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                                          lished by the Ukrainian National Association Inc., a fraternal non-profit association!

 Vol. LIX                               Mo. 4 1               THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                      50 cents

In Ukraine's Supreme Council                                                                Ukraine remembers Babyn Yar
Parliament votes to boycott Union structures,
passes law on Ukrainian citizenship
            by Chrystyna Lapychak                  "There are two processes happening
               Kiev Press Bureau                simultaneously. On the one hand we are
                                                building an independent sovereign
    KIEV — Reconvening last week in             Ukraine and on the other the Soviet
 the Ukrainian capital, the Supreme             Union is disintegrating. In this process
 Council of Ukraine took several major          of disintegration of the union there
 steps toward realization of its August 24      exists a danger to our sovereignty.
declaration of independence and U-              Therefore, we must participate in some
 kraine's secession from the disinte­           way to protect our interests," said Mr.
 grating Soviet Union.                          Hryniov.
    The most dramatic decision came on             "We were one of the founders of the
 Wednesday, October 9, when the Ukrai­          union, so we should honorably leave it,"
 nian legislature voted to boycott all all-     said Mr. Hryniov.
union political structures of the former           The resolution "on deputies' groups
 Soviet Union, particularly the USSR            from Ukraine in the Council on the
 Supreme Soviet, scheduled to convene           Republics and the Union Council in the
 on October 21 in Moscow.                       USSR Supreme Soviet during the
    After declaring that the union was          transitional period" states:
dead, the Ukrainian Parliament autho­              "Taking into account that the USSR
rized Volodymyr Hryniov, its second             Supreme Soviet, according to the
deputy chairman, to contact the leaders         USSR law 6on organs of state power
of all the former Soviet republics about        and government of the USSR during
creating a new inter-republican or inter­       the transitional period,' is given the
state council for the transitional period       right to pass laws, effective on the
to oversee "the orderly demontage of            territory of sovereign republics, which
the former union."                              contradicts the Constitution of U-
                                                kraine, the Act on the Independence of
    "We are acknowledging that the              Ukraine, the Declaration on the State
 political structure of the all-union           Sovereignty of Ukraine, deputies'
 structure, the Supreme Soviet, no              groups will not be sent to the Council on
 longer exists," said Mr. Hryniov during      . the Republics and Union Council of the
 the debate over the issue.                     USSR Supreme Soviet."
    "However, we must decide on a                  The second point of the resolution
 mechanism for our participation in the         authorizes the Presidium of the Su-
 process of the dissolution of the union."               (Continued on page 2)

Kravchuk forges ties with France
during meeting with Mitterand                                                                                                                     j|Chrystyna Lapychak

                                                                                Thousands honor the memory of those who perished at Babyn Yar during the Nazi
   JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Ukraine's "listened very carefully" to his                                         occupation of Kiev, 1941-1943.
Supreme Council Chairman Leonid analysis of the current situation in the                by Chrystyna Lapychak             ing" on September 29, the first day of
Kravchuk stopped over in Paris on his former USSR.                                          Kiev Press Bureau             mass shootings at a ravine called Babyn
way back to Kiev for a brief meeting         Mr. Kravchuk said that he had told                                            Yar in 1941. That day thousands ga­
with French President Francois Mit­ President Mitterand that Ukraine               KIEV — A weeklong series of events thered at the Babyn Yar monument,
terand on October 3.                     would have ties with other republics initiated by the Ukrainian government erected by Soviet Ukrainian officials in
                                                                                commemorating the mass killings of
   The delegation, which included Ana- only in the fields of economics and Jews, Ukrainians and others by the 1966 to the "Soviet victims of the
toliy Zlenko, Ukraine's minister of collective security. He said Ukraine Nazis at Babyn Yar culminated with a fascists," with no mention that the
foreign affairs, and Valeriy Krav-       would not become a part of any union                                              primary victims were Jews and then
                                                                                memorial ceremony on October 5, end­
chenko, the minister of foreign econo­ with Moscow and that it wanted to ing 50 years of official Soviet silence and other non-Aryan nations, Ukrainians,
mic relations, was met at the airport by become integrated into the interna­                                               Russians, Poles and others.
                                                                                beginning a new phase in Ukrainian-
the Ukrainian permanent representa­ tional community. He said that al­ Jewish relations.                                     Serhiy Komisarenko, a deputy prime
tive to UNESCO, Alexander Slip-          though foreign aid would help Ukraine,                                           minister of Ukraine, who chaired the
                                         it will become an independent state       Official delegations from the United Ukrainian government's Babyn Yar
chenko, and officials from the French                                           States, Israel, the Federal Republic of organizing committee, Dr. Yuriy
                                         without aid as well.
Foreign Ministry.
                                             Mr. Kravchuk dicussed Ukraine's Germany, as well as Ukrainian govern­ Shcherbak, Ukraine's minister of the
   Chairman Kravchuk told TASS nuclear-free policy, which calls ment and parliamentary officials joined environment, Oleksander Mosiyuk,
before the meeting that he wanted to for the destruction of missiles on Kiev's Jewish community, residents, mayor of Kiev, addressed the crowd
discuss economic cooperation in the Ukrainian soil rather than the transfer survivors and eyewitnesses in events that came to the monument bearing
fields of power engineering, aircraft of them to another country.               throughout the week of September 29 to flowers and photographs of relatives
building and electronics, and the "esta­     Mr. Kravchuk also met with French October 6 remembering the 200,000 and friends who were killed at Babyn
blishment of political cooperation since National Assembly Speaker Laurent victims, mostly Jews, .massacred in Yar.
Ukraine has become a sovereign state." Fabius and Foreign Minister Roland Nazi-occupied Kiev 50 years ago.                   The memorial meeting was then
    After his meeting, Mr. Kravchuk told Dumas to discuss potential bilateral      The "Memorial Days" began with a moved over to the site of the massacre,
 reporters that President Mitterand had Г Є І С Ш О І І Ь .                     city wide "Day oi Memorv and Mourn­                (Continued on page 8)
                                                              THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                                             No. 41

       Soviet space program complex                                                                                                       Newsbriefs
       discovered in Dnipropetrovske                                                                                                      from Ukraine
     KIEV - Another surprise has              of problems to untangle. Even
  emerged in the wake of the dis­             though it produces half of the Soviet
  mantling of Soviet power structure in       Union's steel, exports 40 percent of            9 KIEV - A poll taken by the                             Ф TRANSCARPATHIA - A new
  Ukraine, reported The Washington            the oil it refines (though much of this      Institute of Sociology of the Ukrainian                  Subcarpathian Republican Party is
  Post. It turns out that the Soviet          oil is imported in the first place), and     Academy of Sciences found that 63                        being organized on the basis of the
  space program is based in a huge            uses only, half of the electricity it        percent of those who responded favor                     Carpathian Rusyn Society. Its goal is to
  complex in Dnipropetrovske. This            produces, Ukrainian officials have           independence and 17.3 percent oppose                     make Transcarpathia a separate repub­
  complex, employing 50,000 workers,          had no access to even the most basic         it. A group of sociologists from the                     lic within a new "loose confederation."
  is where the Soviet space shuttle and       economic figures, such as Ukraine's          same institute that conducted a survey                   (URP-Inform)
  Sputnik rockets are built.                  total output.                                for the Ukrainian Supreme Council
                                                 Few Ukrainian officials have had          found different results: 74 percent for                      e KIEV - The Ukrainian Ministry
     The Ukrainian government was                                                                                                                    of Energy, in an attempt to develop
  largely unware of the details of this       training or experience in running an         independence and 12 percent against.
                                              economy since everything was con­            They found that 41 percent would vote                     alternative energy sources, will pur­
  program before the coup and is still                                                                                                               chase SI million worth of electric
  trying to find out exactly what goes        trolled from Moscow. State mono­             for Leonid Kravchuk, and 9 percent
                                              polies still operate about 98 percent        would vote for Vyacheslav Chornovil                       windmills in Denmark to be installed in
  on inside the factory, said the recent­                                                                                                            the Crimea, which has the most ideal
  ly appointed privatization minister,        of the factories in Ukraine, accord­         for president in the scheduled Decem­
                                              ing to Volodymyr Pylypchuk, the              ber 1 elections. (RFE/RL Daily Re­                        climate for such purposes. The Crimea
  Vladimir Lanavoi. He joked about                                                                                                                   already has 40 such windmills, as the
  how the officials who were not              chairman of the legislature's Com­           port)
                                              mission on Economic Reform and                                                                         region consumes 8 billion kilowatts of
  supposed to know about the complex                                                                                                                 electricity per year. Ukrainian specia­
  spoke about its production of "bar­          Management.
                                                                                              ^ KIEV — Ukraine's new Minister of                     lists estimate that wind power in the
  rels."                                         Because of the Chornobyl disaster,        Defense, Konstantin Morozov, said                         Crimea can generate 13 billion kilo­
     Oleksander SavchenkoJ an econo­          many Ukrainians wish the republic            that Ukraine should take command of                       watts per year. (RFE/ RL Daily Report
  mist of Rukh and advisor to the             to be nuclear-free. This includes not        the Black Sea fleet and that a defense                    based on Radio Kiev)
  Ukrainian government, told Post             only the missiles which caused such          council and general staff is being
  correspondent Peter Maass that              consternation in Washington, but             formed to oversee the changing of                           ф BUKOVYNA, Ukraine - New oil
  there are about 2,000 military facto­       also the power plants. Minister              Soviet military units on Ukrainian                        deposits, whose crude is light and has
  ries in Ukraine that were operated by       Lanavoi said that because there is           territory to Ukrainian military units,                    low sulfur content, have been dis­
  Moscow. He said officials are hoping        such an energy surplus in Ukraine,           according to Narodnaya Armiya (Na­                        covered in North Bukovyna, Chernivtsi
  that the plants possess sophisticated       the six nuclear plants that produce 18       tional Army) newspaper. He also said                      region. The first well, near the village of
  technology that can now be convert­         percent of its energy could be shut          that Ukrainian military academies                         Lopushanske, is located 713 meters
  ed to non-military uses. Unfortu­           down "without any loss to our coun­          would be set up soon.                                     above sea level and has already pro­
  nately, this seems unlikely to work          try."                                          Meanwhile, on October 7 the Presi­                     duced industrial quantities of oil.
  out well judging from the past expe­            Collective farms, which take up 97       dium of Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers                    Further drilling confirmed that there
  rience of Poland and East Germany.           percent of the land, are also a well-       approved draft laws that would create a                   are more deposits at the same depth of
  Many of the factories there have not         known model of incompetence. The            Ukrainian National Guard and army.                        over 4,000 meters. (RFE/ RL Daily
  been able to compete with Western            private farms, which account for            The army would be for defense pur­                        Report based on Pravda Ukrainy)
  countries.                                   only 3 percent of the land, produce 28      poses only, and be limited to 450,000
     Although independence is initially        percent of the food, The Washington                                                       ^ MOSCOW - Since the price of
                                                                                           people. The laws are partially meant to     gold in Ukraine has soared from 50
  exhilarating, Ukraine has a plethora         Post noted.                                 transform Ukraine into a neutral state      rubles to 186 rubles per gram (85 to 315
                                                                                           and a nuclear-free zone called for in the   dollars at the inflated official exchange
                                              sufficient for social interaction" for all   Declaration on State Sovereignty of
Parliament...                                 citizens.                                    Ukraine. (RFE/RL Daily Report)
                                                                                                                                       rate), dentists in Ukraine cannot finish
                                                                                                                                       dental work already begun on patients.
        (Continued from page 1)                                                                                                        According to Sergei Kolomiets, dental
                                                 With the exception of applicable                                                      adviser to the health department of the
preme Council of Ukraine and U-                                                               ^ DNIPROPETROVSKE - Zoria, Kiev City Council, dentists have not
kraine's Cabinet of Ministers to autho­       bilateral agreements between Ukraine         formerly the Ukrainian Communist received gold crowns or money for their
rize delegations to inter-republican          and other states, individuals who desire     Party's regional committee's news­ purchases since the price of gold more
coordinating organs.                          to become citizens must give up all other    paper, changed its name on September than tripled, although they were pro­
                                              citizenship, take an oath to Ukraine, the    6 to Narodna Haze ta, but left every­ mised that the difference in gold prices
   The third point offers all USSR            text of which is to be determined by the
people's deputies from Ukraine posi­                                                       thing else pretty much the same. The would be made up by the Finance
                                              Ukrainian Supreme Council and must           editorial staff is still the same, and the Ministry. He also said that teeth which
tions as paid consultants to the Ukrai­       have lived on the territory of Ukraine
nian Parliament if they so choose.                                                         contents of the paper have not change had already undergone dental work for
                                              for the last five years.                     much either. In their letters to the editor crowns would deteriorate rapidly unless
   During Tuesday's session, the Ukrai­                                                    section, the "Public Barometer," only they were fitted quickly. (Reuters)
nian legislature passed a historic law on       The Ukrainian Supreme Council also
citizenship, establishing sole.. Ukrai­       passed a resolution on Tuesday "on the       one letter supported the Ukrainian
nian citizenship for all former Ukrai­        position of the press, television and        Supreme Soviet's proclamation of               ь KOLOMYIA - Festivities mark­
nian SSR citizens on the territory of         radio of Ukraine during the coup d'etat      independence. All others condemned ing the 750th anniversary of the city's
Ukraine for the first time in over 70         and measures resulting from this."           the proclamation and the flying of founding were held here on September
years.                                                                                     Ukrainian flags. One of the letters 5. A memorial stone was placed where a
                                                                                           actually maintained that many mem­ monument of Taras Shevchenko used
   The law stipulates that "Ukraine has          The resolution gives the Cabinet of       bers of Ukrainian democratic groups to stand before it was destroyed during
sole citizenship. On the basis of bilateral   Ministers of Ukraine until January 1,        had supported the coup. (Respublika) World War I. (Respublika)
treaties between states dual citizenship      1991 to make a decision on the demo-
is permitted." The second phrase was          nopolization and reorganization of
added as a compromise, following              Ukrainian television and radio, gua­
appeals by deputies from heavily Rus­         ranteeing conditions for creative:, and
sian-populated areas, particularly
Svitlana Ostroushchenko, a conserva­
                                              financial independence of its employee
                                                                                              Ukrainian WeeUi                                                  FOUNDED 1933
tive deputy from Odessa.                                                                       An English-language Ukrainian newspaper published by the Ukrainian National
                                                 The measure also sets a deadline of
                                                                                               Association Inc., a non-profit association, at 30 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N J .
   Kiev deputy Ivan Zayets, one of the        October 21 for the Cabinet of Ministers
chief authors of the new law, said that he    to complete its overview of the propo­
believed it was highly unlikely that          sals of the temporary parliamentary
                                                                                                                 Second-class postage paid at Jersey City, N J . 07302.
Russia and Ukraine would sign an              commission of inquiry into the actions
                                                                                                                                (ISSN - 0273-9348)
agreement on dual citizenship and said        of government and other officials
that the vote was a victory for sole          during the putsch of August 19-21 to             Yearly subscription rate: S20; for UNA members -                    S10.
citizenship and for Ukrainian state­          fire the president and vice-president of
hood.                                                                                           Also published by the UNA: Svoboda, a Ukrainian-language daily newspaper.
                                              Ukrainian Television and Radio.
   "I come here today as a citizen of the                                                       The Weekly an.1 Svoboda:                                                        UNA:
USSR and I leave here a citizen of              The Cabinet of Ministers will also be           (201)434-02J/,-0807,-3036                                                      (201) 451-2200
Ukraine," said Volodymyr Smetanin,            charged with creating and introducing a
deputy chairman of the parliamentary          system of state support of the press by           Postmaster, send address
human rights committee, in Russian, as        the end of the year and review the idea           changes to:          I                Editor-in-chief:   Roma Hadzewycz
he presented the draft law on citizenship     of creating a Ministry of Information.           The Ukrainian Weekly/                  Associate editors: Marta Kolomayets
                                                                                               P.O. Box 346                                              Chrystyna Lapychak (Kiev)
on Tuesday.                                     The Parliament decided that its news-                                                 Assistant editor   Khristina Lew
                                                                                               Jersey City, NJ. 07303
   Mr. Zayets also pointed out one of         paper, Holos Ukrainy, will also be
the important points of the new law,          published in Russian, in addition to                T h e U k r a i n i a n W e e k l y , O c t o b e r 1 3 , 1 9 9 1 , N o . 4 1 , V o l . LIX
which requires "knowledge of the              Ukrainian, and once a week will include             C o p y r i g h t 1 9 9 1 by T h e U k r a i n i a n W e e k l y
Ukrainian language to the extent              a section in another language.
                                                              THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                    3
No. 41

