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									                       SOP – Preventive Maintenance
Company Name                       Establishment #                   Original Date
                                   Food Processing & Warehouse
Date Changed           Changed approved by       Date:           HACCP Coordinator        Date

Section                Signature                                 Signature

Program                Item                                      Sub-item
Transportation &       C 1.2 – Equipment Maintenance             C 1.2.1 – Preventive Maintenance
Storage                                                          Program

                                   HACCP Prerequisites – Equipment Design and
Scope (objective)
                                   To ensure that preventative maintenance program is
                                   carried out according to HACCP prerequisites
Position Responsible
                                   Warehouse Supervisor/Maintenance personnel
Records (Form) Used
                                   Preventative Maintenance Form
Standard Operating Procedure

    1. All copies of Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures for all equipment
       are filed in the filing cabinet designated for PM in the Admin office

    2. Maintenance personnel will refer to the PM procedures as well as the PM
       checklists and conduct daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or
       annual maintenance on equipment as required.

    3. The maintenance personnel will record all findings on the PM checklist
       sheet as well as any necessary corrective actions if required.

    4. The completed form will be submitted to the HACCP Coordinator for
       verification weekly at the end of the week. Monthly PM checks will be
       submitted to the HACCP Coordinator for verification at the end of each

    5. The verified and signed forms are then filed in the filing cabinet.

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