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       Building a Standard of Excellence

              A Welcome from the Administration
Welcome to Hope Mills Middle School, home of the Vikings. The policies and
procedures contained in this handbook are designed to ensure a safe and
successful school year for all students. Please take the time to read carefully the
information contained within, so that you will become familiar with the
opportunities, responsibilities, and expectations of our school. We are looking
forward to an exciting, productive, and rewarding year.

Cherié N. Hinton                Caroline Whitley     Beth Burnett
  Principal                            Assistant Principals

                    Mission Statement
Our mission at Hope Mills Middle School is to provide a secure, inviting
environment where everyone can grow. Our focus on strong instructional
leadership, quality instructional time, and high expectations will ensure
success in meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century.

                     Hope Mills Middle School
                       4975 Cameron Road
                      Hope Mills, NC 28348
                          (910) 425-5106
                       Fax: (910) 423- 5887


                    This Handbook Belongs to:


       If found, please return to the address above.
                      School Calendar 2011-2012
August 25                              First Day for Students
September 5                            Student/Teacher Holiday
October 27                             End of First Reporting Period
October 28                             Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
November 7                             Parent Night
November 11                            Student/Teacher Holiday
November 23                            Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
November 24-35                         Student/Teacher Holidays
December 19- December 30               Winter Holidays
January 16                             Student/Teacher Holiday
January 20                             End of Second Reporting Period
January 23                             Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
February 20                            Student Holiday/ Required
                                       Teacher Workday
March 23                               End of Third Reporting Period
March 26                               Student Holiday/ Teacher Workday
March 31                               Parent Night
April 6                                Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
April 9-13                             Spring Break
May 28                                 Student/Teacher Holiday
June 8                                 Last Day of School for Students

              MON          TUES             WED        THURS              FRI
7:30-                                                               Homeroom
8:05     Homeroom         Homeroom       Homeroom      Homeroom     (7:30-7:55)
8:10-                                                                1st (8:00-
9:40         1st period   2nd period      1st period   2nd period       8:45)
                                                                    2nd (8:50-
9:45-                                                                3rd (9:40-
11:15    3rd period       4th period      3rd period   4th period      10:25)
                                                                    4th (10:30-
12:50    5th/Lunch        5th/Lunch       5th/Lunch    5th/Lunch    5th/Lunch
                                                                    6th (12:55-
12:55-                                                               7th (1:45-
 2:30        7th period   6th period      7th period   6th period      2:30)
Teachers may be excused from teaching responsibilities for the reasons listed
        Code 1 & 2 – SICK LEAVE – (NO DEDUCTION)
        Whole days may be charged to sick leave for personal and family
        illness as specified by the State Board of Education.

         Code 4 - CIVIL LEAVE- (NO DEDUCTION)
         Civil Leave includes jury duty, military leave, religious holidays, and
         approved meetings or assignments.
         A substitute will not be called until your Reason 4 Form is
         completed and returned to Susan.

         Code 6 - PERSONAL LEAVE- ($50.00 per day is deducted)
         1. Personal leave shall be granted upon request of a teacher when
            made at least five (5) days in advance of the date(s) desired and
            such leave is not a day before or after a holiday, except for
         2. Two days of personal leave per teacher is earned each year and is
            accumulated to a maximum of 5 days.
         3. This leave is transferable between school and administrative units.


The Board believes that parental involvement is an essential component of
school success and positive student outcomes. Therefore, any employee who is
a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis and who has a school-
aged child may take up to four hours of unpaid leave within the fiscal year to
attend or otherwise be involved in that child’s school.

The leave must be requested 48 hours in advance of the time that the employee
wishes to take leave.

CLUB FUNDS/RECEIPTS: All club funds must be turned in to the
bookkeeper by NOON since all collections must be receipted. No more than
$150 is allowed to be kept overnight. All money over $150 must be dropped in
night deposit by the administrator on duty.

