1875b_1268 by gegeshandong


									                     KWO                            1224                            MEN
Kwong Hing Long,          shoe manufactory, 534           Lin Tie & Co., merchant tailor, 716 Dupont
             Sacramento                                   Lin Wor, laundry, 1431 Dupont
Kwong      Lee,   clothing       manufactory,       828   Lin Wood, cigars, 205 Pacific
             Dupont                                       Lisle   &   Co., cigar factory, 824 Clay
Kwoeg Lun Chong & Co.,           tea, sugar, rice, oil,   Log Gee, laundry, 335 Fourth
            opium, Chinese proTisions, drugs,             Lon Wo, provisions, 711 Sacramento
            etc., 714 Dupont                              Long Wou, laundry, 986 Folsom
Kwong    Lune, clothing, 1013 Dupont                      Loon Chong, laundry, 926 Pine
Kwong    Mow War & Co., drygoods, 727 Jack-               Loucitat, physician, 14 Brenham pi
            son                                           Lotus Co.,     cigars, 620 Pacific
Kwong    On Cheong, tea and rice, 728 Sacra-Loy Fook Won, physician, 615 JackiBton
        mento                               Loy Sing, laundry, 320 Hayes
Kwong Sam Kee &   Co., clothing, 1008 Du- Lum Toan Ke, physician, 742 Sacramento
         pont                               Lun Chong &Co., butchers, 745 Sacramento
Kwong Lung Tai & Co., tea, sugar, rice, oil Lun Chong Yuen, clothing, 1014 Dupont
         merchandise, etc., 836 Dupomt      Lun Fat, slipper factory, 745 Commercial
Kwong Tai Lung & Co., wholesale tea, rice, Lun Hing, laundry, 906 Post
         sugar, opium, provisions and oil,  Lun Hing, tailor, 644 Jackson
         719 Commercial                     Lun Hop, laundry, 471 Minna
Kwong Waa Tong,          Chinese drug      store,   801   Lun Lay, laundry, 1321 Mission
             Dupont                                       Lun Sing, laundiy, 409% Fourth
Kwong Wing Sang & Co., (Mon Ting                          Lun Su Wah, sUpper factory, 534 Commer-
        and Yee Mon) provisions, rice,                                  cial
        sugar, tea and Chinese dry goods,                 Lun Ty &Co., clothing, 716 Dupont
        750-752 Washington                                Lun Wah, laundrj', 320 Green
Kwong Wo Lung & Co., tailors and tea,                     Lun Wo & Co., wholesale tea, rice and
        sugar, rice and oil, 735 Jackson                                opium, 711 Sacramento
Kwong Wo &        Co., wholesale butchers, 1071           Lun Wo &         Co., wholesale       tea,   sugar and
             Dupont                                                      rice,    716 Sacramento
Kwong Yue, opium, 627 Jackson                Lung Chang, laundry, 1011 Jackson
Kwong Yune Sung & Co., teas, sugar,    rice, Lung Chung, rice and tea, 720 Dupont
          nut oil, etc., 727 Dupont          Lung Sang, laundry, 149 Post
Laconia Co., manufacturers cigars, 1016 Du- Lung Sing & Co., wholesale tea, sugar,                              oil,
             pont                                                        etc.,   706 Sacramento           ,

lia    Espanola        Co., (Bing You proptr)             Lung Fat, shoe manfr, 745 Commercial
             cigar   manfry, 308 and 425 Com-             Lung Yik & Co., cigar manfr, 425 Com-
             mercial                                                     mercial
Lai Hing Lung        &   Co., wholesale tea, sugar        Lung Wau,             129% Eleventh
                        729 Commercial
             rice, oil etc.,                              Ly Chong,     groceries and provisions, 735
Lai Sang & Co., jewelry, 726 Jackson                                  Jackson
Lai Yong Portrait and Photograph Gallery,                 Ly    Chung, jeweler and silversmith, 615
          743 Washington                                              Jackson
Lang Con, laundry, 1103 Clay                              Ly   Wing, money broker, 636 Jackson
Lee Fook Hotel, 721 Dupont                                Ly Wo, pawn        broker. 1001 Dupont
Lee Fook, cigar manfr, 406 Battery                        Man Chong &         Co., tea, sugar, and rice, 828
Lee Gun, laundry, 525 Valencia                                          Dupont
Lee Hop. laundry, 661 Mission                             Man Fong & Co., bakery,             631 Jackson
Lee Man Sing, shirt manfr, 832 Washington                 Man Lee, provisions, rice,          sugar and tea, 709
Lee Sam, laundry, cor Seventeenth and Do-                          Dupont
             lores                                        Man Loong & Co., wholesale             tea, sugar, rice
Lee Sing, laundry, 623 Pacific                                           and     oil,   711 Sacramento
Lee Toy, meat and vegetables, 719 Sacra-                  Man On Lung, laundry, 1114 Dupont
           mento                                          Man On Tong, drugs, medicines and                    Chi-
Lee Ung, laundry, 811 Market                                            nese goods, 945 Dupont
Lee Wing, launch-y, 413 Jackson                           Mang Shing &           Co., tea, sugar, rice   and   oil,
Lee Yik, laundry, 134 Sacramento                                        616 Jackson
Lee Yeck, slipper manfr, 826 Clay                         Man Tang &                    Jackson
                                                                            Co., butchers, 631
Lee Ying, oculist and physician, 621 Dupont               Manto Tong, drugs, 617 Jackson
Lee Yong Fong, phj'sician, 1021 Dupont                    Man Wo & Co., wholesale and retail dealers
Lee Yuen & Co., tea, sugar, rice and oil,                               in pork, tea, sugar, rice, oil and
           741 Sacramento                                               Chinese merchandise, 633 Jack-
Li    Wing Sun  Kee,     money    broker, 737 Jack-                     son
             son                                          Man Wo Cheong &               Co., wholesale tea, sug-
lii   PoTai, physician, 737 Washington                                  ar, rice    and oil, 738 Sacramento
Lin Mau, merchant tailor, 806 Dupont                      Me   Norn,   tailor,    640 Jackson

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