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                                      Quaker Valley School District
                                   Code of Conduct/Behavior and Rules

1. Because this is an official Quaker Valley sponsored school trip, it is vital that you abide by the official
Quaker Valley Code of Conduct. The official Code of Conduct can be found on the district website. If you
do not follow the Code of Conduct, the procedure that is outlined on the Quaker Valley School District
Code of Conduct will be enforced. In order to assure that the Quaker Valley Code of Conduct is followed,
the chaperones may periodically check students’ hotel rooms and belongings. Failure to permit the
chaperones to do so will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct, and will be dealt with as such.

2. Possession or use of any kind of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances is absolutely forbidden, and
may result in immediate dismissal from the group and a return home at the parents’ or guardians’ expense.

3. Everyone must be on time. We will be following a schedule. You are expected to be on time to
eliminate any unnecessary delays. THE GROUP’S TIME IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS.

4. Everyone must be present at breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

5. Everyone is responsible for his/her own valuables, passports and money. Be sure that your valuables
are either hidden on your body or inaccessible to others. (The less you bring the better.)

6. There will be very little free time for students. However, when we do have some free time, NO ONE IS
PERMITTED TO LEAVE ON HIS/HER OWN. Any endeavors on your own must be approved by and,
if possible, include a chaperone. Always take your hotel name, address and phone number with you in case
you get separated from the group.

7. A curfew will be enforced throughout the trip. There is to be absolutely no noise in the hotel rooms
after 10:00 P.M. We may be on different floors and need to be considerate of other hotel guests. The
reservation desk will know who our students are and will not hesitate to call the chaperones if there is a
problem with noise. Students are not permitted to leave their rooms once a chaperone has made his/her
rounds. If a student leaves his/her room, this can pose a threat to their safety and may result in the student
being sent home at the expense of the parent or guardian.

8. Students are required to attend all group activities. Students may not talk or use iPods during
commentary or announcements by the chaperones, courier or guides. Headphones must be removed.

9. Do not steal “souvenirs” from hotels. They will charge you for them. This includes towels, ashtrays,
and any other little things that you may want to pick up. Also, when you first get into your room, please be
sure that everything is in good working condition and working order. If you find anything wrong with your
room, you must tell a chaperone immediately. Otherwise, the hotel might charge you for it. You will be
personally held responsible for any damage you cause, and you will not be allowed to leave the hotel until
the damage is paid for or until the situation has been settled between you and hotel personnel.

10. You will be responsible for any telephone calls made from your room, as well as any extra hotel
expenses, such as items taken from the mini-fridge.

11. You may not go barefoot (or shirtless) anywhere in the hotel outside of your room.

12. Your attire is an important way of showing respect for the culture. You should not wear short-shorts
or revealing tank tops. If we visit a church or cathedral, you may be required to be appropriately dressed.

13. Students are not permitted in the hotel rooms of anyone of the opposite gender. DO NOT TELL

14. Motor vehicles of any kind cannot be rented or driven by the students.

In order to have a more enjoyable trip, keep in mind…

1. Expect the need to make adjustments because we are tourists traveling in a large group. We will have
to wait in lines, wait to check-in to hotels, wait for meals and wait for tours.

2. Use common sense. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE with someone you do not know. This includes
students from other groups, adults and/or, of course, strangers.

3. Remember that we are going to Ecuador to experience their way of life: try to appreciate it, embrace it,
understand it and enjoy its differences.

4. If you have any problems whatsoever, be sure to contact a chaperone IMMEDIATELY, even if it is in
the middle of the night. The room number of the chaperones will always be given to the students upon
arrival to the new hotel.

                                      RELEASE AND AGREEMENT
I, the undersigned (and my parent or guardian), an applicant for a program sponsored by Quaker Valley
School District (hereinafter referred to as QV), agree to the following understandings:

1. I understand that this is a supervised program and I agree to maintain any such group standards as QV
and its chaperones set forth, and further, to indemnify QV and its agents or contractors against any
consequences which may ensue as a result of my refusal to comply with such regulations. I agree that QV
reserves the right to enforce such rules and that my participation in the QV program may at any time be
terminated if I fail to follow these regulations, the instructions of my group leader, QV personnel or for any
other reason which the chaperones may deem inappropriate and not in the best interest of the group. I
agree to being sent home at my own (or my parents’) expense and waive the right to any refund of program

2. I understand that if I am expelled from school or otherwise disciplined by my teacher or by local
authorities, or if I fail to meet any requirements for participation in the program as set forth by my teacher
or school, I may be declared ineligible to participate and my enrollment cancelled subject to the refund
policy described by Explorica.

3. I understand that I am responsible for any damage I may cause while on tour to hotel property and other
facilities or for misappropriation of hotel property and I agree to pay for any such damages that I may cause
and not hold QV responsible.

4. I certify that I am in good physical and mental health and that I have no special medical or physical
conditions, nor any special needs or requirements, which would impede participation in the program, nor be
of any harm or inconvenience to myself or the other participants. I understand that walking long distances
and climbing stairs may be required activities.

5. I agree that if I have special dietary requirements and/or food allergies, I will take complete
responsibility for my food intake and that QV cannot provide any special meal arrangements for me nor
will I be compensated for any uneaten group meals.

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