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									                                   National Association of
                                     Friendship Centres

Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth (CCAY)
2012/2013 Project Application Information for all Applicants
1. Projects for the 2012/2013 fiscal year are anticipated to begin April 1, 2012 pending
   approval from the Minister of the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH).

2. Proposal submissions must correspond to the format of this application form and supporting
   documents must be attached. Proposal submissions not in this format will not be assessed.

3. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

4. The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) and its regional affiliates take no
   responsibility for delays or losses by Canada Post or other courier companies. Proposals
   arriving after the deadline date and time will be returned to the applicant. No exceptions.

Deadline: December 12th, 2011 – 4:00pm Eastern Time

Please provide the signature of one of your organization’s signing authorities below:

I hereby declare that I have read the NAFC CCAY Project Application and Guidelines and
confirm that all required information has been included in the completed application enclosed.

Please Print Name

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
Authorizing Signature                                                                 Date
                                       CCAY Project APPLICATION CHECKLIST

            Please ensure that the all required documentation and criteria is complete and attached.

           1 application submitted with original signatures (includes Budget and Cashflow templates)

           1 copy of this application in full

           1 digital copy of this application submitted via email to

           Application is submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 letter size paper only, not binded, stapled or cerloxed.

            Is the application typed? Written applications are not acceptable.

           Are all the questions answered?

           Is the application complete in its entirety, if re-created on computer?

           Not applicable is not an answer. Explanations are required.

           Work plan has sufficient details regarding activities, target group, realistic timeframes (start & end
      dates) and plan of action.

           Budget information requested has been detailed as required.

           Application is signed by all authorized signatories

           All required supporting documentation must be attached (when submitting):

                    Proof of non-profit incorporation and/or a notice of good standing from the applicable
                     government department responsible for non-profit organizations
                    Proof of valid liability insurance at the date of application in the amount of at least one million
                     dollars ($1,000,000)
                    Current Dated signed Board Motion from sponsoring organization’s Board of Directors
                    Current list of Board of Directors (addresses/phone numbers of each person)
                    Constitution and by-laws
                    Complete Consolidated Audited Financial statements from the previous fiscal year
                     Minimum of three letters of support from your local community reflective of the demographics
                     including organizations, youth and/or other community members

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
 Please sign below acknowledging that all the required documentation and criteria is complete and attached.

 -----------------------------------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------------
 Please Print Name                                             Signature

 -----------------------------------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------------
 Position/Title                                                Date

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
Proposals will be assessed according to the following:

        Requested amount does not exceed $100 000.00

        Youth Section outlining overall youth involvement in the consultation,
         development and delivery of your project

        Work plan, including how it incorporates the CCAY project components

        Past youth project experience

        Evaluation/Expected Results

        Partnerships/Co-Funding/Linkages

        Budget and Cash flow

Approval Process

All proposals will be assessed by a Aboriginal Youth Advisory Committee (AYAC).
Each region has developed a committee comprised of at least 60% youth to review and
approve the CCAY projects in the region. These Committees are responsible for
reviewing and assessing all proposals from their respective regions and working within
the AYAC Guidelines. Each AYAC then provide recommendations to the NAFC
National Programs Review Committee (NPRC) for review and ratification. The NPRC
then submits the recommendations to the NAFC Board of Directors for review and

Once approved at the national Board of Directors level, the recommendations are then
forwarded to the Department of Canadian Heritage for Ministerial approval.

Incomplete proposals will not enter the review process until all required documentation
has been submitted in full and on time. The AYAC utilizes a standardized scoring sheet
for use of evaluation and for grading of the proposals submitted, with the understanding
that any proposal that scores below 50% will be ineligible for CCAY funds. Scores
above 50% will be eligible, but does not guarantee funding.

There is no appeals process within this call for proposals and all decisions made
through the Aboriginal Youth Advisory Committee are respected through this process.