Receipt books: All money collected by a teacher must be receipted and turned
into the bookkeeper by NOON. If an error is made on a receipt and it is
necessary to void that receipt, both copies must be voided and left together in
the receipt book. All receipt books must be turned in at the end of the year for
the yearly audit, and it is important that they are kept accurately. After all
money has been collected, the receipt book should be turned in to the
bookkeeper. Receipt books and deposit slips should balance.

DETENTION HALL: Students may be assigned to the school’s detention hall
only by the administrative staff. Individual teachers may assign students to
teacher detention if the parent is contacted and supervision is provided.

DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS: Teachers should reserve Wednesdays for
staff meetings. Staff development and faculty meetings will be held on
Wednesdays and will begin at 2:45 p.m. Meetings will be held in the media
center. Please do not plan appointments or conferences on Wednesdays.
CONFERENCES-PARENT: Teachers are encouraged to have conferences
with parents to discuss student’s progress and difficulties. Every effort should
be made to contact parents of students who are having particular problems. DO
NOT allow a student to fail without exhausting every reasonable means of
reaching him and his parents. The homeroom teacher is required to initiate the
Personalized Education Plans (PEP’s) should be completed for all students.
Priority should be given to students who:
           Scored below a Level 3 on his or her N.C. End-of-Grade testAre
              failing one or more classes
           Have been referred to the office
           Have five or more absences

Friday team planning periods are protected; no parent conferences should be
scheduled during this time.

FIELD TRIPS: All field trips must be cleared THREE (3) weeks in advance,
and each student must fill out a field trip permission form. These may be
obtained from the office. All overnight trips must have the approval of the
principal, superintendent, and Cumberland County Board of Education. A list
of all students taking part in the field trip is to be handed out to all subject
teachers at least three days prior to taking the trip. No trips are allowed after
 May 11, 2012.

GUEST SPEAKERS: All guest speakers must have the approval of the
principal two weeks prior to their visit.


         During the school year, administrators, teachers, teacher assistants, and
         office personnel are required to follow a basic dress code. The purpose
         and intent of the dress code is to assure that the staff projects a
         professional image to the public as well as to the students. During
         teacher workdays, teachers may consider wearing casual clothing while
         abiding by the dress code. If there are exceptions to the dress code, they
         will be handled on an individual basis by the principal.

         Examples of non-professional attire include:
          Flip-flops
          Shorts (except for dressy professional style)
          Tops, dresses and skirts that have spaghetti straps, and/or are
            backless, extremely short, or low cut
          Visible undergarments
          Visible body piercing other than ears
          Exposed mid-drifts
          Blue Jeans (except for dressy denim trousers)
          Graphic or screen-printed t-shirts
          Sweat pants, wind suits or other types of jogging suits
          Tennis Shoes

         Thursdays will be Spirit Day. Blue jeans and tennis shoes are allowed
         on these days ONLY if worn with a Hope Mills Middle School shirt.

         Factors to consider in regard to classroom discipline are as follows:
         1. Proper and complete preparation for each class will increase
             interest and keep the students busy. Remember each class lasts for
             90 minutes. Over plan and make sure you have more than an ample
             amount of work planned for the students.
         2. The level of relationship with students should be such as to
             command respect.
         3. Sarcasm and ridicule should be avoided at all times.
         4. Mass punishment is not allowed under any circumstances.
         5. Students should not be placed in the halls as punishment.
         6. Sending students from the room is an unwise practice. If it is
             necessary to send a student from the room, he or she should be sent
             to a team member’s room. If it is an emergency, call the office and
             then send the student with an explanatory note. All five behavior
             referral steps should be sent to the grade level administrator’s box.
             Do not send the student to the office with the referral.
         7. Teachers should be firm but fair. The use of poor judgment can be
             avoided if one will not act in haste.
         8. Reasonable punishment is the best policy.
         9. Physical punishment/contact should not be used.

