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					Nursery/Reception ICT Skills Ladder

Word processing               Handling                 Modelling               Internet and Email           Mulitmedia              Graphics

Understand that by       Begin to be aware       Understand devices can        Pupils are aware of e-    Move an item to a     Select and use simple
pressing a               that information can    be given instructions.        mail via teacher led      desired location      mark making tools
number/letter on the     be stored.              Instruct a programmable       correspondence with       using the mouse and   such as the brush and
keyboard, the same                                                             other classes or          improve mouse         pen.
letter/number will       Begin to sort objects   toy.                          schools.                  control.
appear on the screen.    in order and begin to                                                                                 Differentiate size,
                         classify or group       Begin to differentiate        Pupils are aware of       Explore software,     colour, shape, form
Basic familiarity with   objects.                direction and position,       safety issues including   using buttons and     and space.
letter, number, full                             e.g. forwards,                stranger danger.          icons to change
stop, space bar and      Collect data.           backwards,                                              screens and choose    Print with support.
shift keys.                                      left and right.               Use websites for cross    options.
                         Search for and                                        curricular work e.g.
Begin to use a word      choose an object in     Gain increasing control         Use a mouse to
bank with support.       response to a           over manipulating a           ools                      select and control
                         question.               joystick or buttons to                                  items on a screen.
Use the keyboard to                              move cars purposefully.
type their name.         Add a picture to a                                                              Understand how to
                         class pictogram.                                                                make choices on
Use the space bar to                             Know the different effect                               screen to produce
leave one space                                  that each button has on                                 an effect and
between words.                                   the movement of the car.                                navigate.

Use the backspace to                             Instruct a programmable
edit and amend work.                             toy purposefully.
                                                 Explore and investigate
Print with support.                              real or imaginary

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                             1
                                                                Year 1 ICT Skills Ladder

                                              Nursery/reception ICT skills should be used in addition to…

      Word                    Handling                  Modelling             Internet and Email             Mulitmedia                 Graphics
   processing               Information

 Use the keyboard to    Answer simple              Instruct a                 Open a web browser.         Use the mouse in a      Open a graphics
type letters, making    questions about a          programmable toy.                                      controlled way.         program.
words.                  pictogram.                                            Begin to be aware of
                                                   Use everyday words to      the browser layout          Use the mouse to        Select and use the fill
Use Caps lock/shift,    Click on picture to        describe position.         including forward/          click and explore       tool to colour a
backspace,              indicate choice.                                      backward buttons,           software, CD-ROMS       prepared picture.
enter/return keys                                  Use forward, backward,     subject, title and e-mail   and the internet.
                        Collect and begin to       turn and other             address bar.                                        Select and use a
Use the arrow keys      sort data.                 commands.                                              Use the mouse to        range of paint tools
and scroll bar.                                                               Pupils access websites      explore using buttons   e.g. spray.
                                                   When exploring and         using favourites and        and icons to choose
                        Recognise that there is
Able to change font                                investigating real or      hyperlinks.                 options.                Select and use the
                        a relationship between
style, size and                                    imaginary situations,                                                          undo/erase tools to
                        a table and the
colour.                                            understand that making     Use hyperlinks to           Understand how to       modify their picture.
                                                   a choice can cause a       navigate a website.         make choices on
Use the backspace                                  different outcome.                                     screen to produce an    Differentiate size,
and delete buttons to   Change the graph from                                 Pupils are aware of         effect and navigate.    colour, shape, form
edit and amend          a pictogram to a block     Explain why they make      email addresses.                                    and space.
work.                   graph using the            choices.                                               Record, select and
                        appropriate icon.                                     Able to send emails to      play sounds using       Choose a colour from
Open a simple word                                 Begin to understand the    others through a pre-       ICT.                    the colour palette.
processing package      With support save a        differences between        formatted email e.g.
and combine text        data file.                 simulations and the real                                   Print and save with
with pictures.                                     world.                     ools/barnabybear                                    support.
                        Sort data into
Print and save with     ascending/descending
support.                order.
                        Begin to use a
                        prepared data base.

