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									Survive the Freeze (Need: Hula Hoops, Pinecones)
1. Divide the group into 4 teams and label the teams:
    Squirrels, Chipmunks, Beavers and Muskrats

2. Each team has a hula hoop that they must fill with food (in this case, we’re using pine cones)
    for the winter. The goal is for your team to be the first to get 20 pinecones in your hula hoop.

      Squirrels                                                                    Beavers


      Chipmunks                                                                    Muskrats

3. Blow the whistle. Only one player from each team can go at a time. Each player who is collecting the
    food must run to the centre hula hoop, retrieve one pine cone and take it back to their own hoop. Then
    the next person can go. Collect until one team has reached 20 pinecones.

4. You may play again, but this time you will add predators to the game. Choose 2 people (players, any
    adults and /or yourself) to be the foxes. Blow the whistle to start the game as usual. When a squirrel,
    chipmunk, beaver or muskrat are tagged by a fox, they must drop their pinecone immediately and run
    back to their hoop empty handed. Then the next player can come out and choose either to retrieve the
    fallen pinecone or to get a new one from the food hula hoop. Play until one group has reached 20

Migration Game.            (rubber car mats)

1. Have the students form a line side by side on one end of the play area. Place hula hoops or rubber mats
    at each end.

2. The kids must migrate from one side to the other, finding a hoop (habitat) to stand in. When they fly back,
    they will find out that there was a flood (for example) and there’s no nesting habitat for some of them and
    you have taken one or two mats away. Other scenarios include: drought, forest fire, bulldozed for golf
    course, or cleared/drained for agriculture.

The game continues until the last mat has reached its capacity for animals.

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