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• Personal identity: what it means to be a
  particular individual

• Social identity: What it means to be a member
  of a particular group e.g. male, female,
  Australian, teenager, emo, politician etc
               Personal Identity
Those qualities or attributes which a person
believes define them as an individual and are
important (in a positive or negative way) to their
sense of themselves and the sort of person they

Self concept
Self image
• Personal identity is made up of but not
  restricted to a number of social identities e.g.

• Socially ascribed identity: how society defines
  what it means to be …

• Self-constructed identity: how an individual
  defines what it means to be …
  Some ways in which ideas about
individual identity are represented in
The power of society and circumstance to
shape individual identity
The negative effects of the acceptance of
imposed identities
People’s struggle to live according to their own
conceptions of their identity in opposition to
socially enforced constructions

                                    The Pianist
The development of individuals’ identity to
accommodate new circumstances – social,
The development of individuals towards an
acceptance and celebration of a given aspect of
their identity – gender, ethnicity, physical, sexual
The development of a new identity, or
awareness of aspects of identity of which a
person was previously unaware (growth to self-
    Group Identity: Key Concepts
• Groups use texts to express constructions of
  their identity.
• Groups use texts to express constructions of
  the identity of others.
• Groups use texts to challenge or subvert
  constructions of their identity by others.
• Group identities are influenced by social and
  political forces.
• Many texts reflect ideas about identity: they
  might reflect, reinforce or challenge socially
  dominant ideas
Some groups attempt to construct new ideas
about identity in opposition to socially ascribed
• Some texts explore conceptions of identity:
  encouraging us to ask what does to mean to
  be …
Blade Runner
• Ideas about
  identity are
  often often
  embodied in
  or iconic figures
   The National Day of the American
         Cowboy Resolution
• The cowboy is an American icon.

• The cowboy embodies honesty,
  integrity, courage, compassion,
  respect, a strong work ethic, and

• To recognize the American cowboy
  is to acknowledge America’s
  ongoing commitment to an
  esteemed and enduring code of
 Australian Identity
The Man from Snowy River
The Man from Snowy River
Crocodile Dundee, 1986
The nickname 'Digger' is
attributed to the
number of ex-gold
diggers in the early army
units and to the trench
digging activities of the
Australian soldiers
during World War I. The
actual origin of the
name has been lost in
time but the Australian
soldier is known
affectionately around       Typical Digger, 1919
the world as the Digger.    Henry Woollcott          Australian War Memorial
The surf lifesaver has become an
Australian icon. In the 1920s, the surf
lifesaver replaced the bushman and
the digger as the typical Australian.
Like his predecessors, the surf
lifesaver was masculine, tanned, fit,
strong and selfless. He was bound by
mateship and subjected to but not
tamed by military discipline. He was
also modern and urban, a reflection of
the nation, or the nation as it wanted
to be.
National Museum of Australia
    How to Answer Questions about
• Prepare some stuff on representation of
  identity in a text you have studied – one
  written, one visual

• Choose an identity to focus on in the exam
  text and signal this

  Text 1 can be read as offering ideas about ….
• Analyse the exam text – explaining the ideas
  and offering supporting evidence

• Offer up your prepared stuff

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