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Vol. 55, No. 3                                           18 JANUARY, AD 2008
                      PARISH WEEKLY NEWSLETTER
                        SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST
                      UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
                             Byzantine Rite

                      “Catholic” comes from the Greek words for

“Rite” or “Ritual Church” means “One of the twenty-one Eastern Catholic Sister Churches,
who are simultaneously in Communion with the Church & Pope in Rome, while living their
  own distinctly non-Roman (non-Latin), & yet equally Apostolic Tradition (Theological,
                        Spiritual, Liturgical & Canonical Heritage).”

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January 21: Icon of Saint Maximos the Confessor (580-662 AD)
     Всемогучий та милосердний Боже, надихни тих, кого ти вибрав
почути та відгукнутися на твій поклик до священичого та релігійного
життя. Подай їм відвагу бути пророками в наш час. Подай їм
мудрість та відкритість жити своїм особливим покликом. Подай їм
силу бути готовими свідками Твоєї любови та опіки над світом.
Нехай вони знайдуть підтримку та заохочення в наших словах та в
наших молитвах, через заступництво Марії, Матері Божої, та всіх
святих. Амінь.

           PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS - Vocations Committee
         Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia
      Almighty and Merciful God, inspire those You have chosen to hear
and answer Your call to the Priesthood and Religious Life. Give them
the courage to be the prophets for our times. Give them the wisdom
and openness to live their personal call. Give them the strength to be
ready witnesses of Your love and сarе for the world. May they find
support and encouragement in our words and in our prayers, through
the intercession of Mary, the Mother of God, and all the Saints. Amen.

   AMVON PRAYER in anticipation of annual MARCH FOR LIFE
               in Washington, D.C., January 22, 2009
   O Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son, Who are in the bosom of
the Father, True God, source of life and immortality, Light of Light, Who
came into the world to enlighten it: You were pleased to be conceived in
the womb of the Virgin Mary for the salvation of our souls by the power
of Your All-Holy Spirit. O Master, Who came that we might have life
more abundantly, we ask You to enlighten the minds and hearts of
those blinded to the truth that life begins at conception and that the
unborn in the womb are already adorned with Your image and likeness;
enable us to guard, cherish, and protect the lives of all those who are
unable to care for themselves. For You are the Giver of Life, bringing
each person from non-being into being, sealing each person with divine
and infinite love. Be merciful, O Lord, to those who, through ignorance
or willfulness, affront Your divine goodness and providence through the
evil act of abortion. May they, and all of us, come to the life of Your
Truth and glorify You, the Giver of Life, together with Your Father, and
Your All-Holy and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of
ages. Amen.

                    ЧИТАННЯ ІЗ СВЯТОГО ПИСЬМА:
Вечірній Літургії, неділі: (1) Друга Книга Мойсея (Вихід) 14:5-14;
(2) Книга Ісуса Навина 3:9-17; (3) Книга Пророка Ісаії 41:14-20. На
Утренній Літургії, неділі: (4) від Марка 16:9-20. На Євхаристій-
ній (Божественній) Літургії, неділі: (5) 1 до Тимотея 1:15-17;
(6) від Луки 18:35-43. За-амвонна Молитва: св. Івана Золотоус-
того # 1, або Звичайна (тобто св. Василія Великого).
  НАСТУПНОЇ НЕДІЛІ: 25 СІЧНЯ, 2009 Р.Б.: Перша неділя у
підготовці до Великого Посту, так звана « Неділя про
Закхея », тобто 32-га неділя після П’ятидесятниці. На Вечір-
ній Літургії, св. Григорія: (1) Книга Приповідок Царя Соломона
10:7.6; 3:13-16; 8:6,34-; 1:23; 15:4; (2) Книга
Приповідок Царя Соломона 10:31-31; 11:2; 10:2; 11:7; 13:2,9; 15:2;
14:33; 22:12; Книга Мудрости Царя Соломона 6:12-16; 7:30; 8:2-4,7-
9,17-18,21; 9:1-5,10-11,14; (3) Книга Мудрости Царя Соломона 4:7-
15. На Вечірній Літургії, неділі: (4) Друга Книга Мойсея (Вихід)
20:1-17; (5) Книга Ісуса Навина 7:10-25; (6) Книга Пророка Єремії
47:2-7. На Утренній Літургії, св. Григорія: (7) від Івана 10:1-8.
На Утренній Літургії, неділі: (8) від Луки 24:1-12. На Євхарис-
тійній (Божественній) Літургії, неділі: (9) 1 Послання дo
Тимотея 4:9-15; (11) Євангеліє від ЛУКИ 19:1-10. На Євхаристій-
ній (Божественній) Літургії, св. Григорія: (10) 1 до Корінтян
12:7-11; (12) від Івана 10:9-16. За-амвонна Молитва: #72, або
св. Івана Золотоустого # 1, або Звичайна (тобто св. Василія

                       SCRIPTURE READINGS
   TODAY: January 18, 2009: The 36th Sunday after Pentecost: At the
Vesperal Liturgy, for Sunday: (1) the Second Book of Moses, also
known as “Exodus” 14:5-14; (2) the Book of Jesus son of Navi, also
known as (Book of Joshua, Son of Nun) 3:9-17; (3) the Prophecy of
Isaiah 41:14-20; At the Matinal Liturgy, for Sunday: (4) Mark 16:9-
20. At the Eucharistic (Divine) Liturgy, for Sunday: (5) 1 Timothy
1:15-17; (6) Luke 18:35-43. Amvon Prayer: St. John Chrysostom # 1:
“What praise or what hymn…”, or the usual one by St. Basil the
Great: “O Lord, you bless those who bless you…”.
   NEXT SUNDAY: January 25, 2009: the First Sunday of Prepation for
the Great Fast, popularly called the “Sunday of Zacchaeus” i.e. the 32nd
Sunday after Pentecost: At the Vesperal Liturgy, for St. Gregory:
(1) Proverbs “of King Solomon” 10:7.6; 3:13-16; 8:6,34-; 1:23; 15:4; (2) Proverbs “of King Solomon” 10:31-
31; 11:2; 10:2; 11:7; 13:2,9; 15:2; 14:33; 22:12 and Wisdom “of King
Solomon”     6:12-16;   7:30;    8:2-4,7-9,17-18,21;  9:1-5,10-11,14;
(3) Wisdom “of King Solomon” 4:7-15; At the Vesperal Liturgy, for
Sunday: (4) the Second Book of Moses, also known as “Exodus” 20:1-
17; (5) the Book of Jesus son of Navi, also known as (Book of Joshua,
Son of Nun) 7:10-25; (6) the Prophecy of Jeremiah 47:2-7; At the Ma-
tinal Liturgy, for St. Gregory: (7) John 10:1-8. At the Matinal
Liturgy, for Sunday: (8) Luke 24:1-12. At the Eucharistic (Divine)
Liturgy, for Sunday: (9) 1 Timothy 4:9-15; (11) Luke 19:1-10. At
the Eucharistic (Divine) Liturgy, for St. Gregory: (10) 1
Corinthians 12:7-11; (12) John 10:9-16. Amvon Prayer: # 72, or St.
John Chrysostom # 1: “What praise or what hymn…”, or the usual
one by St. Basil the Great: “O Lord, you bless those who bless

              Special PETITIONS for the Insistent Litany
                 (Ekteniya of Fervent Supplication)

    PETITION mandated by the Synodal Dec. 31, 2008 “Proclamation to
                                 the faithful
       of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in the year of God 2009
     as the Year of Christian Vocations with Special Emphasis on Priestly
     Deacon: During this Year of 2009 when we have been asked by
our Patriarch and Synod of Bishops to remember all Christian Vocations
in our prayers but with a Special Emphasis on Priestly Vocations, we
now also pray for all our priests, deacons and seminarians, that their
vocations may be lived out in holiness, Lord, hear us and have mercy.
Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).

           PETITIONS requested by the Church in Ukraine
          and the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, May 23, 2008:
      Deacon: Uniting in fervent prayer with our brothers and sisters in
Ukraine we also pray for Your blessings upon them, that they continue
to strive to build their nation based on the principles of democracy and
justice for all, Lord, hear us and have mercy. Faithful: Lord, have
mercy (3x).
      Deacon: Humbly beseeching You, the Almighty God, One in the
Holy Trinity, we also pray that the government officials of Ukraine may
be guided by and granted Your wisdom, peace, and charity, that in their
service to the nation they will reflect the goodness and love of Your
people which exist in You, +Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Lord, hear us
and have mercy. Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).

