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									Name:_______________________                                                      Pearsonsuccessnet assignment
                                                                                  Topic 5      Lessons 5.1-5.4

                                             Math Homework Letter
                                          ** Please return Monday 11/14

Math topics for the week                                                                 Topic Homework: Topic 5
Topic 5: Counting Money                                                                    Assigned Monday 11/21
                                                                                         **Returned Monday 11/28

    Every Day Activities (Home Activities)                                                              Check 
    Home connections: Your child counted groups of dimes, nickels, and pennies and found the            11/7
    total value.                                                                                        L 5.1
    Home activities: Encourage your child to take 5 coins from a group of dimes, nickels and
    pennies, find the value, and write that amount with a cents symbol.
    Understand it: A dime is worth 10¢, a nickel is worth 5¢, and a penny is worth 1¢.

    Home connections: Your child counted sets of coins that included quarters and half-dollars.         11/8
    Home activities: Show your child a price tag that shows less than one dollar. Have your child       L 5.2
    show the amount with coins. Then ask your child to count the coins aloud and write the amount.
    Understand it! A half-dollar is worth 50¢ and a quarter is worth 25¢.

    Home connections: Your child identified coins with the greatest and least values from a group       11/9
    of coins. Then your child counted coins from greatest to least value and used the cents symbol      L 5.3
    to record the totals.
    Home activities: Have your child take 4 coins from a cup of mixed coins and count to find the
    value. Ask your child to record the value with a cents symbol.
    Understand it! To count a group of coins, start with the coin of greatest value. Count on to the
    coin of least value.
    Home connections: Your child used different coin combinations to show 100¢, or 1 dollar.            11/10
    Home activities: Let your child use coins to show 1 dollar in more than one way.                    L 5.4
    Understand it! Different collections of coins can be sued to show the same amount.

    Practice adding different combination of coins, starting with the coins that have the               11/11
    greatest value. You may extend these activities by asking your child to tell you how they           Practice
    would pay for something not only using coins but bills as well. You may also ask them to
    tell you how much change they would get back if they paid for something.

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