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									Adwords Revelation™
              “Million dollar Secrets Exposed Once And For All!”

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I dedicate this book to any internet 
marketer who wants real success 
regardless if you’re in affiliate marketing, 
or PPC marketing. It all comes down to 
one thing, domination! 
Thanks to God for walking me through it 
all and my wife for being supportive. 
I went from dead broke and on the edge 
of bankruptcy to financially free with 
more than enough to give back. 
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If you want something bad enough, 
you’ll find every single way to get it. 
Regardless of how much pain you have 
to go through. The path to financial 
freedom is pretty much the same way. 
I hope this book enlightens you on the 
underground techniques used by super 
affiliates, to dominate almost every 
single niche they enter. Pretty soon 
you’ll be the dominate player in your 
own niche.  

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  Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Fundamentals                                                                       Page 6 
Chapter 2: The Keyword Bidding War                                                      Page 13 
Chapter 3: The Paratio Principle                                                                 Page 23 
Chapter 4: Bidding – Guerrilla Warfare                                                    Page 26 
Chapter 5: Squeeze Pages: The Lemon Squeeze                                    Page 53 
Chapter 6: How To Spot The Best Affiliate Programs                         Page 61 
Chapter 7: Key points To Remember                                                         Page 66 
Chapter 8: Two Is Better Than One!                                                           Page 72 
Chapter 9: Leech Off Other People’s Time, Skills and Resources  Page 75 
Chapter 10: How You The Small Fish Can Eat The Big Fish              Page 79 
Chapter 11: The Red Cross Of Internet Marketing!                             Page 85 
Chapter 12: LTV                                                                                                   Page 94 
Chapter 13: How To Generate Quick Capital                                           Page 99 
Chapter 14: Super Tips                                                                                     Page 105 
Chapter 15: The Ultimate Smack Down                                                    Page 109 
Chapter 16: The Covert Cookie                                                                     Page 114 
Chapter 17: Copy Their Ad Part 2                                                                Page 120 
Chapter 18: More On Covert Cookies!                                                       Page 122 
Chapter 19: Smack Down Part 2                                                                  Page 124 
Conclusions                                                                                                           Page 126 

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               Chapter 1:
The Fundamentals
Okay, that’s all the fluff you’ll get from this
book. Now, before we move into the
Adwords Revelation blue print, let’s take a
step back to examine the proper drill for
entering any market!

Here’s the drill you should already be doing
to dominate your niche. Let’s see how well
you measure up, and don’t worry if you’re
not completely using all of these techniques
because by the time you’re done with this
book you’ll know them like the back of your

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I call these the 10 commandments of
affiliate marketing.

   1. Select your market, find 2-4 smaller
     niches to start off with and focus on
     dominating these first.

   2. Select 2-7 products in each niche to
     create your sales funnel. You can group
     them together in packages (basic,
     standard, Elite) This can increase the
     value of your sales and a lot easier to
     manage ☺

   3. Bid on buying terms only.
     (trademarks, product names, codes, etc)
     these are the hottest leads, don’t waste
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      your time with the other keywords
      unless you know you can convert them.

   4. Bid to be in the top 3, why? The
     most traffic which means a better CTR,
     which means a lower cost per click. You
     should have a solid sales funnel that
     should bring in way more than the first

   5. Ads are written with the intention of
     generating the most traffic as possible.
     They should read something like:

      Product X
      Do Not Buy Product X Until After
      You Read This Shocking Review

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   6. CTR’s using this negative “don’t buy
     this approach”, range between 6-13 %
     most of the time even higher. In this
     book I will reveal techniques on how to
     test against other peoples ads to find
     out what their CTR is. Majority of the
     time you’ll be getting clicks 3X the rate
     they are, which means only ¼ of the

   7. Use bully war tactics to push the
     merchant and other top affiliates around.
     This is your turf, show them who runs it.

   8. Using a Covert Cookie on each of
     your landing pages. The kind of name
     squeeze I will teach you in this book will
     skyrocket your sales beyond belief.
     Use the Gateway Magic/Interactive
     sales letter to discover their exact
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      buying buttons, and identify exactly what
      they want. You can use this information
      to segment your list into more targeted
      sections, making them a lot more

   9. After they sign up to your list you can
     either send them to the merchants site
     (if the sales letter is good) or create your
     own sales letter and at the end of it link
     directly to the order link (thanks to the
     CC, remember your aff link).

   10. When they make their first purchase
    they are in a buying mode, making them
    more receptive, so go ahead and upsell,
    cross sell, or offer complimentary
    related goods. Sweeten the deal by
    offering quality bonuses.

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   • Don’t bombard them with offers every
     two days or else you will quickly lose
     their trust. If you do decide to use this
     technique, then use a different business
     name in the same niche. So when they
     stop responding or reading your emails
     even unsubscribing you’ll still have at
     least one other name in their good book.

   • If you’re selling a high ticket item, it’ll be
     worth it to give them a call and answer
     any questions they might have,
     remember to offer honest advice when
     you can.

   All of this isn’t all new to you, you should
   be using all of these techniques in all of
                                                        11 | P a g e  
   your marketing efforts. Don’t worry if a
   couple things left you scratching your
   head, read on as all will become clear.

   Anybody with a decent understanding of
   PPC and Affiliate marketing can make at
   least five to ten thousand dollars directly
   attributable to this exact blue print. And
   you can do that over and over and over
   again, as long as you wish.

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                    Chapter 2:
The Keyword Bidding
This secret tactic is responsible for a
majority of my PPC profits.
Most online affiliate marketers waste their
time trying to build a 50,000 keyword list. All
filled with keywords that nobody bids on
and nobody wants.
They simply hope that they will stumble
upon untapped territory, untapped markets,
untapped keywords or treasures no one
has yet to discover.

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Don’t get me wrong, that could work for
some, but I got a better idea of creating

Those who simply do that, generate about a
30% ROI. You’re probably saying: “30%!!
That’s hella good!” Not in my book. I
generate at least 300-400% ROI on my
campaigns. Now, which one would you
rather have?

