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									Excuses Be Gone – Week 7 - Chapter 10,16,17,18

Chapter 10

Read story on pg 133

Compassion and excuses cannot exist in the same time and space. When we shift to
How May I Serve? And think of others, despite how it may impact us, we are being the
hands and heart of God – of Good.

Pg 134 “There is no room for blame in your life as long as you live with kindess. And
excuses, regardless of their form, are all about blame….There is no shortage of
circumstances, people and events to blame and there is no shortage of blame itself.

When you shift to compassion, all blame disappears. So no matter what you may want
for yourself, discover how you can want it more fro someone else, and then make the
shift. In that comtemplative moment, compassion will eradicate finger-pointing and
trump excuse making. And you’ll begin to think like God thinks: serving, offering, giving
and loving freely.”

   1. Think of a time when you were able to shift into Compassionate thinking.
   2. Were you able to blame yourself or another?
   3. Were you able to see past the circumstances of the moment?

Discuss the Dalai Lama’s speech on compassion: (pg 135)
          1. Compassion is the single most important quality that humanity needs to
          2. War and violence would become extinct in one generation if, beginning at
             age five, children were taught to mediate on compassion for an hour a
             week for the rest of their lives.

You do not attract what you want; you attract what you are. As it relates to compassion.

Three Questions to living from a place of compassion. Pg 138 – 140.

How does gratitude contribute to living from a place of compassion? Pg 141.

Affirm: I am a being of compassion. I extend love outward everywhere because this is
my nature. (affirm this 10 times – as a group and check out the results)

Chapter 16: Can I create a rational reason to change?
  1. Is it true
  2. Where did the excuses come from?
   3. What is the Payoff?
   4. What would my life look like if I couldn’t use these excuses?
   5. Can I create a rational Reason to change?

Read each criteria and discuss - pg 216-222

    1. It Must Make Sense – Do I really want to bring about this change?
    2. It Must Be Doable – Am I willing to do what it takes to overcome these long-held
        habits of thought and action? If you don’t know how you’ll do it but you still feel
        that it is doable – then proceed.
    3. It Must Allow You to Feel Good. Can I crate a rational reason to change? If the
        idea of eliminating an incapacitating thinking resonates with you, then imagine it
        being done.
    4. It Must Be Aligned with the Callings of Your Soul. This is truly who I am and
        making these changes will allow me to live my life fulfilling my destiny.

Suggestions: Page 224-225 Read Fifth Paradigm Question and discuss.

Chapter 17: Can I Access Universal Cooperation in Shedding Old Habits?

Pg 227 – 228 Discuss the ego’s part in excuse making.

Pg 231-236 Discuss the Four Cardinal Virtues.
    Think of a area of your life that you might apply that virtue.
    Imagine what your life would be like if you applied these virtues.

Pg 238 Discuss Suggestions for Applying the Sixth Paradigm Question.

Chapter 18: How Do I Continuously Reinforce This New Way of Being?
Pg 241 – 254

Discuss each of the nine suggestions for uniting with your Source and living from that
place of connection.

For each suggestion – make one commitment to yourself. Write it down. Place it where
you can see it each day and affirm that this is your truth.

With deepest gratitude to Dr. Wayne Dyer for his inspiration and Maria Burgess
for creating the seven-week study guide, and to Jeri Watts for the graphic design.

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