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					VMC-K-X-2-X Optical SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M
Video BNC to "ST" Media Converter Kit

                                                             SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M compliant
                                                             SMPTE 259M/297M/305M compliant (VMC-K-S-2-X)
                                                             DVB/ASI compliant (VMC-K-H-2-X and VMC-K-S-2-X)
                                                             ATSC/SMPTE 310M compliant; 19.4 to 38.8Mbps
                                                             (VMC-K-H-2-X and VMC-K-S-2-X)
                                                             RoHS-6 compliant
                                                             Rugged die cast/over molded construction
                                                             Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface
                                                             Unit to unit pitch (Port Density) of 0.75"
                                                             Rugged "ST" simplex optical interface with dust cover
                                                             Line Equalized 75Ω BNC (male) simplex electrical
                                                             Error free pathological pattern operation
                                                             Typical wall plug (included) or 12V battery supply
                                                             (+4.5V to +16V)
                                                             LED indicator (See Table below)
                                                             LED legend code on unit
                                                             Red overmold to distinguish from receiver (blue) unit
VMC - K - X - 2 - X                                          Accessories available
                 POWER SUPPLY OPTION                         Class 1 Laser Safety compliant
                 D = Domestic
                 E = European                              PRODUCT OVERVIEW
                 U = U.K.                                  VMC-K-X-2-X is a Video BNC to "ST" media converter kit
                 A = Australia                             which contains one simplex transmitter module (VMC-T-X-
                 TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER OPTION             2), one simplex receiver module (VMC-R-X-2), and two
                 2 = 1310nm FP Tx / PIN Rx                 wall plugs with mini-XLR power supply (VMC-PS-X). The
                 PROTOCOL                                  simplex transmitter and receiver modules are high perfor-
                 S = SMPTE 259M/297M/305M/310M             mance integrated data link for uni-directional communica-
                     (19.4/143/177/270/360/540Mbps)        tion over single mode fiber. The VMC-K-S-2-X is designed
                 H = SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M        to be used in SMPTE 259M/297M/305M/310M applica-
                     (19.4/143/177/270/360/540/1485Mbps)   tions with data rate up to 540Mbps. The VMC-K-H-2-X is
                                                           designed to be used in multi-protocol video applications
                                                           with data transfer rate up to 1.485Gbps (SMPTE 292M/
                                                           297M/259M/305M/310M). The media converter modules
                                                           are designed to connect to electrical high speed serial
                                                           digital video links that require extended distance perfor-
     7444 West Wilson Avenue • Chicago, IL 60656           mance. It permits replacement of copper cable with
 (708) 867-9600 • (800) 323-6858 • Fax: (708) 867-0996     optical fiber to provide a solution for systems requiring
              increased media interconnect distance.


      STATUS              CONDITION                            STATUS              CONDITION
      Green               Normal Operation                     Green               Normal Operation
      Red                 Transmit Fault                       Red                 Optical Input Signal Out of Range
      Blinking Green      No Coax Cable Connected              Orange              Re-Clocker Not Locked
      Blinking Red        DDMI Alarm                           Blinking Green      LOS (No Optical Input Signal)
      Blinking Orange     DDMI Warning                         Blinking Red        DDMI Alarm
                                                               Blinking Orange     DDMI Warning

7200.01R                                                                                                         1 of 5
VMC-K-X-2-X Optical SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M
Video BNC to "ST" Media Converter Kit

PARAMETER                        SYMBOL           MIN    MAX      UNITS     NOTES
Operating Case Temperature       Tc               -30     +70      °C
Supply Voltage                   Vcc              +4.5    +16     VDC       Typical Wall plug/ 12V battery -- 16V charging level
                                                          1.0       W       Simplex Transmitter Module
Power Dissipation
                                                          1.8       W       Simplex Receiver Module
                                                  19.4    540               VMC-K-S-2-X; 19.4/143/177/270/360/540Mbps
Baud Rate                        Brate                             Mbps
                                                  19.4   1485               VMC-K-H-2-X; 19.4/143/177/270/360/540/1485Mbps

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                    -30ºC<Tc<+70ºC
PARAMETER                 SYMBOL            MIN           TYP           MAX        UNITS NOTES
Input Signal                                      SMPTE 259M/297M/292M              mVpp
Input Impedance           ZIN                              75                       Ohms Male BNC (note 1)
Return Loss                                  15            20                        dB
Propagation Delay                                                         1.5        ns
Output Voltage level                            SMPTE 259M/297M/292M                mVpp
Output Impedance          ZOUT                             75                       Ohms Male BNC
                                                143, 177, 270, 360, & 540                VMC-K-S-2-X
Re-Clocked Output Rates                                                             Mbps
                                         143, 177, 270, 360, 540, 1483.5, & 1485         VMC-K-H-2-X
                                                                                         Measured with Color Bar Test
                                                                          135        ps
                                                                                         Signal @1.485Gbps
Jitter                    TJ                                                             Measured with Color Bar Test
                                                                          740        ps  Signal @143/177/270/360/540Mbps