The main idea is to focus on buying terms
(trademark terms). Why? Because they
have a higher conversion rate, at least 5%
or higher is typical.

Focus your attention exclusively on
trademark terms (buying terms).
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The goal here is to bid high and convert
high. Remember you don’t need an
enormous amount of traffic to generate
sales. The best way to ensure profits is to
seek out transactions that promise a return
from the beginning.

While other e-books and marketers tell you
to build your list and that there’s money in
the list, I am telling you to bid high and bid
only on trademark terms. Make your money

Of course any smart marketer would build a
list. List building is an essential to any
online business; but you got to survive the
first level of the game before moving on to
the next.

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I may not know you, but I bet I know your
daily activities. I bet your typical day goes
something like this:
Monday: You spend the whole day
searching through Clickbank for a product
to promote.
Tuesday: You spend the whole day using
Wordtracker to generate a 50,000 keyword
list. All of which will be fruitless.
Wednesday: You wake up early to create
your ad with your 50,000 keyword list.
Thursday: You check your Clickbank
account again, to find it empty.
Friday: You check again and it’s still empty.
Saturday: You check again, and you made
one sale. Woohoo, one big fat sale.

                                                        16 | P a g e  
Sunday: Google bills your credit card
So let’s recap, you spent all week finding
the product, doing keyword research, and
setting up your campaign. To your surprise
you made one sale, let’s say the
commission is 50 bucks. Congratulations
my friend you have just lost $150.00 and a
full week of work!
Then when it’s all said and done you whine
and complain about how affiliate marketing
doesn’t work anymore.
Sound familiar?
Well, that’s all about to change. Let me
show you how I can do everything you did
with 2-4 hours and still have the rest of the
day and week to hang out.

                                                        17 | P a g e  
Step 1. I locate 2-5 products using a secret
method that I will show you later in this
Step 2. Sign up as an affiliate; go through
their sales copy to filter out the good stuff
(to use).
Step 3. Setup an adwords campaign with
10-20 pertinent keywords (note: bidding
only on keywords that searchers are using
when they want to buy what I am
Total time: 2-4 hours.
The rest of the day is spent on chilling or
hanging out. I check my sales once a day
just to see how well they did.

You’re working less hours but making more
money. Which way would you choose?
                                                        18 | P a g e  
Everyday companies are spending millions
and billions of dollars to brand their
products. You can’t compete with them but
you sure can harness the power of their
effective marketing.
Keywords are important but don’t spend too
much time on them. Just remember to
market good products, and offer irresistible
offers people can’t simply pass up.

A lot of people still say, “Those trademark
terms are way too expensive, I can’t afford
Let me quickly explain something you don’t
For every advertiser that’s consistently
bidding big money for those trade mark
                                                        19 | P a g e  
terms is doing so because they are making
a killing doing it.

Big Cost = Big ROI

The Pro’s know that paying a little more for
solid terms always results in high profits.

To recap: Don’t waste your time building a
50,000 keyword list, but just run ads on
buying terms. For example: trademarks,
specific, buying terms, and action triggers.
Make sure you use quotes and brackets
I make about 10X more money at the #1
position then number 4. Regardless which
search engine I am on. It could be Google,
Yahoo, or MSN. Being number one means
                                                        20 | P a g e  
higher CTR’s. Higher CTR’s means lower
cost per click, and of course higher ROI.
So being number one means you get higher
CTR’s, lower cost per click, and higher
There are simply 3 forms of competition in
any PPC arena.
   A. The Merchant.
      I wouldn’t try to out bid the merchant.
      They have pretty deep pockets and
      bigger advertising budgets. Plus who
      would want to sh*t where they eat!

   B. Their Competitors.
      These are competitors who bid on the
      merchants trademark to steal traffic.
      They come and go. So don’t worry
      about them. Plus searchers who type

                                                        21 | P a g e  
          in trademark terms already know what
          they want. The threat is minimal.

   C. Other Affiliates.
      You shouldn’t have any problems
      mowing and controlling these clueless
      affiliates. By the time you complete
      this book they’ll be begging you for

          In conclusion, bid on trademarks, bid
          to be number one, sweeten your deal
          with good, quality, related, unique
          As you start to dominate the niche and
          the competition, not only will your
          competition back down but your
          pockets will also explode with cash!

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            Chapter 3:
Paratio Principle
I know you have heard of the 80/20 rule.
The Pareto principle simply states that 20%
of the population will outperform the 80%.
A real good example would be: out of 100
people who read this book only 20% will
take action. The sad truth is only 3% of the
ones reading this will take action.

The Pareto principal also applies to PPC.
80% of your traffic will come from 20% of
your keywords. 80% of your profits will
come from 20% of your customers.

                                                        23 | P a g e  
It still holds true even if you dig deeper 2 or
3 more levels. Of the top 20% of the lion’s
share comes from the top 20% within that
What does all of this have to do with you?
Because now you know which keywords,
campaigns, niches, and customers are the
most profitable you should focus all your
energy and resources on those.

Out of 100 products you promote you will
probably find 3-5 majorly profitable
campaigns. That’s where you focus your
budgets to mine them for all they’re worth.

You will find many bullying tactics within
this book. It will allow you to go into any
niche and literally throw your competitors

                                                        24 | P a g e  
out. It’s your turf, you mow and control
them. Your goal is to become the dominant
player in any niche you enter.

It’s sad to realize that out of 100 readers
only 3% will act upon this knowledge. What
a waste. The 3% that acts on it will become
mega rich, while the rest of you might make
a few thousand bucks.
Something for you to ponder about, let’s get
back to the tactics.


                                                        25 | P a g e  
     Chapter 4:

“The Early Riser”
The Early Riser is a method that I
constantly use in PPC. The method plays a
big part in this business.