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
SECTION A:                      Sponsoring Organization Information

1.       Name of Sponsoring Organization:

2.       Mailing address:




3.       Principal contact (name and position):

         Telephone (if different from above):

4.       Executive Director (if different from above):

5.       Mandate or mission of the organization:

6.       Describe your youth project delivery experience:

7.       Total amount of funding requested:

SECTION B:                      Project Information
1.       Project Name:

2.       Project Summary:

          Example: A project focuses on Aboriginal cultural development activities to
         approximately 40 Aboriginal youth participants. Through the following activities the
         expected results of this project are to increase the level of traditional knowledge with the
         Aboriginal youth. The activities include workshops for youth on making regalia, teaching
         drumming and songs, teaching powwow dancing, and preparing the youth to perform.
         An Elder is available during the project to provide guidance and support for the
         participating youth. Aboriginal youth will present the traditional knowledge that they will
         have gained by performing at the annual powwow that is hosted each year by the

3.       What are the start and end dates?

4.       A) Please describe your target population, including the age group and explain
         how will the target population benefit from these activities
2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
         project XYZ

         Activities are focused around urban Aboriginal youth and works to increase their
         leadership. The target population of this project is Urban Aboriginal youth,
         between the ages of 10-24. The ORG and Youth Council feel that this target
         population is important to serve and include in the programming because the
         youth are entering adulthood and some of the local youth serve as mentors to the
         younger youth.

         B) What is the overall total population of the urban area you are serving?

 5.      Please describe the community need(s) and explain which services currently
         exist and where there are service gaps.
 6.      Who was consulted, including individuals and organizations from the target group
         and the community, to identify this need.

SECTION C:                      Aboriginal Youth Involvement

1.       Please provide details regarding how Aboriginal youth in your community were
         consulted on this project, including how many?

2.       How were Aboriginal youth involved in the planning and development of this

3.       How will Aboriginal youth be involved in the design, implementation,
         management, administration and /or delivery of the proposed activities?

4.       What initiatives will be taken to establish a Youth Advisory Committee for this
         project? If a committee has already been established, please provide the

5.       How will Aboriginal youth be involved in the Evaluation of the project?

6.       Are the youth involved in Fund Raising?
7.       Indicate that the proposed activity(ies) will be open to all Aboriginal youth
         regardless of status, culture or gender;

If any of the proposed activities are a continuation of those carried out in the previous
fiscal year please describe how the activity has evolved, and/or why the activity is to be
2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
* Please note that proposals for projects which include young Aboriginal adults ages 25-
29 will be required to provide an explanation of why youth in this age group have been

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
SECTION D:                      CCAY Work Plan/Progress Report


What is a Workplan/Progress Report?

        The CCAY Workplan/Progress Report template is a tool that outlines the tasks involved in each stage of the project.
        This is a required document for your application and for your project reporting requirements.

Preparing your Workplan/Progress Report

    The Workplan/Progress Report template has been divided into the five(5) CCAY Project Components (Cultural Development, Youth
     Engagement, Community Engagement, Leadership Development, and Life Skills and Wellness), and where applicable, complete the
     following sections:
     Complete A & B for Application
          A. Tasks:
                  Planned Activities (Please list each planned activity and targeted age) summary form, not point form
          B. Anticipated Outcomes (Also found within the workplan of your application as ‘quantitative and qualitative anticipated
             results’) summary form, not point formTimeline: Use this section to clearly identify when this stage of the project will start
             and end.
Complete C & D for Progress report
          C. Deliverables:
                  Completed Activities (Describe the actual activities that occurred, or if not, please explain why – summary form, not
                     point form. Please include here any unplanned or different activities that were not listed in your application workplan)
                  Achieved Outcomes (Please explain in detail the Outcomes Achieved for this activity)
          D. Person(s) Responsible: Use this section to clearly identify who will be responsible for ensuring the completion of this stage
             of the project

Submitting your Workplan/Progress Report

        The completed Workplan/Progress Report must be signed, and included with your application as well as with your Quarterly
         Narrative and Final Report.

                                       The Workplan/Progress Report template must be completed in full.
             Print and sign the completed Workplan/Progress Report template, and be sure to include it with your funding application
2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
                                            Tasks                                                            Person
   Objectives                                                     Timeline           Deliverable(s)

                           Planned Activities       Anticipated              Completed          Achieved
                                                    Outcomes                  Activities        Outcomes



2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011


  Life Skills and

________________________________ _________________________________
Executive Director                    CCAY Project Coordinator

______________                            ________________
Date                                      Date

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
Section D continued

1.       Include a description of how any federal contribution will be recognized by your
         project, the Sponsoring Organization.

