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              The Newsletter of the Northern Nevada Women Lawyers Association

    DUI Law Primer for Final Meeting of 2010
   We have all                                 and $30 for non-       the ―20 Best Government At-       Volume 13, Issue 11
been on the re-                                members, and           torneys.‖
ceiving end of a                               lunch     is   in-
                                                                         Their discussion at the        November 2010
concerned email                                cluded; also, 30
                                                                      NNWLA meeting will address
or telephone call                              minutes of CLE
                                                                      the basic legal issues in Ne-
at one point or                                have been ap-
                                                                      vada that arise following a
other in our legal                             proved.
                                                                      citation for driving under the    Highlights for November:
careers: a friend
                                                   Erin Albright      influence.
or relative has                                                                                          Join NNWLA for the final meeting of
                                               is an associate
been cited for                                                           Please RSVP to Kait at           the year on Nov. 16 at 12:00 PM at
                                               attorney at of
driving     under                                                     mclendonkent@hotmail.com            La Vecchia in Reno for an introduc-
the influence and                                                     to let us know if you can at-       tion to DUI law. Cost is $25 for
                                               Viloria, Oliphant
seeks our legal                                                       tend.                               members, $30 for non-members and
                                               and Oster in
advice.     How-                                                                                          lunch is included. 30 minutes of
                                               Reno. She prac-
ever, many of us                                                                       Erin Albright
                                               tices both crimi-                                          CLE have been approved!
are in the dark
                   Jeremy Reichenberg          nal defense law
when it comes to                                                                                         Save the Date! The NNWLA Holiday
                                               and family law at
the basic law and procedure of                                                                            Party will be December 14 at 5:30
                                 the firm.
these DUI offenses.                                                                                       p.m. We hope to see you there!
                                    Mr. Reichenberg recently
   Please join NNWLA for its
                                 joined Laxalt & Nomura after
final meeting of 2010, held on
                                 having served as a Deputy
November 16 at 12:00 P.M. at
                                 District Attorney in Lyon
La Vecchia in Reno.       This
                                 County. While serving in that                                          Inside this issue:
month‘s topic is ―What to Do
                                 position, Mr. Reichnberg tried
When Someone You Know                                                                                   President’s Column               2
                                 several felony jury trials to
Gets a DUI,‖ presented by Erin
                                 verdict and was recognized in
Albright and Jeremy Reichen-
                                 Nevada Business Magazine‘s
berg. Cost is $25 for members                                                                           Author Luncheon on Nov. 6        2
                                 2009 Legal Elite issue as one of

                                                                                                        The Inmate Early Mediation       2
           Deputy DA in Lander County is Hiring                                                         Program seeks mediators

                                                                                                        An Interview with Kathleen       3
   The Lander County District      County. These duties include,      ordinances, advice and ser-       Drakulich
Attorney‘s Office seeks a quali-   but are not limited to, criminal   vices to all the county depart-
fied full-time deputy district     prosecutions, civil matters,       ments. Salary range is $55,000    Join the NNWLA Board!            4
attorney who is a hard worker      juvenile matters, law enforce-     - $75,000, DOE.
and has a love of learning.        ment training, public adminis-
                                                                         Please submit a resume and     November Inns of Court Meeting   4
                                   trator duties, county commis-
  Criminal law experience is                                          writing sample to an-
                                   sioner meetings, planning
preferred, but the deputy will                                        gie.lcda@gmail.com or by fax
                                   commission meetings, travel to
handle both criminal and civil                                        at 775.635.8209. Questions?       This Month in Women’s History    4
                                   rural communities, contracts,
matters on behalf of the                                              Call 775.635.5195.
Page 2                                                                                                                        NNWLA SCOOP