When a merchant launches an affiliate
program I quickly research the sector to see
if it’s profitable. If everything checks out
then I immediately set up a landing page
and some ads to go live ASAP.
By being one of the first people to do this, I
actually have a major advantage over my
                                                        26 | P a g e  
competition. I get higher conversion rates
for my ads (because there’s literally no
competition). When the affiliates finally do
pile in my ads are already at the top of
Google, Yahoo, and MSN, which means
lower CPC and higher conversions.
The person who sleeps in makes less
money than those who rise early.
Like the old saying goes: “You snooze, you
I always aim for position 1, 2, or 3. The
higher it is, the better you are off. At first
when you start off a campaign, start off with
a higher bid, maybe 50-200% more than
you plan to be paying over the long run.
Being in the top position will get you more
clicks. You can then gradually lower your
bids and still stay at the top. So your CTR’s
are high and your CPC is low. Of course
                                                        27 | P a g e  
your profits are enormous. Be sure to have
relevant landing pages and a strong solid
ad copy. When you’ve finally master your
skills you will be able to keep top positions
on highly converting keywords at very low

I know this is the contrary to what you have
been taught, but what you have been
taught has made you no money. Or else
you won’t be reading this right now!
A lot of you might think top positions mean
a lot of curious clickers and tire kickers.
Remember that a top position a lot of times
cans 3X the clicks and 3X the sales. Those
curious clickers and tire kickers don’t bother
me one bit!
Now if you’re on a strict budget then you
might consider positions 4-8.
                                                        28 | P a g e  
Bid on highly competitive keywords i.e. buy
terms, and you should be paying $1+ per
click to dominate keyword channels.
Now if you have set up a good back end
system and an effective sales funnel your
sales should explode.
There has always been a link between
volume and bid prices. The more you bid on
a keyword, the higher your ad will be and
the more sales you make.
Having a high ROI doesn’t mean you’ll have
more profits. Provided your budget allows it,
bid more on keywords to get a higher ad
placement in order to generate more clicks.
You’ll be surprise on the difference between
#1 and #4, might be 5X as many clicks and
credit card in hand visitors who are ready to
purchase your product.

                                                        29 | P a g e  
It’s all got to do with how traffic converts
different in different positions.
How do you know when to fight for first
place and when to consider a lower
position? A very good question, I will
answer this question with some examples
An example using a product with $60
#1        10%   0.6 1000    2%     20 1200 600  600 100% 600K
#2         2%   0.2   200   3%      6  360  40  320 800% 320K

This is the misconception held by many
PPC marketers. They believe that a high
ROI is always the best and that’s not
always true. After shooting up some
numbers you’ll see that position #4 has a
ROI of 800%, that’s pretty damn good.
Now, compare to #1 with only a ROI of
                                                        30 | P a g e  
100%, that’s 8X more, so by the
misconception standards you should be
making 8X more money with position 4,
right? Not really, if you look at the profits for
#1 and #4 you’ll notice that #1 almost has
3X as much profits as #4. This is a solid
example of profits over ROI.
Here’s another example:
You have an ad at position 7 that brings in
an ROI of 60% and another as at position 3
that brings in 30% ROI. The ad at position 3
brings in way more traffic and ends up
earning you more real money (profits).
Which position would you want to be at?
Another example:
You could get 1000 clicks at #2 and convert
at a 2%, but at #4 perhaps you’ll get 800
clicks and convert at 2.5% instead. In this
case you’ll make the same number of
                                                        31 | P a g e  
sales/leads but you’ll spend less money,
get more profits and a higher ROI at #4 so
you keep #4.
Remember traffic converts different at
different positions. It’s often true but not
always, that conversion rates are better at 3
or 4 even 6 or 7 depending on the product,
price, etc. Sometimes it might cost you just
a little bit more for position #1, which has a
higher CTR which means a lower CPC.
Then again the same can be said for
position 4 which cost a lot less per click
than it would normally be because you have
built a high CTR with strong ad copy.
When #1 is not the best!
There are exceptions to every rule so
sometimes being #1 is not always better. It
depends on the product, price, niche,

                                                        32 | P a g e  
commission, and etc. Being number 5, 6, 7
may work even better than #1 sometimes.
Make sure you pay attention to your
campaigns and run the numbers regular. I
still recommend bidding high to start off a
campaign for higher CTR’s and then
lowering it gradually to achieve a lower
Mastering PPC means mastering every
aspect of it, it’s a wild beast that can be
tame with skills and time. That’s why so
many people lose money so quick in this
Hopefully by the time you finish this book
you’ll have enough skills to tame this wild
beast. It takes practice and patience to
master the skills required to dominate your

                                                        33 | P a g e  
Trust me once you get the hang of it, it
flows smoothly. Acceptable conversion
rates vary from 3% and up, some as high
as 40-50%.

The Trademark War: Part 2
Remember to bid on product names,
product numbers, company names, etc.
Always keep an eye out for new product
launches so you can get in before it peaks.
There is a major difference between bidding
on a trademark to run your ad and bidding
on a trademark plus including the keyword
in your ad. There’s a couple of different
search engines that will let you get away
with it, but most like Google and MSN will
disable your ads until you remove the
trademark term from your ad copy.

                                                        34 | P a g e  
Sometimes the trademark owner requested
the term removed. You can always bid on
the trademark term but increasingly can’t
use it in your ad copy.
A personal note on disapproved ads:
Start getting used to disapproved ads. All
you have to do is revise it and put it back
If your ad is rejected ask for an exception.
Don’t let Google or MSN push you around.
Don’t cry over a disapproved or rejected ad.
Revise or ask for an exception and put it
back on!
Back to trademark terms use the trademark
terms as an affiliate to advertise the
merchant’s product.
Use the trademark terms to advertise the
merchants competitors products.

