The Pact Required Reading by gegeshandong


									                                                                                Kia Peterson
                                                                                   English 9

                                The Pact- Required Reading

           Yes, I think that The Pact should be a required reading. If The Pact was

required a reading I think that it could help teenage students with their struggles in their

life. In The Pact it is just basically showing how George, Rameck, and Sam looked

through all of their problems and full field their dreams. Most teenagers these days get

caught up in drugs and other things that they shouldn’t get caught up in. Most of it would

come from peer pressure. Sometimes people would do things that they know they

wouldn’t normally do just to get attention. Another reason why The Pact should be a

required reading is because just reading the book could help people think positive. It

could just show them that know matter what you are going through in you life you should

never give up on you dream. If The Pact was a required reading then it would teach a lot

of students not to give up on what they want to do with their life.

               Sam went to medical and fell in love with a girl. He had a hard time

trusting her. He kept hearing rumors that she was cheating on him. When he called her

dorm room to make sure she was there she wouldn’t answer. When he saw her the next

day he would ask her about if and she would always try to change the subject. A couple

days later she left him. She was in a relationship with another boy from another collage.

She was also pregnant by the boy that she was secretly seeing. Sam, Rameck, and George

made a pact to graduate collage and go to medical school. Sam could not follow through

with the pact; he left medical school and reported back to his hometown; Newark. When

he got home he could tell that something seemed different about his sister. Her hair was
more smother looking. He knew that when your hair looks more smother then you most

likely have aids. Every time Sam would ask her about it she would say that she hasn’t

been with nobody and that she was fine. A couple days later she admitted to Sam that she

had aids. Rameck was on and off jobs. He had a studying habit. He would all ways want

to study, he and George studied different. When it would be starting to get late George

would just want to quit studying, Rameck would not stop studying until he felt like he

knew everything. Rameck wanted to set good examples on the kids that grew up like he

did. George went to medical school and realized that he wanted to be a rapper. He and

Sam started recording songs. They meet Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy, Wyclef Sean, and

another rapper they felt that could help them with their music. Sam, Rameck, and George

all had distractions. Sam had a problem gambling. Rameck skipped classes, he started

getting into fights, and he started stealing stuff. George was trying to be this bad boy.

              I think that The Pact is a very good book. It encourages teenagers to not

give up on their dream no matter what their background is. Some kids today have a

problem saying no to certain things because they just want to fit in with the other kids in

school. Their peers try to pressure them to doing things that they don’t want to do and the

end up doing it. I would recommend this book to other people because it could really help

you out in your life. People think that just because they may not have a good background

that they cant follow their dreams. There is always a solution to your problems.

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