2.       Qualitative and Quantitative; How many youth are using these resources and
         what are they getting out of it, how is it improving their lives, what will they learn?

SECTION E:                      Project Team

1.       Please provide possible position titles and Position descriptions for the staff
         position(s) that will be created, which will outline qualifications and

2.       Does the Sponsoring Organization provide assurance that any former public
         servant who is employed through the project is in compliance with the post-
         employment provisions of the relevant Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment
         Code. (Please refer to the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service at reference chapters 2 and

                                    Yes                  No

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
SECTION F:                      Budget and Cashflow

The Sponsoring Organization will provide all financial information related to its activities,
which provides an item-by-item breakdown identifying all costs attached to various
items. All items that appear in the budget should relate to an element of the Project
Work Plan and this relationship should be easily identified. Please ensure that the
budget includes all anticipated revenues and expenditures. Only eligible project budget
expenditures as outlined in the Project Guidelines will be considered.


Please provide detailed information for each budget line item utilizing the separate
2012-2013 CCAY Proposal Budget Template. The budget must include the following:

                  A detailed and complete itemized breakdown of each budget line item,
                   including the total amount of funding requested from NAFC.
                  A detailed narrative rationale for each budget line item.
                  The administrative expenses directly related to delivering project funding
                   to the community under this Initiative.
                  Details on how any equipment costing $2,000 or more will be used or
                   disposed of when the project is over.
                  Expenditures under the CCAY related to transportation, meetings, and
                   food are eligible provided that in combination with the administration costs
                   they do not exceed 20 percent of the total approved funding, and are not
                   found in the Ineligible Expenditures.
                  the total cost of the equipment purchase/lease/rental does not exceed
                   15% of the total amount approved after salary costs are deducted.

         N. B. : Equipment purchase/lease/rental directly related to the project may be
         included in the budget under the following conditions:

         >>>>>>>>>See 2012-2013 CCAY Proposal Budget Template<<<<<<<<<

NOTE: Without a full budget explanation, applications are considered incomplete.


Please provide a monthly cash flow statement reflective of the work plan utilizing the
cash flow template attached.

          >>>>>>>See 2012-2013 CCAY Proposal Cashflow Template<<<<<<

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011
Section F Continued


The Sponsoring Organization applying for CCAY should demonstrate the partnerships, in-kind
support and co-funding that further enhances the project and clearly identifies the role that they
will play in the project.

 Partner                                Amount (cash or in-kind)        Confirmed

                                                                        YES / NO

                                                                        YES / NO

                                                                        YES / NO

SECTION G:                      Appendices and Supporting Material

If any sections or supporting material is missing or incomplete, the proposal will not be
evaluated. Please attach any supporting material pertaining to the funding proposal.
Please ensure that this supporting material is appropriately referenced in the body of
the proposal to allow for easy and quick identification.

1.       Proof of non-profit incorporation and/or notice of good standing from the
         applicable government department responsible for non-profit organizations.

2.       Proof of valid liability insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars

3.       A signed motion with date it was passed from the sponsoring organization Board
         of Directors supporting and endorsing the project proposal.

4.       Current list of the sponsoring organizations Board of Directors, including the
         address and telephone numbers of each person.

5.       Copy of the constitution and by-laws of the organization.

6.       Complete Consolidated Audited financial statements from the previous year

7.       Minimum of three letters of support from your local community reflective of the
         demographics including organizations, youth and/or other community members.
         These letter must come from outside the applicant’s own organization.

8.       The name(s) of any organization(s) with which the applicant organization is

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011

9.       The proposal must commit to providing timely activity, evaluation, and financial
         reports and other related information, as requested by the Department.

10.      The applicant must describe how the APP contribution will be recognized in a
         way that ensures that both the participants and, to the fullest extent possible, the
         community are aware of the support provided by the Department of Canadian

2012/2013 NAFC CCAY Project Application
Last revised October 17, 2011

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