     PETITION mandated by His Grace Bishop Robert in a letter
 dated September 18, 2008, at the request of the League of Ukrainian
     Deacon: We also humbly pray that You grant that Your faithful
Servant Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky be numbered among the saints,
Lord, hear us and have mercy. Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).

      As we mark the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court's
legalization of abortion, this question still confronts our society: Which
living members of the human species should be seen as having
fundamental human rights, such as a right not to be killed? The answer
that still evades so many is: no human being should be treated as
lacking human rights, and we have no business dividing humanity into
those who are valuable enough to warrant protection and those who are
     Deacon: We also pray, as we approach the 36th anniversary of
the Supreme Court's legalization of abortion, that more people may
respond to God's call to protect the unborn, Lord, hear us and have
     Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).
   Special petitions in anticipation of Annual MARCH FOR LIFE
             in Washington, D.C., January 22, 2009.
      Deacon: O God, our heavenly Father, Creator of all human life,
we adore You and worship You. You create all people in Your image and
likeness. May we, Your people, dedicate ourselves to defending the pre-
born, the terminally ill, the disabled and all those threatened by the
culture of death from all seen and unseen evil, we also pray, Lord, hear
us and have mercy.
      Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).
      Deacon: O God, our heavenly Father, Author of all life, help us to
always respect all human life, from conception to natural death. Let
your Most Holy Spirit enlighten the minds and open the hearts of those
who do not fully respect all human life according to Your will. Reveal
Your loving presence to expectant mothers who experience fear, doubt,
isolation and confusion. Lighten their burdens. Grant them guidance,
reassurance and peace by Your grace, we also pray, Lord, hear us and
have mercy.
      Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).
      Deacon: We also pray for those who are despondent because of
age or illness; especially for those tempted to end their lives; for all who
are alone and afraid: for those who sit on death row; for single mothers
feeling abandoned by all: that our heavenly Father would grant them
the patient endurance to do His will, we pray You, Lord, hear us and
graciously have mercy.
      Faithful: Lord, have mercy (3x).
   On January 18, in the Byzantine Churches, we celebrate:
   (1) The holy Athanasius and Cyril who were Popes (Patriarchs,
Archbishops) of Alexandria. These wise teachers of truth and defenders of
Christ's Church share a joint Feast in recognition of their dogmatic writings
which affirm the truth of our orthodox-catholic Faith, correctly interpret the
Holy Scripture, and censure the delusions of the heretics. St Athanasius the
Great is also known as Pope Athanasius I of Alexandria, and St Athanasius
the Apostolic. He is chronologically the first Doctor of the Church as
designated by the Roman Catholic Church, and he is counted as one of the
four Great Doctors of the Eastern Church. He took part in the First
Ecumenical Council when he was still a deacon. He surpassed everyone
there in his zeal to uphold the teaching that Christ is consubstantial, of-the-
same-essence (homoousios) with the Father, and not merely a creature, as
the Arians proclaimed. This radiant beacon of the orthodox-catholic Faith
spent most of his life in exile from his See, because of the plotting of his
enemies. He returned to his flock as he was approaching the end of his life.
St. Athanasius is the first patriarch of Alexandria to use Coptic, as well as
Greek in his writings. Athanasius is also the first person to identify the same
27 books of the New Testament that are in use today. Up until then, various
similar lists of works to be read in churches were in use. A milestone in the
evolution of the canon of New Testament books is his Easter letter from
Alexandria, written in 367, usually referred to as his 39th Festal Letter. Like
an evening star, he illumined the faithful with his words for a little while, then
reposed in 373. Pope Damasus, the Bishop of Rome in 382, promulgated a
list of books which contained a New Testament canon identical to that of
Athanasius. Saint Athanasius was originally buried in Alexandria, Egypt, but
his body was later transferred to Italy. During Pope Shenouda III's visit to
Rome from May 4 to May 10, 1973, Pope Paul VI gave the Coptic Patriarch
the relics of St Athanasius, which he brought back to Egypt on 15 May, 1973.
The relics of St Athanasius the Great of Alexandria are currently preserved
under the new Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Deir El-Anba Rowais,
Abbassiya, Cairo, Egypt. He is also commemorated on May 2 (the day of the
transfer of his holy relics).

   St. Cyril of Alexandria was the Pope of Alexandria when the city was at its
height of influence and power within the Roman Empire. Cyril wrote
extensively and was a leading protagonist in the Christological controversies
of the later 4th, and 5th centuries. St Cyril was the nephew of Patriarch
Theophilus of Alexandria, who educated him from his youth. He received the
formal education standard for his day: he studied grammar from age twelve
to fourteen (390-392), rhetoric and humanities from fifteen to twenty (393-
397) and finally theology and biblical studies (398-402). He succeeded to his
uncle's position in 412, but was deposed through the intrigues of heretics:
Nestorius, Archbishop of Constantinople, and his followers. The latter argued
about the proper rendition of Mary’s position in relation to Christ by
blasphemously renouncing the term "Theotokos-Bohorodytsia-Bearer of God"
as improper, suggesting " Khristotokos- Khristorodytsia-Bearer of Christ"
instead. This however only stoked the fires since orthodox-catholic Christians
had been using the term “most-holy, most-pure, most-blessed Theotokos” for
centuries. Cyril was able to resume his See, and finally, Emperor Theodosius
II convoked a council in Ephesus to solve the dispute. Ephesus was friendly
to Cyril and after months of maneuvering, this council which came to be
known in history as the Third Ecumenical Council of 431, led to the deposition
of Nestorius as Archbishop of Constantinople, with Cyril playing a central role
in the whole matter. His wise words demonstrated the error of the false
doctrine of the Nestorians. Cyril regarded the embodiment of God in the
person of Jesus Christ to be so mystically powerful that it spread out from the
body of the God-man into the rest of the human race, to reconstitute human
nature into a graced and deified condition of the saints, one that promised
immortality and transfiguration to believers. Nestorius, on the other hand,
saw the incarnation as primarily a good moral and ethical example to the
faithful, who should merely try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Cyril's
constant stress was on the simple idea that it was God who walked the
streets of Nazareth (hence Mary must be referred to as “the Theotokos (God-
Bearer)”, and God who had appeared in a transfigured humanity. Nestorius
spoke of the distinct 'Jesus the man' and 'the divine Logos' in ways that Cyril
thought were too dichotomous, widening the ontological gap between man
and God in a way that would annihilate the person of Christ. Cyril of
Alexandria became most noted in Church history, because of his spirited fight
for the title “Theotokos” during the 3rd ecumenical Council. His writings
include the homily given in Ephesus and several other sermons. Today, some
of his alleged homilies are in dispute as to his authorship. In several writings,
Cyril focuses on the love of Jesus to his mother. On the Cross, he overcomes
his pain and thinks of his mother. At the wedding in Cana, he bows to her
wishes. The overwhelming merit of Cyril of Alexandria is the cementation of
the centre of dogmatic mariology for all times. Cyril is credited with creating
a basis for all other mariological developments through his teaching of the
blessed Virgin Mary, as the Mother of God. Cyril is counted among the
Church Fathers and the Doctors of the Church, and his reputation within the
Christian world has resulted in his titles "Pillar of Faith" and "Seal of all the
Fathers". The Eastern Churches celebrate his feast day on 9 June, the day of
his repose, and also, together with Pope Athanasius I of Alexandria, on 18
January. The Roman Catholic Church did not commemorate him in the
Tridentine Calendar; it added his feast only in 1882, assigning to it the date
of 9 February, the date on which it is still observed by those who use
calendars prior to that of the 1969 revision, which assigned to it the date of
27 June, considered to be the day of the saint's departure to the Lord in the
year of our Lord 444.