         Discipline Procedures
         First Offense- Verbal and Written Warning
         Second Offense- Phone Call to Parent
         Third Offense- Teacher Detention
         Fourth Offense- Office Referral

         Teachers have the responsibility for maintaining order and discipline in
         the classroom. Avoid punishing students in front of a group and try to
         punish only guilty individuals, not groups. Repetitious writing is NOT
         encouraged punishment. Themes, reports, calling parents, and keeping
         students after school are recommended as a means of punishment.
         Always allow at least a one-day notice in order for the student to
         inform parents and arrange transportation. In extreme cases, when a
         teacher needs the assistance of a school official concerning discipline,
         call the office or send a reliable student for assistance.

         After all efforts to maintain discipline have failed, refer the student to
         the office. All referrals must be on the appropriate discipline form
         listing all previous interventions with a written notice of the problem.

         Infraction sheets will be utilized uniformly and consistently
         throughout the school.

Students or teachers should not interrupt classes. Students must not be
permitted to leave class unless an emergency arises. All students leaving class
for any reason must have a note from the teacher. The office will do everything
possible to limit the number of interruptions during the school day.

If a student is sick, please call the front office. The front office will then call the

        All grades must be posted by 8:00am on Monday.
        Departments will create a standard policy for grades.
        All missing grades will be counted as zeroes.
        Teachers are encouraged to give homework assignments to students.
         Please keep in mind that students have seven classes, and assign
         homework as follows:

         1.  For 6th grade, homework assignments should not exceed a total of
             60 minutes per team.
         2. For 7th grade, homework assignments should not exceed a total of
             70 minutes per team.
         3. For 8th grade, homework assignments should not exceed a total of
             80 minutes per team.
        Long-range assignments are fine, but stay informed of the student’s
         progress so that the work will not be put off until the last day.
        Homework cannot be made up after 5 days. Full credit will not be
         given after the initial due date.

STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY: A proficiency portfolio shall be created for
each student identified as a possible retention that contains the following types
of information:
        Personalized Education Plan
        Attendance Record
        Progress Reports
        Student Services Team Records
        Interventions/Remediation Efforts
        Most Current EOG Results
        Formative Assessments (i.e., Results of Benchmark Tests)
        Documentation of Parent Contacts/Conferences
        Copy of Report Card
        Progress Toward IEP Objectives for Students with Disabilities
        Copy of IEP
        Language Proficiency for ESL Students
        Additional Data Which Supports Student Achievement:
          Student Work Samples for class and remediation
          Teacher Narrative
          Student Effort and Motivation
          Other Information (Deemed Appropriate to Support Decision)

HALL DUTY: Teachers are expected to be in the halls between classes and
before and after school until the halls clear.

LESSON PLANS: Lesson plans must be available on the teacher’s desk at all
times. Daily agendas and objectives must be prominently posted each day.
LUNCH: Teachers should lock their doors during the lunch hour. Teachers
eating in the cafeteria may go to the front of the lunch line. Teachers need to
follow the assigned lunch schedule. Please escort your students to and from
the cafeteria in a quiet and orderly manner; other classes are in session.
Failure to adhere to the arrival and departure times will greatly inconvenience
your co-workers.

Procedures for arrival:
    1. Please come as a class in a quiet and orderly manner at the assigned
    2. Teachers are to escort students to and from the cafeteria.
    3. Students may only leave the cafeteria with their teacher’s permission.

Procedures for departure:
    1. Please leave as a group at the assigned time.
    2. Each teacher is responsible for the area your class uses during lunch.
    3. Each teacher should designate two students per week to clean your
       tables and floor.
    4. No food or drink may leave the cafeteria!

Each teacher will have a personnel file in the principal’s office. The information
within will be treated as confidential. The principal or an assistant principal will
observe each teacher at least twice a year and will provide each teacher with a
copy of his or her visitation and observation report. Teachers will be given a
copy of anything that goes into their file.

  1. Each teacher has been assigned a planning period. This time is
     provided for you to conference with your students, parents, and/or work
     on any of your schoolwork.
  2. We ask for your cooperation if you are called upon to cover another
     teacher’s class during your conference period.
  3. No teacher is to leave the school grounds during their conference
     period without the permission of the principal. All teachers leaving
     campus must sign-out and –in at the front office. Failure to do so will
     result in being docked pay.

