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“Traffic Generation Strategies”
Welcome to a special report on Traffic generation strategies.

Now when it comes to CPA Affiliate Marketing the first thing people struggle
on is how to direct traffic to their CPA offers/websites.

There are lots of different Traffic Generation strategies that I have personally

These traffic generation strategies have enabled me to make money on
complete Autopilot.

In this report I am going to go through several traffic strategies that are
powerful and effective when it comes to making money from CPA marketing.

I recommend you carry out all of these strategies if you are serious about CPA
Affiliate Marketing in general.
Link building Campaign For Your
Now quite simply if you are serious about making AUTOPILOT income from
your CPA marketing then you need to make sure you have lots of relevant
inbound links pointing to your website.

For example, the more links you have pointing to your website the more
people will find you on the search engines.

Now to make things much easier I recommend you outsource the entire

Earlier on in this course I mentioned a service called Odesk where you can find
outsources who would be willing to do a link building campaign for as little as

The first thing you need to do is head over to Odesk – make a free account and
post a JOB offer for a “Link Building campaign”.

Here is an example I posted and I generated lots of different responses from
people who would want to do a link building campaign for me.

Here is the JOB I posted (See above).

Basically I want 100 inbound links to my website from high PR social
bookmarking sites.

And after 15 minutes later I received a ton of responses.
Tip: if you hire someone from the Philippines then you will find it much easier
since their prices will be much cheaper and most of the people from
Philippines have good experience with things like Link Building.

 So the more links you have pointing to your CPA websites the higher you will
climb on the search engines for many keywords.

Remember the aim is to have lots of Autopilot traffic as possible.
Traffic From Articles
One of the best ways to direct traffic to your CPA offer websites it to use the
power of Articles. The great thing about article traffic is that they are easy to
index and your article will stay on the search engines for many years – which
means you will be getting consistent stream of Autopilot traffic.

In this section I am going to reveal to you several traffic directories I highly
recommend you use.

Now the first thing you need to know is that Articles are powerful.

Now there are lots of CPA Offers on different niches.

For example, Teeth Whitening, how to get ripped abs and how to grow your
eye lashes are all examples of different CPA offers.

For me personally the best Article Directory hands down has to be Ezine
Articles because the articles are well optimised on Google. However, over the
months Ezine Articles has become very strict and more and more people are
turning away from it and going to different Article Directories.

However, there are also other good Article directories that are just as good (if
not better).

I also highly recommend GoArticles because it has a very good page rank and it
is becoming really popular.

However, there are other good Article Directories.

Here is a list of all the other good ones.

So let’s say you are going to promote a certain CPA offer.

For example, here is a CPA offer on “How to get longer eye lashes”.
This offer pays just over $28.00 if people take out a “free trial” and pay for the
postage and packaging.

Now the first thing you can do is hire someone to write an article on this niche.

Head over to Google Keyword Selector tool and type in the keyword

As you can see there are lots of different variations of the keyword “eyelashes”
that are being searched for.
So now we know that there are lots of keywords in relation to “eyelashes” that
are being searched for.

As you can see Google search is suggesting lots of different phrases for the
keyword “eyelashes”.
So the first thing to do is target long-tailed keyword phrases for your searches.

If we type in “how to grow your eyelashes fast” on Google we see that there
are just over 161,000 results.

However, what is interesting is that there is a link to ArticleDashBoard article
on the first page for this keyword phrase.
As you can see from this article the user has used a “presell page” or a landing
page to direct people to the CPA offer.

Another keyword phrase that is being searched for a lot of times is “how to
grow your eyelashes naturally”.

If we type this phrase on Google we can see that competition is not high at all.
As you can see there are just over 31,900 results for this keyword which means
it will be very easy to rank any of your articles on the first page.

Now when it comes to writing articles I always use a simple “Presell page” that
I direct people to Blogger or Squidoo Lens.

You can even use as they provide you with good templates.

Other variations of this phrase include “how to grow your eyelashes thicker”
which Google suggests on its homepage.

If we type this keyword on Google we again see that competition is less for this
As you can see there are just over 40,000 results for this keyword which means
again there is less competition and an easy way to rank on the first page for
your articles through the use of these long tailed keywords.

When it comes to submitting your articles make sure your article title is the
same as the long tailed keyword. So for example, “how to grow your eyelashes
thicker” should be your article title or “tips on how to grow your eyelashes

As you can also see (from above) people are actually looking for ways to “grow
their eyelashes” so that means your CPA offer on eyelashes is the right kind of
promote to this kind of market 
Traffic From Keyword Rich Domains
Another great way to generate traffic to your CPA offers is to simply use a
keyword rich domain name. A keyword Rich domain name is simply a domain
name that contains all of your main keywords in the domain name.

For example, from the above example we can see that the keyword “how to
grow your eyelashes” is being searched a lot of times so we can head over
Instant Domain Search and see if there are any searches being done.

As you can see at the time of writing this report the domain
“ is available”.

Once you register your domain name then simply set up a one paged website
with a few paragraphs of unique content on “how to grow eyelashes”.

Start submitting your one paged site to social bookmarking sites and
eventually you will be on the first page of Google.

Autopilot traffic = $$$$

I hope you now have several traffic generation ideas on how to make more
money from your CPA offers.

In the videos for CPA Relapse I will talk about traffic generation traffic in more
in detail where I show you several powerful methods of directing traffic.

Imran Naseem

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