A Word From Our President
By Kait McLendon-Kent                          just get to court. She added that ―showing       know something about the choices that we
                                               up‖ included putting on the suit (and tie),      are expressing when we cast our votes. I
   We were honored to have Magistrate          knowing your facts, issues, and law rele-        encourage each of you to go to
Judges McQuaid and Cooke speak to our          vant to the matter for which you are ap-         www.co.washoe.nv.us/voter to confirm that
group last month about their role in the       pearing, and showing respect to the court        you are registered to vote and where you
judicial system as Magistrate Judges. If       system by being respectful to the judge,         go to vote if you have not ―early voted.‖ I
you are interested in finding out more in-     court staff, and opposing counsel. I think       also encourage you to find out about the
formation about the Magistrate Judge posi-     this is great advice that is applicable to all   people running for office and the ballot
tion opening up in Northern Nevada, or the     aspects of our lives and it is particularly      measures so that you can make an in-
new position to be added in Southern Ne-       applicable to November 2nd when we all           formed decision when you go to vote. I
vada, visit http://www.nvd.uscourts.gov.       have the opportunity to exercise our right       found a list of all statewide candidates and
                                               to vote—won only 90 years ago.                   links to each candidate‘s website at
   I found one comment Judge Cooke
                                                                                                www.politics1.com/nv/htm . Voting is our
made (which Judge McQuaid echoed) at             ―Showing up‖ to vote is important. Not
                                                                                                way to show respect for our fore-mothers
the meeting particularly meaningful. Her       only do we need to go to the polls (no suit
                                                                                                who worked diligently to earn this equal
advice to lawyers appearing in court was       required) and express our choices
                                                                                                right and our respect for those that choose
to ―Show up.‖ And she meant more than          (whatever they may be), but we need to
                                                                                                to seek office.

       Nevada Women’s History Project Author’s Luncheon on Nov. 6
   Looking for interesting holiday gift        note speakers C.J. Hadley, editor of Range
                                                                                                and silent auction will be held as well!
ideas and a fun opportunity to support lo-     Magazine, and Mark McLaughlin, an author
cal authors? Look no further than the Ne-      from the Lake Tahoe area.                           Each ticket is $50 per person, with $25
vada Women‘s History Project Luncheon                                                           of those proceeds directly benefitting the
                                                  Registration opens and book sales be-
on Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Atlantis Casino                                                      Nevada Women‘s History Project. For
                                               gin at 9:30 a.m. A Q&A with the authors
Resort Paradise Ballroom in Reno!                                                               more information or to sign up, contact
                                               begins at 11:30, and lunch will be served at
                                                                                                Grace Davis at 853.3200 or Patti Bernard at
   The Luncheon will have over thirty au-      12:30 with a discussion from the keynote
thors in attendance, and will feature key-     speakers while you dine. A book raffle

      Fed. Court’s Inmate Early Mediation Program Seeks Your Help!
   The United States District Court for the    resolving a significant percentage of the
unofficial northern division of the District   Section 1983 inmate cases pending before
invites members of the Washoe County Bar       the District Court, greatly relieving the
Association to apply for a position on the     caseload pressure on those courts.
Inmate Early Mediation Panel. Attorneys
                                                  Applications do not need prior media-
appointed to serve as pro bono mediators
                                               tion experience, and both new and experi-
will preside over mediations with inmate
                                               enced attorneys are welcome to apply.
plaintiffs who sue the Nevada Department
                                               This is an excellent opportunity to serve
of Corrections for constitutional violations
                                               the public and become more familiar with
of their confinement pursuant to Title 43
                                               the federal practice.
U.S.C. § 1983.
                                                  To apply, contact Judge Valerie Cooke‘s
   The Inmate Early Mediation Program,                                                          telephone at 686.5855. The application
                                               judicial assistant Debra Newman at
introduced in 2009, has been successful in                                                      deadline is December 1, 2010.
                                               debra_newman@nvd.uscourts.gov or be
Volume 13, Issue 11                                                                                                                Page 3

