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					Food Launch Promotion Recap
        November 16, 2009
In support of the launch of iVillage Food, the Sales Marketing team developed activities to
help educate the sales team about the new site and provide them tools to announce and
celebrate the launch with key agency and client contacts

Timing               Activity
1 month pre-launch   LAUNCH PRESENTATION
                     Announcing and describing iVillage Food’s new mission, design, tools, features and sales
                     opportunities for presentation to clients

Launch day           EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT
                     Launch-day email to Sales team includes:
                     • Sell Sheet: PDF file for sharing with clients, which outlines key features of the new site and
                        sales stats
                     • Press Release: for talking points, includes coverage of launch sponsorship by McCormick
                        and recipe partnership with Time Inc’s
                     • Classic red velvet cupcakes feature an iVillage twist, in honor of Food site’s recipe twists
                       and other tools and features
                     • Half-dozen boxes packed with iVillage message and cupcake recipe
                     • 95 boxes hand-delivered by NY sales representatives to key agency and client contacts
                     • Magnolia Bakery’s famous recipe and photo was also posted on iVillage Food site
Launch week          ELENI’S COOKIES
                     • Celebrating Food’s new tools and features with a box of custom cookies in the shape of
                       cooking tools
                     • Half-dozen boxes packed with iVillage message and cupcake recipe
                     • 80 boxes hand-delivered by LA, SF, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC-area sellers
                     • Eleni’s recipe and iVillage custom cookies photo was posted on iVillage Food site                2
Email Announcement

Launch day email
to sales team:

• PDF sell sheet
  outlining new
  site’s key
  features and
  audience data
• Press release
  with coverage of
  sponsorship and
  Time Inc recipe

Magnolia Cupcakes

• Concept: in honor of iVillage Food’s
  recipe twists and other new tools
  and features, Magnolia Bakery – a
  NYC classic – adds a twist to their
  traditional red velvet cupcake
  recipe, exclusively for iVillage
• Presentation: cupcakes were
  packaged in half-dozen boxes,
  topped with an iVillage message
  and Magnolia Bakery’s recipe
  and tied with red ribbon and an
  iVillage hangtag
• Reach: 570 key NYC agency and
  client contacts (sellers received
  12 boxes each to hand deliver)

Eleni’s Cookies

• Concept: celebrating iVillage Food’s
  new tools and features with out-of-
  town contacts with a custom
  box of cookies in the shape
  of cooking tools from
  Eleni’s Bakery
• Presentation: each contact
  received a half-dozen
  cookies in Eleni’s elegant
  packaging, topped with
  an iVillage message and
  Eleni’s recipe
• Reach: 80 key client
  contacts in the LA, Chicago
  San Francisco, Boston and
  Washington, DC areas

What They’re Saying

Thanks for the                OMG, these are             This is great news - always
cupcakes and the              too gorgeous to            looking for new partners for
updated information!          even eat                   Dawn and Cascade. Please
Glad to see iVillage is                                  keep us updated on the Food
                              -Eleni’s recipient
doing so well!!!                                         Channel's successes. Don't
                                                         think we'll have another Dish
-Procter & Gamble
agency contact                                           campaign until AMJ, but
                                                         would like to stay in the loop
                                                         with what Food has to offer.
It was great to have a a fun excuse to                   -Procter & Gamble agency contact
get in front of clients and chat with
them...not to mention, the packaging
and the iVillage branding on the
wrappers and the insert was                        We loved them. Worked nicely at
amazing. You guys did a really great               our agencies, [we] got 2 more thanks!                                   RFPs from delivering in person!
-iVillage account executive                        -iVillage sales director


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