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Criminal Check Through The FBI


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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Every professional in the field of law enforcement, corrections, military law enforcement and investigations,
   drug enforcement, corporate security, personal protection and national security needs to know how to interview
                                              witnesses, suspects, victims
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                                                              A Career with the FBI
                                                                  By Diana Clarke

  A Career with the FBI
 by: Diana Clarke

Do you have what it takes to become an FBI special agent? Do you have a sincere desire to enforce
federal laws and investigate crimes?

This job requires hard work and can often times be dangerous and stressful. You'll undoubtedly be in
close contact with crimminals and victims of crime. But a special agent's job is rewarding if you enjoy
serving the public. Long before applying for a job as an FBI special agent, you'll need to plan carefully
what you need to do to qualify.

The FBI Special Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents are the Government's primary investigators, who
investigate criminal violations of over 260 statutes not assigned to another federal agency. Agents may
conduct surveillance, monitor wiretaps, examine financial records, or participate in undercover
assignments, just to name a few.

The FBI investigates organized crime, white collar crime, such as health care fraud, counterterrorism,
copyright infringement, civil rights violations, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, terrorism, espionage,
violent crimes, drug trafficking, and other violations of Federal statutes.

The following was adapted from The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Facts and Figures 2003, FBI
Priorities (http://www.fbi.gov/priorities/priorities.htm)

The FBI's priorities are to: Protect the United States from terrorist attack. Protect the United States
against foreign intelligence operations and espionage. Protect the United States against cyber-based
attacks and high-technology crimes. Combat public corruption at all levels. Protect civil rights.
Combat transnational and national criminal organizations and enterprises. Combat major white-collar
crime. Combat significant violent crime. Support federal, state, county, municipal, and international
partners. Upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI’s mission.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

Entry Requirements Be a U.S. citizen, or a citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands Be at least 23 of
age but under 37 Be available to work when and where needed Pass hearing and vision tests,
including a color vision test Possess a valid driver's license. Be in excellent physical condition
Possess a national or regionally accredited 4-year degree in a foreign language, law, accounting, or
another field plus three years of full time employment.

The FBI looks for job applicants who have skills in interrogation, report writing, surveillance, and giving
testimony. The selection process also includes cognitive tests, an interview, background check,
polygraph test, and drug test.

The FBI also looks for individuals with character traits, such as honesty and sound judgement.

Physical Training Requirements

An example of a requirement would be the PRT, a 1.5 mile run test, passed with scores of 14 minutes
10 seconds or under for females and 12 minutes 40 seconds or under for males.

Forensic Science

The candidate for a scientist position must first qualify under an existing entry program and have a
degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, nursing, bio-chemistry, Forensics, Medical
specialties, or related field. The candidate for a Forensic Scientist position should major in
biochemistry, biology or biotechnology. The Forensic scientist analyzes evidence such as hairs,
firearms, DNA, photographs, fingerprints, and handwriting examples and testifies verbally and in

Advice from a former FBI profiler

John Douglas, a former FBI profiler, offers the follow advice for aspiring FBI special agents: Seek
leadership opportunities. Develop skills the FBI desires. Do community service. Maintain a clean
record--no jail term or felony and good credit. Maintain good grade point average. Consider ROTC.
Complete an internship.

Don't major in a course you dislike, such as accounting, because you think it will help you to become a
special agent. "Make sure your primary focus is finding a career you enjoy," says Douglas.

For more information on employment as a FBI Special Agent, check your phone directory for your state
FBI office. Or visit the FBI online.


the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2002-2003, US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Federal Bureau of Investigation (www.fbi.gov)

John Douglas's Guide to Careers in the FBI,1998, Kaplan Books, Simon and Schuster, New York.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Diana Clarke has taught job search skills to students in Silicon Valley. Her career and business articles
have appeared in publications including the San Jose Mercury News, Cupertino Courier and the
Saratoga News.

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                                             Criminal Check Through the FBI
                                                    By Barry Snyder

A lot of businessmen have benefited so much from the possibility of running criminal checks on their
employees with the help of the FBI which provides them everything they need to know regarding an
employee or an applicant. The FBI criminal check will give the employer the knowledge whether to
keep that person or not.

Guilty or Not

 The fact still remains that not every citizens’ records is in the FBI files. The only records that the FBI
keeps are those of people who have had cases, offences and violations against the law. These are the
people who have cases normally pertaining to organized crime, drug trafficking, crimes of violence,
white collar offences, counter intelligence from foreign countries and those who gone against civil
rights. This only means that those who were never guilty of any of these offences do not have a record
in the FBI files. They are quite clean and deemed safe people.

 Despite this, these FBI criminal checks still come in very useful because this will give the employer or
the company what kind of people they have in their employ or are thinking of hiring. All these because
of the efficiency if the records kept by the FBI. The one positive thing about these FBI criminal checks
is that they do not cost an arm and a led to facilitate. It will only cost the company not more than $20.
The records in the FBI files date as far back as the 1920’s.

 When an employer or company runs an FBI criminal check, it gives them a clear insight of whether the
people they have on their employ or are considering for hire have misdemeanour records or none. The
better alternative is to go online and run a criminal check through an online agency that conducts
criminal checks. Normally these online agencies are cost friendly. And they give out detailed services.

The FBI Online

 Performing an FBI online criminal check may be a struggle in the beginning if you are not aware on
how to find them on the internet. To make it easier on yourself, then all you have to do is follow these

 1. First thing you have to know is that all these FBI records is open for anyone to look at anytime of
the day. If you are interested in getting someone’s record, all you have to do is identify the country of
origin of the person you are interested in and visit the local governments’ office and make a requisition
of the files of that person. It may cost you a little, but the benefits are far worth it as you can now see all
the types of crimes and misdemeanours that person has committed of he has any. Even the marriage
records are in there. Even death certificates of other people. The FBI leave no stones unturned.

 2. The next thing you have to realize in gaining access to FBI files is that it is faster to access them
over the internet. Compared to obtaining these records personally which can take a few days, all you
have to do is shell out a minimal fee and you will have these records right in front of you in no time.

http://www.crimcheck.com is a leading provider of FBI criminal checks for businesses of all sizes and
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