   (2) Saint Marcian of Cyrrhus lived in the desert near the city of
Cyrrhus. He built a small hut and settled in it, passing his time in prayer,
singing Psalms and reading spiritual books. He ate very little food, just
enough to keep him alive. Reports of his holy life attracted to him many
zealous ascetics, and St Marcian established a monastery for them. God's
blessing rested upon the saint, and he possessed the gift of wonderworking.
Once, a serpent crawled into his cell. The saint made the Sign of the Cross
and the serpent perished, burned up by flames. At night, when the ascetic
read, a heavenly light shone for him. The monk also worked many other
miracles on behalf of the brethren. He died in peace about the year 388.
   Saints of the Day commemorated on January 23: On October 6,
1996, Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory, beatified the holy martyrs of the
Pratulin district, village of Swadles, in the Pidlissja region of what in the 10th-
13th centuries was a part of Kyivan Rus’-Ukraine. (For the text of the Pope’s
homily see: Saints/pope0264xs.htm). In the
14th century, Pidlissja became part of the Lithuanian-Rus’-Ukrainian-Belarusan
Commonwealth and in the 15th century Poland forcibly took over this area.
Having forcibly taken over this territory for the Russian Empire, Tsar Alexan-
der II declared it illegal to be Eastern Rite
Catholic in Northern Pidlissja in 1831. A few de-
cades later he was about to do the same in
Southern Pidlissja. Thus, the holy Vincent Lewo-
niuk and his 12 companions, about half of them
unmarried youth, went to their parish church on
January 23, 1874, knowing full well that there
would be Russian Orthodox soldiers there
carrying out strict orders from the Tsar, that they
break communion with the Catholic Church and
hand over the church keys and property to the
authorities. Moved neither by bribery, lures, or
death threats, they were all shot to death and
                                                    their bodies desecrated
                                                    and secretly buried. The
                                                    next year the Ukrainian
                                                    Catholic    Church    was
                                                    completely suppressed in
                                                    Pidlissja. In 1876, the
                                                    Russian Tsar issued the
                                                    Ems Ukaz, a secret
                                                    decree, named after the
                                                    city of Bad Ems, Germa-
                                                    ny,     where    it   was
                                                    promulgated,       banning
                                                    the use of the Ukrainian
                                                    language in print any-
where in the Russian Empire, with the exception of reprinting of old
documents. Public lectures, plays, and song performances in Ukrainian were
forbidden, suspect teachers removed from teaching, and dangerous orga-
nizations and newspapers shut down. The ukaz also forbade the import of
Ukrainian publications from free Ukrainian territories in other countries and
the staging of plays or lectures in Ukrainian. In reaction to these measures,
the Ukrainians of Pidlissja began to identify themselves with the national
movement of the Roman Catholic Poles. In 1912, Russian authorities issued
a tolerance edict that made it possible to change confessions from Russian
Orthodox to Roman Catholic (but not to Ukrainian-Eastern Rite Catholic or
Ukrainian Orthodox). A majority of the inhabitants of southern Pidlissja
changed their confession from Russian Orthodox to Roman Catholic. At pre-
sent, very few people in Pidlissja (which in Ukrainian means “area near the
forests”) continue speaking Ukrainian and nearly all now consider themselves
Poles and use the term “Pidljakhija, Podlasie, Podlasko, Podlasze,” meaning
“area near (under) the Poles” to identify their territory. An icon of the
Pratulin martyrs is to be found in our church: when you are facing west, look
to the southern side of the doorway as you walk from the temple of the
faithful into the vestibule.

   In the Latin Rite, on January 18, the modern calendar after the
reforms of 1971 is listed as a ferial day. The traditional Roman calendar,
before 1971, lists January 18th as the Feast of The Cathedra Petri (Latin) or
Chair of Saint Peter which is usually understood of a particular chair
preserved in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, enclosed in a gilt bronze casing that
was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and executed 1647-53. The chair of a
bishop is a cathedra. The cathedra in Saint Peter's Basilica was once used by
the popes. It was therefore often thought to have been used by Saint Peter
himself, but was in fact a gift from Charles the Bald to the Pope in 875. Two
feasts of the Chair of St Peter became associated with an abstract
understanding of the "Chair of Peter", which by synecdoche signifies the
episcopal office of the Pope as Bishop of Rome, an office considered to have
been first held by Saint Peter, and thus extended to the diocese, the See of
Rome. Though both feasts were originally associated with Saint Peter's stay
in Rome, the ninth-century form of the Martyrologium Hieronymianum
associated the 18 January feast with his stay in Rome, and the 22 February
feast with his stay at Antioch. Byzantine Churches have a feast known as the
“Veneration of the Chains of St Peter” on January 16 to commemorate St.
Peter’s stay in Antioch in 42 AD, see Acts 12:1-11. The traditional Roman
calendar, before 1971, also lists January 18th as the Feast of the holy martyr
Prisca who was a Roman young woman allegedly tortured and executed by
Emperor Claudius for her Christian faith. The online Catholic Encyclopedia
says that the details about her are unreliable: "The whole narrative is
unhistorical and its details impossible." Locally, however, January 18th is
known in some areas as the major feastday remembering Saint Margaret
(January 27, 1242 – January 18, 1271) who was a nun and the daughter of
King Béla IV and Maria Laskarina. She was the niece of Saint Elizabeth of
Hungary and the younger sister of Saint Kinga and Blessed Yolanda. She was
born as the eighth and last daughter (9th of 10 children) of the royal couple,
when they lived in exile in Croatia during the Mongol invasion of Hungary
(1241–42). Her parents vowed that if Hungary was liberated from the
Mongols, they would dedicate the child to religion. Four-year-old Margaret
entered the Dominican convent of Veszprém in 1245. Six years later she was
transferred to the Convent of the Blessed Virgin founded by her parents on
the Nyulak szigete ("Rabbits' Island") near Buda (today Margaret Island,
named after her, and a part of Budapest. The ruins of the convent can still be
seen.) She spent all her life here, dedicating herself to religion and opposing
all attempts of her father to arrange a political marriage for her with King
Ottokar II of Bohemia. She appears to have taken solemn vows when she
was eighteen years old. Much of the details of her life are known from the
Legend of Saint Margaret, written probably in the 14th century and translated
from Latin to Hungarian in the 15th. The only remaining copy of the legend is
in the Margaret Codex copied by the Dominican nun Lea Ráskay around
1510. According to the legend, Margaret chastised herself from early
childhood, wore an iron girdle, hair garments and shoes spiked with nails.
She also performed the dirtiest works in the convent. She was venerated as
a saint already in her lifetime, e.g., a stone church was dedicated to her in
Bocfolde, Zala county, and steps were taken for her canonization shortly after
her death, at the request of her brother King Stephen V. The necessary
investigations were taken up between 1271 and 1276, but the canonization
process was not completed, even though seventy-four miracles were ascribed
to her, most of them referring to her curing illnesses and awakening someone
from death. Among those giving testimony were twenty-seven in whose
favour the miracles had been wrought. Unsuccessful attempts to canonize
her were also made in 1640 and 1770. She was beatified in 1789, and finally
canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1943. Her feast day, which was raised by Pope
Pius VII to a festum duplex, is the day of her death, January 18. When the
Dominican monastery was suppressed in 1782, her remains were given to the
Poor Clares. They were kept in Pozsony (today Bratislava) and Buda. The
relics were partly destroyed in 1789 (seven years after the suppression of all
religious orders by Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, but some portions were
preserved and are now kept in Esztergom, Gyır, and Pannonhalma. In art
Margaret is usually depicted in a nun's habit, with a white lily and holding a
book in her hand.

            Joseph & Michael Levy; Richard Vargo;
      Richard Sawczak; David Sawczak; Stephen Sawczak

Abby & Drew Buckholt; Antony Chirovsky; Joseph & Michael Levy;
   Gregory Holowatyj; Alex & Andrew Hodowanec; Mark Rad


       36TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST: 1 Timothy 1:15-17
         Saturday, January 17, 2009 - 5:00 PM – Joanne Giancola
         Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 10:00 AM – Irene Borodycia

         SUNDAY OF ZACCHAEUS and Feast of St. Gregory:
           1 Timothy 4:9-15 and 1 Corinthians 12:7-11
            Saturday, January 24, 2009 - 5:00 PM – Bob Casey
            Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 10:00 AM – Joan Hess

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     This year our parish is undertaking some renewal. Part of that
process involves the question: What can the clergy do to better serve you,
the people of this parish? How can we welcome new parishioners and
bring former parishioners back? A form for your input was included in
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Former parishioners are also welcome to share their thoughts with us on
why they left and what we can do to welcome them back. In early
February, your pastor will meet with the Pastor’s Advisory Council to
review these forms and help better to serve your needs. Also, not just
those in our E.C.F. program, but all families, especially those with
children and grandchildren, are encouraged to attend each of our
special parish events of our parish’s liturgical and community life.
We look forward to seeing all of you.

