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                   23 May – 27 May 2011
                           Release date 02 June 2011


Voting day lessons (North Eastern Tribune Pg 2) Caxton Editor Kennedy Mudzuli
There are valuable lessons to ne leant from last week’s local government elections.
Firstly we South Africans are a truly proud nation. We love our democracy and will do
whatever it takes to cast our vote. Most importantly our election is guaranteed to be
free and fair with chances of disputed results almost non-existent. Well done to the
Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for yet another perfect election. But all said
and done, it’s time for new councillors to deliver on their election promises. And to the
ANC and mayor Parks Tau, Johannesburg does also include the city centre and the
northern and western suburbs, and is not just Soweto and the south. For every road
tarred in Soweto, an equal amount of money should be spent on a project in the suburb.

Ward councillors should be full-time (Sandton Chronicle Pg 7) Kim Lungli writes:
Congratulations on your editor’s note (Open Letter to councillors, week ending 20 May).
I agree with your sentiments on this matter 100 percent as I have failed to understand
how one can handle a full-time job and still attend to the daily issues of the residents
which, I assure you is a full-time job. I am hoping this new batch of elected councillors
will give the commitment, dedication and passion that is required to give the very best
attention to their constituents. So many thanks for telling it like it is.

City says changes are bearing results (Joburg East Express Pg 3)
While people are still raising concerns about incorrect billing, the City of Johannesburg
(CoJ) said that changes implemented are bearing results. CoJ said that its efforts to
redesign its billing and revenue system and create a more customer focused
environment are showing results. “Our billing task team has identified customers with
outstanding queries and our customer service centres have already contacted more
than 80 percent of those affected to engage with our clients and resolve their individual
issues,” said revenue department spokesperson, Mr Kgamanyane Maphologela.

Residents up in arms (Northcliff Melville Times Pg 3) Kierryn Goodwin
Areas in Greenside especially around the new entertainment hub in Gleneagles Road
are riddled with by-law infringements from noise pollution and drinking in public to illegal
parking to illegal parking and blocked pavements. With no laws to enforce compliance
on these issues residents are at a loss with which steps to take. “We have complained
to our local police station on a number of occasions regarding the noise and illegal
parking,” said resident Robbie Thorpe. “Patrons of the nearby restaurants and bars
driveways and the noise carries on until the early hours of the morning most weekends.
It is unpleasant having to scream and shout for them to keep quite.”

Residents livid (Southern Courier Pg 1) Lucky Thusi
Bellavista infill tenants believe they are unfairly treated by the management of
Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO). This is after a signed petition with
their grievances was sent to JOSHCO on January 5. Among other things that they are
not satisfied with are the rentals, where they said they are paying way too high as
compared to Citrine Court while tenants there enjoy benefits such as 24 security
guards, built in cupboards, ample parking and post-boxes for letters. They said the
materials which were used to build their flats were cheap and everything they touch

Families destitute after shack fires (Southern Courier 3/ Comaro Chronicle Pg 3)
 Jonathan Perrin
Four families lives were devastated when raging fires destroyed four shacks in an Kibler
Park on Monday evening May 16. Eyewitnesses state that one of the residents was
transferring petrol from one container to another. Petrol was spilled close to candles
and open flames. A raging fire immediately spread through the shacks as residents
watched helplessly as the fire burned down all their possessions. These residents are
now without homes, clothing or food. Compounding the problem is that these residents
are without work.

Reduce electrical bill in the cold months (Fourways Review Pg 13) Review
With the cold weather that has arrived, electricity bills look to set to soar. Eskom has
already stated that it cannot guarantee that load-shedding can be avoided in the coming
months. According to Berry Everitt, managing director of Chas Everitt, even without the
threat of load shedding, homeowners should try to reduce their electricity consumption
because of the further 25 percent tariff increase this year and the termination of the
solar-powered geyser rebate programme. It is time to reconsider some other important
energy saving measures, the first is to ensure that the ceilings are properly insulated
with thermal batts or blankets made from fibreglass, rockwool or paper that prevent heat
loss and the second one is to install fire places.” Everitt said.

