has been struggling to have her account corrected. She
says that consultant at the walk-in centres give her the same story every
time she visits them – “The account has been flagged and escalated,
Ma’am”. On 10 January, Tanya spent seven hours at the walk – in centre,
and was assured that her electricity would be put back on. To date it has


Illegal dumping will cost you dearly, warns DA (Heidelberg/Nigel
Herald Pg 15) Magda Maritz
Illegal dumping has reached unacceptable high levels in certain areas of
Nigel and its surrounding suburb. As undertaken by Wally Labuschagne,
DA councillor for Ward 88 this is about to change. Wally in association with
internal stakeholders of the Ekurhuleni Illegal Dumping Management and
Prevention Strategy have embarked on a clean-up campaign in Alrapark,
MacKenzieville, Cerutiville, Snakeville, Blue Valley and Slovo Park, which
will kick-off in February. The stakeholders will be Thandi Radebe (CCC
Manager: Nigel Town Council), Drikus Van den Hoven from Ekurhuleni
Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) Solid Waste Naima Kaloo Janoo (DA
Ward co-ordinator) and members and members of Ekurhuleni Metro Police
Department (EMPD). “The purpose of the campaign is not only to clean,
but to rehabilitate. People fall back into old habits,” Wally told the Herald.

Africa faces growing water shortages (Vanderbijlpark Star 29) Alan
Water is one of the most valuable resources on the African continent.
Water planners forecast that South Africa will increasingly face severe
water shortages if the usage is not reduced immediately. The successful
launching of the Emfuleni Sasol and GIZ Development partnership on
water conservation and demand-management took place earlier this year.
They signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Emfuleni Water
Conservation Project at the Gallagher Estate Conference Centre.
Executive Mayor Greta Hlongwane said Emfuleni is one of the water
service authorities in the province that has realized the importance the
importance of managing the leakage and other aspects of non-revenue
water, and has begun to implement water management measures to
address the aforementioned challenges and strive towards a more
financially viable municipality.

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