  Kathleen Drakulich’s Varied Path to Personal and Career Success
By Megan Starich                                briefly for a Gordon & Rees on San Fran-
                                                cisco where she made a nice living. But
   There are many words that can be used        Kathleen was engaged, and her fiancé
to describe Kathleen Drakulich: inspired,       wanted to move back to Reno. Kathleen
energetic, joyful, articulate.   However,       left her firm job and took a clerkship with
none of these words really capture what a       Judge Forman in Second Judicial District
delight Kathleen is, and what a truly influ-    Court. She says she never knew she was a
ential figure she has become in Nevada          small-town girl until she lived in a small
today. She attributes her success primarily     town. Kathleen loves Reno and loves Ne-
to her education, noting that her good          vada, and she has never looked back.
grades, great experiences, and hard work
                                                    After her clerkship, Kathleen took a job
have presented her with so many doors of
                                                as a Deputy Prosecutor in the Washoe
                                                County District Attorney‘s office. In her
    Kathleen was born and raised in the Bay     first year as a D.A., Kathleen tried 4 jury
Area. After graduating from an all-girls        trials. After that first year, she was chosen
high school called Notre Dame (―no not          by Mills Lane to try a first-degree death       Kathleen Drakulich
THE Notre Dame‖ she says), she set off to       penalty case where she gave closing argu-
college at Berkeley. Berkeley was an ad-        ments. She remembers though that while
                                                                                                cause finally after two years, ―someone
justment after coming from a high school        she really felt like she made a difference in
                                                                                                walked in and I knew the answer.‖ She
with a graduating class of 96 girls. But she    the community, it was not always glitzy and
                                                                                                worked at the power company for 11
found her way soon enough, studying po-         glamorous work. Besides trying cases, one
litical science and economics, and she took     of her duties included being an on-call
advantage of the opportunities that came to     search and seizure deputy, where she of-           After leaving the power company, Kath-
her. She studied abroad for a year at Ox-       ten had to go to the scene of the crime and     leen went into private practice, focusing on
ford, focusing on economics.                    advise the police on proper procedures.         the energy and natural resources field.
                                                When I asked her if she ever got used to        She worked for Kummer Kaempfer, and is
   It was this experience that ultimately led
                                                being at violent crime scenes, she says         now a partner at McDonald Carano Wilson
her to law school. ―I had this great profes-
                                                ―No, I never got better at. Some people         LLP in Reno. Kathleen loves her work, and
sor, they‘re called ‗fellows‘ at Oxford‖ she
                                                did, but I didn‘t. The victims were always      is a major figure in assisting private com-
says, who suggested she attend law school
                                                someone‘s family member to me.‖ This            panies looking to develop Nevada‘s green
rather than pursue an MBA. He recom-
                                                was a grim part of the job she never en-        energy industry. She has also served as a
mended law school because of all of the
                                                joyed.                                          Pro-Tem Judge in Reno Municipal Court,
options that come with a law degree. He
                                                                                                and as an instructor at TMCC.
told her she could be a judge, a prosecu-          Kathleen left the DA‘s office and worked
tor, work at a private firm, be in-house        briefly for now-Justice Hardesty in his pri-       When I asked her what advice she
counsel, or teach with a law degree,            vate law practice. During this period, she      would give to a young attorney, she said
whereas the career swath of an MBA was          developed her California practice and           ―try everything and make the most of your
much narrower. After spending a year            lived in California briefly. After her sec-     license. If someone asks you to teach a
after college working in a sporting goods       ond daughter was born and her husband           class, or serve as a pro tem judge, or vol-
store contemplating the job options avail-      decided to go into private practice, she        unteer, step up and do it. You can‘t look
able to her at that time (―sometimes you        applied on a whim for an in-house counsel       under every rock, but make sure you look
have to leave the current and go in the         job at Sierra Pacific Power Company,            under a lot of rocks.‖ She also says that
eddy,‖ she says), Kathleen decided on law       ―because we needed the benefits‖ she            young attorneys should never assume that
school, and set a goal to try each and every    says smiling. At the start of the job, her      their big payday will continue forever,
one of the career paths noted by her pro-       husband told her she only needed to stay        especially in this economy. ―You may not
fessor. In a testament to her ability to look   one or two years until he could get his         want to do what you‘re doing forever,‖ she
forward and adapt to an ever-changing           practice up and running. Indeed, after two      warns, and it is always good to have the
landscape, Kathleen has accomplished this       years, her husband came to her and told         flexibility to move on when the time
goal.                                           her she could leave the job if she wanted.      comes. Kathleen has certainly followed
                                                She said no, because she was starting to        her own advice, remaining flexible and
   After law school, Kathleen worked
                                                get the hang of the job. She stayed be-         open to change, and it has served her well.
                                              Join the NNWLA Board!
   Are you interested in being a part of the executive               dues.
board of directors for the Northern Nevada Women
                                                                            This position is an excellent way to get involved with
Lawyers Association? The NNWLA Board has an open-
                                                                     the NNWLA and help shape the future of the organiza-
ing for treasurer, and we‘d love to have you join us!
                                                                     tion. It‘s also a great introduction to the board and a first
   The NNWLA Treasurer manages a small number of                     step toward leading NNWLA as president.
responsibilities throughout the year, primarily the man-
                                                                            To apply, please contact Catherine Reichenberg at
agement of NNWLA‘s finances and the membership
                                                                     creichenberg@gundersonlaw.com or call 829-1222.

