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1.        A member of the academic staff wishing to apply for study leave during the academic year
          should first consult the Head of Department and then complete an application form and
          submit it to the Head of Department.

2.        Section A of the application form should be completed by the applicant. Particular
          attention is drawn to the request for details to be given of any financial support obtained or
          required in respect of tuition fees and to what extent the taking of leave will be dependent
          on such support. If any outside support is being sought this should also be indicated.
          Applicants should note that it will normally be expected that the nature of the proposed
          study will be in accordance with the development plans of the applicant's Department and
          the University's Strategic Plan. The Head of Department is asked to indicate in Section B
          the likely benefit to the Department.

3.        The following criteria1 may be taken into account by the Head of Department when
          formulating recommendations.

          3.1     Qualifications (if any) sought
          3.2     Evidence of preparatory planning for study leave
          3.3     Study leave previously taken
          3.4     Previous applications
          3.5     Present qualifications and experience
          3.6     Please note that applications to complete a PhD should normally be for the last
                  year of preparation of a thesis
          3.7     Contribution to Departmental Plans

4.        All successful applicants will be expected to produce a report for the Department on
          completion of their study leave.

5.        Applicants, after completing Section A, should send the form and attachment to their
          Head of Department for completion of Section B.

6.        Members of teaching staff intending to apply for study leave for a later academic year,
          particularly those who may be doing so to complete studies on which they are currently
          engaged, are invited to notify the Head of Department of their intention, giving details of
          their course of study.

7.        Further information is given in the "Payment of Fees and Time Off for Study, Revision and
          Examinations" policy document.
    It is emphasised that the relative importance of these criteria varies with individual applications.
AM/ME – Nov. 2000 (amended July 2004, May 2010)
                           APPLICATION FORM FOR STUDY LEAVE

Part A - to be completed by the applicant

 Name:                                            Date of birth:


 Date of appointment:

 Proposed period of study leave:

 Full-time or Part-time (Specify eg. 0.5)

 Present qualifications:

 Intended Outcome of Study Leave

  Please provide a brief statement of the intended outcome of the Study Leave Application
 (eg. Qualification, book, new course) and amplify in an attached detailed statement.

  If the Study Leave will lead to a qualification please state anticipated date of award, include
 title, field of study and Institution:

 Previous Applications

 Details of any previous study leave taken (with dates):

 Details of study leave sought but not granted or taken:

 Signature:                   Date:
                          APPLICATION FORM FOR STUDY LEAVE

Part B - to be completed by the Head of Department or equivalent and submitted to the Deputy
Provost for approval

 Do you support the application?
 If the applicant is successful, will any staffing cover be sought?

 If 'Yes' give details:

 If 'No' indicate how the applicant's present work will be dealt with:

 Give details as to how the proposed study would benefit:

 1.     the applicant's contribution to the present or future work of the department:

 2.     the applicant's contribution to some other area of work:

 Head of Department__________________________________________________

 Signature_____________________________ Date:_________________________

 Deputy Provost

 Signature_____________________________ Date:_________________________

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