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					DSS Building Meeting 12.7.09

Janine filled the group in on how we came to the decisions of where people will be located.
Discussion followed and everyone seems to think it will work.

Susan asked for printer numbers. She is also going to see if she can reduce the price on the
copier at FARR and get a new one for here.

Additional technology:

Outlet placement: Kelli’s equipment, meeting rooms.

Polycom: meeting room, board room, and Janine’s office

Screen, projector and NOMAD in board room

Mobile screen and projector in upstairs meeting room

Wireless should be available by January.

Placement of furniture and equipment:

Have people claim furniture, drawers, cabinets and shelves with sticky notes.

Each person needs to adopt a plant or two and move it to their area.

Staff should mark cubicle with sticky notes for equipment placement.     . .

Kitchens and break rooms: If there are two break rooms the public will have access to the
materials, etc. upstairs. For now, kitchen supplies are being put downstairs. Stocking the
upstairs kitchen will be put on hold. We will have a water filter in each sink and a hot water pot.
We will need to buy hot pots for each kitchen. Announcement board is located here.

Coffee: We will use coffee makers. As to having snack machines or buying the items ourselves
we will wait as no one is sure how much they would be used.

Kitchen duties: Gail will create an interdepartmental group list per floor per month.

Supplies: possible locations for general supplies in copy room, cupboards upstairs, mail room
on first floor, copy room on second floor. PIO will maintain supplies for the big copier.
Departments budet for color copiers. Rental on Xerox is paid for by IT.

Meeting room: Easels for white board and corkboard and hangers for big paper. Will decide
about a portable stage later.

Garage remodel: Drains will have to be put in the garage. Bob says the remodel will take
about 30 days. Janine would like to have the restoration done before we move in. Will include
shelving for incoming books. Dock in back needs to hold a palette that comes off the truck.
Maintenance: Recycle bin – Bob will contract with who we currently have. Custodial services
will be in-house. Dollies will be needed upstairs and Collection Resources needs 3 heavy duty
dollies that can break down in 4 wheel.

Wall art: Eric E. suggested that we take pictures of activities and blow them up. Kelli said
stock pictures will be easier. Might have them on a TV screen. .

Security: Bob will get someone out here to look at the card meters. Cards and key pads are
being considered. Phone system in lobbies will be extra. We will have internal extensions only.
The lobby will be open. Lighting in the parking lot was discussed.


We will need a courier stop but will have to discuss the Saturday problems.

First floor copy room will house holds, mail, postage machine and fax machine. Postage meter
needs a landline.

Tech services will be the location for DSS holds.

In/out board for each floor will be located by the bathrooms.

Purchase coat hangers for cubicles. Parking: We will lose some to bookmobile. There will be
no assigned parking

This week’s goals: Finish decorating, have staff place sticky notes for equipment, determine
printer locations, choose file cabinets

Next Monday we will plan the garage model and figure out the security system.

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