Dmytro Pavlychko discusses
Ukraine's future in Philly
by Tamara Stadnychenko-Cornelison              300 at Philadelphia's Ukrainian Cul-
                                               tural and Educational Center. Mr.
    PHILADELPHIA - Established in              Pavlychko's appearance at the World
1949, the prestigious World Affairs            Affairs Council was covered by the local
Council of Philadelphia is a non-profit,       ABC affiliate; a report on the event was
non-partisan organization dedicated to         aired on the station's evening news
the task of educating its 5,000 members        program.
and the public about global affairs. In           The program at the World Affairs
recent years, the World Affairs Council        Council was opened by Council Presi-
has hosted numerous foreign statesmen          dent Buntzie Ellis Churchill who greet-
and dignitaries, among them Turkish            ed guests and introduced Philadelphia
President Turgot Ozal, Pakistani Prime         attorney Gregory Saputelli. Mr. Sa-
 Minister Benizar Bhutto, Russian Presi-       putelli then introduced Mr. Pavlychko
 dent Boris Yeltsin, and former French         who, in English, thanked the staff of the
 President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.            World Affairs Council and the mem-
     On Tuesday, October 1, at a reception      bers of the Ukrainian Human Rights
 and luncheon co-sponsored by the               Committee for inviting him to Philadel-
 Ukrainian Human Rights Committee,              phia. His lecture, in Ukrainian, was
 the World Affairs Council's featured           translated by Sergiy V. Koulyk, second
 speaker was Dmytro Pavlychko, chair-           secretary of the Permanent Mission of
 man of the Foreign Relations Commit-           Ukraine to the United Nations.         Dmytro Pavlychko (center) gives interview to Philadelphia's ABC affiliate; Sergiy
 tee of Ukraine's Parliament.                                                                   V. Koulyk translates for the Ukrainian poet-turned-politician.
     Mr. Pavlychko, who was in the                  Declaration of independence
 United States and Canada as a member                                                  determination to be a nuclear-free tered that Ukraine's choice in this
                                                Mr. Pavlychko first spoke about nation which had no need for and no matter was both moral and correct, that
  of the Ukrainian delegation headed by
  Ukrainian Chairman of the Supreme          Ukraine's August 24th declaration of desire to keep the 173 nuclear ICBMs these weapons posed a threat to the
  Council Leonid Kravchuk, had pre-          independence, an event that he said was now on its territory. He explained that entire world, and that a worse image
  viously visited Philadelphia as a guest of an inevitable if long-awaited rejection 130 of these missiles were already would be projected by a nation;, pos-
  the Ukrainian Human Rights Commit-         of 73 years of colonial occupation. He targeted for destruction by the recent sessing and brandishing such weapons
  tee in April. At that time, he spoke       called the recent events in the Soviet U.S.-Soviet arms accord, and vowed as a symbol of its might.
  about the democratization of Ukraine       Union the beginning chapter of a new that Ukraine would ensure that they
                                             history, not only for Ukraine and the would be destroyed and would en-                    Demise of Communist Party
  and about the inevitability of the
  collapse of the Soviet empire.             other republics, but for Europe and for courage other republics to comply with         Mr. Pavlychko next spoke of the
     Six months and a failed coup later,     the entire world. He dismissed the the terms of the accord and rid them- official demise of the Communist Party.
   Mr. Pavlychko elaborated on these         claims of those who warned that the selves of all such weapons. "What," he There are, he stated, some who still
   themes before guests of the World Affairs disintegration of the Soviet Union queried, "can these weapons give us? believe in communist ideology and they
  Council, and, later that evening, before   would lead to nuclear madness as They are a waste of mental energy and are welcome to their beliefs and wel-
   an enthusiastic audiencejrf more than      centrist propaganda, stressing Ukraine's money. We don't want half a million come to form themselves into a new
                                                                                       people working on this. They can be party. Ukraine, if it is to succeed as a
                                                                                       more productive elsewhere."               democracy, must allow a multi-party
           North American youths to conduct                                              In response to a question that sug- system of government and if the com-
                                                                                       gested this urgent desire to dispose of munists wish to have a political party,
         public awareness campaign in Ukraine                                          nuclear weapons would give Ukraine a that party should be legal.
                                                                                       "wimpy" image, Mr. Pavlychko coun-                  (Continued on page 10)
         TORONTO - In preparation for from varying historical perspectives;
     the December 1 referendum on and the campaigners who will distri-
     Ukrainian independence, 40 young bute the pamphlets and posters at
                                                                                                    "We will not veer off
     professionals from Canada and the 420 targeted coal mines and facto-
     United States will travel to eastern ries.
                                                 The campaigners will work with
                                                                                                    path of independence"
     and southern oblasts in Ukraine to
     conduct a public awareness cam- regional representatives of Rukh,                               by Ika Casanova              American governments, especially
                                              SNUM (the students'association), the                                                Mr. Kravchuk's meeting with Presi-
   ' P ai 8 n -                                Republican Party, the Democratic               The following interview was con- dent George Bush?
         The two-month campaign, which Party of Ukraine, members of Plast                  ducted bv Ika Casanova (for The
     began on October 9, will focus on the as well as local contacts established                                                     I was present at the meeting and I
                                                                                            Weekly) and Petro Chasto (for Svo- can say that President Bush met with
     dissemination of information on by Mr. Wrzesnewskyj in his years of                   boda) during Dmytro Pavlychko's us as representatives of an indepen-
     independence via pamphlets and work for the Ukrainian Helsinki                        visit to the editorial offices on dent state, although we didn't for-
     posters in the Donetske, Dnipro- Group, Rukh and last summer's
     petrovske, Luhanske and Zaporizh- Dzvin march.                                        October 3, 1991.                       mally raise the issue of the immediate
      zhia Oblasts, areas in which the                                                        As chairman of the Foreign Rela- recognition of Ukraine by the U.S.
                                                 Travel and accomodations are              tions Committee of the Supreme on the diplomatic level. This will
      referendum may not go through, arranged by Mr. Wrzesnewskyj and
      according to 30-year-old Toronto campaign representatives in U-                      Council, what is your assessment of come after the referendum. The
      entrepreneur Borys Wrzesnewskyj, kraine. Campaigners will travel at                  the meetings that Leonid Kravchuk cordiality with which we were re-
      the campaign's organizer and spon- the invitation of the Prosvita Ukrai-             and his delegation had with represen- ceived in the two meetings in the
      sor.                                                                                 tatives of both the Canadian and White House speaks well for the
                                               nian Language Society.                                                             interest the U.S. has in Ukraine.
         "These areas are extremely impor-
      tant to an independent Ukraine,"           The campaign's editorial board                                                   Prime Minister Brian Mulroney also
      explained Mr. Wrzesnewskyj, "They departed for Kiev's Hotel Ukraina,                                                         showed a positive attitude towards
      house Ukraine's heavy industries and     which will serve as the project's                                                   Ukraine and its independence. In this
      energy basins."                          headquarters, on October 9. On                                                      respect, I consider our trip to Canada
          According to Mr. Wrzesnewskyj, October 16, the first half of the                                                         and the U.S. to have been very
      the campaign's goal is two-fold: to campaigners will depart for Kiev,                                                        successful.
      disseminate information on indepen-      and on November 10, the remaining                                                      We made it clear to both leaders
      dence to those oblasts in Ukraine        half will follow.                                                                   that we will not veer off the path of
       where information is not readily           Mr. Wrzesnewskyj, who departed                                                   independence which we have taken.
       accessible or where apparatchiks for Kiev on October 3, muses on the                                                        We also questioned the policy of
       remain deeply entrenched, and to campaign's long-range goals: "You're                                                       support to the center, and finally, we
       create a sense of commitment to raised in a certain way and it becomes                                                      asked that from any financial or
       Ukraine on the part of North Ameri- a part of you. As a result you're a part                                                humanitarian aid allocated to the
       can youth.                              of a nation, a part of a whole. We                                                  center, an appropriate amount be
          The young professionals traveling who have been raised in the Western                                                     sent directly to Ukraine.
       from Canada and the United States system can be an incredible resource                                                          In our discussions, both in Canada
       will be divided into three subgroups: for Ukraine. In time we may have an                                                    and the U.S., the emphasis was on
       the mechanical and electrical experts active role to play in Ukraine's new                                                   the need to proceed without delay to
       who will oversee two printing presses government."                                                                           organize the Ukrainian economy to
       capable of printing up to 100,000          For those traveling to Ukraine in                                                 ensure that the basic needs of the
       pamphlets and posters a day; the the next two months who would like                                                          population are met. At the moment,
       editorial board comprising profes- to join the campaign at their own                                                         aid can take the form of credits which
       sors, writers and artists who have put expense, contact Katya Masnyk,                                                        later can turn into other types of
       together various pamphlets and (416) 604-3242 for more information.                                                                   (Continued on page 4)
       posters highlighting independence
                                                         kungary a c t t u . o e nas 310V^n 12 ot                             " o\e      Z   J   К 510 е   r
                                                                                                                                                               \     L " 3 /"P
   - ^ZC      4d^ LnOnilS " . . SO iTH лОї               QUlte еХСеПіЮПс                                                v ^a'o oe tne oes, example L i : ітч                      t?T     leglOf     "CUlC           О 'OV   i^   ^ T\
                                                              After the declaration o п о е о е г -                     c.ear hovv man\ oi tnem will rems -                       ьз te, і m a i e D o r j a S , "c і ^ J z"
      \ e a ^ o naa mecings with tine                    аепсе 1 went tc Warsaw 4 o u pro-                              Communist, but I woulc venture to                          hu oiau с о т а be msanitec v d огсе
airector^ of tnc Vvona Bank and trie                     babiv know tnat it has been agreec                             ^av that probably not many at a.i                         and within a time frame d^fie^e^
Liternauonai Monetary F u n c anc                        thai a representative of tne Ukrai­                            Just consider, they didn't oppose tre                     than thai of the otner reg^on^ oi
we re hopeful tnat these meetings wiL                    n i a n g o v e r n m e n t will be sent to                    d e c l a r a t i o n of i n d e p e n d e n c e acr'     Ukiaine But I would ooint out tha
aiso bring about positive results                        Warsaw and soon thereafter, without                            they did not even protest the disso­                      we h a v e to be c a u t i o u s foi sucb
     Today, we had a meeting with Dr                     waiting for the referendum, we olan                            lution of the Party                                       restructuring could lead to the disin­
Henry Kissinger, who showed keen                         to e s t a b l i s h d i p l o m a t i c r e l a t i o n s .       It is t h e d e m o c r a t i c m i n o r i t y       tegration of Ukraine,
interest in our situation.                               Indeed, relations with Poland are                              which, in effect, sets the political                          Does the Resyn question in Trans­
     Overall, I can say that at every                    very good. A consular agreement has                            agenda in Parliament. We have to                          carpathia present an analogous pro­
instance, we experienced full under­                     already been signed and we are ready                           work towards parliamentary consen­                        blem?
standing of our particular situation                     to open our consulate in Warsaw.                               sus; we have to forget party diffe­                           Yes, to a certain degree, but here
and respect for the decision we have                     Poland understands that the emer­                              rences and put yesterday's quarrels                       we're dealing with petty provocation
taken to attain full independence for                    gence of an independent Ukraine is a                           behind us; we have to pass without                        instigated by Hungarian and Czech
our country. I would say that at this                    stabilizing factor for Poland's own                            delay the necessary resolutions to                        sources. This movement doesn't have
very moment, we are witnessing a re­                     statehood.                                                     address the serious economic pro­                         a solid foundation since it has at­
orientation of the foreign policy of                         We have also signed a consular                             blems that we are facing. Democracy                       tracted basically ill-informed people.
the U.S. and the West — from the                         agreement with Austria. This agree­                            has to work for the well-being of our                         M e a n w h i l e in T r a n s c a r p a t h i a
unconditional support of the center                      ment was signed, on Austria's own                              p e o p l e . T o d a y , we s h o u l d all be           people speak standard Ukrainian.
to an interest in the developments                       initiative, on September 26, here, in                          working for the referendum.                               And one might point out that already
taking place in the individual repub­                    New Y o r k by U k r a i n e ' s F o r e i g n                                                                           before Shevchenko, poetry in Trans­
lics.                                                    Minister Anatoliy Zlenko. This                                   Lately, you have been much in­
                                                                                                                        volved in politics but you are best                       c a r p a t h i a w a s b e i n g w r i t t e n in
     Currently, the representatives                      means that we can open our consu­                                                                                        Ukrainian. Transcarpathia was al­
from 11 republics are meeting in                         late in Vienna any time.                                       known for your poetry. Have you
                                                                                                                        been able to devote any time to your                      ways Ukrainian. One finds the blue
Alma-Ata to discuss                    the various           Greece has also expressed interest                                                                                   a n d y e l l o w n a t i o n a l flag in t h e
options of economic interrelations. It                   in signing a consular agreement with                           writing?
                                                                                                                                                                                  emblem of Transcarpathia. And, in
has been reported that the Ukrainian                     Ukraine. We expect that soon we will                                                                                     terms of its recent history, Transcar-
                                                                                                                            W e ' r e a l l i n v o l v e d in p o l i t i c s
representatives have decided to post­                    also normalize our relations with                                                                                        pathian Ukraine was the last Ukrai­
                                                                                                                         today. I rarely have the time to write
pone their decision as to whether to                     Czecho-Slovakia and Italy.                                                                                               nian state.
                                                                                                                        poetry these days. My latest poem is
sign those agreements. What does                             We are closely following events in                         - "Kliatva;" I read it at the Forum of                        I'm truly surprised by this pheno­
this mean?                                               Yugoslavia. We fully support the                               the Ukrainian Intelligentsia in Kiev                      menon, all the more so because a
     That's correct. Ukraine has not                     Croatians in their struggle for inde­                          (and here, in St. George Ukrainian                        number of poets who, so-to-speak,
signed a n d reserves the right to                       p e n d e n c e . We have p r o p o s e d t o                  Catholic Church in New York.)                             only yesterday were Ukrainian pa­
postpone its decision.                                   recognize Croatia's independence and                               I do expect to be able to return to                   triots, today have become patriotic
     I can add that we will not sign any                 should do so shortly upon our return                           normal life perhaps in two to three                       Rusyns. Fine, let them be Rusyns, if
agreement and we will not enter into                     to Ukraine.                                                    years. A new generation of talented                       they so desire. There are Rusyns in
any Soviet structure which would                             Finally, I might add that the West                         young people is growing up — real                         Yugoslavia; let there be Rusyns in
s u p e r s e d e t h e s o v e r e i g n t y of o u r   is also keeping a close watch on the                           politicians, lawyers. To mention just                     Transcarpathia. Granted, this is a
state. We can and will have relations                    developments in Ukraine.                                       a few names — Viktor Bed, Ihor                            phenomenon which should not be
with other republics. Moreover, if                           What kind of relations can U-                              Derkach, Serhiy Holovaty, Valeriy                         suppressed, however, while in Pria-
some kind of new union is formed,                        kraine have with Russia?                                       Ivasiuk, Yuriy Kostenko, Ivan Za-                         shivshchyna (Slovakia) and in Yugo­
which could, perhaps, be structured                          We are not thinking of sealing off                         yets, among others.                                       slavia t h e r e a r e p e o p l e w h o call
around Russia, Kazakhstan and                            U k r a i n e with b a r b e d wire from                           In our Narodna Rada or, National                      themselves "Rusyns," in Transcar­
other Asian republics, in that case we                   Russia; we have always had and                                 Council (the bloc of the democratic                       pathia the majority of inhabitants are
could also establish relations with                      c o n t i n u e to have close ties. We                         opposition), which constituted less                       Ukrainians.
them on the same basis as with other                     expect that the old stereotype that                            than one third of Parliament, we had                         In the last decades, the Ukrainians
countries such as Poland, Hungary                        Ukraine is part of Russia will be                              many talented people, representing                        of T r a n s c a r p a t h i a h a v e m a d e a
or other European countries.                             abandoned and forgotten.                                       all government-related professions.                       substantial contribution to Ukrai­
     Above all, we need to maintain our                      Only our independence can unite                            To mention but a few: Volodymyr                           nian cultural life.
economic contacts and we are not                         us with R u s s i a . T o d a y , R u s s i a n                Pylypchuk, Lev Lukianenko, Vya-                              We all were once "Rusyns;" but we
about to cut them off. But we will not                   democrats are beginning to under­                              cheslav C h o r n o v i l , the b r o t h e r s           have become Ukrainians.
be a party to any Council (soviet)                       stand that the independence of U-                              Mykhailo and Bohdan Horyn; Ivan                                                   ft ft ft
which would have its seat in Moscow                      kraine ultimately has a stabilizing                            Drach, Volodymyr Yavorivsky; such
and would direct the economy. We                         function in the current situation,                             p e o p l e as V i k t o r S h y s h k y n , the              Finally, I would like to conclude
will not agree to a common currency;                     d o m e s t i c a l l y as well as i n t e r n a ­             newly-appointed procurator general                        with an observation regarding the
we have already made arrangements                        tionally, and is instrumental in the                           of Ukraine; Konstantin Morozov,                           sincere commitment of the Ukrai­
for the printing of our own currency.                    consolidation of democracy in Rus­                             Ukraine's minister of defense, as well                    n i a n d i a s p o r a to the p r o c e s s of
     We are well aware that the most                     sia itself.                                                    as ethnic Russians who are Ukrai­                         building of Ukrainian statehood.
elementary form of sovereignty of                            With respect to the center, the                            nian patriots even though they do not                         During our visit to Canada, Dr.
t h e f o r m e r Soviet U n i o n w o u l d             Supreme Soviet no longer has any                               speak Ukrainian.                                          Volodymyr Oneskiw presented Mr.
become a cancerous cell that would                       relevance; the only remaining institu­                                                                                   Kravchuk with a legal document
b r i n g a b o u t o u r d e s t r u c t i o n . We                                                                        At the second congress of Rukh,                       donating his country estate, (100
                                                         tions are Gorbachev's presidency and
cannot accept the notion of main­                                                                                       Mr. Chornovil said that in his opi­                       hectares), in Dalkieth, Ontario as the
                                                         the ministries of foreign affairs and
t a i n i n g s o m e k i n d of e l e m e n t a r y                                                                    nion, it would be best if Ukraine were                    site of the future Ukrainian embassy
                                                         defense. But the Ministry of Defense
Soviet Union as a juridical subject of                                                                                  to have a federative structure. What                      in Canada. (This provision will apply
                                                         k n o w s t h a t U k r a i n e has a l r e a d y
international law, be it in the mili­                                                                                   is your opinion regarding this matter?                    once Ukraine attains full indepen­
                                                         established its own ministry of de­
tary, economic, monetary, transpor­                      fense and is creating its own armed                                Ukraine is actually a federation;                     dence).
tation, or any other sphere — we                         forces.                                                        i.e., the Autonomous Republic of                              In New York there is the Ukrai­
simply cannot allow this to happen                           I think that the Russians them­                             Crimea is part of Ukraine but is                         nian Mission to the United Nations;
because we know perfectly well that                      selves should accept the emergence of                          autonomous at the same time.                              we d o n o t w a n t t o give u p this
one can s t a r t with s o m e t h i n g as              an independent Ukraine. Even Presi­                                In principle, Mr. Chornovil's idea                    building to which Ukraine has rights,
simple as a common train schedule                        dent Gorbachev should do so. Having                            is a sound one but at the moment, let                     but this would not be a proper place
and end up once again, with the loss                     made his mark as a great reformer, if                          me emphasize here, at the moment —                        for a Ukrainian consulate.
of sovereignty. Ukraine's position on                    he were now to hinder the stabiliza­                           this is not the time to bring up this                         As head of the C o m m i t t e e on
this issue is unequivocal — we will                      tion of an independent Ukrainian                                matter and to proceed to create these                    Foreign Affairs, I. would be most
not accept anything less than full                       state, we would, in effect, once again                         countries — a process that could lead                     grateful if the Ukrainian American
independence for Ukraine.                                be dealing with the same phenome­                               to the disintegration of Ukraine.                        community was to consider, after the
                                                         non that we have seen throughout                                   I think that Ukraine should be an                     December 1 referendum, the possibi­
    What are Ukraine's relations with                                                                                    independent state for at least 10-20
                                                         h i s t o r y — G o r b a c h e v would be                                                                               lity that its most prestigious and
the neighboring East European                                                                                            years before reaching such a federa­
countries?                                               acting like the czars and communist                                                                                      r e p r e s e n t a t i v e b u i l d i n g s — the
                                                         rulers before him. Ultimately, this                             tive structure. Moreover, one has to                     Ukrainian Institute of America in
     Hungary is the first country to                                                                                     understand that this is an open
                                                         would be to his detriment.                                                                                               New York City, which was bequeath­
have recognized Ukraine. Already                                                                                         process. There is always the possibi­                    ed to the Ukrainian community by
last April, we went to Budapest. I                         Can one speak of an opposition in                             lity that those who want autonomy                        William Dzus, and the St. Sophia
migru add, against Moscow's will.                        today's Parliament?                                             toud^ may not want it later: that is to                  Religious Association of Ukrainian
Moscow had sent communiques to                             There can only be opposition n                                say, time will tell                                      CatnMics building in Washington,
ihr 4 v t ga'ian government warning                      there is something to oppose. Under                                Today і would be agamsi the                           D.C ясол ?c b^ Ca r dhvai osyf
    . :\ ь :.г\к,      /e serious repercus-              .re circumstances, the our ^suic                                immediate re^ructunng о" Uk.aln                          SL ^             — vvZJuJd be fiuing si'es fo r
 - -' ' I T t i.c;i. ritrigcr) receded us                sbotii, t^t-ze upor i ^  'T   si                               ^    "K     d ^eCi^iL         T
                                                                                                                                                       Z           w ,   ' 1" c    J v ^ - u d i C ' o m a . ^ r?o? cc ' т я н с
No. 41                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY      SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991