                            JANUARY 6, 2008
     Reminders to those parishioners who have a cemetery plot at our
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery: since 2003, the annual
Cemetery Maintenance Fee is $ 20.00 per year. Before 2003, it was less.
If you are in arears & are not sure of what you should pay, please phone
the office, Mondays and Fridays between 9:00am and 1:00pm and we will
be more than happy to help you. Also, if you gave only 2.00 or 5.00 in the
January 7, 2007 or January 6, 2008 envelopes, then please be advised that
you need to bring it up to 20.00 for each of those two years ASAP. Thank
you. If you were simply making a free will offering for our cemetery then
a hearty “God bless” for that also.
      The annual 2009 Cemetery Maintenance Fee is marked in your new
2009 envelopes as being due on January 4, 2009. Please indicate the “lot
name” on the outside of the envelope if it differs from your last name.

It was made official that the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI blessed the
decision of our Holy Synod of Bishops to appoint Fr. Sviatoslav Shevchuk
of the clergy of the archeparchy of Lviv of the Ukrainians, Ukraine, rector
of the archieparchal major seminary, as Auxiliary Bishop of the eparchy of
Santa Maria del Patrocinio en Buenos Aires of the Ukrainians (Catholics
160,000, priests 17, permanent deacons 1, religious 93), Argentina. The
bishop-elect was born in Stryj, Ukraine in 1970 and ordained a priest in

     14 січня 2009 року, о 13.00, у Ватикані було повідомлено про те,
що Святіший Отець Венедикт XVI поблагословив рішення Синоду Єпис-
копів Української Греко-Католицької Церкви про призначення всесвіт-
лішого отця-доктора Святослава Шевчука, ректора Львівської духовної
семінарії Святого Духа, Єпископом-помічником єпархії Покрова Пресвя-
тої Марії в Буенос-Айресі (Аргентина). Новому єпископу уділено титу-
лярний престол Castra di Galba. "Отець Святослав ще студентом був
одним із тих, яких тодішній єпархіальний єпископ УГКЦ в Аргентині
Владика Андрій (Сапеляк) запросив до цієї країни, щоб вони там
вивчали богослов’я та, відтак, були душпастирями для вірних нашої
Церкви в Аргентині. За цей час він вивчив іспанську мову та пізнав
культуру цієї країни. Тепер, коли ми вибирали кандидата на єпископа
для греко-католиків Аргентини, вибір, з огляду на цю первісну ідею
про його служіння у цій країні, впав саме на о. Святослава", – пояснив
Блаженніший Любомир, Верховний Архиєпископ Києво-Галицький,
рішення Синоду Єпископів. "Маємо велику надію, що о. Святослав зі
собою принесе ті прикмети, які так необхідні для скріплення та
розбудови нашої Церкви в Аргентині, де за офіційними даними про-
живає триста тисяч вірних УГКЦ. Найбільшою проблемою цієї єпархії є
обмежене число священиків. Отець Святослав, який до тепер був
ректором Львівської духовної семінарії, напевно зможе знайти свя-
щеннослужителів, які були б готові поїхати послужити для вірних Цер-
кви у цій південноамериканській країні", – сказав Предстоятель УГКЦ.
                                      Біографічна довідка о. Святослава

                                  Народився 5 травня 1970 року у м.
                                  Стрию, Львівської обл. Дияконські
                                  свячення отримав 21 травня 1994
                                  року (святитель Владика Филимон
                                  (Курчаба), священичі – 26 червня
                                  1994 року (святитель Блаженніший
                                  Мирослав        Іван        Кардинал
                                  Любачівський).    Навчання: 1991-
                                  1992    –    навчався     у    Центрі
                                  філософсько-богословських      студій
                                  “Дон Боско” у м. Буенос-Айресі
                                  (Аргентина); 1992-1994 – Львівська
                                  духовна семінарія; 1994-1995 –
                                  Папський університет св. Томи
                                  Аквінського       (Рим,       Італія).
                                  Богословський факультет. Ступінь
бакалавра; 1995-1997 – Папський університет св. Томи Аквінського.
Богословський факультет, секція морального богослов’я; 1997-1999 –
Папський університет св. Томи Аквінського. Богословський факультет.
Докторат з відзнакою Summa cum laude в галузі богословської
антропології та основ морального богослов‘я візантійської богословської
традиції. Доктор богослов’я.    Службова діяльність: 1999-2000 –
префект Львівської духовної семінарії Святого Духа; 2000-2007 – віце-
ректор ЛДС Святого Духа; З 2001 – віце-декан богословського
факультету Львівської богословської академії (відтак Українського
католицького університету); 2002-2005 – Голова секретаріату та
особистий секретар Блаженнішого Любомира, керівник Патріаршої курії у
Львові; З червня 2007 – ректор ЛДС Святого Духа.

             Leave something of yourself or your loved ones in
                     THE PATRIARCHAL CATHEDRAL
Bricks, inscribed with the name of the donor, will be set in the fabric of the
 building. Each brick is numbered, and its location will be listed as a link
 on the website of the patriarchal cathedral:
     The portion of the certificate that accompanies each brick to Kyiv
  will be handed over to the clergy of the cathedral and prayers will be
offered specifically, for the donor. Depending on the location of the brick,
 they are available for donations of $ 50, $ 100, $ 250, $ 1,000, $ 2,500
                                 and $ 5,000.
 The first three denominations will be available at the monthly molebens.

          MOLEBEN POSTPONED – Sunday, January 18, 2009
      All are invited to gather for a series of Molebens to the Mother of God:
(1) to pray for the Church in Ukraine, (2) to pray for the canonization of
Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky, (3) to promote the construction of the
Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection in Kyiv, and (4) to pray for the
victims of the genocidal Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-33. The 1st Moleben
was on July 6, 2008 at our parish; the 2nd on August 3 at Holy Trinity in
Carnegie; the 3rd on August 24 at St John the Baptist in McKees Rocks. St.
John’s in McKeesport hosted the 4th Moleben on October 5th. Meanwhile,
St. George’s on Pittsburgh’s north side, had their Moleben on Sunday,
November 2.
      The next such moleben was supposed to have occurred at Saints
Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Parish, 2001 Main Street, Aliquippa, PA.,
15001, at 3:00 pm, with light refreshments afterward; BUT IT HAS BEEN
                        POSTPONED. More details to follow, as they become

                            January 18-25 - WEEK OF PRAYER FOR
                                       CHRISTIAN UNITY
                             VATICAN CITY, 14 JAN 2009 (VIS) - The Week
                       of Prayer for Christian Unity, traditionally celebrated
                       every year from 18 to 25 January, begins on Sunday.
                       The theme chosen for 2009 is: "That they may
become one in your hand" (Ezek 37, 17). The texts for reflection and
prayer during the week are, according to a note published by the Pontifical
Council for Promoting Christian Unity "rooted in the experience of the
churches in Korea. In their context of national division the churches have
turned for inspiration to the prophet Ezekiel, who also lived in a tragically
divided nation and longed for the unity of his people". The materials for
the week of prayer and for the rest of 2009 have been jointly prepared by
the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Commission on
Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches. Each day of the Week
will have a different theme: 18 January: Christian communities face
to face with old and new divisions. 19 January: Christians face to
face with war and violence. 20 January: Christians face to face
with economic injustice and poverty. 21 January: Christians face
to face with ecological crisis. 22 January: Christians face to face
with discrimination and social prejudice. 23 January: Christians
face to face with disease and suffering. 24 January: Christians
face to face with a plurality of religions. 25 January: Christian
proclamation of hope in a world of separation. Although the
traditional period for celebrating this week of prayer is in the month of
January, in the southern hemisphere Churches sometimes seek other
periods such as, for example, around the time of Pentecost, which is also a
symbolically significant date for the unity of the Church, and was
suggested by the Faith and Order movement in 1926. In the basilica of St.
Paul's Outside-the-Walls at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday, 25 January, Feast of the
Conversion of the Apostle Paul, Benedict XVI will preside at the celebration
of Vespers to mark the close of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

                       PITTSBURGH, PA 15205
      8:00 AM Refreshments, 8:30 AM Adoration and Benediction of the
Most Blessed Sacrament Most Reverend David A. Zubik DD, Bishop of
Pittsburgh; 9:30 AM Presentation by Danny Abramowicz former NFL All Pro
Wide Reciever and internationally recognized Catholic speaker; 10 AM-
Program ends. No cost and no RSVP is required. Married and lay men of
all ages are invited. Sponsored by the Catholic Men's Fellowship of
Pittsburgh ( and the Pittsburgh Diocesan Office for

           SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2009 – RIDNA SHKOLA
      Ridna Shkola (School of Ukrainian Studies) announces that its new
semester will begin starting at the end of this month focusing mainly on
learning the Ukrainian language and traditions. Children, ages first grade
to twelfth grade, are welcome to please come to first classes and
registration at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 31, 2009. For more
information please call Luba Hlutkowsky at 412-279-7377.

