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                                                      Business Stationery, Part 2
                                                                By Jane Fulton

  Business Stationery, Part 2
 by: Jane Fulton

In the first lesson, we learned how to create a Letterhead. In this article, we will learn to create other
stationery items using our template.

Making Compliment Slips:

In Microsoft Word, click on 'new' from the toolbar. A new file will open. We need to set-up our new
project. First, to get the maximum print area, go to 'File' -- 'Page Setup'. Set the top and bottom
margins to 0. Click 'ok'. A warning box will appear, alerting you about small margins. Click 'fix' -- 'ok'.
Go to the 'File Menu' and click 'Save'.

Next, we need a place to create data. Go to the 'Insert Menu' and click on 'Text Box'. Click at the top of
the page and 'drag' the mouse diagonally, to create a Text Box.

Tip: You can't put a picture or 'ClipArt' into a text box, therefore you must delete the picture or ClipArt
before continuing. BE SURE: When you close the template and are asked if you want to save the
changes, click 'no'. This will leave your picture or ClipArt in your template. Paste the text in the text box
and press 'enter'.

Click outside the text box and insert your picture or ClipArt. In lesson 1, we covered how to insert

Note: If you ever need to change the information in your Stationery, fix the text in your letterhead first.

You should be able to fit 3 Compliment slips on one page. To create the second one, click on the text
box. Right-click and choose copy from the menu. Click outside the box, right-click and choose 'Paste'.
A second text box will appear, on top of the first one. Click on it and drag it down underneath the first
one. Repeat the steps for this one and the next one, like we did the first one.

You don't want the text box border to print, so click on the box -- go to the 'Format Menu' -- 'Text Box'.

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Choose the 'Colors and Lines tab'. in the 'line' section, click on the 'Color' box -- 'no line' -- 'ok'. Got to
the 'File menu' and click 'print'.

You want your Business Cards to match your Letterhead and Compliments Slip. We will learn to do
Business Cards in another lesson.

Jane Fulton is owner & webmistress at: She has been helping newbies and beginning marketers for 4 years now. Get
her articles delivered to your inbox by subscribing to Newbie & Affiliate SOS Newsletter at:

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                           Box Up Your Advertising With Promotional Stationery Boxes
                                                      By Matt Franks

Promotional items are things that companies use to promote their business. There are different types
of promotional items – there are pencils, pens, t-shirts, and games that are available to promote
companies. But a lot of companies are looking for different ways to promote their businesses that other
companies aren't using. One of the promotional items that companies are looking to are promotional
Stationery Boxes.

There are companies who wonder why promotional Stationery Boxes are a good promotional item and
what they have to offer that companies could want. Here are some advantages of using promotional
Stationery Boxes to promote a business.


 One of the reasons that companies are using promotional Stationery Boxes to promote their
businesses is that there are different types of promotional Stationery Boxes that they can choose from.
They don't have to choose from just one type of stationery box; there are promotional Stationery Boxes
that any type of company is going to be able to afford.


 Another reason that companies are using promotional Stationery Boxes is that they are something that
people are going to use. Companies know that a promotional item has to be something that people
are going to use in order to be a good promotional item, so that is something that they look for when
they are looking for promotional items.

 When a company has decided to use promotional Stationery Boxes, they will find that there are plenty
of different types of promotional Stationery Boxes. So how are they going to choose which one is right
for their company?

Look at the company budget

The first thing that a company needs to do is to look at their budget so that they know how much
money they can spend on promotional Stationery Boxes. Figure out how much the company actually
wants to spend on the promotional Stationery Boxes

Compare prices

 One thing that a company should do when they are choosing promotional Stationery Boxes is that
they should compare prices. There are different types of promotional Stationery Boxes that are made
of different materials.

Decide how they will be distributed

The last thing that a company should think about when they are choosing promotional Stationery
Boxes is to think about how they are going to be distributed. Are you going to give them out to clients

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and employees or are you going to give them out to possible customers?

 promotional Stationery Boxes are something that a lot of companies are using to promote their
businesses. They are something that people re going to enjoy and there are plenty of different types of
promotional Stationery Boxes that the company can choose from.

 When a company is looking for something that they can use to promote their business that is different,
they should look towards promotional Stationery Boxes. They are something that are useful and they
are something that is going to make people remember their company. Promotional Stationery Boxes
are a great promotional item that keeps on giving to both the company and that gets the stationery box.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of
promotional Stationery Boxes and Promotional Products.  For Eco Friendly promotional
products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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