ORGANIZING MEETING                                                                       SUPREME ASSEMBLY OF THE
NJ.-N.Y.            districts             during the first eight months of 1991.
                                          She noted that 891 new members in­           UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
   JERSEY CITY, N.J. - New Jersey's sured for S6,354,000 had been enrolled                    SUPREME                      WALTER KWAS
 four district committees as well as the by branch secretaries; thus, the 1991                                             Soyuzivka, UNA Estate
 New York City District Committee of annual quota had been filled by 44.5                EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE               Kertionkson, N.Y. 12446
 the Ukrainian National Association percent. Last year at this same time the
 held a joint organizing meeting here at membership drive had brought in 58             Supreme President                  WALTER KORCHYNSKY
                                                                                                                           212 Meadowbrook Pky E.
the UNA headquarters building on percent of the organizing quota, she                      ULANA M. DIACHUK                Horseheads, N.Y. 14845
Saturday, September 21.                   added.                                           30 Montgomery Street
                                                                                           Jersey City, N J . 07302
   Some 50 representatives of the            Mrs. Diachuk then went on to single                                            WASYL LISCYNESKY
                                                                                                                            4257 Dentsler Road
districts' branches and district officers out the following organizers for their         Supreme Vice-President             Parma, Ohio 44134
attended, as did area members of the      successes: Michael Kihiczak, Branch
                                                                                           NESTOR OLESNYCKY
UNA Supreme Assembly, including 496, who enrolled 112 members; Joseph                      17 Garthwaite Ter.               PAWLO DOROZYNSKY
Supreme President Ulana Diachuk, Chaban, Branch 242, 35 members;                           Maplewood, N.J. 07040            297 College Street
Supreme Secretary Walter Sochan, Supreme Auditor William Pastuszek,
                                                                                                                            Toronto, Ont.
                                                                                                                            Canada M5T1S2
Supreme Treasurer Alexander Blahit- 21 members.                                         Supreme Director for Canada
ka, Supreme Advisors Roma Hadze-            Also cited by the supreme president                                             VASYL LUCHKIW
                                                                                          JOHN HEWRYK
wycz, Andrew Keybida and Wasyl were: Supreme Auditor Stefan Ha-                           327 McAdam Avenue                 49 Windmill Lane
Luchkiw,and Honorary Member of the wrysz, 18 members; Dr. Atanas Slu-                     Winnipeg, Manitoba                New City, N.Y. 10956
Supreme Assembly Mary Dushnyck.           sarczuk, Branch 174, 16 members; and            Canada R2W 0B3
                                          Michael Turko, Branch 63, 14 mem­                                               Editor-in-Chief
   After a luncheon, Mrs. Diachuk bers.                                                 Supreme Vice-Presidentess         of Svoboda
began the proceedings by welcoming all      Among districts, Mrs. Diachuk noted           GLORIA PASCHEN
                                                                                                                          ZENON SNYLYK
present and delivering a report on the that the Troy/ Albany District is in first         235 N. Aldine Avenue
                                                                                                                          30 Montgomery Street
                                                                                          Park Ridge, III. 60068
UNA's over-all organizing results                 (Continued on page 12)                                                  Jersey City, N.J. 07302

                                                                                        Supreme Secretary
                                                                                                                          Editor-in-Chief of
                                                                                          WALTER Y. SOCHAN
                                                                                          30 Montgomery Street            The Ukrainian Weekly
                                                                                          Jersey City, N.J. 07302         ROMA HADZEWYCZ
                                                                                                                          30 Montgomery Street
                                                                                                                          Jersey City, N.J. 07302
                                                                                        Supreme Treasurer
                                                                                          ALEXANDER G. BLAHITKA
                                                                                          30 Montgomery Street            Director of the
                                                                                          Jersey City, N.J. 07302         Washington Office
                                                                                                                          EUGENE IWANCIW
                                                                                              SUPREME                     400 North Capitol St., N.W.
                                                                                        AUDITING COMMITTEE                Suite 859
                                                                                          WILLIAM PASTUSZEK               Washington, D.C. 20001
                                                                                          9 So. Chester Road
                                                                                          Swarthmore, Pa. 19081
                                                                                                                          Manager of Soyuzivka
                                                                                          ANATOLE DOROSHENKO               JOHN A. FLIS
                                                                                          1664 Taurus
                                                                                                                           Foordmore Road
                                                                                          Cedarburg, Wise. 53012
                                                                                                                           Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12446

                                                                                          WASYL DIDIUK
                                                                                          30 Allenhurst Drive, Apt. 402
                                                                                          Islington, Ont.                  HONORARY MEMBERS
                                                                                          Canada M9A 4Y8                        OF THE
                                                                                                                           SUPREME ASSEMBLY
                                            Justin Da Conceicao, son of Mr. and           STEFAN HAWRYSZ
                                                                                                                           MARIA CHUCHMAN
                                            Mrs. Michell Da Conceicao of Perth            155 Erdenheim Rd.
Jesse To Feidmus, son of Abe and                                                          Philadelphia, Pa. 19118          Sis Peter Ь Paul Residence
Nadlne Feidmus of Englishtown, N.J.,        Amboy, N.J., is a new member of UNA                                            No. 329
Is a new member of UNA Branch 104 in        Branch 104. Justin was enrolled by his        TARAS SZMAGALA
                                                                                                                           221 Miiner Avenue
                                                           parents.                                                        Scarborough, Ont..
Perth Amboy, N.J. He was enrolled by                                                      10976 Tanager Trail              Canada M1S 4P4
his grandparents Maria and Wasyl                                                          Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Matkowsky. Mr. Matkowsky is secre­                                                                                         STEPAN KUROPAS
          tary of Branch 104.                                                            SUPREME ADVISORS                  3301 N. Newland
                                                                                          TEKLA MOROZ                      Chicago, III. 60634
                                                                                          345 36th Avenue
                                                                                          Lachine, Quebec                  JAROSLAW PADOCH
                                                                                          Canada H8T 2A5                   71 East 7th Street
                                                                                                                           New York, N.Y. 10003
                                                                                          EUGENE IWANCIW
                                                                                          6138 N. 12th Street              GENEVIEVE ZEREBNIAK
                                                                                          Arlington, Va. 22205             239-C Portage Lakes Dr.
                                                                                                                           Akron, Ohio 44319
                                                                                          ROMA HADZEWYCZ
                                                                                          30 Montgomery Street             ANNA CHOPEK
                                                                                          Jersey City, N.J. 07302          678 44th Street
                                                                                                                           Los Alamos, N.M. 87544
                                                                                          ALEX CHUDOLIJ
                                                                                          281 Urma Avenue                  WALTER ZAPARANIUK
                                                                                          Clifton, N.J. 07013              1211 Downer Avenue
                                                                                                                           Utica, N.Y. 13502
                                                                                          ANYA DYDYK-PETRENKO
                                                                                          16050 Dorset Road               MARY DUSHNYCK
                                                                                          Laurel, Md. 20707               2 Marine Avenue
                                                                                                                          Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209
                                                                                          ANDREW JULA
                                                                                          15 Sands Avenue                  BOHDAN T. HNATIUK
                                                                                          Ambridge, Pa. 15003              535 Prescott Rd.
                                                                                                                           Merion Station, Pa. 19066
                                                                                          ANNE REMICK
                                                                                                                          ANNA HARAS
                                                                                          10 Sunnyside Avenue
                                                                                          Canton, Mass. 02021             1930 Green leaf Street
                                                                                                                          Bethlehem, Pa. 18017
                                                                                           ANDREW KEYBIDA
Melanie Ann Scuderi, daughter of            UNA Supreme Director for Canada                19 Rutgers Street
                                                                                                                          MYRON B. KUROPAS
Frank and Deborah Scuderi, is a new         John Hewryk submitted this photo of a          Maplewood, N.J. 07040
                                                                                                                          107 iiehamwood Drive
                                            future reader of The Ukrainian Weekly                                         De Kaib, III. 60115
member of UNA Branch 13 in Water-
vliet, N.Y. She is seen above in the arms   and one of the youngest member of             HELEN OLEK-SCOTT                Very Rev. STEPHEN BiLAK
of her grandfather, Peter Kobasa. Mr.       UNA Branch 445 in Winnipeg. She is            7644 W. Rosedale Avenue         1750 Jefferson St., Apt. 301
Kobasa and his wife, Anna, enrolled         Victoria Todhunter, who happens to be         Chicago, III. 60631             Hollywood, Fla. 33020
      little Melanie into the UNA.              Mr. Hewryk's granddaughter.
                                                              THF UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                          No. 41

                                                                                            FOR THE RECORD: U.S. statement
                                                                                            at Moscow human rights meeting
   Ukrainian WeelclУ                                                                          Following are excerpts of a statement
                                                                                            delivered on September 16 by Ambassa­
                                                                                            dor Max Kampelman, head of the U.S.
                                                                                            delegation, at the Conference on the
                                                                                            Human Dimension held in Moscow.
                                                                                                                                           lics. The Ukrainian Parliament released
                                                                                                                                           all political prisoners after its Declara­
                                                                                                                                           tion of Independence; and its Sover­
                                                                                                                                           eignty Declaration includes an under­
                                                                                                                                           standing to protect the rights and
          Peace Corps in Ukraine                                                               ...The passing of communism in this
                                                                                           country is welcomed by all. A new
                                                                                                                                           freedoms of all peoples who live within
                                                                                                                                           its borders and not Ukrainiansalone.
                                                                                                                                           The Russian republic gives continued
                                                                                           structure of governance is being creat­         dramatic evidence of its commitment to
       Two weeks ago, U.S. President George Bush and Ukrainian Supreme                     ed. In one immediate sense, it has              democracy, the Rule of Law and politi­
    Council Chairman Leonid Kravchuk agreed to establish a Peace Corps                     already, with the enthusiastic approval         cal pluralism. We have every confidence
    program in Ukraine, which will result in the first placement of U .S. volunteers       of our government and the other states          that it will resist the temptation of
    on what was considered, until most recently, Soviet territory.                         here, added to our numbers. We are              authoritarian government by decree.
                                                                                           now 38 and no longer 35. This brings the         Moldavia and Armenia have endorsed
       The Peace Corps was founded 30 year? ago, at a time when the                        thought to mind, however, that the
    Berlin Wall was going up and the Iron Curtain sealed off communications                                                                and ratified the major international
                                                                                           number 38 might not represent the end            human rights documents. A number of
    between Eastern Europe/the Soviet Union and the West.                                  of the process. What does this mean?             the republics, furthermore, have set up
                                                                                            Could a CSCE consisting of 40 to 45, or         parliamentary human rights commit­
       Today, the Corps is revitalizing, renewing its commitment to its core                more states avoid being different from a
    mission: to help people in other countries buildbetter lives for themselves and                                                         tees and have adopted bilateral agree­
                                                                                            CSCE of 35 states? Would further                ments protecting the rights of minori­
    their families.                                                                        additions produce a change of chem­              ties.
       With the demise of communism, the Peace Corps has made inroads into the             istry, a change of approach, a possible              We cannot ignore other facts, how­
    countries of Eastern Europe; within the last two years, it has been invited to          change of spirit and perhaps of dedica­         ever, that cause us concern. We cannot
    set up programs in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Czecho­                       tion. We will have to think seriously           be sanguine, for example, about an
    slovakia, where it has established English-language teaching programs and               about the implications of those possible        election, as in Azerbaijan, where the
    started small business programs to work with local governments on economic              challenges.                                     process produces only one candidate for
    development. In Eastern Europe, it also hopes to set up environment                         The Soviet Union is becoming a              president. We read that Uzbekistan has
    management and agricultural development programs.                                       different land with a new political             taken repressive measures against de­
                                                                                            definition. The constructive and sti­           mocratic forces. Repression is used
        According to outgoing Peace Corps Director Paul D. Coverdell, the Peace             mulating addresses by President Gorba­          against Byelorussian political activists.
    Corps is the world's largest teacher of English as a second language -                  chev as well as the remarks from                Killings of Ossetians in Georgia conti­
    teaching more than five million people the language of commerce and                     President Yeltsin of the Russian Repub­         nue and are unacceptable blatant viola­
    international communication. It has also made significant contributions to              lic and Foreign Minister Pankin heard           tions of CSCE requirements. Indeed,
    improving agricultural productivity in various countries.                               in this hall last week, together with the       the inexplicable statements from the
                                                                                            composition of the Soviet delegation            head of the government in Georgia seem
        These skills, perhaps the most important in a nation such as Ukraine, which         have filled us all with a sense of excite­      to challenge the very essence of CSCE
     is undergoing a renaissance,                                                           ment as we see a genuine determined             principles on ethnic minorities. The
    is undergoing a renaissance, will also allow the people of Ukraine to acquaint          move toward democracy across this                restrictions on fundamental freedoms,
    themselves with a new philosophy, one that teaches them to help themselves              vast land. The peoples and governments          even of the local Georgian population,
    instead of waiting for aid to come from the state. Ukraine's citizens will be           of this country are moving forward               гиш: contrary to all that we aspired to
    exposed to programs that promote initiative and the principles of freedom               using giant steps, but we must acknow­          achieve in signing the Charter of Paris.
    and democracy.                                                                          ledge they are giant steps into a vast               Increased violence accompanied by
                                                                                            unknown.                                         expulsions and persecution of Arme­
        It should be underscored that the Peace Corps is a volunteer organization               It is no less than tragic that the central   nians in Nagorno-Karabakh have
     and its goals are to serve the interests and needs of the people who invite them.      government of the Soviet Union was a              raised expressions of outrage by human
     The Peace Corps volunteers, who range in ages from 18 to 70, work for a two-            ruthlessly repressive and brutal one.            rights groups in my country and else­
     year period in their assigned country, adapting to local living conditions,             The many millions who were deprived             where. My government associates itself
     learning the language spoken in the host country, understanding its culture.            of the opportunity to express and fulfill       with those strong protests. We note the
                                                                                             their national, ethnic and religious            comments of the Foreign Minister of
        The volunteers grow enriched by their foreign experience, and come back              traditions,' and aspirations, felt               Azerbaijan from the Soviet seat in this
     to the United States as informal ambassadors of the country they served; the            thoroughly alienated from that central           meeting, but in no sense can they justify
     experience is one of mutual benefit and the leaders of Ukraine should be                government. At the first opportunity —           the increasing violence. We condemn all
     commended for their pioneering efforts along the long and difficult road of             and the opportunity is now — they                violence in the area and urge the parties
     nation-building.                                                                        eagerly rush to disassociate themselves          to refrain from any action that will serve
                                                                                             from that central government, being              to exacerbate this crisis. If the parties
                                                                                          x skeptical of its altered image. This is           expect to be a part of the European
                                                                                             understandable, but I trust that as the          mainstream, they must work to resolve
                                                                                             republics in this country achieve                the dispute by negotiation and not
                                                                                             greater self-government, they will not           through armed might, local or central.
                            Turning the pages back...                                        further deprive themselves of the oppor­
                                                                                             tunity to contribute the vivid colors of
                                                                                                                                                 We are also aware that none of the
                                                                                                                                              republics is ethnically homogeneous.
                                                                                             their own cultures to a bright rainbow           We know, for example, that about 30
                                                                                             of colors stretching in a coordinated            million Russians live in those republics
                                                                                                            this vast
                               The KGB's diagnosis of mental illness in the case of the way acrosspeoples of land, lighting the               outside of Russia and their human
                                                                                                      The                   Soviet
                            late Gen. Petro Grigorenko, war hero turned human rights skies.that opportunity the a better Union
                                                                                             have                      for          future
                                                                                                                                              rights must be respected. There is a
                            activist and dissident, was recently reversed.                                                                    seriously growing problem of internal
                                                                                                              free themselves from the
     Born on October 16, 1907, Gen. Grigorenko was a firm believer in the Soviet if they can ancient hates and narrow
                                                                                             shackles of
                                                                                                                                              refugees and the discrimination they
 system. He started his career in the Red Army, where he served in three wars and bigotry. This country can be a "united                      frequently suffer. We know thrtt the
 rose to the rank of major-general by 1958. He was twice wounded in World War II,                                                             tradition of human rights does nc t have
 and received a number of medals. Afterwards, he was a professor and head of the nationalitiesthe miniature" serving as an                    deep roots in a number of the republics.
 cybernetics department at the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow for 16 years. example to                        world.                       In that connection, we wonder whether
     In 1961 he gave a speech at the 21st Communist Party Congress which marked a                We are encouraged by a number of
 turning point in his life. In it, he criticized Nikita Khrushchev, corrupt officials and    democratic developments in the repub­                         (Continued on page 13)
 the privileges of party VIPs and called for the democratization of the Communist
 Party. This earned him a reassignment to a remote post in the Far East. While on
 leave in Moscow in 1963^ he distributed leaflets for the Alliance for Rebirth of
 Leninism, a group he and his son had started. He was arrested and sent to the                   UNA Fund for the Rebirth of Ukraine
  notorious Serbsky Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, where he was diagnosed as
  mentally ill, and as a result was sent to Chernyakhovsk Special Psychiatric Hospital