                                                        35 | P a g e  
Use the trademark terms to advertise your
own products.
Ingenious Detour:
   • Put the term or trademark in the URL
   • If there is two or more words break them
     up. Here’s a Keyword X-ray example:

      Keyword Review
      X-ray Users Hate Problems With…
      Read This Important Review

Different ads you can try:
   • Don’t Buy This Until After This
     Revealing Review
   • Don’t buy X, Y, Z Yet, Why? Read This
   • Buy X, Y, Z Only After Reading This
                                                        36 | P a g e  
   • [Author] Reveals/Agrees/Advises/Hates

Here’s a tip for the double serving rule:
Instead of ( ), you
can use ( ) catch
the drift?
Here’s an example:
Do Not Buy [Product Name]
Until You Read This Revealing Report

Use association as leverage, the author
and etc.
By using this method some can double their
CTR. Remember having a high CTR is only

                                                        37 | P a g e  
part of the game, make sure your landing
page is relevant to your ad.
The closer the match, the higher the
conversion will be.
Never attempt to outbid the merchant, their
pockets are deep and all you’ll do is piss
them off. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t
push them around ☺
Just remember that the merchants’ sales
copy can really suck, so you might have to
write your own. Most people don’t buy on
the first go so remember to setup follow up
emails and autoresponders etc.

Now if you find a product that really sucks,
just ditch it and move to the next. There’s
plenty of fish in the sea. If you subscribe to
a newsletter of some “Guru” and he’s

                                                        38 | P a g e  
pushing something, that doesn’t make the
product good. Sometimes they know what
they’re doing and sometimes they’re
clueless. So depend on you and you only.
Deep and Wide!
Research other products and markets all
the time, bid on the trademarks and simply
throw up a review for that product. All of this
shouldn’t take more than an hour.
Once the product converts well, you can go
back and modify it.
You’ll find in most cases that the merchant
isn’t even bidding on his own trademarks.
Or you might find one single affiliate who
doesn’t even have a clue to what they’re
doing. All you have to do is jump in and
dominate that product.

                                                        39 | P a g e  
Don’t just focus on trademarks with high
search numbers, the lower one’s will
convert too. It’ll take you anywhere from 5-
10 minutes to throw up a test campaign.
Set the daily budget to $50/day and a max
CPC of $3.00 (Please go by your own
judgment, later in this book I will show you
how to determine this number), split test
two ads and let them run for 60-200 clicks
and see what happens.
Each successful campaign usually
increases my bottom line to over $100/day
and it only takes 5-10 minutes to setup!
Key Points to remember!
Trademark terms work most of the time, but
there are exceptions to every rule including
this one. There are times when it’s proper
to choose which trademark terms to bid on,
for instance here’s an example:
                                                        40 | P a g e  
Airfare Example:
[Delta Airlines] This is a trademark term but
it doesn’t say a lot about what the searcher
is looking for. You are left to guess why this
searcher is typing in [Delta Airlines].
[2 way to Atlanta Delta Airlines] This also
includes a trademark term and also tells us
exactly what the searcher is looking for.
Always keep your eye on a new product or
campaign. Trademarks are always good but
you should also choose which one to bid
on, like this example.
Testing and Patience!
With a new product a lot of people
recommend 60-100 clicks before deciding
to drop or keep the campaign. For me it’s a
little different, I usually allow anywhere from
500-1000 clicks if I am really incisive on the
                                                        41 | P a g e  
Campaigns can get off to a bad start
sometimes. So if your budget allows for it
then it is best to be on the safe side and not
kick a good product too soon. I had many
instances where 400 clicks and still no
conversion but the next 7 clicks are all
sales. Some products I stopped promoting
and weeks later the sales start rolling in.
It all depends on your intuition and personal
judgment on whether to pull the plug or not.

The rule of thumb for me is if you spent
twice the commission with no sales then it’s
time to pull the plug. For example if the
product pays $50 per sale, and you’re
bidding .50 per click so by 200 clicks if you
haven’t generated a sale you can either pull
the plug or keep the campaign going for a
couple hundred more clicks.
                                                        42 | P a g e  
There are a couple factors in determining if
100 or 1000 clicks are necessary.
“Not every sales cycle is created equal”
Every product or campaign has a different
sales process or cycle. Some campaigns
experience sales immediately and others it
takes a little longer. A common mistake
among many marketers is that they
abandon a campaign or product assuming
that its unprofitable, when really all it needs
is just a couple of tweaks or a little bit of

If you’re selling a digital product you can
expect immediate sales and response. With
physical products and high ticket items it
may take a little longer to see a sale.

                                                        43 | P a g e  
If the product owner is conducting
aggressive follow ups then you can
generally expect the sales to be split in
thirds. The first 1/3 immediately, the second
1/3 in 7 days, and the third 1/3 in 30 days.
Companies that generally fit into this
category are like EBay, Amazon etc.
If your clicks are not converting to sales
then you need to step back and evaluate
your competition and ask yourself the
question: What are they doing that I am not
doing? Is there deal better than mine? If the
answer is yes then you need to “out offer”
them. Remember the best offer gets the

If that’s not the case then you might have a
loser on your hands. In that case you are

                                                        44 | P a g e  
better sticking close to the 100 clicks before
making your decision.
Your personal intuition is very important in
making all decisions. The more practice you
have the better you are. Remember to
monitor all your campaigns closely. Every
campaign you are successful at setting up
the better you are at this game.

Your Budget!
Your budget will greatly affect your income
in this game. Google and MSN will not wait
till you get paid, they want their money now!
So if you want to earn big money you have
to spend big money. If you can’t afford it
then your income will be proportionally less.
The industry average is 1 sale in 100-300

                                                        45 | P a g e  
For example if one campaign is bringing in
10,000 clicks a month and it’s costing you
$1.00 a click that would be $10,000 dollars.
If that same campaign converts at a 3%
which means 300 sales and each sale
made you $50.00 your gross would be
$15,000 dollars. That’s a net of $5,000. If
you knew that for every $10,000 dollars you
put out, you got back $15,000 how many
times would you do this?
That’s what you should think of when you
think of budgeting for your campaign. It
takes money to make money.

Keynotes to Remember:
Almost everybody using PPC to promote
affiliate products are using the little
review/hype/bonus deal. Real reviews are

                                                        46 | P a g e  
better, where you’ve actually bought and
used the product in question. Now if you
haven’t used the product you can find 3-4
good reviews to learn the pro’s and con’s
about it and then combine them to make
your own review.