Return Loss                                  15            20                        dB
                                                                          40         ns    Re-Clocker OFF
Propagation Delay
                                                                          50         ns    Re-Clocker ON
Input Voltage                     100                                     240       VAC
Output Voltage                                             +5                       VDC    @1000mA
Note 1: Equalized for 140m Belden 1694A @ 1.485Gb/s and 350m Belden 1694A @ 270Mb/s

7200.01dR                                                                                                                  2 of 5
VMC-K-X-2-X Optical SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M
Video BNC to "ST" Media Converter Kit

OPTICAL SPECIFICATIONS --- 1310nm FP TX / PIN RX                                                         -30ºC<Tc<+70ºC
PARAMETER                          SYMBOL     MIN      TYP       MAX      UNITS NOTES
                                               16       33                 km     BER<1E-10 @ 360/540/1485Mbps
9.0µm Core Diameter SMF (Note 2)
                                               29       43                 km     BER<1E-10 @ 143/177/270Mbps
Optical Center                     λ         1290      1310     1330       nm
Optical Transmit Power             Popt       -9                 -3       dBm     Average @ 1310nm
Extinction Ratio                   ER          9        10                 dB     P1/P0
Spectral Width                     ∆λ                             2        nm     RMS
                                                                                  Measured with Color Bar Test Signal
                                                                 135       ps
Total Jitter                       TJ
                                                                                  Measured with Color Bar Test Signal
                                                                 740       ps
                                                                                  20%-80%; Measured unfiltered
                                                                 270       ps
Output Rise/Fall Time              tR, tF
                                                                                  20%-80%; Measured unfiltered
                                                                  1.5      ns
Optical Input Wavelength           λ         1270               1610       nm
                                              -20                -2       dBm     VMC-K-H-2-X (note 3)
Optical Input Power                Popt
                                              -23                -2       dBm     VMC-K-S-2-X (note 4)
Optical Return Loss                ORL         29                          dB
Note 2: The specified minimum link distances are based on IEEE link budget models. Assumes minimum transmitter
        output power of -9dBm with minimum extinction ratio of 9dB over 9/125µm Single Mode Fiber (SMF) at
        140/177/270/360/540/1485Mbps. The minimum link distances are based on worst case receiver sensitivity (VMC-R-
        X-2 simplex receiver video media converter) with color bar test signal. The minimum link distances will be reduced
        with SDI test matrix.
Note 3: Minimum receiver input power is defined for line BER < 1 x 10-10 running PRBS 223 - 1 at 1.485Gbps
Note 4: Minimum receiver input power is defined for line BER < 1 x 10-10 running PRBS 223 - 1 at 140/177/270/360/540Mbps

Simplex transmitter and receiver modules contained in the VMC-K-X-2-X kit are designed with internally calibrated Digital
Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as module
temperature, laser bias current (Tx), transmitted optical power (Tx), receiver optical power (Rx) and module supply
voltage. It also defines a system of alarm flags, which alert end-users when particular operating parameters are outside
of a factory set normal range.
Please refer to simplex transmitter (VMC-T-X-2) and simplex receiver (VMC-R-X-2) data sheets for detained information
on digital diagnostics monitoring interface.

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VMC-K-X-2-X Optical SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M
Video BNC to "ST" Media Converter Kit


                                     OVERMOLD IDENTIFIERS

                        HI-DEF TRANSMITTER         HI-DEF RECEIVER

                        STD-DEF TRANSMITTER        STD-DEF RECEIVER


                                                       1. PIN 1 = GND / BLACK WIRE
                                             2         2. PIN 2 = SDA / YELLOW WIRE
               Media Converter                         3. PIN 3 = SCL / WHITE WIRE
                                                       4. PIN 4 = Vcc / RED WIRE
                                 2                     1. PIN 1 = NEGATIVE
                                                       2. PIN 2 = NOT USED
                 Power Supply
                                                       3. PIN 3 = NOT USED
                                 1                     4. PIN 4 = POSITIVE
                        Looking into connector


                                                 English Units        Metric Units
                      Shipping Weight                3.1lb              1.4kg
                      Shipping Dimensions   16.25 x 11.25 x 4.25 in   41 x 29 x 11 cm

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VMC-K-X-2-X Optical SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/305M/310M
Video BNC to "ST" Media Converter Kit

                                       7444 West Wilson Avenue • Chicago, IL 60656
                                   (708) 867-9600 • (800) 323-6858 • Fax: (708) 867-0996

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