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									 Elizabeth Ministry               “Our dream is that this ministry will help the
                                  parish truly celebrate the gift of each child
Areas of Involvement              conceived and born, and fully mourn each
Pregnancy                         miscarriage and infant death. This will be a
General Pregnancy                 strong witness to our belief in the dignity and
Pregnancy Complication            worth of all life!”
                                                                  Jeannie Hannemann, MA
Celebration of Birth                                                Kurt Gessner, Capuchin
                                                               Founders, Elizabeth Ministry
General Birth
Special Birth Outcomes
                                  “Women supporting other women out of their
Grandparent Support               shared experience is truly the Gospel at work.
Prayer Support                    Elizabeth Ministry adds to the fullness of
Prayer Partner                    community in any parish.”
Prayer Network                                    Msgr. Michael D. McGraw, MSSA, LSW
Blessing Rituals                               Former Executive Director, Catholic Charities
Memorial Services                                             Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania

Miscarriage & Infant or
Child Death
Fertility & Infertility                           “Elizabeth Ministry has provided
Waiting to Conceive               our parish with a way to reach out in support
Accepting Inability to Conceive   and caring to young families in our community.
                                  It fills the need for them to feel welcome and
Accepting a Childless Life

                                  connected in an increasingly isolated society.”
Fertility Transformations                                                    Kathy Schwetz
                                                             Elizabeth Ministry Coordinator
Considering/ Waiting to Adopt

                                                                                               M i n i s t ry
                                  “We so enjoyed our visit by an Elizabeth
Adoption Loss                     Minister. It was wonderful to have someone
Celebration of Adoption           take the time to welcome us and our new baby
Birth Mother                      into our parish family.”
                                                                              Jessica Kunco
Infant or Child Crisis                                              Sacred Heart Parishioner
Premature Birth
Intensive Care Nursery               Everything to initiate and maintain this ministry is
                                                        available from:
Special Needs
Child Illness                                                                                   Following the example
                                              Erin Landini, M.S., Director
Family Support                             Parish Social Ministry/Respect Life                  of Mary and Elizabeth,
                                                    Catholic Charities
Child Care
                                                St. Mark Catholic Center                           we visit and share
                                             429 East Grandview Boulevard
Housekeeping                                         Erie, PA 16504                              the sacredness of life!
Transportation                       Phone: (814)824-1254 or (800) 374-3723 ext.254
                                                  Fax: (814)824-1264
Gifts & Resource Kits                        e-mail:
    What Is
    Elizabeth Ministry?                                                                         What are the Benefits?
                                                       How Does It Work?
                                                                                                Elizabeth Ministry will empower the
                                                         Elizabeth Ministry offers support,
Elizabeth Ministry is a response to the needs of                                                people of your parish to:
                                                         resources,        prayers,      and
women and their families during childbearing                                                        Give reassurance and encouragement
                                                         understanding during the joys and
years.                                                                                              to women who are pregnant or are
                                                         sorrows of the childbearing years.
                                                                                                    caring for a newborn,
Elizabeth Ministry has been           designed to
                                                         The Elizabeth Minister may present         Offer support to women dealing with
encourage, assist and affirm women during this
                                                         the person she is visiting with a          infertility,
unique time in their lives.
                                                         special Gift & Resource Kit.               Reach out to women who experience
Elizabeth Ministry is a way to                           These visits may take place in             miscarriage or infant / child death,
enable women to reach out to one                         homes, at the hospital, or any             Celebrate birth with parents and
another in support.                                      comfortable place.                         families,
                                                                                                    Respond at times of infant and child
                                                         Follow-up contacts are made in
                                                         person, by phone, by mail or even
                                                                                                    Assist parents involved in the adoptive
Why is it needed?                                        Women become mentors for one               Offer support and encouragement to
    Beyond Baptismal preparation, there are              another      in    the   magnificent       grandparents,
    limited opportunities for parishes to connect        adventure of bringing new life into        Seek strength, wisdom and grace from
    with young families.                                 the world.                                 Mary, our Heavenly Mother,
                                                                                                    Welcome young families into the
    Neighborhoods are fragmented, leaving                The sharing of life experiences
                                                                                                    parish community.
                                                         brings a caring commitment and a
    many families isolated.
                                                         sense of community.
                   Parishes     have increased in
                                                         Each Elizabeth Minister represents
               size, making it difficult to create a
                                                         the   parish      community.    She
               warm, hospitable, personal and
                                                         becomes an instrument of its care,
               loving environment.
                                                         support, and resources to women
    Mobility     has   caused    many     extended       and their families during their
    families to be separated by miles, making                                                   For further information, contact:
                                                         childbearing years.
                                                                                                       Elizabeth Ministry Coordinator
    frequent visits improbable and presence
                                                         This      outreach         fosters                   Catholic Charities
    impossible.                                                                                                Diocese of Erie
                                                         companionship based on personal                      (814) 824-1254 or
                                                         experience and acquired skills of                (800) 374-3723 ext. 254

                                                         the participants.                            

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