  for 14 months.
                                                                                                                                     The Home Office of the Ukrainian National
     After he was released he had to work as a porter and longshoreman, because he                                                Association reports that, as of October 9, the
  was stripped of his military pension, his rank as general and his membership in the                                             fraternal organization's newly established
  Communist Party. He began to champion the cause of the Crimean Tatars exiled in
  Central Asia. He testified on behalf of several dissidents in Tashkent in 1969 and                                              Fund for the Rebirth of Ukraine has received
  was arrested soon after. A psychiatric commission declared him mentally sound,                                                  9,204 checks from its members with donations
  but he was sent back to the Serbsky Institute where a KGB colonel, Dr. Danil                                                    totalling 5 2 3 1 , 8 1 5 . 0 1 . The contributions
  Lunts, diagnosed him as a "schizophrenic of the paranoid type." He then spent more                                              include individual members' donations, as
  than four years in a psychiatric hospital.                                                          'jt    і—ю         ч^       well as returns of members' dividend checks
      His case of psychiatric abuse was the first to be denounced by a Soviet                          V ^ r^. v l V ^                ' i n t e r e s t payments on promissory notes.
I psychiatrist, Dr. Semyon Gluzman, who wrote that "psychiatry is a branch of
I medicine and' ftbt of реіШІ teW...doctoit Who cbmttiit such inhumane acts us
                                   (Continued on page 11)
No. 4 1                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                             7

                                               many were neither administrative nor
Off base                                       corporate types.
                                                                                                       Faces and Places
                                                  Third, in his fear that the deputies
on deputies                                    might learn nothing about America's
                                                                                                              by Myron B. Kuropas
Dear Editor:                                   problems, Mr. Lempert apparently
   When someone is so far off base as          forgot about the milieu in which these
David Lempert was in his recent letter         deputies were reared. School children in
on the visit to the U.S. by the 13             the Soviet system have for over 70 years
Ukrainian deputies, it is hard to know         been well indoctrined concerning all the      x
where to begin in trying to correct all the
wrong information. It is also surprising
                                               evils of capitalism (real, exaggerated,
                                               and imagined), which the writer feels
                                                                                               Not everyone listened to their voices'
and depressing that someone with               were glossed over when the deputies
                                               visited the U.S. Unless the deputies slept      The breakfast for Chairman Leonid his tune. "But," he continued, "in our
Lempert's background (attorney, law                                                         Kravchuk at Chicago's posh Mayfair future independent Ukraine things will
teacher and scholar) should be so              through all their schooling, they must
                                               have all received a good deal of "in-        Regent Hotel on Lake Shore Drive was be much better for women and they will
critical in public about the work of                                                        organized by business people which is play a major role in our government."
others when he was so poorly informed          struction" in the areas in which Western
                                               society has not sufficiently handled         probably why it started on time.          - Then, as if remembering her for the first
about it. He claims that the deputies
were "given a glittery view by a small         societal ills. By the way, the Soviets          Not that Ukrainians were not in- time, he added, "already we have a
group of people for whom our system            forgot to tell these people about our        volved. Ihor Wyslotsky, president of woman as minister of culture and she's
works best," that the "trip was ar-            supermarkets. It was the shock of a          Redex, an international packaging performing admirably."
ranged by" a law firm that "represents         lifetime, especially for the Communist       corporation, and Jaroslava Zelinsky            Mr. Kravchuk's most dramatic re-
large corporate and institutional in-          members among the group, to see              Johnson, Chicago attorney with Hin- marks came later in the day during his
terests" (a crime by definition?), but         typical American supermarkets for the        shaw and Culbertson specializing in visit to Ukrainian Village where he met
then he ends his letter with the request       first time. I guess the U.S. does some-      international commerce, were prime with children from Chicago's Saturday
"How about trying to organize some             thing right.                                 movers behind the reception.                schools who had been brought to the
non-corporate, non-U.S. administra-               The trip's main purpose was for the          Mr. Wyslotsky and Mrs. Johnson are reception hall just to meet Ukraine's
tion visits" for the deputies "so they can     deputies to become acquainted with           president and chairperson respectively president. The children sang recited
hear some other views?" To whom is             how the U.S. government functions.           of the America Ukraine Business poetry, and asked questions. Visibly
this question addressed? It is pretty hard     Another was for them to "be seen" and        Council. Founded just last August, the moved, Mr. Kravchuk responded in
to organize a trip for 13 legislators to       to raise consciousness among non-            council's main goal is to open and kind.
visit anywhere without corporate or            Ukrainian Americans about Ukraine's          maintain markets in Ukraine.
government involvement —why doesn't            quest for democracy. Lempert makes                                                          "Your parents dreamed of an inde-
the author give it a try himself? Is Mr.       no reference to the fact that the de-           I had heard that Mr. Kravchuk was a pendent Ukraine," he told the students.
Lempert also so naive as to believe that       puties' trip began in Indiana (not           smooth operator and I wasn't dis- "And they asked many questions of us.
all of the corporate and administrative        normally described as a "glittery" place)    appointed. His performance was almost Why wasn't the Ukrainian language
people whom the deputies did meet              so that they could learn more about the      flawless. He struck all the right chords being spoken in Kiev? Why so much
spoke with one voice and had one               interaction between state and federal        with his largely Ukrainian audience fear? Why the famine? Why did thou-
viewpoint?                                     government. The deputies had a very          which included, among sundry V.I.P.s., sands have to die? Not everyone listened
   First among Mr. Lempert's mistakes          fruitful experience there and were           Ukrainian Chicago's church leaders.         to their voices. But they were heard,
is the impression he gives that only one       welcomed to and spoke on the floor of           "As fast as the Berlin Wall collapsed," even though we had no real ties. Today I
— he intimates nefarious — law firm            both chambers of the State legislature.      began Mr. Kravchuk, "so did the dark have the honor to tell you children that
underwrote the deputies' trip, when, in           While in Washington, the deputies         cloud that hovered over us for so many we have declared a sovereign nation-
fact, their trip was made possible by a        met with government officials in all         years."                                     state and we called it Ukraine...You will
grant from the United Stales Informa-          three branches and at many different            "No ideological stereotyping will grow up and visit Ukraine and she will
tion Agency, supplemented by some 14           levels, making contacts with their           separate us in the future," he continued. be a rich, democratic, industrial state.
other financial supporters, including          American counterparts in the process.        "My land is your land and together we You will be proud." Powerful words
the AFL-CIO. Second, many different            They met with Ukrainian Americans            will build a new Ukraine."                  coming from a former Communist.
individuals and volunteers of varied           employed at all levels in the federal
backgrounds coordinated numerous               sector, but they were also briefed by          As if to affirm Ukraine's new ideolo-          As impressed as I was with Mr. Krav-
segments of the deputies' schedules;           non-government organizations and             gical road, Mr. Kravchuk's remarks           chuk's optimism, I was unimpressed
                                               individuals concerned with Ukrainian         included references to Taras Shev-           with some members of his entourage. I
                                               issues as well as private sector business    chenko, Lesya Ukrainka,Mykhailo              spent time with one of his ministers and
Urges change                                   enterprises. They were given much
                                               reading material on the U.S. system,
                                                                                            Hrushevsky, and other revered national
                                                                                                                                         he seemed more concerned with his low
                                                                                                                                         wages and poor living conditions than
of anthem                                      including government reports that
                                               included complex issues and problems            As enthusiastic as he seemed to be        with anything else. Others struck me as
                                                                                            about Ukraine's future, Mr. Kravchuk         little different from Soviet bureaucrats I
Dear Editor:                                   common to all legislators.                                                                had encountered many times before —
   This letter is being written to ques-                                                    did not paint an entirely rosy picture
                                                  As any tourists coming here, the          for the short run. There are hurdles, he     glassy-eyed,dull, uncommunicative,
tion our national anthem. I feel that if I                                                                                               impersonal, unidimensional know-it-
have these thoughts, others may -be            deputies toured Washington's monu-           admitted. Western Ukraine is moving
                                               ments and public sites. They were also       faster than eastern Ukraine where            alls. If they represent Ukraine's future,
thinking the same and maybe some                                                                                                         we're all in trouble.
good will come of it.                          guests at evening dinner parties held in     private ownership and property are still
                                               Maryland, Washington, D.C., and              viewed with suspicion, he said. "Eastern
   The music in our national anthem is         Virginia, to which many people were                                                          Although his reception in Ukrainian
lovely, but I question the lyrics. I believe                                                 Ukraine still has a collective mentality.   Village was cordial, the UCCA unoffi-
                                               invited. The night before the deputies       Much relearning lies ahead." Despite
we have been inflicting a great injustice      left for New York, they were guests of                                                    cially boycotted his visit. Other Ukrai-
to our Ukraine by singing these words,                                                      problems, however, Mr. Kravchuk's            nians voiced their displeasure more
                                               honor at a large community dinner            consistent message was one of "we will
"Ukraine has not yet died" or "Shche Ne        (which cost something like S25 a per-                                                     openly. Some 20 picketers marched
Vmerla Ukraina." Our anthem is a                                                            overcome."                                   across the street from the meeting hall
                                               son). The deputies were seated not at a
prayer; and a prayer, to be answered           head table but singly among the appro-          Time and time again he mentioned          showing their displeasure with signs and
quickly, should never be in the nega-          ximately 400 other people attending.         Ukraine's independence and his convic-       shouts. I interviewed one of the protes-
tive. In the past 20 to 30 years, I have       (Deputy Ivan Zayets, for instance, sat       tion that Ukraine's December referen-        tors who politely explained that most of
been able to disseminate this informa-         with a group of students.) The at-           dum will pass overwhelmingly. "I can't       them were recent arrivals from Ukraine.
tion to a few Ukrainians and to my             mosphere was free and informal and           imagine our people voting not to be          "We know Kravchuk" he told me. "He's
relatives here and in Lviv. I suggested        anyone could approach the deputies to        free," he said.                              an apparatchik, part of the nomenklatura
that "Ukraine still lives" instead of "has     speak with them, which many people                                                        that kept us supressed for so many
not yet died," and my comments were                                                            Asked about the KGB, Mr. Krav-            years. He's an opportunist. He comes
                                               did. It was a heartwarming, truly            chuk assured his audience that steps are
well received.                                 community event and one at which the                                                      here and says what you want to hear.
   In these critical times for the indepen-                                                 being taken to corral the dread organi-      Don't trust him. Ukraine needs to go
                                               deputies expressed their great pride in      zation. It won't be easy, he suggested.
dence of our country, every prayer is          the Ukrainian life they observed in the                                                   forward. With Kravchuk it will go
vital. Would it be possible to have the                                                     People who were next in line to take         nowhere."
                                               United States. Years of Soviet propa-        important posts in the KGB are very
lyrics changed? I am convinced, if             ganda would have led them to believe
positive words were used, Ukraine                                                           bitter because they see no future. "To
                                               that the Ukrainians in the diaspora had      really reform the KGB we need to train          A leaflet distributed by the pro-
would have complete independence               forgotten their culture and their native                                                  testors declared that Ukraine needs "a
within one year.                                                                            our people, our own specialists," he
                                               language, and those of the deputies who      explained.                                   leader with qualities that will benefit the
   We have not yet won our indepen-            were in the U.S. for the first time                                                       entire nation. Qualities of integrity,
dence, for there are still a lot of pitfalls   expressed their happiness that this was         Asked why there were so few women         honesty, belief in a free democratic
ahead. Is it possible to change these          not only not the case but that so many       in high government posts, Mr. Krav-          government and society and most of all
words and disseminate them through-            Ukrainian Americans have become              chuk struck his first sour note. "Wo-        an inborn love of Ukraine and its people
out Ukraine? Do we have the right              successful and respected members of          men have so many responsibilities," he       — not adopted politically for his own
contacts, the organization, and the            American society as well, despite having     began, "at home, raising children,           selfish motives and gains."
proper drive to effect this change?            begun life here as penniless World War       standing in line to get food, how can we
                                               II immigrants.                               also expect them to be involved with            Mr. Kravchuk is obviously not their
                             O. Kuchar                                                      government?" Sensing that his remarks        candidate. In December we'll know if
                       Manchester, N.H.                (Continued on page 14)               were raising hackles, he quickly changed     he's Ukraine's candidate.
                                                                                THE UKRAINIAN WFEKLY                    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                No. 41