    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5 and 19, 2009- Byzantine Book Club
      A number of faithful from our local parishes have organized a Byzan-
tine Book Club. This club will meet at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third
Thursdays of every month at Niko’s Coffee House in Robinson. The first
book that is being discussed is “Ascending the Heights,” by Fr. John Mack.
The book can be ordered by visiting For more informa-
tion about this wonderful initiative, please see Fr. Ivan Chirovsky following
the Divine Liturgy.

                 FEBRUARY 6TH AND FEBRUARY 20TH
                         PITTSBURGH, PA 15205
      Time (both nights): 6:30 PM Dinner, 7:30 PM Program Starts,
9:00 PM Program Ends. Father Jim Farnan, a very gifted speaker and
teacher will give an overview of Pope John Paul II’s Teaching on Theology
of the Body. Make these two evenings date nights with your spouse! The
suggested donation for each night including dinner is $15. We will collect
the money at the door. However, RSVP is required at least 5 days prior by
emailing your contact information to Sponsored by
the Catholic Men's Fellowship of Pittsburgh and the Piitsburgh Diocesan
Office for Adult Faith Formation.

                    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2009
      Inspired by the spiritual biography of Saint Nonna in the August 5,
2007 church bulletin, a number of women in our parish have created a
special women’s prayer group (Sisterhood of Saint Nonna) specifically for
satisfying the need to intercede in prayer for the welfare of our children
and grandchildren. Whenever he can, Father Ivan facilitates this prayer
gathering for us. Currently we use the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of
God in her miraculous icon, known as Vospitanie – Воспитание –
Vikokhuvatel’ka Ditey – Викохувателька Дітей – Nurturer of Children
(venerated on March 5) and then add spontaneous prayers, if necessary.
If you are interested, then please call Irene Borodycia at 412-881-4635.
For the time being, it has been decided that we will meet IN THE CHAPEL
on the first Saturday of each month, at 10:00 am.

                 each Saturday in the Month of February
      SS Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church of Ambridge, PA is
offering a series of classes promoting Ukrainian Art and Heritage. The first
of the series is the Art of Pysanky Decorating. This is the perfect project
for the Upcoming Lenten Season and to prepare your Easter Baskets with
your own newly created Pysanky. Their instructor is Mr. Michael Haritan a
local artist from our St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church on the
South Side. Mr. Haritan began decorating Pysanky in grade school with
the encouragement of his mother. The intricate detail and beautiful
representation of his work has been showcased at the Pittsburgh Folk
Festival over the years. We are privileged to have Mr. Haritan be a part of
their Celebrating Ukrainian Art Series. The classes will be held each
Saturday in the Month of February in the Millennium Room at SS Peter and
Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ambridge from 12:00 to 3:00 P.M. The
classes will include an understanding of the symbols, egg blowing, design,
dying and polishing, as well as hands on experience. Supplies will be
available for purchase at the church. The four-week series will cost
$40.00. You may register by calling Nadine Palichat 724-601-1877 or the
Church Rectory at 724-266-2262. We encourage all members of the
Ukrainian Community in Western PA to take advantage of this unique
opportunity to reacquaint yourselves with the Art of the Ukrainian Pysanka!

      Please make sure that you remove and use your ivory-colored
“January 25” envelope marked “Sorokousty” no later than February
1, 2009. Otherwise your list of names may not be included in time for the
First Parastas which will be at 7:00 PM on Friday, February 13, 2009 and
the First All Soul’s Divine Liturgy which will be at 9:30 AM on Saturday,
February 14, 2009.

     On February 22, Cheesefare Sunday, there will be a luncheon in the
church hall from about 11:30 until 1:15, followed with Forgiveness Vespers
for Beginning of Great Fast / Lent.

              MARCH 1, 2009 - GENERATIONS OF FAITH
      On Sunday, October 7, 2007, our Parish held its first session within
the Generations of Faith Program. The general reaction was, “I thought I
already knew what I needed to know, but here I learned so much more
about our Church Year and our 12 Major Feastdays.” Most recently on
October 5, 2008 our parish had a Generations of Faith Session on the
Meaning of Advent / St. Philip’s Fast. We look forward to having our
next session on Sunday, March 1, 2009 (Meaning of the Great
Fast/Lent). Following the example given by Monsignor George Appleyard
and his volunteers at Holy Trinity in Carnegie, each GOF session will begin
prior to and include the regular Sunday Divine Liturgy which is at 10:00
am, and will then continue with a meal and closing events. On that date,
MARCH 1, 2009, catechists, students and volunteers are asked to
gather at about 9:00-9:30 am. The session will begin shortly
afterwards at about 9:45. A common meal will follow after the
Divine Liturgy, as well as conclusion of the session following
afterwards.      Our Parish will provide the food, the setting & the
information, activities, & some special gifts for you to take home, as well.
More info will follow, as it becomes available. Don’t miss it!!! OUR
OF LIFE, and anyone else who is interested from outside of our parish
family, to take part in these two events. They will be a time for learning,
and a time for sharing. Please bring your family and friends (even if they
no longer go to our church) as well as your memories.

               MARCH 22-29, 2009 – LENTEN MISSIONS
      Our Lenten Missionary will be Fr. Hieromonk Taras (Terry) Kraychuk,
a former Hell’s Angel, who became a Ukrainian Catholic Monk. The EWTN
Series “The Journey Home”, hosted by Marcus Grodi had Fr. Terry as a
guest on his show on May 17, 2004, which was called “Revert from the
Secular World”. As was done last year, we will again share our Lenten
Missions with St. George’s (Northside) and St John’s (McKees Rocks). Fr
Terry will be in Pittsburgh from March 22 until March 29, 2009.
                  MEN AT THE A. J. PALUMBO CENTER
      This Year's Speakers include Bishop Zubik, Father Scott Seethaler,
Larry Richert, Father Phillip Chavez, Chuck Neff, Monsignor Ed Burns and
Mike Clark. For More details visit

 April 19, 2009 - TENTATIVE DATE FOR PARISH Easter Breakfast
    Our Paschal Sviachene (Easter Breakfast) is scheduled for April 19.

      The 53 Annual Pittsburgh Folk Festival will be held at the
David L. Lawrence Convention Center on May 1, 2, 3, 2009. This is
a weekend-long multicultural celebration of more than 30 nationalities
featuring traditional ethnic entertainment, food and refreshments. Shop in
the international bazaar, learn a dance, see traditional crafts or visit the
cultural exhibits to learn more about a country and its people. There is
something for everyone to enjoy.

   May 17, 2009 - TENTATIVE DATE FOR First Holy Confession
     First Holy Confession of our ECF children is tentatively scheduled for
May 17, because of the Pittsburgh Folk Festival being held on 1-3 May.

         MAY 29 & 30, 2009 - OVERNIGHT CATHOLIC MEN'S
      Whether you are a leader in your parish, in the marketplace, or in
your community, join Bishop Zubik, Father Jim Farnan and other gifted
teachers at this overnight conference geared toward leadership and
personal vocation. For more information visit Space is
limited and they expect a sellout. Register early.

      Pentecost Sunday is the traditional church day for “memorial ser-
vices” at our parish cemetery and picnic afterwards, which could occur on
May 31. For the last two years we have had to cancel the picnic due to
very bad weather. Some persons have proposed to Father Ivan Chirovsky
that since the traditional Ukrainian Army day for “memorial services” in
Ukraine is the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God on October 1,
that maybe we should have a second picnic scheduled for the first Sunday
in October. What do you think? Would you also like to have other picnic
days during the summer months? Let us know by calling Margie Klimko:

                         MEMORIAL FLOWERS
     If you would like to provide flowers in memory of a loved one, in
thanksgiving for blessings, or to celebrate an occasion, please call Margie
Klimko: 412-431-0430.