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                          2
                                                               Year 2 ICT Skills Ladder
                                                   Previous ICT skills should be taught in addition to…

Word processing                 Handling                 Modelling            Internet and Email             Mulitmedia                   Graphics

Use the keyboard to        Input data as one         Use quarter turns,       Learn how to surf          Arrange sounds to          Use a variety of tools to
type text.                 number and to             right and left.          safely.                    compose a piece of         create a more complex
                           present the data in a                                                         music and to save it.      pattern or picture. (E.g.
Begin to use click and     variety of forms.         Use four quarter turns   Know what to do when                                  stamps, straight line,
drag to highlight text.                              to make a full turn.     inappropriate content is   Make simple changes        and geometric shapes.)
                           Change the graph                                   found.                     to their compositions,
Understand that            from a pictogram to a     Use right and left                                  retrieving the file with   Begin to use symmetry
different font styles,     block graph or bar        turns                    With support, enter an     assistance and             tool.
sizes and colours can      chart using                                        email address and          saving independently.
be used for different      appropriate icon.         Know the different       subject, type a                                       Use ‘save as’ function.
effects.                                             effect that each         message and send.          Change simple
                           Save and print            button has on the                                   options within the         Retrieve and edit work
Introduce more text        independently.            movement of the          With support, read and     program: e.g. Tempo,       which has been saved.
formatting to suit                                   programmable toy.        respond to email.          volume, and
audience and purpose       Find records, enter                                                           instruments.
e.g. bold, align, italic   data with support and     Record commands.                                    Pupils can be made
and underline.             create appropriate                                                            aware of the use of
                           graph/chart in a                                                              multimedia
Insert an object.          database.                                                                     presentations with
                                                                                                         adult support.
Saved and retrieve                                                                                       Pupils can
work.                                                                                                    independently use
                                                                                                         hyperlinks to navigate
Print independently.                                                                                     multimedia
                                                                                                         Pupils can record
                                                                                                         audio, video and still
                                                                                                         images and play
                                                                                                         them back.

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                            3
                                             Year 3/4 ICT Skills Ladder
                           ICT skills from previous years should be used in addition to…

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                          4
  Word processing               Handling                   Modeling                 Internet and Email            Multimedia                 Graphics
Plan, create and          Begin to create and       Input data into a             Send messages over         Create a                  Select images from a
format a piece of         use branching             computer simulation           long distances via e-      multimedia page           variety of sources
work for a specific       databases to              program and discuss           mail, using the            incorporating text,       (including ones
purpose/ audience         identify and sort         results.                      address book where         graphics and              made by themselves)
using a variety of        objects:                                                appropriate:               sound.                    and use them for a
tools:                                              Using a spreadsheet,                                                               specific purpose:
                          Search a branching        add and amend                 To open and read           Add text to a
Use a spell checker to    database for specific     information in a cell         emails.                    multimedia template.      Select an area of the
check a given piece of    objects.                  and produce a graph                                                                picture to copy and
text and discuss its                                appropriate to the            To reply to an email.      Add still pictures to a   paste
limitations.              Create their own          information:                                             multimedia template.
                          yes/no questions.                                       To find use the address                              Use a scanner or
Use copy and paste                                  Learn vocabulary. Find        book to send an email to   Add moving                digital camera if
for text and pictures     Add an object to an       specific cells and note       a specific person.         animations to a           available to take and
as necessary.             existing branching        what sort of information                                 multimedia template.      save a picture.
                          database.                 is contained in them.         Enter a URL, search
Use formatting tools                                                              site for specific          Add pre-recorded          Import pictures to be
to change the font,       Sort through a            Input and edit data –         information and copy       sound to a                refined directly from
size and colour.          database using            noticing effect on data       and paste it into          multimedia template.      e.g. scanner/ digital
                          different tools and       already present in            another package:                                     camera.
Use the alignment         be aware of the way       spreadsheet.                                             Add a video clip to a
tools to adjust the       in which they work:                                     Access a website by        multimedia template.      Use copy and paste to
layout of a document                                Delete data from a cell       typing the URL web                                   select and duplicate
(Left, Right and          Enter data into a         and group of cells.           address                    Develop the use of        areas of an image,
Centre).                  prepared database                                                                  ‘Sound Recorder’          using other familiar
                          and save.                 Copy and paste from           Use a web address in       to create and edit        tools to enhance the
Add pictures as                                     one cell into another.        favourites; navigate       sounds for a              image.
appropriate from a        Navigate around a                                       using back, forward,       specific purpose.
variety of sources        database, moving to       Format cell contents –        home buttons.                                        Combine several
including the internet.   different entries using   font style – size –                                      Create sounds             graphic elements to
                          the navigation tools      emphasis – alignment –        Search the Internet for    directly on the           create a picture
Resize/move pcitures      available, and            cell colour and border.       specific sites.            computer using            which can the be
as appropriate.           changing views as                                                                  Sound Recorder.           exported:
                          appropriate.              Enter basic formula onto      Create basic
                                                    a spreadsheet.                webpages and               Edit sounds directly      Move, rotate and
                                                                                  appreciate their uses      on the computer.          resize graphic
                                                                                  in the wider world.                                  elements.