It’s always courteous to include a small link
back to their website, make it small and out
of the way. Always test between a genuine
review and a review/sales letter/bonus

A U.S. court ruled that search engines are
not liable for trademark issues when
delivering keyword advertising. In other
words, Google is not responsible for
trademark infringement; advertisers will be
responsible for their own messages.
                                                        47 | P a g e  
After this ruling a lot of search engines relax
on the trademark issue. Making it easier for
marketers to bid on trademarks and
sometimes even include it in their ad copy.

Remember many trademark terms that you
buy for search will be banned from use in
the ad copy. The simple detour to this is to
reactivate the ad with neutral copy and then
go back to see if the system will allow the
trademark back in the ad.
Sometimes you might run into a trademark
term that you can’t even bid on. How did
the trademark holder accomplish this? I am
pretty sure there are connections that can
get this done. In cases like this, just move
on and don’t waste your time.

                                                        48 | P a g e  
Ad Copying!

You can copy anybodies ad, not just your
merchants. Copying a competitor’s ad won’t
make you any money but it will give you
insight into how well their ads are doing and
what they are spending.
Perry Marshall used to say that you can
know everything about your competitor
online except their CTR and ad cost. I just
gave you the loophole to that.
Perry Marshall is a great guy; I have a lot of
respect for him. I personally own a lot of his
Like a quarter the PPC game has two
sides, traffic and conversion. I am more
focus on conversion than traffic.

                                                        49 | P a g e  
By knowing how much your competitor is
paying for a click, you know exactly how
well you need to convert to gain an
If you’re able to see that your competitor is
spending twice as much as you and s/he is
profitable because they keep running ads.
You can evaluate their conversion process
to see how they are beating you. What are
they doing that you aren’t? What are they
doing better?

Clickbank Keynotes!

If you’re promoting Clickbank products then
Clickbank shares with you the email
address of every buyer. Harvest these or
pay someone to harvest them for you and

                                                        50 | P a g e  
send each of them a thank you email with a
free bonus.
Of course when they click on the link they
will be lead to a subscription page where
you will deliver to them a damn good,
valuable, free bonus.

Remember these are your hottest
customers, because they have already
brought from you. You can simply create a
quick start guide filled with affiliate links to
other products that you will be promoting to
them sooner or later, right?
Any marketer knows that the most
expensive part of any marketing is
acquiring a new customer. So why no
collect their contact information and follow
up with other promotions in the future.

                                                        51 | P a g e  
Those are not just the merchants’
customers; those are your customers too!



                                                        52 | P a g e  
           Chapter 5:
Squeeze Pages: The
Lemon Squeeze!
Internet marketing studies showed that 7
out of 10 visitors to an e-commerce site are
ready to buy.
The average conversion for visitors to
subscribers from:
PPC = 19%
Affiliate traffic (referrals) = 52%
Non-specific referrals = 19%
Name squeeze pages = 75%

                                                        53 | P a g e  
Every visitor to your site is looking for a
solution. The solution can be in the form of
a product or service.

A regular name squeeze page offers a
bonus in exchange for an email and name,
mine’s different.
I not only ask for their email address and
name, I also ask a series of questions to
identify their needs and wants.
Only 3% of customers will buy on the first
visit to your site, while the other 97% will
disappear forever. Repeated visitors
convert to sales at 13% that’s almost 5X
Traditional opt-in forms rarely exceed 20%
conversions. Some of the bonuses you can
offer are:

                                                        54 | P a g e  
Reports, free newsletters, membership to
special sites, short online courses,
software, CD, DVD, etc.
It’s very important to understand your
visitor’s needs and wants. You need to
understand WHO are your visitors, WHY
are they visiting your page, WHAT are they
looking for, WHERE they’ve been looking,
WHAT their “pain” is, and WHEN will they

So identify your visitors wants and needs
then segment them into more specific
prospect categories then better target them
with more relevant information by changing
copy and offers suited to their needs and

                                                        55 | P a g e  
In other words when a visitor visits my
name squeeze page, where I offer them a
nice, quality, valuable product or bonus in
exchange for their name and email
address. Below the name and email
address I would include a couple of check
boxes with some relevant questions. Base
on those answers I would know exactly
where to sent them next. I will follow with an
For example: You are running an campaign
on “PPC” and “Adwords”, your visitors
would end up on a page collecting their
name and email address in exchange for a
report value at $47. Below the email and
name would be some check boxes with the
following options:
   • I am a complete PPC beginner

                                                        56 | P a g e  
   • My company wants to maximize ROI
     and CTR
   • Tell me how to make money with
     affiliate programs
   • Show me cut through strategies to
     dominate any market

This shows that you have four different
users. For the beginner, your thank you
page can lead to Perry Marshalls Ultimate
Adwords Guide.
For the company, maybe Perry Marshalls
more advance courses.
For the affiliate, maybe Google Cash.
For the advance player, you send them to
my page.
Do you get my point?

                                                        57 | P a g e  
The second thing is, this information will tell
you how to follow up with the leads. For
example: If they already have a cell phone,
I will offer them cell phone accessories.
There are many free scripts on the internet
that can help, including AJAX from; two good products are
Gateway Magic, and Interactive Sales
This approach is extremely powerful in my
campaigns and follow ups.
Not only will I collect names and email
addresses but I will also know the exact
wants and needs of every customer, that’s
PURE gold!
Always keep your ear to the ground for
anything new that hits the market. Be there
first and when everybody else comes in
they’ll help keep you at the top!
                                                        58 | P a g e  
If you’re into fly fishing then subscribe to
everything about fly fishing then begin
researching the products.
Then bid on terms as specific as possible. I
rather have a bunch of bulls-eyes that yield
optimal ROI than thousands of keywords
that generate marginally targeted traffic
unless you are good at converting it.

Always remember focus on one thing at a
time. Don’t try to sell a product and gain a
subscriber at the same time, do one or the
A good affiliate review is like a good friend
telling you about a good movie. They’re not
trying to sell you tickets; you simply tell
what you thought about it. It’s more like this
was good and that was bad kind of thing.