Thousands participate in international commemorations for victim;
      (Continued from page 1)                              people, the official delegations bearing
the ravine in a park not far from the                      wreaths walking the "path of death"
current monument, where the Ukrai-                         taken by the victims through an old
nian and Kiev city authorities put up a                    Jewish cemetery to the menorah, where
large menorah in memory of the Jewish                      they lay their flowers and candles in
victims, who were the primary victims                      memory of the dead.
killed in the first few days beginning                        The delegations then proceeded
September 29, 1941.                                        through the park to an open air stage
   At that spot, leaders of Kiev's Jewish                  where the memorial ceremonies took
community and survivors recalled how                       place, including addresses by the heads
the Soviet authorities denied the Jewish                   of the official delegations, including
and national nature of the tragedy and                     Ukrainian Supreme Council Chairman
would forcibly disperse anyone who                         Leonid Kravchuk, U.S. Special Envoy
visited the ravine on its anniversary.                     Jonathan Bush, Israeli Education and
                                                           Culture Minister Hammer, German
   For 48 years, one survivor, Raisa
                                                           Vice-President Rita Susmut and USSR
Dashkevych of Kiev, recalled as she
                                                            special envoy Alexander Yakovlev.
stood above the ravine, she re-
mained silent about the fact that she had                     "Dear friends! The history of rela-
survived and was afraid to admit she                       tions between the Ukrainian and Jewish
was Jewish in an environment "where                        peoples is complex and dramatic," said
the Communist Party wished to erase                        Mr. Kravchuk during his address. "It's
all national and religious distinctions."                  had its light and its dark pages. Not one
   The weeklong series of commemora-                       of us has the right to forget anything.
tions, photo and document exhibits, a                      But we should remember not in order to
                                                           rub open old wounds, but in order that
scholarly conference, various round-
                                                           we never let them happen again in the
table discussions, concerts, a ceremony
                                                           future. May our memories include more
honoring "righteous" Ukrainians who
                                                           often that which unites us and not the
saved Jews during the Holocaust and
                                                           differences between our peoples," said
the final weekend of events were all
                                                            Mr. Kravchuk.
geared at bringing out the truth about
Soviet silence and anti-Semitism in                            "The Ukrainian state guarantees all
addition to the Nazi genocide, begun                       people equal rights and respect irrespec-
with Babyn Yar.                                            tive of their national or social heritage,
  "The new Ukrainian government is                         race or color of their skin, political
now making efforts to remember, not to                     beliefs or religious c o n v i c t i o n s . All
forget, to admit that most of the people                   n a t i o n a l m i n o r i t i e s will h a v e e q u a l
who were exterminated were Jews. It                        possibilities for their development, will
                                                                                                                        A menorah, honoring the massacred Jewish victims of Babyn Yar,is
means that they want to open a new                         be active participants in building our
                                                                                                                                            unveiled near the ravine.
page in relations between the Jewish                       independent Ukrainian state...
people and the Ukrainian people," said                          "Before the whole world we declare
Zvulun Hammer, Israel's minister of                        the unacceptability today of the ideolo-
education and culture, during the                          gical c o n s i d e r a t i o n s of the former
opening last week of the first Jewish                      regime in Ukraine, which disregarded
school in Kiev in 50 years.                                human rights and the rights of nations,
                                                           hid the historic truth about the tragedy
   "The will to renew Jewish life here,                    of Babyn Yar from people, that the
for instance, with schools that will be                    majority of victims of the mass shoot-
initiated by Israel, by the Jewish dias-                   ings fell to the fate of Jews. This was
pora and the community in Kiev, are                        genocide and the guilt lies not only with
signs that there is a will — and I know                    the fascists, but those who didn't stop
there is a will — I have spoken to deputy                  the murderers. Part of it we take on
c h a i r m a n of U k r a i n e ' s P a r l i a m e n t   ourselves. Today's sad ceremonies —
(Volodymyr) Hryniov when he visited                        are also an appropriate opportunity to
Israel recently and the M i n i s t e r of                 apologize before the Jewish people,
Culture Larysa Korolets — and I feel                       a g a i n s t which so m a n y injustices
that they want to strengthen and deepen                     occured in our history. It is difficult, but
relations with the state of Israel," said                   necessary that people admit their mis-
Mr. Hammer during the October 3                             t a k e s a n d a p o l o g i z e . W i t h o u t this
opening. "It means not to forgive, but it                   progress is impossible."
means that we want to remember what
happened and we're opening new pages                            In another gesture, Mr. Kravchuk re-
in our relations and I think it's positive."               iterated his support of U.S. President
                                                            George Bush's initiative for a review by
   During the October 3 official dedica-                    the United Nations of its evaluation of
tion of the Jewish school in a former                       Zionism as racism in its documents.
Ukrainian kindergarten in Kiev's Obo-
                                                              Chairman Kravchuk also presented
lon district, Rabbi Yakov Bleich, an
                                                            Kiev's Jewish community, represented
American rabbi running the Ukrainian
                                                            by Rabbi Bleich, with a century-old
capital's only synagogue, called the
                                                            Torah from the Ukrainian government
school a "ray of hope" for the reviving
city's Jewish community.
                                                               Well-known American actors Cliff
   Some 270 children are registered at                     Robertson and Tony Randall, Jewish
the school, with about as many appli-                      actor Chaim Topol and Ukrainian actor
cants for enrollment in the grades 1-11                    Bohdan Stupka then read fragments
program, taught in Hebrew, Ukrainian,                      from the "Black Book" of Elias Eren-
R u s s i a n a n d English, a c c o r d i n g to          berg and Vasily Grossman. Renowned
school administrators.                                     Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko
    The Ukrainian government has also                      joined the actors in a dramatic reading
 initiated a competition for best design                   of his poem, "Babyn Yar."
 of a new monument to the victims of                           The event ended with a premiere
 Babyn Yar, focusing on the Jewish                         symphonic performance of the requiem
 tragedy, as well as a memorial complex                    " B a b y n Y a r , " w r i t t e n by D m y t r o
 to include a library of archives and                       Pavlychko and composed by Yevhen
 documents, a concert and meeting halls,                    Stankevych.
 a place for inter-faith religious services                    The week's events were concluded on
 and more. The complex will be built on                     Sunday, October 6 with an mter-
 a spot in the same park in northwestern                    confessional memorial service at the
  Kiev where the ravine is located.                         site of the massacre and an evening
    The events culminated at dusk on                        performance of the "Babyn Yar" re-
  Saturday, October 5, with thousands of                    quiem at Kiev's Opera House.
                                                                                                                         Representatives of Kiev's City Council lay a wreath at the Babyn Yar     The official U.S.
       All photos on these pages by Chrysiyna Lapychak and Taras Szmagala.                                                        monument during week-long ceremonies in Kiev.
                                                               THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                  9
      No. 41

)f Babyn Yar tragedy during weeklong events in Kiev

at In the opening of the first Jewish    Waving an Israeli Hag, a Kievan takes part in    One man holds a photo of his family members who perished in Babyn Yar, as others
hool s- if k .
J . M I in Kiev.                          the 50th anniversary commemorations.                             place flowers at the foot of the monument.

 jation to Babyn Yar, headed by President George Bush's brother, Jon, also
  includes UNA Supreme Auditor Tares Szmagala.                                           At a ceremony for the righteous, Ukrainians who saved Jews are honored.
ю                                                             THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                        No. 41

Dmytro...                                     country if they think this was only an act
                                              of parliament and not the will of the
                                                                                           George Bush and Canadian Prime
                                                                                           Minister Brian Mulroney, commenting
                                                                                                                                        asked his audience to remember that
                                                                                                                                        "economic aid is an aid to democracy."
         (Continued from page 3)              people? And we cannot be afraid of our       that both Mulroney and Bush had
                                              people," the Ukrainian poet continued.       expressed a particular interest in U-                Presidential elections
    Ukraine does not want a system that
includes political prisoners, but, he                                                      kraine's role in the disintegration of the      Mr. Pavlychko concluded his lecture
added, the communists must understand                 Economic independence                Soviet Union.                                with comments on the upcoming
that their party is no longer the ruling         Mr. Pavlychko also spoke about               He added that Mr. Bush had called         presidential elections, stating he was not
party and they must begin as the demo­        Ukraine's need for economic indepen­         Ukrainian Americans "a numerous and          overly concerned with the outcome. In
crats began, from scratch. And the            dence. He pointed out that a Ukraine         influential force" in the United States.     the new Ukraine, he explained, the
Communist Party poses no threat, he           dependent on a centralized monetary          (Pavlychko and many of those present         people will not rely on the President; the
continued, because it was hollow              unit issued in Moscow cannot survive.        were duly amused by this reference in        President will rely on the people. There
to begin with. People joined to               "What happens if they refuse to distri­      light of Bush's recent remarks in Kiev).     are, he continued, nearly 50 presidential
get ahead, to further their careers, to       bute their money in Ukraine? We can't        During his previous visit to Washington      candidates, some supported only by
make life a little easier. Now the party is   pay our workers. And how can we deal         (in April), Mr. Pavlychko noted, he was      their wives. "So you can see we are
disbanded and not one of the three            with an international market with            told by American officials that an           becoming very democratic," he mused.
million communists came forth to              currency that is virtually worthless?"       independent Ukraine would be recog­             He referred to Ukraine's distant past
protest. No one came out waving a red           In the near future, he continued,          nized only when it had its own money,        as a precedent for democracy in con­
flag. No one started a hunger strike.         Ukraine will be issuing its own money;       its own army, its own borders. "Now,"        temporary Ukraine. "During the Middle
"And our old enemies in the communist         in the interim it will circulate special     he quipped, "the same people are saying      Ages, Ukraine was the only democratic
press are silent or are now praising us.      checks (coupons) which Ukraine's citi­       let's wait for the referendum. And I         state in Europe. We had no kings, we
Ukrainian radio wakes the country up          zens can use domestically in lieu of the     think that's when full recognition will      had elected Kozak leaders. Maybe if we
at six a.m. with the Ukrainian national       ruble. These coupons are already being       come... I hope."                             had kings we would be better off today,"
anthem. A blue and yellow flag flies          printed in France, explained Mr.                Mr. Pavlychko added that during           he joked. The program concluded with
over the old KGB building," he con­           Pavlychko.                                   several meetings in Washington, many         several questions from the floor on
cluded.                                                                                    concrete points were raised on the issue     topics ranging from Chornobyl to Mr.
    Mr. Pavlychko was adamant about              On the new democratic Russia and on       of economic aid to Ukraine and on the        Pavlychko's past as a member of the
his support for the referendum sche­          Boris Yeltsin, Mr. Pavlychko was             evolution of trade between Ukraine and       Communist Party.
duled for December 1. He acknow­              ambivalent. He stated that relations         the United States. He then issued a             That afternoon Mr. Pavlychko was
ledged that some people considered the        between Yeltsin and Ukrainian leaders        direct invitation to those present to        taken to the Philadelphia Inquirer by
referendum a mistake, but defended it         were amicable, but cautioned that            invest in Ukraine's future, offering the     UHRC President Ulana Mazurkevich
 as a democratic necessity. "We want all      Yeltsin's desire to maintain an econo­       assurance that American investors            for an interview with Trudi Rubin, a
our people to have a voice in this ...the     mic union is suspect as it might be a        would be very welcome in Ukraine and         member of the Inquirer's editorial
 Baltic republics held referendums ...we      step toward other ties in which Ukraine      would be given favorable economic            board. There Ms. Mazurkevich learned
 firmly believe that Ukrainians and non-      would once again be relegated to the         incentives. He also enumerated U-            that the Inquirer's policy regarding
 Ukrainian minorities will support it,"he     status of "little brother." Yeltsin, he      kraine's resources. "Ukraine produces,       stories about "the Ukraine" will soon
 said.                                        added, has already proposed that Rus­        he said, "80 percent of the world's          reflect a new editorial decisions. The
    Minority rights under the commu­          sia and Ukraine share a joint military       titanium, 25 percent of the world's man-     offensive "the" is to be eliminated. On
 nists were trampled as badly as Ukrai­       force. Ukraine has rejected the propo­       ganes, 20 percent of the world's sulfur.     Friday, October 4, Ms. Rubin's article
 nian rights, he noted, and the minori­       sal. The Ukrainian army will be a            And we have large deposits of gold. We       on the Soviet economy was partially
 ties will choose to dissociate themselves    Ukrainian army.                              can exist as a separate industrial and       based on information gathered during
 from the center that abused those rights         Ukraine, he continued, wants good        agricultural state, but the old system       her interview with Mr. Pavlychko.
 and will vote for an independent Ukrai­       relations with its neighbors, but these     made us the worst industrial power in        Ukraine, frequently mentioned in the
 nian state. He added that the referen­        neighbors must recognize Ukraine as an      the world. We need technology and we         article, was not once preceded with the
 dum would be a mandate from the               equal, not an inferior. He stated that      need engineers," he explained. He also       "the."
 people that would validate the parlia­        diplomatic relations had already been
 mentary declaration of independence.          established with Hungary, Poland,
 "We want no word of criticism from            Austria and Greece and that he hoped
 Moscow that the declaration had no            the United States and Canada would             Notipe
 grassroots support. And how will other        soon follow suit. He seemed encouraged
 nations recognize us as an independent        by recent meetings with President                UNA — financially healthy:
                              DEAR READERS                                                           fact or fiction?
                                                                                                 You may have read about certain bank and insurance company failures
                                                                                              and/or takeovers by regulatory state agencies. If you are concerned about
         The Ukrainian National Association offers a variety of products and                  your insurance coverage with the Ukrainian National Association, please
    services, some of which you may not be aware of. These include:
        rices,                                                                                don't. The UNA is not in any danger!
                                                                                                 In these times of speculation and rumors, we feel it prudent to state some
    SERVICES                                                                                  pertinent facts:
                                                                                                 1. The UNA invests and always has invested in the highest quality bonds.
        These services are available at no charge to members                                  Ninety-three percent of the S48 million in our bond portfolio is rated in the
             Complete review of your present insurance portfolio                              highest quality possible as determined by the National Association of
          " Personal financial planning
          " Advice from tax and estate planning attorneys
                                                                                              Insurance Commissioners which is the foremost authority on valuation of
          " Professionally trained insurance consultants to assist you                        securities.
                                                                                                 Another 6.5 percent is in the next highest quality category. To summarize:
    PRODUCTS                                                                                  99.5 percent of our entire bond portfolio is graded either highest or high
                                                                                              quality. Therefore, 76 percent of our total assets of 565,603.645 (as of June 30,
             Tax deferred savings plans currently paying IWK interest                         1991) are invested in the two highest quality grades of bonds.
             Term insurance                                                                      2. The UNA has invested approximately S5 million in first mortgages for
             Life insurance:                                                                  our members' home or churches. This represents eight percent of our total
          " Universal life insurance                                                          assets. By limiting loans to a maximum of 66 percent of the appraised value
          " Income replacement insurance in the event of a disability                         not exceeding 5100,000, to 20-30 percent drop in value of real estate
             Coverage for nursing home confinements                                           in the northeast during the recessionary period did not adversely affect the
             College education savings plans                                                  security of our mortgage loans since we had a 34 percent cushion.
          " Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) currently paying 7Wo                            3. The UNA granted a mortgage on the UNA building and the balance as of
             Last to die policies for estate and business planning                            June 30, 1991 is approximately S6 million or 12.5 percent of our assets. The
    THE UNA ALSO OFFERS RESIDENTIAL FIRST MORTAGES.                                           market value of this building conservatively calculated, based on today's
                                                                                              market,would not only satisfy this S6 million and the promissory notes to our
        To inquire about any of these products or services, please complete the               members of S7.8 million but the UNA would receive approximately S13
    information requested below and mail to: Ukrainian National Association,                  million in addition.
    Director of Insurance Operations, 30 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, N J .                   4. The UNA has no debt.
    07302. For faster service, call us at (201) 451-2200.
                                                                                                 5. The UNA has actuarial reserves set up in excess of S34 million for our
                                                                                              obligations to our members.
                                                                                                 6. The UNA has more than S20 million in surplus funds for the added
                                                                                              protection of our members.
                                                                                                 7. The UNA is regularly audited by the N.J. Insurance Department, New
    DATE OF BIRTH:.                                                                           Jersey Division of Taxation, I.R.S., and an independent CPA firm.
                                                                                                 8. The UNA has not received a substandard audit report during its 97-year
    ADDRESS:                                                                                  history.
                                                                                                  I trust the above statistics confirm your confidence in the financial strength
    PHONE:                                                                                     of the UNA. I would be happy to further discuss these points as well as
                                                                                              anything else about which you may have a question.
 1 BEST TIME TO CALL:                                                                             Please write or call the UNA Home Office, 30 Montgomery St., Jersey
                                                                                               City, NJ 07302, (201) 451-2200.
No. 41                                                                                      E KY
                                                                             THE UKRAINIAN W E L             CO E
                                                                                                    SUNDAY, O T B R 13, 1991                                                                                  11