                                                    Year 3/4 ICT Skills Ladder (continued)

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                                5
 Word processing           Handling       Modeling         Internet and Email          Multimedia                Graphics
                   Create a simple                       Send messages using      Import the sounds        Use copy and paste to
                   graph using a single                  attachments              into another program     select parts of one
                   field on a prepared                   recognising the issues   for a specific use.      image to paste into
                   database.                             involved:                                         another "master"
                                                                                  To create a simple       image.
                   Edit inaccurate data                  Open an attachment to    animation for a
                   and add missing data                  e-mail.                  specific purpose
                   using a prepared                                               using basic skills:
                   database.                             Attach a file to an e-
                                                         mail.                    Create multiple
                   Use simple sorts of                                            frames and then
                   the data to find                                               stitch together to
                   specific information                                           make animation.
                                                                                  Add title screens and
                   Use simple search to                                           credits.
                   find specific
                   information.                                                   Add narration
                                                                                  relevant to the

                                                                                  To create a simple
                                                                                  film for a specific
                                                                                  purpose using
                                                                                  basic skills:

                                                                                  Editing clip length as

                                                                                  Add title screens and

                                                                                  Add narration
                                                                                  relevant to the

                                          Year 5/6 ICT Skills Ladder
Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                        6
                                     ICT skills from previous years should be used in addition to…

  Word processing                 Handling              Modeling                Internet and Email            Multimedia                Graphics
To further develop         Find specific          Adapt a                     Use a search engine        Create a more           Use an object-based
and refine work,           information from a     spreadsheet to              to find information:       complex multimedia      graphics package to
using new skills as        database and           perform a                                              presentation with       produce and explore a
appropriate:               present as a report:   calculation and             Type a simple search       intelligent links:      graphical model:
                                                  produce a graph of          into a search engine
Add tables to              Carry out a simple     the results:                and discuss the results.   Add sequential pages    Move and rotate objects
documents to organise      search – and.                                                                 to a presentation.      within a object-based
information.                                      Modify spreadsheet          Refine the search using                            graphics package.
                           Ask question to        formula (e.g. sum,          "and".                     Set up active buttons
Use autoshape,             interrogate a          average).                                              on a web page.          Use geometric tools to
Wordart and line tools     database using or.                                 Refine the search using                            create objects, which
for specific purposes.                            Enter formula in a          "not".                     Set up hyperlinks to    can be manipulated
                           Ask questions to       cell.                                                  link between pages.     using an object-based
Use copy and paste to      interrogate a                                      Refine the search using                            graphics package.
insert graphics from       database using         Copy and paste              "or".                      Change transition
other source eg: digital   and/or.                formula from one cell                                  details using simple    Develop pupils’
camera,                                           to another                                             presentation            understanding that a
internet,scanner,          Carry out more                                                                software.               graphical model can be
saved files.               complex searches.      Copy and paste data                                                            used to explore
                                                  and formula from one                                   Refine animation        alternatives and identify
Refine documents to        Produce more           cell to a group of cells                               techniques to           patterns.
show an awareness of       complex graphs from    using fill down or                                     create more
purpose and audience       a database.            across.                                                efficient animations.
in the presentation and
design.                    Copy and paste from    Adjust cell size for the                               Refine film
                           one application to     contents and format.                                   techniques to
                           another.                                                                      create more
                                                  Produce graphs using                                   efficient films

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                            7
                                            Year 5/6 ICT Skills Ladder (continued)

 Word processing          Handling                 Modeling              Internet and Email   Multimedia   Graphics
                   create a database        Use screen turtle
                   of information for a     (logo) to type
                   specific piece of        commands for an
                   research:                immediate result:

                   Identify the fields      Modify a prewritten
                   which may be             procedure to test
                   needed to store the      predictions.
                                            Experiment with
                   Create the fields to     commands to create
                   store the information.   preplanned patterns or
                   Add keyword lists to
                   relevant fields to
                   improve the accuracy
                   of information.

                   Add minimum and
                   maximum ranges to
                   relevant fields to
                   improve the accuracy
                   of information.

                   Enter 2 or 3 records
                   to test the structure
                   of their database.

Cardiff ICT Advisory Team 2008                                       8

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