                                                        59 | P a g e  
Key Points to Remember:
   • No scrolling on a name squeeze page. It
     should be short, sweet, and to the point!
   • Dynamically insert opt in forms
   • Mold offers and price points on the fly
   • Redirect users to different order forms
   • Add up-sell and down-sells to the order
   • Make additional offers on the thank you
The more you know about your customers,
their needs and wants, the more products
and services you can offer them!

                                                        60 | P a g e  
             Chapter 6:
How to spot the best
    affiliate programs!
These are some of the basic qualities that I
look for in a product that I want to promote.

    • Solves a need
    • Offer value
    • Have features/benefits that can be
      easily explained
    • Offer a substantial commission (many
      won’t promote something for less than
      50% commission, but this is flawed
      thinking. Promote what is profitable).

                                                        61 | P a g e  
   • When possible will offer a subscription
     and/or up-sells that you will get credit

   There are 3 different kinds of affiliates.
   Each one is unique on how they promote
   a product.

      1. Affiliate Marketing Partners:
        Someone who signs up to an affiliate
        program uses the banners, links, and
        sales tools with tracking codes on their
        website, emails and other marketing’s.
        They receive a commission for each
        sale/transaction they convert.

          Often no extra effort is made other
          than using a banner or text link and
          putting it on a webpage or in an email.
                                                        62 | P a g e  
      2. Super Affiliates: Someone who has
        mastered the art of product promotion
        and uses his or her website traffic and
        customer list to promote a product,
        often with large degrees of success.
        They often buy ads to promote
        products that are especially profitable.
        They write reviews about products and
        help prospective customers look
        beyond the features outlined on a
        sales letter, resulting in more sales.

          Super affiliates take an interest in
          learning about the product. They do
          the extra work to ensure more sales.

      3. JV Partners - a “joint venture”
        partner: A super affiliate that

                                                        63 | P a g e  
          coordinates a “customized” marketing
          effort with a vendor/company.
          Often the vendor will offer additional
          tools and assistance to make it easy
          for the JV partner to sell the product.
          In most cases a JV partner has a large
          mailing list of subscribers. The vendor
          usually helps setup a targeted offer for
          the JV’s list; this often has far greater
          success because the features and
          benefits are explained with the target’s
          needs in mind.

All 3 types of affiliates are important in
promoting, but the most successful affiliates
take the time to describe the features and
benefits with a personal touch!
If you want to be successful at promoting
any product, I recommend you do your best

                                                        64 | P a g e  
to learn about it and explain its features and
benefits and even point out the negative, as
often being honest about what is not so
good about a product will help established
your credibility!

                                                        65 | P a g e  
                      Chapter 7:
                Key Points To
      1. Create your own product. If you want
        to join the big league then you need a
        product of your own. It can be a report,
        special case study, software, E-books,
        product guides etc.

          What you can do is at the same
          promoting a product you can use that
          to research and create your product.
          You can sell your product or give it
          away to promote another product. I
          use this method a lot.
                                                        66 | P a g e  
          The vendor is actually paying you to
          develop your product, while gathering
          knowledge on how to create a better
          mouse trap. If the vendor’s affiliate
          program is profitable then I would
          create a product to compliment his and
          skyrocket my sales. I usually ask the
          vendor help on this. They will be more
          than happy to help you as long as they
          know you can bring volume.

      2. Don’t look to common places to find
        good, profitable affiliate programs. A
        lot of affiliate marketers make the
        mistake of chasing all these big
        affiliate directories to scrap up the
        change, not me! I turn to niche
        newsletters to find products with

                                                        67 | P a g e  
          literally no competition and high profit
            For example: If you like fly fishing
          then subscribe to every fly fishing
          newsletter and e-zine there is, watch
          for affiliate programs that you like, then
          go to the website and ask to join their
          affiliate program.

          You will find that these affiliate
          programs are much more profitable
          and less competitive. Always stay on
          top of your market. Keep your ear to
          the ground and be the first to promote
          an affiliate program when it comes out.

      3. Whenever you need help I strongly
        encourage staying away from forums.
        Forums generally breed a lot of bad
        energy and disseminate wrong
                                                        68 | P a g e  
          information that isn’t going to make
          anyone money. I know that sometimes
          you may feel desperate to ask for help
          on a forum but trust me, stay away.

          All you’re going to see over and over
          again are posts from somebody out in
          nobody land coming home from his
          crappy minimum wage job only to offer
          you his “golden” advice.

          Trust me, most of these people know
          nothing about this business, so don’t
          follow their advice to the T. Listen to
          an expert instead.

      4. Residual income is always better
        than linear income. Linear income is
        where you trade time for money, and
        the income stops when you stop
                                                        69 | P a g e  
          working. Residual income is where
          you get pay over and over again for
          something you did only once. Residual
          income continues to come in
          regardless if you work or not.

          Residual income is always better in my
          mind. So if you are interested in a
          residual income affiliate program all
          you have to do is find a vendor in your
          market who is offering a subscription
          or recurring commission.

          Here’s some you can check out:
          Cognigen: (Please Google this, I will
          not include the direct link to their
          EasyFlirt Dating:
          A very good residual income affiliate
                                                        70 | P a g e  
          Everything But The Music:
          Also a good residual income affiliate

      5. Recurring subscriptions rock. You
        can create your own and place it on
        your website or promote somebody
        else’s. You can charge anywhere from
        10-20 dollars yearly or semi annually.

          I have found that $19.95 every 6
          months works out best. The
          subscription type depends on which
          market and what needs and wants
          your prospect has. You can create a
          name squeeze page to collect names,
          emails and ask them what they are
          really looking for, then just take that
          and create it into a semi-annual
                                                        71 | P a g e  
                       Chapter 8:
    Two Is Better Than
By setting up your own inner circle, buddy
group or marketing consortium you can tap
into the power of numbers and operate as a
unit to:
    • Buying power and group discounts
    • Bargaining power, leverage for better
    • Lighter workload
    • Brainstorm, product creation
    • Speed to enter market and dominate it
    • Market strength

                                                        72 | P a g e  
   • Co-ordinate your marketing effort to
     raise efficiency and effectiveness
   • Put strangle on the niche(s) and force
     out competitors.