      As you purchase food, you can save money and help your church at
the same time. GFS Marketplace is a store that offers a variety of food,
cleaning products, paper items, etc. at prices comparable to the discount
warehouses--except there is no membership fee and our church gets a
rebate on the items that you purchase. There are flyers in the back of the
church that describe the program. Also on this flyer is an application for a
free membership card and a coupon for $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase.
The closest GFS Marketplace store is on Route 51 (see map on the flyer).
There is also a store across from Costco’s in Robinson and another in

              CHURCH AUXILIARY’s SARRIS “Candy Sales”
      The Church Auxiliary is once again selling Sarris chocolate covered
pretzels and a variety of chocolate bars (including dark chocolate, plain
milk chocolate, chocolate with almonds, crispies, peanut butter and
caramel) for only $1.00 each. Normally sales are on Thursdays and
Sundays after the Divine Liturgies. If you attend Saturday evening
services, please see Margie Klimko or Diane Vargo if you wish to buy some
of this delicious candy at a bargain price.

                          PYROHI SALES
     Pyrohy MAKING AND SALES are held on Thursdays of each week.
Pyrohy ordering can be done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Spare time
on your hands? We need dough makers and especially MEN to help. The
gross income for Jan. 15 was $ 1,831.00. (For those who might be
confused the word “gross” means BEFORE paying the bills for repairs, food
and other supplies). We thank all of our wonderful and hard-working
volunteers. May you keep up the great work and may God richly reward
all of you. Please help to get the word out that to place an order for
pyrohi, our customers need to please call 412-481-5022 either Tuesdays
(8:00 AM – 12:00 NOON) or Wednesdays (10:00 AM – 12:00 NOON).
Sales and pick-up on Thursdays are 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

                      PARISHIONERS’ PRAYER LIST
      Our parish’s listing for people IN NEED OF OUR PRAYERS has been
updated recently. This would include those who might be suffering from
some illness, or who might simply - for whatever reasons - be unable to
attend church services. This may be because they are caregivers at home,
or may themselves have some temporary minor illness, or they may be
shut-ins at home, or in hospitals and nursing homes due to age or
infirmity. The names reported to us were: Stephen Baranet, Anna Belz,
Ahafia Berketa, Nancy Borodycia, Elsie Damas, James & Rose DePalma,
Harry Drevna, John Dukryn, Fran Gable, Katherine Gradnik, Steven and
Frances Hladonik, Vera Holubiak, Helen Hoskowicz, Maria Jacyszyn,
Sister Andrew Kallok, Thomas and MaryAnn Kasofsky, Helen Kostishack,
Julia Kostiuk, Maria Mudrick, Aloisia Mural, Chrystyna Olijnyk, Helen
Pergzola, Walter Popatak, Catherine Popiel, Joseph & Ruth Postol, Maria
Pyptyk, Carol Ann Sulick, Anna Szmul, Frances Trageser, Marie Turek, Olga
Walko, Olga Walsko, Wasyl (Bill) Wanat, Anastasia Wolos, Mary
Witkowsky, Julia Woytowich, Joseph & Julia Wuschunowski and Alberta
      In the future, we would like to print these names in our church
bulletin on a regular basis so that everyone may have a chance to keep
these people and their families in their prayers. Please submit the
information to Cathy Sawchak as soon as it becomes available.

     Serving the Ukrainian Community in the tri-state area since July 15,
1950, under the direction of Michael Komichak. One may listen to this
program on Sundays 1:00-2:00 pm on WPIT 730 AM. For those who
have a computer and an Internet connection, you may now listen to the
Ukrainian Radio Program at home at your own convenience. Go to:
24 The program is presented in Ukrainian and
English and features music, news, commentaries, social announcements,
anniversaries, commercials and obituaries. Its primary objective is to
maintain the Ukrainian identity of its listeners through music, language and
traditions. You can write to the radio program at P.O. Box 52, Pittsburgh,
PA., 15230, or call: 412-937-1500. Or you can send an E-mail to:

      During his pastoral visits to the shut-ins, Very Rev. Msgr. Mitrat
Michael Poloway, pastor of St. John Ukrainian Catholic Church on the
Southside of Pittsburgh, was always overwhelmed by the response from
his parishioners who could not attend Divine Services at the parish church
due to their illness. There were always many faithful parishioners who
were residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In order to
respond to their spiritual needs Msgr. Michael Poloway founded the Radio
Program “Christ Among Us”, which would be a Sunday radio broadcast for
the elderly, homebound and shut-ins of the tri-state area. The response
was overwhelming. Now the shut-ins were able to tune in to listen to the
Divine Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to sing our beautiful liturgical
hymns. A great help in organizing this program was Mr. Michael
Komichak, Director of the Ukrainian Radio Program, who with his
professional experience was able to assist Msgr. Michael Poloway in getting
the program on air. On Sunday, October 7, 1973, “Christ Among Us”
began its mission to the faithful on WPIT AM 730. For 31 years until his
retirement in the year 2004, Msgr. Michael Poloway faithfully hosted this
program which brought so much joy into the lives of God’s people. The
faithful of various ecclesiastical jurisdictions in the tri-state area continue
to tune in each Sunday at 2:00 p.m. on radio station WPIT, AM
730, to listen to this program. For those who have a computer and an
Internet connection, you may now listen to “Christ Among Us” at home at
your own convenience. Go to: The program is
presented in Ukrainian and English and features liturgical hymns, Gospel
reading, homilies and announcements of church events. Today the
program is brought to our listeners by the Central Deanery
(protopresbyterate) of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St. Josaphat and
the moderator is Fr. Valerian M. Michlik. You can write to the radio
program at “Christ Among Us”, St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church,
3455 California Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA., 15212, 412-766-8801, or send an
E-mail to

      One may listen to this program on Relevant Radio WZUM 1590
AM on Fridays at 10:30 am and on Sundays at 12:00 pm (noon).
For those who have a computer and Internet connection, you may now lis-
ten to the Byzantine Catholic Radio Program “Light of the East” at home at
your          own           convenience.                   Go          to:

      Bishop Robert is considering reactivating the deacon training
program. A final decision will be made when we see how many men are
genuinely interested in enrolling in the program. If we have sufficient men
to warrant it, the program could reopen in September. The requirements
for application are: applicants must be men 25 years of age if single, or
35 if married; baptized or formally received into the Catholic Church, be a
practicing Catholic in good standing, be a citizen of the United States and
in good health. Married applicants must have been legally and canonically
married for at least five years and have the expressed consent of their
wives. Deacons, married or single, cannot (re) marry after ordination and
so applicants must agree to accept the Catholic discipline regarding Holy
Orders and Marriage. If you have an interest in becoming a parochial
deacon, please contact the director of the program, Monsignor George
Appleyard, 730 Washington Avenue; Carnegie, PA. 15106-4109, or at

     The transfer of information from envelopes into a ledger for the
calendar year of 2008 was maintained by the volunteer work and
dedication of Rose Breen, for which we are very grateful. If you would like
to have a statement, you may now ask our parish secretary, Cathy
Sawchak, to send you one. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
     It is important, from time to time that the people of our Eparchy be
reminded that if anyone has been the victim of sexual abuse by the clergy,
he or she should come forward and make that known to our Bishop, His
Grace Robert (Moskal), to our pastor, Father John (Ivan) Chirovsky, or to a
member of the special Eparchial Review Board that handles such cases.
The bishop can be reached at his Chancery by dialing (440-888-1522) or
by writing to him at: P. O. Box 347180, Parma, OH. 44134-7180.