                        American Inns of Court November Meeting
   The Bruce R. Thompson Chapter of the American Inns                       Our Inn meets on the second Tuesday of October,
of Court will meet on November 9, 2010, on the Eighth                November, and January through May. The social por-
Floor of the Federal Building located at 300 S. Virginia             tion of our meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. and the 90-minute
St. in Reno. Michael Kealy, Esq., of Parsons Behle &                 presentation begins at 5:45 p.m. Members and guests
Latimer, will lead the program, titled ―Appellate Plead-             are welcome to attend.
ing and Practice.‖

                      November Highlights in U.S. Women’s History
Nov. 1, 1848 - The first medical school for   first coed medical schools.                    Cabrini is beatified. She is the first Ameri-
women, the New England Female Medical                                                        can woman citizen to become a saint.
                                              Nov. 28, 1881 - The first organizational
School, opens; in 1874 it merges with Bos-
                                              meeting is held for the predecessor group      Nov. 14, 1946 - Emily Greene Balch, co-
ton University to become one of the world's
                                                       to the American Association of        founder of the Women's International
                                                       University Women (AAUW).              League for Peace and Freedom, is
                                                                                             awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
                                                       Nov. 14, 1889 - Journalist Eliza-
                                                       beth Cochran, a.k.a. Nellie Bly,      Nov. 11, 1979 - Bethune Museum and Ar-
                                                       sails around the world in 72 days,    chives opens in Washington D.C. as a cen-
                                                       6 hours, 11 minutes, and 14 sec-      ter for African-American women's history,
                                                       onds, beating the fictional record    honoring Mary McLeod Bethune.
                                                       set by Phileas Fogg in Jules
                                                                                             Nov. 8, 1984 - Dr. Anna L. Fisher, a physi-
                                                       Verne's Around the World in
                                                                                             cian, launches into space as the first Ameri-
                                                       Eighty Days.
                                                                                             can mother and third American woman to
                                                       Nov. 14, 1903 - The U.S. Women's      fly into space on the shuttle Discovery.
                                                       Trade Union League is estab-
                                                                                             Nov. 11, 1993 - The Vietnam Women's
                                                                                             Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
                                                       Nov. 8, 1910 - The state of Wash-     Conceived by former army combat nurse
                                                       ington passes a constitutional        Diane Carlson Evans and sculpted by
                                                       amendment to permit woman             Glenna Goodacre, it honors the 265,000
The Vietnam Women’s Memorial, dedi-                    suffrage.                             women who voluntarily served during the
cated in 1993                                                                                Vietnam era.
                                              Nov. 13, 1938 - Mother Francis Xavier
                                                       NNWLA Board Meeting
                                                          October 15, 2010

In attendance: Rachel McLendon Kent, Catherine Reichenberg, Courtney Sweet, Liz High, and Karen Dickerson.

Treasurer’s report:
    The balance on September 9, 2010 was $6,509.42.

2010 Membership Meetings:
    October Dinner (October 19, 2010): Magistrate McQuaid and Magistrate Cooke to discuss career as a federal magistrate. La Vec-
    chia reserved. One-hour CLE approved. 21 RSVPs so far

    November lunch (November 16, 2010): DUI presentation with Erin Albright. .5 CLE requested. La Vecchia reserved.

    December Christmas Party (Date TBD): Judge Cooke‘s home. Caterer: Chef Extreme.
    January: Family Law CLE

Other Business:
    Women in History Article
         November: Catherine to contact Megan regarding interviewing Kathleen Drakulich. If not ready, no article for the November
         December: Alicia interviewing Mary Dugan.

    Veteran‘s Gift Programs: If NNWLA only does one program, Veteran‘s would prefer we focus on coats. Catherine will contact
    Young Lawyers to see if they want to do the stockings.

    School of Social Justice sponsorship (endowment) – decided NNWLA is not interested.

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