Residents demands water notification (Fourways Review Pg 4) Denise Mhlanga
When there is an emergency regarding water problems in an area, Johannesburg Water
(JW) does not send out notifications on water supply disruption. According to JW’s
spokesman Baldwin Matsimela, they are only able to inform residents on time for
planned service disruptions. “We had a burst pipe in Lonehill area which unfortunately
took longer to fix than anticipated,” said Matsimela. He explained that the water service
interruption in Lonehill was not planned, but rather an emergency due to the burst pipe.
A Beverly residents Michelle Serebro phoned a newspaper on Friday after JW officials
working onsite failed to tell her why there was a water cut in the suburb since Thursday

Metro urges residents to co-operate (The Tembisan Pg 2)
The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is urging its residents to cooperate with meter
readings by making their properties more accessible so that accurate readings can be
taken. Sometimes meter readers encounter numerous challenges such as obstructed
meters, locked gates or pets which prevent them from continuing with their work. In
order to confirm the nature of obstruction they face, meter readers are required to take a
photo depicting the reason they are unable to do the readings. “We appeal to residents
to bear with our meter readers and co-operate with them when they take photos
because we want to have proof of any obstacle should they fail to read the meters. We
are doing so to ensure that eventually, we have accurate readings in order to bill
residents according to their level consumption and not estimations,” said municipal
spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.

Ekurhuleni set to become a leader with proposed Aerotropolis (Boksburg
Advertiser Pg 16)
One of the key projects of the Ekurhuleni Metro, to ensure economical growth and
development is the Aerotropolis Strategy, which is exciting business leaders in the
region and. The executive mayor Mondli Gungubele touched on this mega project in his
State of the City address. Such a project plan entails the re-orientation of the
Ekurhuleni Metro into an Aerotropolis which is a new urban form, placing airports in the
centre with cities growing around them, connecting workers, suppliers, executives and
goods to the global marketplace. The Aerotropolis is also defined in mainly
infrastructure terms, which refers to an aviation linked urban infrastructure consisting of
an airport core, light industrial space and hotel/retail/entertainment complexes, which
are fully intergrated across global supply chain networks.

Metro see to termite the problem (The Springs Advertiser Pg 4)
Trees running along the top of Nigel Road seem to have been affected by a termite
infestation. The matter was brought to the Advertiser’s attention by a resident, and it
was then reported to the council. According to metro spokesperson Zweli Dlamini, the
department concern has not received any complaints about termites in Nigel Road but
the matter will be investigated. “If a spraying programme is needed the department will
attend to that,” said Dlamini.

Juskei River banks give in (Bedfordview and Edenvale News Pg 5)
A Morninghill resident blamed shoddy gabions for the dilapidation banks of the Juskei
River between River Road and Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department’s (EMPD) Dog
Unit. The woman said that about 10 years ago, engineers commissioned by Ekurhuleni
Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) tried to control the river by putting different gabions
along the river. She said that those gabions did not survive three storms. “I do not
know why they used those gabions in the first place. Before they installed them we
never had any problems with flooding here. Now when there is a storm the river floods
close to the houses. Water pushes against the palisade fence of the dog unit. The
banks are held together by the roots of the falling tree,” she said.

Load shedding clarified (Alberton Record Pg 1)
Ekurhuleni’s Metro Council has issued a statement of clarity why Eskom said there
would be no load shedding. “Ekurhuleni Metro is not saying there will be load shedding,
but that Eskom had advised its clients to be ready with schedules should the need arise
to shed the load. The municipality has the responsibility to keep its residents informed
hence it published the load shedding schedule that would be followed should the need
arise to load shed. The metro is responsible to come up with a suitable schedule which
will minimize the impact on its customers,” said Ekurhuleni Metro spokesperson Zweli


West Rand mayor launches greening strategy (Krugersdorp News Pg 2)
More than 300 delegates from the municipalities of the West Rand, provincial and
national departments converge at the Ekudeni Resort in Muldersdrift to map out a
greening strategy for the district. The gathering dubbed The Green IQ Summit, was
opened by the Executive Mayor Mpho Nawa. Nawa a champion of the greening
programme called for realignment of service delivery programmes and governance to
ensure that issues of the environment become central to programmes and policies of
government. These programmes are developed and shall continue to be developed
with the express buy-in and cooperation of the people, because people are very critical
to development.

Hello darkness, my old friend (Randfontein Herald Pg 4) Resident of Hillside and
Ten Acres area writes:
It seems that the power grid in my area has an ailment. The problem being that as soon
as there is more than 10 percent of cloud cover, the electricity seems to go on strike.
Maybe the power lines suffer from some sort of liquid allergy. Surely the citizens of our
town (those in suburbs) don’t suffer this problem. I am yet to see an angry letter or
even a friendly enquiry like this one from residents residing in town. Dou you as a
townie have power failures everytime it rains? Do you sit without electricity until the
next morning if there is a problem?

Council digs up resident’s land (Randfontein/Westonaria Herald pg 1) Johan
The Randfontein Local Municipality has dug a trench right through a property belonging
to a company that plans to develop the land. According to Jimmy Vlachos a partner in
the family business that owns the property, the municipality dug approximately five
meter deep trench through their property, apparently with the intention of laying a water
pipeline for the much disputed water reservoir in Droogeheuwel. The reservoir is
situated on a property adjoining the Vlachos’ land.

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