This will also bring different skills to the
table. Some you possess, some you
possess not enough of or have enough time
A tactic I use sometimes to negotiate a
better commission with vendors is for my
buddies and I to promote an affiliate
program through the same link for a period
of time.

The end result is the vendor sees the huge
sales volume you can yield so agrees to
give you a better slice of the pie. Then ask

                                                        73 | P a g e  
for separate ID’s (linked to this new rate)
that you can distribute to your buddies.
This method works well with most small
vendors, especially those with good

                                                        74 | P a g e  
            Chapter 9:
Leech Off Of Other
Peoples Time, Skills
and Resources!
What is the only commodity that must be
sold but cannot ever be purchased?
It’s your time.
There are 86,400 seconds in a day, 3,600
in an hour – how many of them do you
waste by doing tasks that you should be
paying someone else to carry out?

                                                        75 | P a g e  
One of the biggest problems that internet
marketers face is trying to accomplish
everything by themselves. They get
overwhelmed with all the tasks it takes to
keep their business running, let alone let it

Outsourcing your tasks to different people
will actually allow you to have time to grow
your business and income. Tasks like:

          • Product creation – reports, case
            studies, E-books, walk through,
            videos, etc.
          • Admin – customer support, delivery,
            technical development
          • Partnerships – affiliates, JV’s
          • Sales – product sourcing
          • Writing – sales letter, articles, emails
                                                        76 | P a g e  
          • Other – anything you don’t want to or
            don’t have time to do

Learn to let your ego down and outsource
when it’s necessary! Don’t waste your time
on a task if it can be outsource to a third
party for a reasonable price. You can spend
more time actually growing your business
and your income.
For example: how much is your time worth?
$25, $50, $100, $200, $500 per hour? Lets
say that your time is worth $100 per hour
and writing a sales letter will take 10 hours (
It doesn’t take that long but we are going to
use this as an example) so 10 hours times
by $100 is $1000, right? For about half of
that you could get somebody on or to write that sales
letter for you.

                                                        77 | P a g e  
Those 10 hours could have been used to
tweak your campaigns which would
increase your bottom line. Or else you
could be searching for new products and
markets to dominate.
In other words, don’t try to do everything
yourself, outsource when necessary!

                                                        78 | P a g e  
 Chapter 10:
How You The Small
Fish Can Eat The Big
In the internet marketing arena you often
find yourself as just another small fish.
Many times face to face with much bigger
fish, and then there are the sharks.

So how do you survive? How do you
become the one of the bigger fish?
                                                        79 | P a g e  
I am going to show you how to leverage off
their brand name to build yourself a much
bigger business.
We all know the bigger fishes use millions
to develop their brands. So upon first looks
you are more likely to feel threaten and very
much at a competitive disadvantage, but
once you understand how to position
yourself and utilize their assets, you’re
going to be in a very strong position!

If you’re a complete newbie to marketing or
your cash is tight, I suggest skipping this
chapter for now; even though this can be a
very quick route to making millions. It’s not
an overnight solution to quick cash, but with
patience you can build a multimillion dollar
                                                        80 | P a g e  
Without a doubt this is the most certain path
to growing your business profitable. So at
the first chance you should begin the
Here’s what’s involved:
You sell your competitors products and to
seal the deal you give away your own
By selling their product and giving away
your own, you are exposing yourself to
customers who otherwise would have never
done business with you.

You create a product to compliment the
product of the bigger fish and offer to give
them away for free as gifts/bonuses to
anyone who buys through your link.

                                                        81 | P a g e  
The term we’ll use is co-ompetition. For
example: Microsoft recently released their
new operating system Microsoft Windows
Vista and next thing you know smaller fish
all over the world start writing up a library of
guides, books, manuals, software, etc to
support the big fishes venture.
Another good example would be MSN,
MSN recently released their Adcenter and
many smart marketers are lining up to buy
the first guides on how to utilize this
opportunity to create additional wealth.

As you can see you can rapidly build a new
brand by utilizing an association with an
established one.
The focus is to use their brand to connect
with customers and explore the salient
differentiators of the brand.
                                                        82 | P a g e  
Successful brands are the ones that touch
and reach their customers in a
multidimensional way, on many different
levels. One of the keys to a successful
brand is the creation of extreme
experiences for customers.

When you have a better understanding of
these customers you are able to drive
selections of related products and give you
the opportunity to create innovative and
break through products in the same market.

Your focus should be to find several related
products that are attractive to that base,
and promote the features and benefits that
they will love and you will be successful!

                                                        83 | P a g e  
Remember you have to do all you can to
get names and contact information from
those prospects who’ve decided to buy
from your co-ompetition.
A customer buying from a company will
more than likely buy again. If a company
pays you $50 for each sale and the
ACTUAL VALUE of that customer is $1500
you have lost a lot of money by not taking
your piece of that $1500!
When you collect contact information make
sure you collect their mailing address and
make sure the gift or bonus you’re offering
them is of REAL VALUE. Physical products
work a lot better than digital. I really don’t
recommend E-books unless you know they
are of value.

                                                        84 | P a g e  
               Chapter 11:
    The Red Cross Of
Internet Marketing!
The technique that I am about to reveal is
one of the most powerful tactics in this
entire book. It’s not a secret but rarely used
by anyone except the top players!

The benefits of this technique
    • You don’t need to know much about
      marketing – you just have to find people
      who do. I’ll show you how to locate and
      motivate them.
                                                        85 | P a g e  
    • Earn while you learn the inside
      information for that particular niche,
      while assuming no risk.
    • This will generate residual income
    • You’ll use existing brands as leverage
      to build your own credibility.
    Remember the power in internet
    marketing is first controlling traffic and
    secondly influence what that flow of traffic

    This super tactic involves you becoming
    the JV/Affiliate Manager for a few existing
    products (ideally all related,
    complimentary and of course within your
    chosen niche(s).
    It might sound like a hard job but really it
    isn’t! There is an entire industry out there
    selling information pertaining to every
                                                        86 | P a g e  
    aspect of this business, but the best
    knowledge will come from participating
    on the inside of real promotions and by
    managing a real live affiliate program.

