Care packages for the troops3 by gegeshandong


									                  Care Packages for the Troops
      Please give donations to your homeroom teacher
                                    by October 30th

FOOD ITEMS (individual serving sizes)           FUN THINGS (individual or travel size)
Pre-sweetened powered drink mix packets         Hand held games
Beef Jerky (they love these)                    Board games (small travel size)
Gum                                             Word games (small travel size)
Tuna or chicken creations lunch kits            DVD’s and/or CD’s
Cup O Noodles or Cup O Soup                     Nerf footballs, basketballs (any small balls)
Protein/Granola Bars                            Playing cards/card games
Coffee creamer and sugar packets                Dice games (Boggle, Mississippi Marbles)
Ground coffee packets and tea bags              Batteries (in the packaging)– AA, AAA, C and D
Hot chocolate mix                               Whoopee cushions
Trail mix, nuts                                 Paddle balls
Small boxes cereal                              Hacky sacks
Cookies (especially girl scout)                 Yo-Yo’s
Candy (nothing that will melt)                  Jigsaw Puzzles (small travel size)
Fruit snack (roll-ups, gushers)                 Velcro darts
                                                Squishy balls
TOILETRIES (Travel Sizes)                       Magazines/books (love computer mags)
Lip balm/chap stick
Deodorant                                       OTHER
Toothbrushes and toothpaste                     Phone cards (really need these to call home)
Eye drops                                       Small tablets of paper and pens
Baby wipes                                      Socks (heavy white or black cotton only)
Gold Bond powder (for their feet)               Foot powder
                                                Fabric softener sheets (inside their boots)
THINGS NOT ALLOWED                              Bug wipes
No Religious articles                           Sunglasses
No Pork products                                Blank cards w/ envelopes (Holiday especially)
No glass containers                             New Brown T-Shirts (sizes, Med/Large/XLarge)
No aerosol cans                                 New Boxer Shorts (sizes, Med/Large/XLarge)

The list above is suggestions only - our service men and women will welcome anything you
would love to send – we just need to let them know we are thinking of them

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