International festival tO hOSt Ukrainian poet Turning the pages...
                                                                                                                                (Continued from page 6)
         by Oksana Zakydalsky                          schooling years fell during the Khrush­
                                                       chev thaw after 1956.                       confining sane people to psychiatric hospitals should be prosecuted." He was
   TORONTO - It is becoming an                            He entered Kiev University in 1963 to    sentenced to 10 years in the Gulag.
annual tradition. In 1989 Ivan Drach                   study Ukrainian language and litera­           A 13-member commission formed by the military prosecutor's office in 1991
became the first writer from Ukraine to                ture, transferred to the University of      upheld Dr. Gluzman's treatise and called the insanity diagnosis "completely
be invited to the International Festival               Donetske in 1966 but was soon dis­          wrong" in July of this year.
of Authors; last year, Ihor Kalynets                   missed for "nationalist agitation." He        "My trouble was that I had the bad habit of thinking for myself," said Gen.
read his poetry at the festival. This year             had let other students read Ivan            Grigorenko. He was released from the psychiatric institutions, which he called
poet Vasyl Holoborodko, of Luhanske,                   Dziuba's "Internationalism or Russifi-      "prisons," in 1974.
eastern Ukraine, has been invited to                   cation."                                       In 1976 he helped found the Moscow and Ukrainian Helsinki Groups. In 1977 he
take part in the 10-day festival.                         Years of persecution and harassment      came to the United States for surgery. While in the U.S., his Soviet citizenship was
   Billed as "the largest annual literary              followed. He served in the army 1968-       revoked due to his "carrying out actions incompatible with citizenship in the
festival in the world," this year's event,             1970 and then worked in the mines, on a     USSR." He was granted asylum within one day, and lived in the U.S. until his
to be held from October 18-26, will                    collective farm and at various jobs,        death.
feature 68 authors from 30 countries,                  having no profession. In 1988 his first        He formed the External Representation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group in
including such well-known writers as                   book was published in Ukraine and he        1978, and in 1983 published a 462-page autobiography and account of the trials and
Doris Lessing from the United King­                    became a member of the Writers'             psychiatric institutions of which he was a prisoner.
dom, Ivan Klima from Czecho-Slovakia,                  Union. Only then was he able to devote        Gen. Grigorenko died in New York City on February 21, 1987.
and Nicholas Bouvier from Switzer­                     himself full time to writing.
land. Mr. Holoborodko will give his                       He made his publishing debut in 1963
reading on Thursday, October 24, and                   and his poetry continued to be printed.                SELF RELIANCE (JC) FEDERAL CREDIT U N I O N                                                     p
will appear on the same program with                   until 1969. But between 1969 and 1988,                             558 Summit Avenue Ш Jersey City, N.J. 07306                                         0
Margaret Avison, considered one of                     not a single line of writing by Mr.
Canada's finest poets, and Kirsti Si-                  Holoborodko appeared in Ukraine. In                                     LOAN SALE                                                                      \
monsuuri, a Finnish poet and novelist.                 1970, Smoloskyp published a collection
   Mr. Holoborodko was born in 1945,
                                                       of his poetry in the United States under                            ONLY ІЗГо INTEREST                                                                 \
                                                       the title "The Flying Window."
in a village of the mining oblast of                      In 1988, Mr. Holoborodko's first            ш We offer seasonal loans                                             И
Donetske. His grandparents had been                    collection of poetry published in              Ш Maximum term is 12 months                                           В
branded kulaks during collectivization,                                                               Ш These loans include, but are not strictly limited to the following: 5
their property confiscated and the                              (Continued on page 16)
                                                       ^sssssssssssssssssss                           VACATION m TAX PAYMENT " AUTO REPAIR " HOLIDAY SPECIALS
family exiled to the Urals. This family                        Українська фірма
'stigma' prevented Mr. Holoborodko's                                                                                            HOME REPAIR
siblings from attending even a secon­                                  „КАРПАТИ"                       Co-maker a n d / o r collateral m a y be required on a n y loan at the discretion of the loan office
                                                              Займається: ремонтами і пере­                                                   or credit committee.
dary school and he himself was able to                        будовою домів і підвальних
get an education only because his                             приміщень (basement). Plumb­            Telephone Number: (201) 795-4061. Fax Number: (201) 795-4868
                                                              ing, Bathrooms, Tiles, Electric,                      OR CALL OUR LOAN REPRESENTATIVE!                                                           ^
         UKRAINIAN        SINGLES                             Carpentry, Painting, Welding,
            NEWSLETTER                                        Roofing, Brick Pointing, Painting
                                                                 and Decorating. Fully insured.
  Serving Ukrainian singles of all ages
                                                                Needed a SECRETARY with
  throughout the United States and Canada.
                                                              knowledge of Ukrainian u English.                    A high ranking Ukrainian Government Delegation will
   For information send a self-addressed
            stamped envelope to: -
                                                                languages. Preferred age -                         be in Boston and Washington, D.C. from October 20-
                                                                        25-30 уrs.
              Single Ukrainians                                                                                    28,1991 to meet with principals interested in doing
     P.O. Box 24733, Phila., Pa. 19111                          Vasili Cholak, (718) 545-3611
                                                                                                                   business with Ukraine, specifically in privatization,
                                                                                                                   banking, commodity fc stock exchange.
                                                                                                                   Intes, Inc. an American trading company servicing the interests of the
                     SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS!                                                                        American business community in Ukraine arid other republics in the
                       Ukrainian S American flags available.                                                       former U.S.S.R. is organizing multiple or one on one working
                       Flags each 522.00 or both for 532.00.                                                       meetings/conferences with members of the delegation.
                          Free apparel catalogue available.                                                        Any interested parties, please FAX or telephone your specific interests
                     Trident Apparel         P.O. Box 91837                                                        to us, so that we may tailor a con ference of mulual benefit.
   Long Beach, CA 90809 - 1837                               (213) 439-3878
             Add S3.00 for shipping and handling. Allow 3 weeks.                                              More detailed information to follow in the next issue of The Ukrainian Weekly.

                                                                                                         Please reply by Friday, October 18, for Boston meetings;
                                                                                                              October 24th for Washington, D.C. meetings.
                 IP0LAND...HUNGARY...EAST GERMANYl Д                                                                 No registration will be taken after these dates.

                                                                                                                            Boston                New York

                                                                                                                                            INTES, INC

                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 6 Snug Harbor, Duxbury, MA 02331
               Send J 2 / 1 , Я . 5 0 Є О . / 5 , S l . 2 5 еа./БО or Я е а . / l O O t e :
               Ms. L. Wild, 3228 Birchtree La., Silver Spring, MD 20906
                                                                                                                              Tel.: 617-934-5454 Fax: 617-934-7301

                                                                                                                                                      If your destination is

    The right                                                                                                                   ^
                                                                                                                                                      Kiev, fly SAS from North
                                                                                                                                                      America via Copenhagen
                                                                                                                                               to Moscow. The daily flight
                                                                                                                                               from Copenhagen to Moscow

                                                                                                                                      connects easily with onward
                                                                                                                                      transportation to Kiev. While in
                                                                                                                                      Copenhagen Airport, visit the large
                                                                                                                                      shopping center for wonderful savings
                                                                                                                                      at the tax free shops. Mileage Plus and

    to                                                                                                                                OnePass members earn mileage credit
                                                                                                                                      that may be redeemed later for free
                                                                                                                                      travel awards on SAS. For more
                                                                                                                                      information contact your travel agent

    Kiev                                                                                                                              or SAS at 1-800/221-2350.

                                                                                                                                                         SCANDINAVIAN. AJRUNES
12                                                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1S91                                                                       Mo. 4 1

                                                                                                                              NJ.-N.Y.               ...                    this trial works out well in the UNA's
   SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY FAMILY 3t COSMETIC                                                                                                                               home state, professionals will be hired
                                                                                                                                       (Continued from page 5)              for other areas as well.
                   DENTISTRY                                                                                                  place with 76 percent of its membership
                                                                                                                                                                                Mrs. Diachuk then spoke about other
         We have provided the Ukrainian American community with 18 years of                                                                                                 UNA activity, including the upcoming
                                                                                                                              q u o t a filled, while S h a m o k i n is in
     gentle dental care for children and adults utilizing the most modern equipment                                                                                         centennial of the Ukrainian National
                                                                                                                              second place with 74 percent. They are
     and up-to-date techniques. We formulate preventive and comprehensive                                                                                                   Association, which she urged all
                                                                                                                              followed by: Boston, Montreal, Wilkes-
     programs for each patient according to his personal needs.                                                                                                             b r a n c h e s a n d districts t o celebrate
                                                                                                                              Barre a n d Passaic, w h o have each
                                                                                                                                                                            a p p r o p r i a t e l y , a n d aid t o U k r a i n e ,
                                                                                                                              attained at least 50 percent of their
                 ROBERT PAUL KEYBIDA, D.M.D.                                                                                  quotas.
                                                                                                                                                                            including a project to fund English-
                                                                                                                                                                            language courses in Ukraine that will be
                                                                                                                                  In Canada, organizing results show
                        1855 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, N.J. 07040                                                                                                      organized by Zirka Voronka and Prof.
                                                                                                                              t h a t t h e q u o t a is filled by only 29
                       Call for daily/evening appointments: (201) 761-4831                                                                                                  Luchkiw and will utilize volunteers who
                                                                                                                              percent, with only 63 members out of
                                                                                                                                                                            replied to a recent article in The Ukrai-
                Insurance plans accepted. Emergencies at all times.                                                           the desired 220 being enrolled.
                                                                                                                                                                            nain Weekly.
     New patients are welcome for a thorough examination and private consultation.                                                Next on the agenda were the or­
                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Sochan, the supreme secretary,
                                                                                                                              ganizing reports of each district.
                                                                                                                                                                            n o t e d a positive t r e n d in U N A or­
                                                                                                                                  First to report was Supreme Advisor       ganizing activity, namely that the face
                                                                                                                              Luchkiw,who is also chairman of the           v a l u e of life i n s u r a n c e certificates
                                                                                                                              New York City District. Thus far this         purchased by new members has in­
                                                              FOR SALE
                                                                                                                              year, his district has enlisted 60 new        creased markedly and now is more than
                                              Houses repossessed by the bank:
                                                                                                                              members insured for 5429,000, meeting         57,000 on the average. He then went on
      In U n i o n , N . J . :                                                                                                39 percent of its quota for 1991. The top     to describe the UNA's most popular
                 3-family and 2-family houses, located next to each other.                                                    organizer is Barbara Bachynsky with 12        insurance plans and their advantages,
                                                                                                                              members insured for 588,000. Others           a n d r e p o r t e d on new policies n o w
      In G a r f i e l d , N.J.:
                                                                                                                              who have enrolled at least five members       offered, including term policies and two
                 One-family house.                                                                                                                                          types of annuity certificates, as well as
                                                                                                                              are: Mr. Luchkiw, Mychajlo Juzeniw,
                           The above houses are located in exceptionally nice areas.                                          Maria Kulczycky, John Pryhoda and              one that is in the preparatory stages, a
                                                For further information call:                                                 George Jurkiw.                                universal life certificate.
                            SELFRELIANCE (N.Y.) FEDERAL CREDIT UNION                                                              Michael Zacharko, chairman of the             The supreme secretary emphasized to
                                                                                                                              Perth Amboy District, stated that his district and branch representatives that
                              108 2nd Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003                                                            district had enrolled 12 members in­ the Home Office is always available for
     Tel:        (212) 473-7310                                                                Attn: Mr. L Zielyk             sured for 5113,000. Its quota has been        information, explanations and advice
                                                                                                                              met by 22 percent. Top organizers are         on the UNA's insurance plans. In fact,
                                                                                                                              Mr. Zacharko with four members, and           interested persons may call the UNA for
                                                                                                                              Irena Pender with three.                      insurance information via a toll-free
                                                                                                                                  The chairman of the Newark District       number (1-800-253-9862).
 TORGSYN                                ТОРГСИН                            TORGSYN                 ^415^752-5546              Committee, Roman Pyndus, reported                 Supreme Treasurer Blahitka spoke
 \ - -   л   л   ^          r^.    .    ^              .        л   -    л л ч л   ,               (415)752-5721
   5542 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 9 4 1 2 1                                                   (415)752 5721 (FAX)        that 39 percent of the 1991 quota has on a variety of financial matters, in­
                                                                                                                              been met t h u s far. Thirty-five new cluding the UNA's investments, which,
                                                                                                                              members insured for 5450,000 have he stressed, are safely invested in the
             WE HAVE ALL THE ITEMS WHICH ARE VERY POPULAR IN THE USSR                                                         been organized by the district's h i g h e s t q u a l i t y b o n d s (in fact, 93
                                                                                                                              secretaries and organizers. Those who percent of the UNA's bond holdings are
                  COUNTRIES. WE SELL CARS FOR RELATIVES IN THE USSR. WE TRANSFERE MONEY.                                      have enrolled at least five new members in the highest class of bonds, while an
                                                                                                                              are: Myroslaw Deresz, Eugene Makar, additional 6.5 percent are in the second
                             1. No. (number) M C 145                    Net Weight: 18.1 lbs   л
                                                                                                 Cars ("LADA")                Roman Lapychak and Teofil Kleban.             highest category.)
                                N a m e : "Holiday                      Price: S I 2 4
                                                                                                 from             S5.600|         Walter Bilyk, chairman of the Jersey         M r . B l a h i t k a also n o t e d t h e p o ­
       TV-SETS                                                  4. No. (number) M C I 53       " Refrigerators
                                Net Weight: 18 lbs                 Name:                         from               S500l     City UNA District, noted that 14 new pularity of the Soyuzivka resort,
                                Price: S I 2 9                     "Homemaker"                 ' Health spa packages CALL I   members had been enrolled for total pointing out that the UNA will continue
  CAMCORDERS                 2.   No. (number) M C I 4 6           Net Weight: 17.4 lbs        ' Condominiums        CALL     insurance coverage of 5123,000, and to renovate its facilities; reported that
                                  N a m e : "Family                Price: S 8 9                " Dishwashers
fVoltage 1 2 7 / 2 2 0
                                  Parcel"                                                        from               S500J     that the quota had been met by only 19 income from the UNA building had
   COMPUTERS                                                    5. No. (number) M C I 54
                                  Net Weight: 18 lbs               N a m e : "Children
                                                                                                 Landry machines              percent. However, he added that he felt increased from the previous year; and
  W I T H RUSSIAN                                                                                from               S550|
                                  Price: S I 14
                                                                   Parcel"                     4
                                                                                                                              the organizing quota for his district was noted that more than 5225,000 had been
                                                                                                 Mini tractors
                             3. No. (number) M C I 52              Net Weight: 13.4 lbs
                                                                                                 from             S2.000J     much too high in view of the fact that collected in donations toward the UNA
                                N a m e : " M e a t Parcel"        Price: SvS
                                                                                                                              many Ukrainians have moved out of the Fund for the Rebirth of Ukraine. He
                                                                                                                              immediate area. Mr. Bilyk is the top then detailed some of the projects that
                     Duty-free.1 Prompt Jo-Door Delivery At No Charge!                                                        organizer of the district with seven new the fund has supported in the past, as
                                       DELIVERED WITHIN 5 DAYS IN THE MOSCOW REGION                                           members.                                      well as new grants, including 550,000
                                        OR WITHIN 15 TO 20 DAYS ELSEWHERE IN THE USSR                                             The Passaic District Committee was for U k r a i n i a n - l a n g u a g e r e a d e r s for
     Our store ships and delivers ail kinds of radio                                                                          represented by its vice-chairman, Hry- Ukraine, 510,000 to the Sabre Found
        and electronic equipment to the USSR                             HOURS: Monday - Wednesday                            horiy Klymenko. He reported that his ation for shipment of books to Ukraine,
        with prepaid custom's fee or without it.                                Thursday - Saturday
                                                                                                                              district h a d organized 15 m e m b e r s and 515,000 for Harvard University's
                                                                                                                              insured for 553,000, and thus had filled P r o g r a m on E c o n o m i c R e f o r m in
                                                                                                                              50 percent of its 1991 q u o t a . T h e Ukraine.
         Detroit, Mich. District Committee of UNA Branches                                                                    district's top organizer is Julian Kotlar,       At the conclusion of the meeeting,
                                                     announces that its                                                       who signed up 12 new members.                 Mrs. D i a c h u k a n n o u n c e d t h a t M r .
                                                                                                                                  The supreme president took the floor Zacharko, chairman of the Perth
             DISTRICT ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING                                                                                  again to report that the UNA as of Amboy District Committee, had been
                                                                                                                              September 5 had hired four salesmen selected for honorable mention among
                                                       will be held on
                                                                                                                              for its professional i n s u r a n c e sales nominees for UNA Fraternalist of the
                            S u n d a y , October 27 p 1 9 9 1 a t 1 0 : 0 0 a . m .                                          department. These salesmen, she said, Year. She presented Mr. Zacharko with
                                    o f the Ukrainian   Cultural      Center                                                  will work in the New Jersey area, but if a specially prepared certificate.
                                            26601 Ryan Road, Warren, Michigan
      Obligated to attend the meeting are District Committee Officers, Branch Officers
                and 32nd Convention Delegates of the following Branches:

                     20, 7 5 , 8 2 , 9 4 , 1 4 6 , 1 6 5 , 1 6 7 , 1 7 4 , 1 7 5 , 183, 2 3 5 ,
                               292, 3 0 2 , 303, 3 0 9 , 3 4 1 , 4 6 3 , 5 0 4
                           All UNA           mbers are welcome as guests at the meeting
                                                                                                                                                         GANDHI ELECTRONICS
                      1. Opening
                      2. Review of the District's 1991 organizational activities                                                                   N A M E BRAND 1 1 0 - 2 2 0 V APPLIANCES
                      3. Address by UNA Supreme Secretary                                                                                                                                          1-800-235-7860
                      4. General UNA topics                                                                                                2358 W. Devon Avenue                              Tel:: (312) 973-4227
                      5. Adoptation of membership campaign plan for the balance                                                            Chicago, HI. 60659                                Fax: (312) 973-1589
                         of the current year
                      6. Questions and answers
                      7. Adjournment                                                                                                    WE CONVERT VIDEO TAPES FROM PAL-SECUM TO AMERICAN (NTSC)
                                                                                                                                        WE SELL ALL NAME BRANDS IN VIDEO CAMERAS Д VIDEO RECORDERS FOR
                                              Meeting will be attended by:
                                  W a l t e r S o c h a n , UNA Supreme Secretary                                                       WE CARRY SEWING MACHINES fit KNITTING MACHINES FOR UKRAINE.
                                                                                                                                        ALL KINDS OF 220V APPLIANCES TOR UKRAINE.
                             For the DISTRICT COMMITTEE:
                                                                                                                                        WE UNDERTAKE DIRECT SHIPMENTS TO UKRAINE.
                           Dr. Alexander Serafyn, Chairman
                                                                                                                                        MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED. (CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-235-7860)
  j Roman Lazarchuk, Secretary                          Jaroslaw Baziuk, Treasurer
                                                                " V ихКА^-іЛ^ WETL                    Si'WDJ\Y         ОС^ВгГ