The responsibility of each staff member at Hope Mills Middle School is to
maintain positive public relations between the school and community. There is
no justification for pessimism or criticism on the part of any person employed
by the school. A successful school will only materialize if all employees work
together to meet all challenges as a unified group. If the administration has any
criticisms to make concerning you or your teaching, they will be given directly
to you and not to the public. You are asked to bring your criticisms of the
administration to the office and not to discuss them publicly. Do not be guilty of
downgrading your fellow teachers, students, or the school.

Dealing with parents is part of our job. Parents deserve our attention, courtesy,
and kindness. The principals will gladly attend any conference with a parent
and teacher.
You are responsible for complete and detailed lesson plans. This is to include
individual class rolls for each period. All lesson plans are to be accessible to the
substitute. Lesson plans should be well organized and relevant to the subject
matter to be taught. If a teacher knows he/she is going to be absent, turn your
lesson plans in the day before to the secretary. If it is a sudden illness, it is the
teacher’s responsibility to provide the front office with the lesson plans for your
class. These may be sent by friends on the staff or by family members.

Upon returning to school, please report to the bookkeeper so that he/she can give
you a form to fill out and sign stating the reason you were absent. This is
necessary to meet payroll procedures.

    Teachers should limit calls to two-three minutes.
    All outside calls should be made during your planning period.
    All personal phones should be turned off during class time.
    You should not receive or make outside calls during classes unless
     contacting a parent.
    Earpieces to cell phones should not be worn during school hours.
    Text messaging is not allowed in the classroom while students are
     under your supervision.

The Board of Education directs that no employee of the Cumberland County
School System shall take his/her child to his/her workstation for the purpose of
the child’s supervision when said employee is on active work duty during
normal scheduled working hours. In cases of an emergency, the employee’s
supervisor may grant permission for such said supervision.

SEARCHES- STUDENTS PERSON: The Board of Education authorizes
teachers and administrative personnel who have reasonable belief that a student
or students are in possession of weapons, illegal drugs or other items harmful to
the student or students or to the welfare of the student body to search the person
of said student(s). The above shall be within the knowledge and under the
supervision of the principal.

equipment at any school belong to the school district, and although assigned to
particular students for use, may be entered and searched by school officials
whenever said school officials have reasonable belief that some substance or
other material is contained therein which is illegal, harmful to the safety of the
student, or the student body as a whole, or significantly disruptive or dangerous
to the overall discipline of the school.

DUE PROCESS: The Board of Education mandates and the law require that
all students be treated fairly and honestly in resolving grievances, complaints, or
suspensions/expulsions. Due process shall be defined as fair and reasonable
approaches to all areas of student governance and discipline on the part of all
school officials. Whenever a student or parent has a complaint regarding a
decision made by a teacher, principal, or other local school employee which
cannot be resolved by the principal at the school, the student or parent shall
provide the complaint in writing to the appropriate assistant superintendent no
later than fifteen days after the disposition of the matter by the principal.
GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES TITLE IX: Students who believe that they
have been mistreated because of sex discrimination in the public school may
appeal to the principal.

PRIVACY ACT (FERPA): The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA) is a federal law that governs the maintenance of student records.
Under this law, parents of students or students (if they are at least 18 years of
age) have both the right to inspect records kept by the school about the student
and the right to correct inaccuracies of the records. Access to the records by
persons other than the parents or the student is limited and generally requires
prior consent by the parents of the student. Complaints about failure of school
personnel to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act may
be made, in writing, to FERPA Office, Federal Building No. 10,600
Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C., 20202.

qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his or her
disability, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination from any
program or activity of the school. Qualified disabled students are entitled to a
free appropriate public education. Disabled persons who believe they have been
subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability may appeal to the person in
the school designated to hear said grievances. If still unresolved, grievances
may then be appealed to the school district ADA / Section 504 Coordinator
Cumberland County Schools, P.O. Box 2357, Fayetteville, North Carolina
28302, Phone: 678-2430.

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