Tone 3. Matins Gospel #4. On January 18, we commemorate Our Holy Fathers and
Archbishops of Alexandria: Athanasius (373) and Cyril (444).
          5:00 PM – DIVINE LITURGY (all English, recited)          SAT., JANUARY 17
God’s Blessings on Parishioners                       (Fr. Ivan Chirovsky)
+Stephen Sawczak (Fr. C. Dr. John Ropke)           (M/M Jos. Sobocinski)

 9:00 AM – EASTERN CHRISTIAN FORMATION (Catechism classes)
10:00 AM – DIVINE LITURGY (Ukr., Eng. & OCS / Sermon in Eng)
 +Michael, Nicholas G. Olijnyk                          (Christina Olijnyk)

MONDAY – bright vestments                                               JANUARY 19
Our Holy & Ven. Fathers: Macarius the Great of Egypt (c. 390); Macarius of Alexandria (circa 394-
395); Mark, archbishop of Ephesus in Egypt (395); Deacon Macarius the Faster of the Near Caves
of Kyiv (12th century); Deacon Macarius the Faster of the Far Caves of Kyiv (13-14th century); Holy
Virgin Martyr Euphrasia of Nicomedia (303).
                                                     Fr. Ivan Chirovsky, in Chapel
9:00 AM - Div. Lit. for +Irene Zappas                                (June Sedigas)
TUESDAY – bright (green) vestments                                      JANUARY 20
Our Ven. & God-bearing Fr. Euthymius the Great of Palestine (473); Holy Martyrs Inna (Junas),
Pinna (Piunas) and Rimma (Rimmas), Slavs from northern Scythia (modern Bulgaria), & disciples
of holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called (1-2 c.); Holy Schemamonk Euthymius the Silent of Far
Caves of Kyiv (16th c.). Fr. Ivan Chirovsky, in Chapel, 9:00 AM - Div. Lit. for +Julia Kulak
                 (M/M John Borodycia)
WEDNESDAY – dark vestments                                             JANUARY 21
(Acts of penance are encouraged on all Wednesdays)
Our Ven. Fr. Maximus the Confessor (662); Holy Martyr Neophytus of Nicea (284-305); Holy
Martyrs at Trebizond: Eugene, his wife Valeria, Candidus, Valerian, and Aquilas (303); holy virgin-
martyr Agnes of Rome (304); Veneration of three icons of Mother of God at Vatopedi Monastery
on Mt Athos: a 4th century icon, one called “Consolation” or “Comfort” (807), and one called
“Stabbed” (14th century). Fr. Ivan Chirovsky, in Chapel, 9:00 AM-Div. Lit. for+Anastasia
Olchowy (S & K Duffy)
THURSDAY – bright vestments                                             JANUARY 22
Annual MARCH FOR LIFE in Washington, D.C.
Holy Apostle Timothy of Seventy, Bishop of Ephesus, Asia Minor (93); Holy Ven.-Martyr Anastasius
the Persian (628); holy & ven.-martyr Anastasius, deacon of Kyiv Caves Monastery (12 century).
Fr. Canon Dr. John Ropke, in Chapel
9:00 AM - Div. Lit. for +Maria Durkacz                    (Tom & Irene Mathews)
FRIDAY – dark vestments                                                    JANUARY 23
(Acts of penance are obligatory on all Fridays)
Holy Priest-Martyr Clement, Bishop of Ancyra and his disciple, Holy Martyr Agathangel (circa 296-
312), ven. Salamanes the Silent of the Euphrates (400); holy Paulinus the Merciful of Bordeaux,
France, Bishop of Nola in Italy (431); Commemoration of holy 171 fathers of the Sixth Ecumenical
Council (Constantinople, 681); Blessed Ukrainian Martyrs of Pratulin, Poland (1874): Vincent
Levoniuk and His Twelve Companions: Nykyta Hrytsiuk, Ivan Andreychuk, Constantine Boyko,
Michael Vavryshchuk, Onuphriy Vasyliuk, Philip Kyryliuk, Maxim Havryliuk, Daniel Karmashchuk,
Constantine Lukashchuk, Bartholomew Osypiuk, Luke Boyko and Ignatius Franchuk; Passing into
Eternal Life (1952) of Bl.-Martyr Olimpia Bida, Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph.
                                               Fr. Canon Dr. John Ropke, in Chapel
9:00 AM -Div. Lit. for +Peter, Anna, John & Blanche Kronoll                     (Legacy)
SATURDAY – bright vestments                                                JANUARY 24
Our Ven. Mother Ksenia (Xenia) of Rome, a deaconess (450); holy martyr Babylas of Sicily and his
disciples Timothy and Agapius (3rd century); holy Macedonius the Syrian, hermit (420).
Usually, there is no Divine Liturgy on Saturday mornings.
Tone 4. Matins Gospel #5. On January 25, we commemorate our Holy Fr. Gregory the
Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople (390), bright (light blue) vestments; our ven. Fr. Moses,
archbishop of Novhorod (1362).
               5:00 PM – DIVINE LITURGY (all English, recited)  SAT., JANUARY 24
 +Maria Wanat                                  (Grandson, Nick Marino)
 +Dorothy Jones (Fr. C. Dr. John Ropke)             (Stephen H. Zinski)

 9:00 AM – EASTERN CHRISTIAN FORMATION (Catechism classes)
10:00 AM – DIVINE LITURGY (Ukr., Eng. & OCS / Sermon in Eng)
 God’s Blessings on Parishioners                        (Fr. Ivan Chirovsky)
 +Les Zaliszczuk – 3 yr. Anniv. (Fr. Canon Dr. John Ropke)          (Family)
Thank you to all who filled out the 2009 questionnaire. We value your input and affirm your
effort to do this. If you have not yet completed your questionnaire please do so and drop it in
the collection basket during the month of January. Extra forms are at the church entrance.

                                   CANDLE SPONSORS
        If you would like to sponsor a candle in front of the copy of the miraculous Pochayiv
Mother of God Icon or in front of the Icon of the Cross of Our Lord, or four lamps at the iconostas
icons, or seven lamps in the seven-branched candlestick at our Altar (Holy Table), for whatever
intention you desire, at $5.00 per week, please contact Cathy, our parish secretary.
                                   (No donors this week)
            UPPER CHURCH HALL FUND - (No donors this week)
    All donations collected in this fund will be used to update the upper church hall with modern
media equipment. It has now been suggested to Fr. Ivan that our parish honor Fr. Deacon Mi-
chael’s memory by giving the hall a proper name, for example, “St Michael the Archangel’s Hall”,
instead of just referring to it as “the upper church hall.” One might very well add that the two
longest serving pastors of our parish were also named “Michael”: +Fr. Michael Kindey (1931-1955)
and Fr. Michael Poloway (1966-2004). By naming it “St. Michael’s Hall” we would, of course, be
honoring all of them.
WILL NOT BE USED FOR expenses having to do with any other Fund

                                     MEMORIAL FUND
    All donations collected in this fund will be used to purchase new Liturgical items, including the
new set of sanctuary furnishings (holy table, offertory table, servers table, tetrapod, gospel
stand, epistle stand, cross and ripidia stand, missal stand), which were delivered two months
ahead of schedule in September), necessary for worship services to occur in a more dignified
manner. Our previous Holy Table was not made according to proper church rules and was actually
not even a real table but three types of wood “structures” wrapped around a somewhat “table-
looking” bottom, meanwhile the other furnishings were of a differing style and color. The new
furnishings are canonically correct and of a matching style and color. It has been over three years,
that we began to acquire new sets of burgundy (Penitential-Lenten) and white (Pascha) vestments
for priest, deacon and altar servers, as well as green (Palm Sunday, Pentecost, June and July &
certain “venerable” saints like Theodosius, Antony, Sabbas and Apostles’ Fast) for altar servers.
We also received a set of gold (Ordinary Sundays and Major Feast Days) and dark blue vestments
(Feast of the Mother of God in August, & certain Polyeleos rank saints: Nicholas, Elijah, John Chry-
sostom, etc.), as well as, just a few weeks ago, a set of vestments for priests for Sundays of
penitential seasons (Lent, Advent, etc). Last year we received donations for a new Gospel book
and a new Chalice, Diskos, Star, Spoon and Lance. The Epistle Book is still on order. Eventually,
we will be needing a set of light blue vestments for general Feasts of Mother of God. In the
meantime, as we use what we have for the greater glory of God, please remember that we are far
from paying them off. Your generosity, as always, will be greatly appreciated.
     IN MEMORY OF NICK WALKO: $10.00 – Olga Walko and Family
           FOR expenses having to do with any other Fund.

