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					COEConnect 2 for Linux (CentOS)
By: apoinde4                                                             Document Updated: 7/22/2011

By: apoinde4

Product Name: COEConnect 2

Product Version: 2

Product Cost: Free

Product Registration, Activation, and License Requirements: You will need to contact the Mosaic or PCS
group before you attempt to connect to your local machine so that a COEConnect profile can be made.
Normally this is done automatically.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions (x86
and x64)

System Software Dependencies: Must have the Java runtimes and an remote desktop protocol installed
(this document uses “Terminal Server Client”) installed on your system

System Hardware Dependencies: An internet connection

Vendor Web Site for Support and Access:

Date Evaluated by PCS: 6/13/2011

Available from:

Test Install Performed on: Windows 7 x64 Professional

COEConnect 2 is an updated version of the very useful COEConnect program. COEConnect 2 provides a
Java based platform to directly remote into your primary Mosaic workstation in your office.
COEConnect 2 can also provide a safe and secure platform to forward licensing ports for faculty and staff
to run engineering software from their campus owned laptop. COEConnect 2 is only available for UNC
Charlotte faculty and staff.

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By: apoinde4                                                             Document Updated: 7/22/2011

Installation and Setup
In order to obtain COEConnect 2, you will need to open a web browser and navigate to

From here, you can either bookmark this site to your favorites or you can right click the orange “Launch”
button, then click “Save Link as…” and navigate to where you would like to save the file, and then click
the “Save” button. If you are running this program from the website, click the orange “Launch” button
to start COEConnect 2. If you saved the file on your computer, then launch the program to start it.

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By: apoinde4                                                            Document Updated: 7/22/2011

When you run the program, you will be required to login with your Mosaic credentials. Type them in
and click the “OK” button.

You may receive a pop up stating that this program may be unsafe, click the “Yes” button.

You may also receive another pop up stating the publisher is unknown, click the “Run”.

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By: apoinde4                                                               Document Updated: 7/22/2011

At the main application window, you have 4 options. The first, “Connect to My PC” will automatically
connect you to your Mosaic workstation.

Now you will have to run the “Terminal Server Client”. If you do not have it installed, it can be installed
from the “Add/Remove Software” application. You will now be presented with the “Terminal Server
Client” menu. Enter “localhost:3400” into the “Computer:” field and Click the “Connect” button.

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By: apoinde4                                                                Document Updated: 7/22/2011

You will now be able to log in to your Mosaic workstation.

The Next option you have at the main application is the “Help! I’m Having Issues!” button. If at any
point you have trouble using this application, click this button. It will generate a report that you save to
your local computer and can send to the Mosaic or PCS helpdesk so that they are able to help you with
your issue. If you click the “Get Messages” button, you will see a pop-up with any messages from the
Mosaic Administrators directed to you or that are general messages. If you wish to quit COEConnect,
click the “Quit COEConnect” button.

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