                                                                                                                                                                          ШУ?          UKPKtMAb
                                                                                                                                                                    ш CASSETTES
                                                                                                                                                                    m VIDEO TAPES
                                                                                                                                                                    ш LANGUAGE TAPES
                                                                                                                                                                    m CHILDREN'S BOOKS
                                                                                                          V1DE0CASSETTE CONVERSIONS                                 m MAIL ORDER CATALOG
                                                                                                              ANO DUPLICATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                         Audio Cassette duplication
                                                                                                          from any worldwide system to American
                                                                                                                                                                          compact disc replication
                                                                                                                                                                           Ukrainian typesetting
                                                                                                                using Super Hy Grade tape
                                                                                                            Audio cassette duplication from
                                                                                                                1/4" tape, D T or cassette
                                                                                                                                                                                  Box 3 2 5
                                                                                                                   Best prices in town
                                                                                                                   We speak Ukrainian                                  Beaconsfield, Q u e . , C a n a d a
                                                               SINCE 1 9 2 8
                                                                                                                 Electro-Nova Productions                                        H9W-5T8
                                                  SENKO FUNERAL HOMES                                           342 Madison Ave. NYC, NY                                  Tel. ( 5 1 4 ) 6 3 0 - 9 8 5 8
                                                  New York's only Ukrainian family owned                                 (212) 687-5838                                   Fax. ( 5 1 4 ) 6 3 0 - 9 9 6 0
                                                       ft operated funeral homes.                                                                                    Ж т Ж Ш Ж М А Ж Ж !
                                                  Я Traditional Ukrainian services per­
                                                    sonally conducted.
                                                                                                                                             І В І І Р о ш а ttrm mm
                                                  U Funerals arranged throughout Bkiyn,                                ATTENTION NEW JERSEY INSUREDS!!!
                                                    Bronx, New York, Queens, Long Island,
     Join the UNA                                   etc.
                                                  Ш Holy Spirit, St. Andrews Cem. A all
                                                                                                                         Is y o u r a u t o insurance presently i n t h e J U A or MTF?
                                                                                                                                   T h i n k y o u ' r e o v e r p a y i n g for y o u r policy?
                                                     others international shipping.                                        C a n ' t g e t t h a t g o o d service y o u n e e d 8c deserve?
                                                  Ш Pre-need arrangements.                                                      Then w e a r e t h e o n e y o u a r e l o o k i n g f o r ! ! !
                                                  HEMPSTEAD FUNERAL HOME -
                                                  89 Peninsula Blvd. m Hempstead, N.Y^ 11550                                              D O N ' T W A I T OR HESITATE

                    fSTOP |                           516-481-7460
                                                  SENKO FUNERAL HOME-
                                                                                                                                               CALL US T O D A Y ! ! !

                    UPOLLUTION\\ j                83-15 Parsons Blvd. m Jamaica, NY 11432
                                                                                                                                ALEXANDER E. SMAL A CO.
                                                  SENKO FUNERAL HOME -                                                 Hordynsky, Pastushenko, Smal
                                                  213-215 Bedford Ave. m Brooklyn, NY 11211
     DON T EXHAUST                                    1-718-388-4416                                                    INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE
                                                                                                               (201) 761-7500          FAX: ( 2 0 1 ) 7 6 1 - 4 9 1 8
      YOUR FUTURE                                          24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                                                                      tpPQ P Q O O O O O G D B O D О BOO G ВВB BО В ВВВООО ВО В
         Use mass transit
           or carpool
             new Jersey I
            Department of
       Environmental Protection                         A RARE
   Monthly                                            OPPORTUNITY
   Income                                          A modern 12-story a p a r t m e n t
                                                   building is being constructed in the
  U.S. Government                                  center of the Ukrainian community
                                                            in New York City.
  Securities !
K If you're looking for a mutual fund that         A unique opportunity for Ukrainians
) invests in government securities, then
J consider First Investors Government Fund.        to have attractive living quarters
j First investors Government Fund invests in
) securities that are fully backed by the U.S.     within the Ukrainian community in
I Government or its agencies/ The bottom                        the city.
  line is a fund that pays a dividend each
  and every month. Month after month.

                                                   St. George Cooperative Apartments are slated for occupancy in early spring, 1 9 9 2 . This elegant
    Think First.                                   12-story coop building consists of 18 spacious one-bedroom apartments, 12 two-bedroom
                                                   apartments, a n d 3 three-bedroom apartments. This deluxe a p a r t m e n t building features
    Then invest.
  So think First Investors Government Fund,
  Inc. Think monthly dividends Call for                I t w o separate high speed elevators                                      l   washer a n d dryer facility
  a free prospectus with more complete                 l modernly appointed kitchen w i t h                                       I   compactor chute for refuse on each floor
  information including charges and
  expenses. Read it carefully before                     dishwasher                                                               l   a m p l e storage space in basement
  you invest.                                                                                                                     I   air conditioning
                                                       l   generous w a l k - i n closets
                                                                                                                                  l   fireproof structure
                                                       l   closed circuit TV intercom system
  Yurij M. Prezimirski,                                l   prewired telephone a n d cable TV                                      l modern washroom bath a n d shower
                                                       I   terraces a n d balconies                                                 combination
                                                       в   oak strip flooring                                                     l spacious, bright room area
                                                   If y o u desire to live i n N e w York, w i t h i n t h e U k r a i n i a n c o m m u n i t y , please i n q u i r e about these
  Call or Write for Information:
                                                   modern apartments on 7 t h Street near St. George's U k r a i n i a n Catholic Church. If i n t e r e s t e d ,
                    Yurij M PrPiimHki                                                 please p h o n e or g e t i n touch w i t h :
    J i f f fill    5?egistereo tieprcentative
      Iff If f If   Fint Inv.-s vrs Co.pcraiion
                                                                                 ST, GEORGE UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                    i ( ^
                                                                          J ? f:usf ^ ' , ' ' r ' 5   f        ^vv ' ч-ь ІЧІЛЧ і ' Л Ш      в   Phene. (? SM Л"Ч r r 15
14                                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                                       Мо41

                                                                                                                                                       treatment, just as they would try to give
                                                                                                       Off base...                                     a delegation from the U.S. Congress
                                                                                                              (Continued from page 7)                  visiting them. Most important, they are
                                     Marine Risk, Inc.                                                                                                 also wise enough to know the U.S. is not
                                                                                                         A final point Mr. Lempert seems to
                            111 John Street, New York, N.Y. 10038
                                                                                                       have overlooked is this: these deputies         without its problems and that Ukraine
      Complete Travel Accident Insurance for Visitors from USSR, The Ukraine and all Republics
                                                                                                       are impressive people in their own right.       has its own cultural and historical
                              Bi-Ungual Medical Emergency I.D. Card.                                                                                   legacies which would make any whole­
                         Insurance Brokers for the Bolshoi Opera Tour 1991                             They asked U.S. government officials
                                                                                                       probing questions that in some cases            sale and slavish adoption of the U.S.
                                        Call for Application:                                                                                          system inappropriate, even if such were
                           Phone: (212) 349-5500. Fax (212) 227-5689                                   unveiled American political naivete vis­
                                                                                                       a-vis dealings with the Soviets, for            possible.
                                                                                                       example. They were also aware that we                               Natalka Mason Gawdiak
                                                                                                       were trying to given them the red carpet                                  Silver Spring, Md.
       Buffalo, N.Y. District Committee of UNA Branches
                                          announces that its
                                                                                                                     Welcome to the world
        DISTRICT ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING                                                                            Paul Alexander Hadzewycz
                                            will be held on

                       Sunday, October 20, 1991 at 2:00 p.m.
                    at the Ukrainian American Civic Center/ Inc.
                                   205 Military Rd., Buffalo, N.Y.
      Obligated to attend the meeting are District Committee Officers, Branch Officers
                and 32nd Convention Delegates of the following Branches:
                                                                                                                                                             Show your Ukrainian     Heritage
                                40, 87, 127, 149, 304, 360                                                                                                    with this exquisite timepiece!
                    All UNA members are welcome as guests at the meeting.
     AGENDA:                                                                                                                                              EMBASSYQUARTZ WA1CH
                                                                                                                                                         Battery powered quartz movement with conventional
               1. Opening                                                                                                                                hands to indicate the time. Gold plated thin case de­
               2. Review of the District's 1991 organizational activities                                                                                sign with genuine leather band.
               3. Address by UNA Supreme Treasurer                                                          Water Resistant ^ One Year Warranty ^ Assembled in the USA ^ Deluxe Gift Box
               4. General UNA topics                                                                                         Available in two styles! Available in His A Hers!
               5. Adoptrion of membership campaign plan for the balance                                              Satin Black Dial with Gold Trident Imprint/Black Leather Band
                  of the current year                                                                                              MEN'S (EM-101M) - WOMEN'S (EM-101W)
               6. Questions and answers                                                                            Dynasty Gold Dial with Black Trident Imprint/Brown Leather Band
               7. Adjournment                                                                                                      MEN'S (EM-102M) - WOMEN'S (EM-102W)
                                                                                                                                     IDEAL FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS!
                                    Meeting will be attended by:
                                                                                                                   Only S59.95 each plus S4.00 for Postage, Handling u Insurance
                     Alexander G. Blahitka, UNA Supreme Treasurer                                                 Two for only S109.90 plus S5.00 for Postage, Handling u Insurance
                                                                                                                                         (Order two and SAVE S13.00)
                                    For the DISTRICT COMMITTEE:                                                                     New Jersey residents add 70/0 Sales Tax.
                              Roman Konotopskyj, Chairman                                                          Send Check or Money Order and indicate Model NumberfcQuantity to:
     Wasyl Sywenky, Secretary                          Maria Bodnarskyj, Treasurer                                                THE WESTWOOD GROUP
                                                                                                                      1115 Inman Avenue, Suite 330, Edison, NJ 08820 - (908) 548-6700

                           Sings in Ukrainian on CBS-TV Network
                                                             By Vladimir K. Chomey                      Ukrainian Festival, then quickly             Church there.
                                                             JOYBRmANbappeuoffheryeady                 caught a plane for Winnipeg, where               Brittan is now busy with noted
                                                           Ukrainiantourwith an appearance on          she was the sole entertainment at the         arranger, Don Hannah (he writes
                                                           network (CBS) television. What made         Jubilee Banquet Commemorating the             arrangements for Barbara Streisand,
                                                           Brittan's appearance special is that she    Century of Ukrainian Immigration to           Natalie Cole, Vic Damone and Ann
                                                           dressed and sang in Ukrainian.              Canada under the patronage of the             Margaret). She is preparing to record
                                                              "CBS, This Morning" is a daily           Ukrainian Catholic Hierarchy of               a national release country music mini-
                                                           morning news and feature show               Canada. Recent newspaper articles             album. "We're recording the strings at
                                                           starring Harry Smith and Paula Zahn.        mention her receiving a standing              Capitol Records in Los Angeles,"
                                                           The show theme song is "Oh, What a          ovation at this event.                        Brittan said. "Then we will move to
                                                           Beautiful Morning." Various individu­          Joy then took a "leisurely" train ride     the Nashville Capital Records studio
                                                           als and groups around the country are       to Toronto where she was featured at          to complete the recording."
                                                           featured singing the short version of the   the huge "Ukrainian" Day concert at              Brittan wrote all of the six songs.
                                                           theme song following a station break.       Toronto's Ontario Place.                      Two of the selections have special
                                                           Many guest stars also participate.             Her next appearance was "in concert" at    meaning for Ukrainians. "The album
                                                              Brittan's appearance wasfilmedby         Sudbwy, Ontario. The "Ukrainian               is sung in English but the two major
                                                           the Las Vegas CBS affiliate, KLAS-          Celebrity Benefit Concert' wastoraise         songs are dedicated to my Ukrainian
                                                           TV. Brittan was shown in a beautiful        funds for a Ukrainian park there. Joy's       family. In fact, the title of one song is
                                                           Ukrainian costume of sparkling red          performance led event organizer, Mary         "Don'tyou cry, Ukraino" she said.
                                                           poppies on a full length white gown         Stefiiratosay, "Her performance has           "Also, the dress I'm wearing for the
                                                           with a red velvet vest. The camera          raised the profile of our organization.       cover photo is 'country' with pop­
                                                           showed desert and mountain scenery          We're rejoicing because INCO, the nickel      pies. .. so you'll be able to recognize
                                                           around her. Paula Zahn identified the       industry here, has made a donation that put   the Ukrainian girl in the country music
                                                           language as "Ukrainian" and Harry           us over the top."                             section of the major record shops."
                                                           Smith thanked Joy and KLAS-TV for             She then travelled to Buffalo, New             "We don't have a firm release date,"
                                                           the tape. The segment aired on              York, for an interview with Wasyl             she continued, "but we plan to make a
                                                           Wednesday, August 28th, 1991.               Sharvan for his radio program on              huge direct mailing to all Ukrainians
                                                              Joy's Ukrainian personal appearance      WHLD Buffalo and made a guest                 in the United States and Canada to let
     Television technicians hook up a remote microphone
     for Joy Brittan's national television appearance on   tour was very "Northern" this year.         appearance during Sunday liturgy at           everyone know when and where they
     CBS-TV Morning Show.                                  She starred in the North Dakota             St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic               can obtain a copy of the album."
No. 41                                                              THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY             SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1991                                                                  15

          Published by:     Ukrainian National Credit Union Association, (UNCUA)
                            2351 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622                    Phone (312) 489-0500
          Editor:            Tamara Denysenko

WORLD COUNCILS TO PROMOTE CREDIT                                                                    UKRAINIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
UNION MOVEMENT IN UKRAINE                                                                           AND THE CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT
   On August 18, 1991 under the auspices          unions and the sustainability of their                                                         profit. The 1936 Statute of the Ukrainian
of the World Council of Ukrainian                 development in Ukraine. They plan to                                                           Cooperative Bank stated that in addition
Cooperatives, various Canadian and                identify potential interest/economic                                                           to providing full financial services,
American Ukrainian Cooperative Coun­              groups such as workplace associations,                                                         cooperatives were to support cultural
cils members met at the Ukrainian Credit          savings groups and existing true                                                               activities, fund libraries and provide
Union "Soyuz", Toronto, Canada to                 cooperatives. Their goal is to set up coor­                                                    courses on the cooperative movement,
discuss the future of a cooperative credit        dinating groups in Ukraine which would                                                         business, manufacturing, trade and
union movement in Ukraine.                        receive information and training to pro­                                                       forming.
   Ukrainian credit union representatives         mote the credit union idea and its                                                                Watral underscored that the develop­
from America, Canada and Australia                principals.                                                                                    ment of each member as a complete
formed a committee to work with the                  The mission would also determine the                                                        individual was and is the cornerstone of
World Council of Credit Unions                    levels of interest and support for credit                                                      the cooperative credit union movement.
(WOCCU) to determine how Ukrainian                extension from various sources including             Bohdan Watral, Treasurer/Manager of       This led to the movements success in
credit unions in the West and WOCCU               the government and private sectors as well        the Chicago Self Reliance Ukrainian          Ukraine as well as Ukrainian credit
can best support the credit union move­           as the savings and borrowing habits of the        FCU, Treasurer of the World Council of       unions in the West.
ment in Ukraine. Committee members                Ukrainian population. They would ex­              Ukrainian Cooperatives (WCUC), Board            Watral proposes the establishement of
are: Bohdan Watral, Treasurer/Manager             plain to the Ukrainian people credit union        member of the Ukrainian National Credit      a model credit union in Ukraine organ­
of Selfreliance Ukr. FCU, Chicago^                principles, practices and their differences       Union Association, (UNCUA) and               ized and run by Ukrainian attorneys,
Committee        Coordinator;         Taras       from banks.                                       member of the State of Illinois Governor's   accountants, computer programmers and
Pidzamecky, Corporate Solicitor, Ukrain­             Participants at Ukrainian World Coun­          Board of Credit Union Advisors, par­         parliamentarians, who have a working
ian Credit Union, Toronto, Canada,                cil meeting agreed to work with WOCCU             ticipated in a panel discussion on the       knowledge of English. They should be
Committee Secretary; Dr. Bohdan                   to provide background information on              Financial Development of Ukraine at the      chosen from the ranks of the democratic
Kekish, President, Selfreliance Ukr.              Ukraine and her economics, as well as             Canada-Ukraine Economic Conference           movement and in coordination with the
FCU, New York; Ihor Laszok, Treasurer,            evaluate current and proposed banking             held April 1991 in Edmonton, Alberta.        Ukrainian Parliament, the World Coun­
Selfreliance Newark FCU; Walter                   and cooperative legislation, regulations             According to Watral, Ukraine's current    cil of Credit Unions and the World Coun­
Hupaliwsky, Chairman of the Board                 and their impact on credit union develop­         economic, financial and governmental         cil of Ukrainian Cooperatives. The new
UNCUA; Dmytro Hryhorczuk, President               ment. WCUC would help to facilitate a             structures pose significant roadblocks to    credit union activists would undergo
UNCUA; Dr. Oli Havrylyshyn, Consul­               dialogue with the Ukrainian government            the process of Ukrainian evolution into a    extensive training at credit unions in the
tant to the World Bank; Tamara                    and parliamentary representatives, in par­        free market economy with a viable finan­     West to learn all aspects of credit union
Denysenko, General Manager, Rochester             ticular with democratic reform groups, on         cial and banking network. Ukraine at         operations, law, data processing, financial
Ukr. FCU; Jaroslaw Skrypnyk, Director,            various financial policy issues. It would-        present lacks a legal infrastructure; has    regulations and management.
Canadian Cooperative Assoc; Dr.                   help research the existence of present-day        inadequate safeguards for fledgling enter­      The model credit union, would in effect
George Chuchman, Vice-President,                  financial cooperatives, banks and related         prises and individual entrepreneurs; has     become a working laboratory, and a
Carpathia CU, Canada; Olya Zaverucha,             services and practices.                           no laws governing property ownership,        microcosm of our western credit union
Chief Executive Officer, So-Use CU Ltd,              The Ukrainian World Council will also          bankruptcy, commercial transactions,         movement. It would then begin to create
Canada; Myroslaw Boluch, President,               recommend to WOCCU that the planned               inheritance and succession. Ukrainians       a pool of future employees, instructors,
Council of Ukr. Cooperative Societies in          cooperative feet-finding mission be held          lack an adequate system of telecom­          regulators, and credit union organizers,
Australia.                                        in Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil, Bukowyna,                munication, as well as computer hard­        as well as assure continued support in
   The World Council of Ukrainian                 Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions of              ware and software.                           accounting, financial and business
Cooperatives, through its liaison, Bohdan         Ukraine, where at the present time, the              To circumvent many of these shortfalls    management, and computer technology
Watral is working closely with WOCCU,             cooperative movement principles would             Watral proposes the creation of a finan­     from the West.
to define the objectives erf a planned mis­       be more eagerly received. Represen­               cial model that will accomodate the             Once established in Ukraine, the credit
sion by WOCCU to Ukraine in the next              tatives from Eastern Ukraine will be              economy's long term changes while            union system would grow and flourish
six months. Mission delegates will                encouraged to meet with the mission as            improving the immediate financial well-      Watral stated. It would always be grateful
attempt to determine the need for credit          well.                                             being of Ukraine's citizens. He proposes     to its new members, and true to its con­
                                                                                                    the re-introduction of credit unions and     victions of "people helping people". It
                                                                                                    the coooperative financial system in         will give its members the opportunity to
                                                                                                    Ukraine.                                     make their "Ukrainian Dream" come
                                              It doesn't grow
                                              on trees...                                              Cooperatives in Ukraine thrived and       true. A Ukrainian credit union movement
                                              out it does grow                                      flourished since their introduction in the   would provide full financial services in
                                              at the Credit Union!                                  1800's to the beginning of World War П.      a considerate and caring environment, for
                                                                                                    They focused on the overall well-being of    the financial well-being of its members
                                                                                                    the individual member and not just on        and Ukraine as a whole.

