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					   2012 Careers Fair, Accounting and Law Day
      & Graduate Recruitment Programme
               Registration Form

Fees payable: (excluding vat)
                st  nd
Careers Fair – 1 & 2 August (R5000)
                                  th        th
Graduate Recruitment Programme: 27 July – 28 September (R1500)
Accounting & Law Day – 8 August (R2750)

SECTION A: Company Details:


 Vat registration no:                                                            Webpage:

 Postal address:                                                                                                                   Code:

 Street address:                                                                                                                   Code:

 Tel : (Code & Number)                                                           Fax: (Code & Number)

Company representative’s details:
 Name                                                                              E-mail:


SECTION B: Company Preferences:
Please tick appropriate box:

Would you like to participate in:       Careers Fair        Accounting/Law Day                    Graduate Recruitment Programme

No of representatives during your visit:

If booked for the Careers Fair or Accounting & Law Day, please state if you’d wish to:

      -      Bring your own furniture for the exhibition?        Y        N

If booked for a GRP Presentation:

State the preferred date and time of your visit:

 Would you like to reserve INTERVIEW ROOMS?                      Yes          No        If yes, please state number of rooms:

 Preferred Interview Date/s:
Please list fields of study including levels: (e.g. BCom C3 – 1st to 4th year, BPharm, 3rd year, etc, – this information will be used to promoting your
visit on campus)
  Commerce: (2nd and South Campus)                                   Health Sciences: (North and South Campus)

                                                                     Engineering &The Built Environment : (North Campus)
 Science & Applied Sciences:(North and South

                                                                     Arts, Media, Communications, Marketing & PR: (South Campus)

 Law:(South Campus)
 Computer Science & Information Systems & IT:
 (North and South Campus)

At which campus (es) would you like to give a presentation?                    2nd Avenue           South Campus             North Campus

NB: Please provide a brief description of your company and list the career opportunities available to students for inclusion in the 2012 Graduate Recruitment
Programme booklet:

NB: Application Method

 Would you like students to apply to your company prior to your visit?         YES     NO   Please state your closing date for all applications:

Indicate method of collecting applications from students by ticking the appropriate box(es). (NB: It is important
to give us this information to facilitate speedy collections of all applications and dissemination of correct
information to students).
 Via the Graduate & Student Placement Office. (Our office will collect CVs from students on your behalf and courier them to you for
 screening. Please supply relevant application forms if required.)

 Students must apply on line only
 Please provide URL:
 Apply directly to the company

 Would you like to interview students for bursaries?                     Yes         No     If yes, state year of study:

Names and addresses of students:

 Do you require names and addresses of students in order to write them a letter informing them of your intended visit?                             Yes    No

 Qualification:                                                                                                               Year of study:

NB: Names and addresses of students supplied by the University are to be used for recruitment purposes only. It is University policy not to
divulge names and addresses of students to third parties. Please acknowledge your acceptance of this condition. If you will be sending out a
letter to students informing them of your impending visit, please supply this office with a copy of your correspondence to students so as to keep us
abreast of your requirements.
Services offered include:

             Notifications regarding campus visits, presentations, messages to students, and advertisements via email, website and Facebook.
             Scheduling of Interviews (Shortlists to be provided at least one week prior to interviews)
             Companies wishing to hire students as brand ambassadors to assist with on campus promotions of their visits can liaise with our office
              (student fees/rates for such services can be negotiated between individual students and the company in question).
             Please send company brochures, along with posters, at least two weeks before your visit, with all relevant company information (dates and
              times of presentations and interviews) written on the posters. Please provide your company name and contact details on the parcel.
Couriers can be sent to:
Graduate and Student Placement Unit, Ground Floor Main Building, South Campus, NMMU, University Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001

SECTION C: Advertising in GRP Handbook:

  Would you like to advertise in the Graduate Recruitment Programme Handbook? If yes, please tick in the appropriate space: Advertising
  space will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

  * Outside back cover full colour                                                                                     R3 800

  * Inside front or inside back cover - full colour                                                                    R3 000

  * Inside page - full colour                                                                                          R2 500

  * Inside page - 1 colour (colour will be blue on white)                                                              R1 500

Material can be supplied in any one of the following formats:
             Corel Draw up to 10; Freehand Illustrator; Acrobat Reader or any Apple Mac programme. Minimum bleed of 3.5mm is required.
             Trim size: 148mm x 210mm. Wording size: not wider than 138mm and 180mm top to bottom
             As the Programme booklet is A5 portrait, advertising material should be designed accordingly. If not, your advert will be printed landscape. In
              order of preference for receiving advertising material: CD, email ( ), or A5 litho positive.

NB: Advert Material deadline: 30 April 2012.

Please take note of the following:

              Companies participating in the Careers Fair/Accounting & Law Day need to comply with the exhibition dates & times as
              Stalls should be manned at all times, as the university will not take responsibility for any losses suffered.
              All fees for the Careers Fair, Accounting & Law Day and GRP must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Payment details will
               be reflected on our invoice.
              The standard exhibition rates will still apply even if companies choose to bring their own furniture & branded signage.
              All bookings will be treated as tentative pending the submission of a completed registration form and subsequent payment of the
               applicable fee.
              It imperative to indicate all important dates that you require students to comply with well in advance and to also communicate
               such dates with our office.
              It is important to ensure that all your promotion material reach our office well in advance in order to assist in creating an
               awareness of your campaign to the students.
              We cannot guarantee attendance of GRP Presentation sessions by students, but do assist with ensuring that students are aware
               of your visit.
              A 50% administration fee will be charged on cancellations made before 30th April 2012 and no refunds will be made after the
               closing date.

Name (Please print): ..................................................................................   Signature: ........................................................

Date: ......................................................................................

Bookings can be made either telephonically or via e-mail by contacting one of the following:

Ronel Rizzo on 041 504 2951, e-mail
Amy Butler on 041 504 2619, e-mail
Lawrence Motebele on 041 504 4398 e-mail
Noxolo Gqirana on 0415044619, email

We look forward to welcoming you on campus.


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