                         ROOF & POINTING REPAIR FUND
Parishioners are advised that major holes and leaks in the roof of our church have been repaired.
In late summer of 2008, we had to repair the roof of the building located at 95 South 7th
Street (credit union building), at a cost of $ 23,514.00. We are continuing to collect funds
for a new church roof; we have received two bids: cheapest new church roof would be circa
$ 250,000, guaranteed not to leak for about five years and the most expensive church roof, circa
$ 650,000, would have a fifty to one hundred year guarantee. If any parishioners would like
for someone they know and trust to make a bid for a new church roof, they are always
welcome to speak with Father to arrange for this. In any case, we are still far away from
making any final decisions about a new church roof. Meanwhile, parishioners should be advised
that Monsignor Michael Poloway invested much of our parish’s money in STOCKS and that the
expert advice is that this is no time to sell stocks at all. Those stocks have lost a lot of money
FACE VALUE. The only smart thing to do is to sit on those stocks until the market turns in the
future. Only the dividends can be used as cash. Monsignor also placed lesser sums of money into
savings accounts. These would be used for purchasing a new church roof only if there was danger
of imminent collapsing. Otherwise, we are saving these funds in order to safeguard our parish’s
ability to use savings dividends to pay salaries & other major repair bills in the future.
                                   (No donors this week)
         FOR expenses having to do with any other Fund.
                    For January 5th and 6th 2009
                     THEOPHANY OF OUR LORD

NON-ENVELOPE WEEKLY SUNDAY OFFERINGS                                                            80.00
ENVELOPE WEEKLY SUNDAY OFFERINGS                                                               130.00
MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DUES (2nd Sunday of each month)                                              10.00
WEEKLY CANDLES                                                                                  14.00
CEMETERY MAINTENANCE                                                                           200.00
01/01/09 - INITIAL OFFERING                                                                     60.00
1/1/09 – FEASTS OF CIRCUMCISION & ST. BASIL THE                                                 82.00
1/6/09 – FEAST OF THEOPHANY OF OUR LORD                                                      181.00
 TOTAL                                                                                    $ 757.00

                   For January 10th and 11th 2009

NON-ENVELOPE WEEKLY SUNDAY OFFERINGS                                                            15.00
ENVELOPE WEEKLY SUNDAY OFFERINGS                                                               776.00
MONTHLY FUND FOR REPAIRS, IMPROVEMENTS &                                                       160.00
REDEVELOPMENT (1st Sunday of every month)
MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DUES (2nd Sunday of each month)                                             531.00
MONTHLY UTILITIES & INSURANCE (3rd Sunday of each                                                5.00
DONATION FOR ICONOGRAPHY IN NEW CHAPEL                            1,500.00
MEMORIAL FUND (see above)                                           10.00
WEEKLY CANDLES                                                      55.67
BOOK FUND                                                            7.00
CEMETERY MAINTENANCE                                               185.00
01/01/09 - INITIAL OFFERING                                        109.00
1/6/09 – FEAST OF THEOPHANY OF OUR LORD              176.00
1/25/09 – LENTEN PRAYERS FOR DEPARTED:                10.00
 TOTAL                                          $ 3,564.67

                   ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST
                     109 S. 7th STREET,
                PITTSBURGH,PA. 15203-1028

                            PASTORAL STAFF
                       Fr. John (Ivan) Chirovsky, Pastor
               Fr. Canon Dr. John A. Ropke, Priest-in-Residence
                       Cathy Sawchak, parish secretary

                   PASTOR’S ADVISORY COUNCIL
                       Fr. John (Ivan) Chirovsky, Pastor
               Fr. Canon Dr. John A. Ropke, Priest-in-Residence
                Irene Borodycia                Michael Haritan
                 Improvements and Redevelopment
                    Sub-Committee of the PAC
              Geoffrey Giancola           Yaroslaw Hodowanec
              Raymond Komichak               Stephen Sawczak

              E-MAIL ADDRESS:

                      PARISH TELEPHONE NUMBERS
               Church Office                     412-431-2531
                       Press NINE, to leave a message
                   Press ZERO, to speak to an operator, or,
                 if you have a rotary phone, stay on the line
               Church Office Fax                 412-431-2531
                                 Parish Hall & Pyrohi                   412-481-5022
                                Diocesan Pastoral Ministry Office        412-481-9778

                                                DIVINE LITURGIES
                                     Mondays (Outside of Lent): usually 7:00 PM
                                          Other Weekdays, except Saturdays
                                             (Outside of Lent): usually 7:15 AM
                                     Saturdays (Anticipated):            5:00 PM
                                     Sundays (Pentecost to Labor Day): 9:30 AM
                                     Sundays (Otherwise):               10:00 AM
                                                Holy Day of Obligation:
                                                 Evening before       7:00 PM
                                            Morning of            9:30 AM

                                          HOLY MYSTERY OF CONFESSION
                                       Saturdays: 4:00-4:30 PM & by appointment
                                       Lenten Weekdays: before or after services

                                        MINISTRY TO SICK AND SHUT-INS
                                Fr. Canon Dr. John A. Ropke     (412) 432-7174
                                Sr. Olga Faryna, OSBM           (724) 266-5578

                                      SPIR. DIR. OF CHURCH STUDY GROUP
                                      & JESUS FILES: Fr. John (Ivan) Chirovsky

                                CANTOR/CHOIR DIRECTOR                  Stephen H. Zinski

                                YOUTH MINISTRY                              Diane Vargo

                                 BEAUTY OF HOUSE OF OUR LORD              Margie Klimko

                                  CATECHISTS (2007-2008), Sundays – 9:00 am
                                Irene Borodycia Maria Chirovsky Motria Hodowanec

                              Irene Borodycia      Robert Casey           Stephanie Casey
                              David Drapala       Kathleen Drapala        Joanne Giancola
                              Joan Hess          Mary Ann Kasofsky        Stephanie Vargo

BAPTISMS - Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of Initiation are normally administered on the Sunday nearest to the 40th
day after the birth of the child. Please notify the parish rectory as soon as you are aware that you are expecting a
child. Sister Ann from the Diocesan Pastoral Ministry Office will conduct special baptismal preparation sessions. These
two sessions are for all expectant parents, the Godparents and grand-parents. Parents must be registered and
active members of the parish. The two sessions will help you prepare FOR BIRTH and baptism of your child. It is
normal that a saint’s name be chosen for the child. ELIGIBILITY FOR GODPARENT - One sponsor must be a
practicing Catholic, attend Liturgy regularly, receive the Sacraments and fulfill all obligations and financial support to
their parish, attested to by their pastor.

MARRIAGES - Arrangements for the Holy Mystery of Crowning are to be made at least 9 to 6 months in advance of
the date of marriage by contacting the parish rectory. Restating the obvious, clearly and loudly: under normal condi-
tions, future Couples are expected to be active members of our parish for at least one year before the date of the
marriage because the responsibility for marriage preparation takes place at the parish level. It is also required that you
attend the PRE-CANA PROGRAM offered by the Office of Religious Education (ORE) for the Byzantine Catholic
Archeparchy of Pittsburgh which contributes towards the usual preparations that occur on the parish level. For the past
eight years, the ORE has helped hundreds of couples prepare for the Mystery of Marriage by sponsoring a weekend that
addresses topics pertinent to their future Christian marital lifestyle. The weekends begin at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evening
and end on Sunday. The location for the Pre-Cana Weekends is the Antiochian Village in Ligonier, Pa. To print a Pre-
Cana Weekend Registration Form, Please go to eparchial-
offices/education/Pre-CanaRegistrationForm. pdf. You may also call the Office of Religious Education at 412-
322-8773 or e-mail for more information. Currently, the dates of upcoming weekends are 2009-
March-27-29 & 2009-October-2-4. Topics covered are: Eastern Spirituality & Traditions, Marriage Roles Today, Natural
Family Planning, Worship in the Byzantine Church, Finances and The Theology of Crowning, Communication, etc. They
average 10-15 couples, double occupancy (separating male/female) and there is usually a different speaker for each
topic. Registration for the weekend is $175.00 paid by the couple. Our Parish is billed another $175.00 after the
weekend. Marriages at St John’s Parish will not be celebrated until all the normal spiritual requirements have been met
to the Church’s satisfaction. So, do not order church halls or send out your invitations until you are absolutely sure of
having done so !!! In fact, if the couple continues to choose to ignore the usual spiritual preparations after being
warned about this, then Father Pastor reserves the right to cancel the service even as late as 24 hours before the

CREMATION - Burial is the preferred and traditional Christian funeral practice. Although highly discour-
aged, cremation is permitted for economic reasons, esp. if it is NOT done for anti-Christian reasons. The
cremation should occur after the funeral services are held in Church, since the presence of ashes in church
is strongly discouraged. The ashes are to be buried, with the pastor, or a delegated priest or deacon,
performing the usual rite of interment.

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