                                         PENNSYLVANIA Sc COLUMBIA
  Bohdan A. Oryshkevich, M.D.,                    universities, the members of the Ukrain­         already allocated their fund-raising          model for the new Kiev-Mohyla
M.P.H., is a firm believer in the suc­            ian Parliament's committee on Economic           resources to developing a program for the     Academy.
cessful evolution of a market-oriented            Reform, and its chairman, Volodymyr              school's participation in the development        Columbia University agreed to arrange
economy in Ukraine through the develop­           Pylypchuk. The new Ukrainian educators           of a free market economy in several other     for the Ukrainian's participation in core
ment of new financial leadership at a             and leaders see that university affiliated,      East European countries.                      activities and lodging, but the scholars'
university level. Over the past several           pedagogically oriented student credit               The Ukrainian Scientific Association in    travel and living expenses would have to
months he has been in contact willi the           unions, not only as a hands-on republic-         Kiev, has resolved to revive the              be covered by outside funding.
University of Pennsylvania Wharton                side vehicle for teaching basic banking          reknowned 17th-century Kiev-Mohyla               Dr. Oryshkevich is convinced that for
School of Business to help promote the            skills to a future Ukrainian middle-class,       Academy and to elevate it to a modern         the evolution of a sound economic system
concept of student credit unions in               but also as a modern vehicle for bring­          university. Through the efforts of Dr.        in an independent and democratic
Ukraine. He is working, as well, with the         ing back the Ukrainian credit union tradi­       Oryshkevich it has been invited by            Ukraine it is imperative to develop young
Ukrainian Scientific Association in Kiev          tion brutally destroyed by communism.            Columbia University to send scholars for      future-oriented talent within the Ukrain­
and the Heyman Center for the                        Dr. Oryshkevich's ideas and principles        one academic year, to observe, to par­        ian university system and that universities
Humanities at Columbia University to              have been well received at the University.       ticipate in, and to evaluate the Columbia     are the most logical locations for the
іеір establish fellowships for Ukrainian          However, according to Jeffrey A.                 College core curriculum at the Heyman         establishment of market-oriented con­
scholars.                                         Sheehan, Associate Dean for Interna­             Center for the Humanities. Dr.                sumer banks as well as credit unions. To
  According to Dr. Oryshkevich the                tional and Institutional Relations , without     Oryshkevich and Dr. Viacheslav S.             achieve these goals substantive financial
University of Pennsylvania Student                independent funding and charitable dona­         Brioukhovetski, Vice-President of the         as well as moral support will be required
Federal Credit Union has already caught           tions the University cannot participate in       Association, feel that the Columbia           from Ukrainian communities and
 he attention of several major Ukrainian          any Ukrainian programs since they                College core would serve as an excellent      businesses in the West.
16                                                                              THE UKRAINIAN WEFK! Y                    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13. 1991                                                                        No. 41

Ukrainian Arts Center offers workshops
    LOS A N G E L E S - The Ukrainian                         ^ "Pysanka" — Participants will de­                                      PREVIEW OF EVENTS
Art Center, Inc. will hold a series of                     corate eggs according to centuries-                            October 16                                              St. John the Baptist Church on Sandford
weekend workshops in November on                           old wax-resist, batik method. One-day                                                                                  Ave. from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For further
how to make pysanky (Easter                                classes (all different designs) will be held                   CHICAGO: The Friends of Rukh Asso­                      information, call C. Hentisz at (201) 763-
eggs), " p e t r y k i v k a " (tole p a i n t i n g ) ,   on two Saturdays, November 16 or 23,                           ciation invites the public to a report by               9124.
embroidery, and playing the "sopilka"                      and two Sundays, November 10 or 17,                            Dr. Bohdan Tkachuk, president of the
(flute).                                                   noon to 4 p.m.; cost: S25.                                     Chicago Rukh chapter, and his wife,
                                                              9 "Sopilka" (flute) - A four-day                            Orysia Tkachuk, on their month-long                     October 24
     Classes will be held at the center,                                                                                  visit in Ukraine. The meeting will take
4315 Melrose Ave. Advance registra­                        class offered on Saturdays, November
                                                                                                                          place at St. Nicholas Cathedral hall at 7               TORONTO: Thomas J. Greene, Ph.D.
tion is required.                                          2, 9, 16 and 23, 12:30-4 p.m.; cost:
                                                                                                                          p.m.                                                    candidate, Department of History at the
     Workshops, led by expert craft mas­                   S45. There is a separate fee for the
                                                                                                                                                                                  University of Toronto, will discuss the
t e r s ; will be held o n the following                   instrument, or bring your own.                                 October 17                                              "Impact of World War II on the Soviet
schedule:                                                     These workshops are funded in part                                                                                  Ukrainian Countryside." This will be at
                                                           by a grant from the California Arts                            CHICAGO: The Ukrainian Patriarchal                      the Board Room, Multicultural History
    ^ Embroidery - Students will em­                       Council, an agent of the state of Califor­                     Society cordially invites the public to a               Society of Ontario, 43 Queen's Park
broider a table napkin with traditional                    nia. The Ukrainian ArtCenter,Inc. is a                         lecture by a Catholic activist from Lviv,               Crescent E., at 4-6 p.m. For further
stitches and pattern. The two-day class                    non-profit organization with the pur­                          Lesia Krypiakevych, who will talk on                    information, call (416) 978-3332.
will be held Saturdays, November 16                        pose of preserving, developing a n d                           "The Religious Situation in Western
and 17, noon to 4 p.m.; cost: S35.                         displaying Ukrainian folk and fine arts                        Ukraine and Our Commitment" at 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                          in the Cultural Center of Ss. Volodymyr                 October 25
   Ф "Petrykivka" — A one-day class on                     with the long-term goal of esta­
                                                                                                                          and Olha, 2247 W. Chicago Ave.
the history and techniques of Ukrainian                    blishing the West Coast's first museum                                                                                 ROSEMONT, 111.: International busi­
tole painting (the painting of wooden                      of Ukrainian folk and fine arts.                                October 18                                             ness authority Richard Shriver will be the
ornaments). Two separate classes will                         Registration and questions about the                                                                                guest speaker for The Chicago Group's
be held on Sundays, November 10 or 17,                     w o r k s h o p s m a y be d i r e c t e d t o t h e            NEW YORK: The Shevchenko Scientific                    October dinner meeting at 6:30 p.m. at
noon to 4 p.m.; cost: S25.                                 center, (213)668-0172.                                          Society is hosting a literary evening with             the Hotel Sofitel, 5550 N. River Rd. He
                                                                                                                           Roman Fedoriv from Lviv, the editor of                 will discuss Ukraine's current economic
                                                                                                                           "Dzvin" magazine. This will be held at 7               development and the opportunities and
Christmas carol video released                                                                                             p.m. at the Shevchenko Society Home,
                                                                                                                           63 Fourth Ave. (between 9th and 10th
                                                                                                                                                                                  risks it holds for Western businesses. The
                                                                                                                                                                                  cost is S37 for non-members. For further
  S T A M F O R D , Conn. - A new video                     G r e e k - C a t h o l i c C a t h e d r a l C h o i r in     Sts.).                                                 information, call Walter Tun, (312) 509-
featuring a concert of Ukrainian Christ­                    Lviv has been produced professionally                                                                                 4644.
mas carols by the St. George Ukrainian                      for North American V H S use.                                  October 18-October 20
                                                               The cathedral choir of St. George,                                                                                 October 27
                                                                                                                           NEW YORK: The Plast sorority "Pershi
                                                            u n d e r t h e d i r e c t i o n of V o l o d y m y r
International...                                            Dzhuryn, has gained great notoriety in
                                                            recent years for its superior execution of
                                                                                                                           Stezhi" and the Ukrainian Artists' Asso­
                                                                                                                           ciation of America present an exhibition               SAN FRANCISCO: Branch 486 of the
         (Continued from page 11)                                                                                          of paintings and graphic art by Ivan                   UNA is celebrating its anniversary with a
                                                            liturgical music. This choir sings most                        Ostafichuk. The opening will be on                     luncheon in the hall of the Ukrainian
Ukraine, "Green Day," won the Symo-                                                                                                                                               Catholic Church at 1 p.m. (immediately
                                                            of the liturgical services at the famous                       October 18 at 7 p.m. at the Artists'
nenko prize in literature. His second                                                                                                                                             after the liturgy). Osyp Kladko will be the
                                                            sobor. Of special note was its participa­                      Association Gallery, 136 Second Ave.
book, "Icarus with Butterfly Wings,"                                                                                      'The gallery will be open on Saturday                   guest speaker. The entire community is
                                                            tion in the historic pontifical divine
was published in 1990.                                                                                                     from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday                    welcome; donation is S7.
                                                            liturgies celebrated in Lviv on Palm
    A s in p r e v i o u s y e a r s , w i t h b o t h      Sunday and Easter Sunday, 1991, o n                            from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
M e s s r s . D r a c h a n d K a l y n e t s , Exile       the occasion of the return to Lviv of                                                                                 November 2
Editions will publish a collection of Mr.                   Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky.                            October 19
Holoborodko's poetry titled "Icarus                            Produced in the cathedral nave with                                                                                EDMONTON: The Ukrainian Women's
with Butterfly Wings and Other Poems."                      its ornate iconostasis in the background,                      NEW YORK: Lesia Krypiakevych, head                     Association of Canada, St. John Cathe­
It will be a bilingual edition, Ukrainian                                                                                  of the Ukrainian Youth for Christ and a                dral Branch, will host its annual Fall Ball
                                                            this sacred concert is the first such
and English, with translation by Myro-                                                                                     leading member of the laymen's move­                   91 at St. John's Cathedral Auditorium,
                                                            rendition of ancient Ukrainian carols                                                                                 10611 110th Ave. The theme this year is
sia Stefaniuk. Bohdan Boychuk's trans­                      recorded in the historic cathedral of St.                      ment in Ukraine, will speak at 5 p.m. at
                                                                                                                           the Shevchenko Society Home, 63                        the centennial of Ukrainian pioneer
l a t i o n of M r . H o l o b o r o d k o ' s p o e m      George in Lviv. A foreword is given by                                                                                settlement in Canada. Participants are
"Katerina" has already been published                       Archbishop Volodymyr Sterniuk.                                 Fourth Ave. (between 9th and 10th Sts.).
                                                                                                                                                                                  encouraged to dress in Ukrainian cos­
in Canada, in the 1991 Spring edition of                       This one-hour color video may be                                                                                   tumes depicting the Ukrainian Canadian
the magazine Exiles.                                                                                                       WETHERSFIELD, Conn.: Branch 106
                                                            obtained for S24.95 (plus S3 for priority                                                                             experience of the past century. Cocktails
                                                                                                                           of the UNWLA is sponsoring its tradi­
     Also, as in previous years, the invita­                postage and handling charges) from the                                                                                and appetizers will be served at 6 p.m.
                                                                                                                           tional Ernjjroidery Dance (Vyshyvani
t i o n t o a w r i t e r from U k r a i n e was            Office of Aid to Liberated Churches,                                                                                  "Baba," "Dido" and other members of
                                                                                                                           Vechernytsi) at 9 p.m. in the Ukrainian
instigated and coordinated by Lydia                                                                                                                                               the "selo" atmosphere will greet and
                                                            161 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, C T                              National Home. For further informa­
Palij.                                                                                                                                                                            entertain guests. Dinner will be at 7 p.m.,
                                                            06902.                                                         tion or reservations, call Luba Kinach,
                                                                                                                                                                                  and at 9 p.m. the dancing will begin with
     Tickets to the reading can be obtain­                     Proceeds from the sale of the video                         (203) 563-8139 or Olya Jakymiw, (203)
                                                                                                                                                                                  the Trembita band and several local
ed from the Harbourfront Box Office,                       will benefit the Archdiocesan seminary                          547-1862.
                                                                                                                                                                                  artists to entertain the audience. Tickets,
t e l : (416) 973-4000.                                    in Lviv.                                                                                                               S30, will be available up until October 20,
                                                                                                                           October 20                                             after which they will be S35. Tickets will

                                                           Reflections                                                     NEWARK, N.J.: The Ridna Shkola
                                                                                                                           Foundation invites the public to an
                                                                                                                                                                                  not be sold at the door. For further
                                                                                                                                                                                  information and for tickets, call Lesia
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pohoreski, (403) 454-9496; Gloria Fer-

                                                           of the past                                                     exhibit and sale of small oils and gra­
                                                                                                                           phics by Arcadia Olenska-Petryshyn.
                                                                                                                           The exhibit will take place in the hall of
                                                                                                                                                                                  bey, (403) 469-1652; Lesia Soltykewych,
                                                                                                                                                                                  (403) 469-0986 or the Ukrainian Book­
                                                                                                                                                                                  store, (403) 422-4255.
                                                           For the first time on video.
                                                            On the occassion of the
                                                           Centennial of Ukrainians in                                                HUCULKA                                          FOR SALE IN UKRAINE
                                                                                                                                 Icon SL Souvenir's Distribution
                                                            Canada, Prolog Video is                                                2860 Buhre Ave. Suite 2R                           1986 "Lada" 2105 4/dr., runs well,
                                                              proud to annouce the                                                     Bronx, NY 10461                                body exc, S2.000.00.
                                                             release on video of the                                     REPRESENTATIVE and WHOLESALER of EMBROIDERED
                                                                                                                                        for ADULTS and CHILDREN
                                                                                                                                                                        BLOUSES            Tel. (604) 299-7442
                                                                                                                                                                                             Vancouver, B. C.

                                                                 Slavko Novytski                                                                     Tel. (212)931-1579
                                                               documentary movie,
                                                            Reflections of the past.                                                     FRATERNAL
                                                                         35 0 0
                                                                    Plus Postage and Handling
                                                                                             USD                                   INSURANCE ACCOUNTANT
                                                                                                                            Degreed Accountant with working knowledge of statutory accounting principles and
                                                               To order call Toll-Free                                      experience in putting together insurance company quarterly and annual reports. Posi­
                                                                                                                            tion requires knowledge of a computerized general ledger system and the ability to I
                                                              from the G.S. or Canada                                       create and analyze management reports.
                                                                   1-800-458-0288                                           Salary is commensurate with experience. Good benefits. Pleasant working conditions.
                                                                           or write to:                                                                            Send resume to:
                                                                                                                                                                         Alexander Blahitka
                                                           Prolog Video                                                                                                  Ukrainian N a t i o n a l Associatidn
                                              744 Broad Street, Suite 1115
                                                                                                                                                                         3 0 Montgomery Street
                                             Newark, New Jersey, USA 07102
                                                                                                                                                                         Jersey City, N.J. 0 7 3 0 2

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