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					               2010 Million Dollar Project Rubric
Collaboration – Worth 100 points (112 w/ extra credit) (1/5 total
project grade):
  1. Each student is required to post their completed presentation to the “2010
     Completed Million Dollar Projects” wikipage before the project due date. Each
     day that the project is late will result in a loss of 10 points. – 50 points
  2. Each student is required to post at least 1 resource on the “2010 Million Dollar
     Project” wikipage that is relevant to the project and useful for others in the class
     to use in doing research. -50 points
  3. Extra credit – Each resource posted to the page after the first will result in 3 extra
     credit points, up to a total of 12.

Excel Spreadsheets – Worth 100 Points (2/5 total project grade):

  1. Major Categories Spreadsheet – 30 points
        a. Neatness – 5 points
        b. Shows correct totals for all major categories – 10 points
        c. Total of all major categories equals exactly $1,000,000.00 – 15 points
  2. Other Spreadsheets – 70 points
        a. Neatness – 8 points
        b. Show correct totals on all spreadsheets – 10 points
        c. At least $25,000.00 spent in each category – 3 points
        d. Home purchase follows correct rules – 3 points
        e. College Savings follows correct rules – 3 points
        f. Charitable Donations follow correct rules – 3 points
        g. Other Money is spent toward project theme – 8 points
        h. Sources are shown for all purchases – 4 points
        i. All necessary purchases to complete project are shown in detail – 20
            points (ie. If you are taking a trip to Egypt, you included everything
            needed – hotels, transportation, airfare, meals, souvenirs, tours, etc.)
        j. Detailed information of each item purchased is shown – 5 points
        k. There are at least 5 major categories – 3 points

Powerpoint Presentation – Worth 100 Pts (2/5 total project grade):

  1. Neatness – 20 points
  2. All Excel Spreadsheets are shown – 10 points
  3. Pictures of house and other purchases are shown – 15 points
  4. A correct pie chart of major category spending is shown – 15 points
  5. The project completely covers everything that is needed for your theme and the
     descriptions of what you need are detailed. (see letter “i” above) – 20 points
  6. The project is presented by the student in a clear, audible, coherent manner – 10
  7. The presentation has a title, and the name of the presenter is shown – 10 points

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