    There is an abundance of quality
    products out there created by people who
    love their niche, but don’t have the skills
    and knowledge to sell them!
    For example there are numerous techies
    who create quality software but can’t
    write a half descent sales letter.

    Here’s what’s involved:
       • Find 2 or 3 products that are
         underperforming that you see value in
         and are worth investing your time in.

                                                        87 | P a g e  
       • Focus on your niche find products that
         are related and compliments each
         other. So you spend less time
         developing key relations, because the
         same products should be of interest to
         everyone you introduce any of them
       • Contact the owner and offer to
         create/grow their affiliate program and
         agree to terms of generally 10-15 %
         on all affiliate sales. Congratulations
         you’re a 2nd tier affiliate.
       • Research the niche and contact the
         main sites, try to bring them in as
         affiliates and JV partners.
       • Make it easy for the affiliates by
         providing them with sample emails,
         PPC adverts, banners, graphics, etc.
         Follow up with them regularly with
         emails about special offers, discount
                                                        88 | P a g e  
         codes, etc. Keep them up to date and
         motivate them with competitions.
       • Use Elance to find people who will
         recruit affiliates and contact JV’s for
         you. This way you can grow quicker
         and bigger.

This is a win-win for everybody. The
company/owner doesn’t pay you unless you
generate sales. The affiliates get a new
manager that’s motivated and
knowledgeable, always there to help them
because you get a percentage.
 You will also build a residual income and
JV opps, and inside offers will start to come
your way!
Key point to remember!

                                                        89 | P a g e  
The fact is almost everything people post
on forums as the “right” way is totally
wrong. What the general public knows
about making money online is wrong. Not
100% wrong but closer to 100% wrong than

Another way you can expand this is to look
for products being market on Google but
not Yahoo or MSN and contact the owner to
offer marketing and maintaining their
campaigns for them on Yahoo or MSN –
they meet the fees and perhaps pay a
monthly retainer and pay you a percentage
base on performance.

Places to look:

                                                        90 | P a g e  
I would say look elsewhere but if you must
look on CB and CJ then on Clickbank look
for affiliate programs with low gravity and
affiliate sales.
On CJ look for products with high EPC but
low network earnings. It means it converts
good but no affiliates.

Other places:
I usually scam through forums, blogs,
newsletters, e-zines, etc to look for product
owners who are looking for marketing help.
I would contact them with valuable advice,
good ideas, and answer any of their
questions. This usually triggers them to ask
me to join in at a more intimate level.

                                                        91 | P a g e  
Remember to check out their site and make
sure the product is of real value and interest
to you.

Key points to remember:
   • You will need to come across as
     credible, knowledgeable, and
     experienced. So take some time and
     create a professional website or add a
     new section to your existing one,
     detailing your affiliate management
   • Use PPC to advertise your new
     business. It’s very possible they will
     come to you.
   • Forums/blogs/sigs etc participating in
     these can help too.
   • When signing up to a newsletter, list etc.
     sign up with your domain that has a
                                                        92 | P a g e  
      catchall setup on. Then in the name field
      put the name of the offer/product/owner
      etc. Do this to track where messages
      originated from and allow you to keep
      an eye on the way your name is being
      used in their sales funnel!

                                                        93 | P a g e  
             Chapter 12: LTV
A lot of marketers are forgetting the most
basic fundamentals in marketing.

In any business one of the most expensive
things you do on a day to day basis is
acquire new customers!
The value of that customer over a lifetime is
their LTV. Base on the LTV you will know
how much to offer and pay up front for a
customer. In most cases you always lose
money acquiring new customers, but
provided you’ve got a backend in place to
maximize the revenue generated from that

                                                        94 | P a g e  
Most are still stuck in the Google Cash
mind set.
Lifetime value is simply the value to your
business over a customer’s “lifetime” with
It used to be; you pay $1 for a click and
convert at 1% which means the customer
would need to be bringing in $150, leaving
you with $50 out of your $100 spent.

Well, the rules have change and it’s not like
that anymore.
Here’s a recent example:
I run a campaign with each click costing $6,
so 100 clicks is $600, your profit per sale is
$30 so to break even you need 20 sales or
a 20% conversion. In that particular market
I only getting a 5% conversion rate, so I am
                                                        95 | P a g e  
losing money to the tune of $400. That
means my cost to acquire each customer is
Was this a failing campaign?

Not exactly, because we know that the
average customer acquired through PPC
will make additional purchases in a 12
month period, about 4.3 total.
It is because of this I can bid even higher to
acquire new customers.
On average each customer would go
through a sales funnel exposing them to a
number of additional opportunities to do
business with me and my profits will be $50
on the first offer, $300 on the second, $85
on the third, $820 on the fourth, $150 on
the fifth, $970 on the sixth and etc.

                                                        96 | P a g e  
If they go for an additional 6 purchases that
would total $2,375 and many do go this far,
but overall it averages out to 4.3 in total;
which means a gross LTV worth of $1300.

PPC marketing is highly profitable, more
profitable than often given credit for. Most
manuals focus on the initial sale, not the
LTV of the customer. Remember think long
term not short term.
What’s a customer really worth to you?
This information can change the way you
play in this game.

Other ways to monetize that customer:
   • Follow up emails with related offers (in-
     house, affiliates, etc).
   • Renting list to selected partners
                                                        97 | P a g e  
   • Highly targeted co-reg offers

Remember the lifetime value of a customer
is almost always worth losing money over,
because in the end you’ll make a lot more
back if you got a good sale funnel. There
are many companies in different industries
already implanting and monetizing on this

                                                        98 | P a g e  
         Chapter 13:
How To Generate
Quick Capital!
No matter where you live there are literally
thousands of businesses all around you in
need of help and support in marketing their
product or service on the internet.

Sell your skills locally as a PPC expert.
If you’ve only carved into a few small niches
that have begun to work for you then you
have more skills than 99.9% of business
owners out there!

                                                        99 | P a g e  
I rather have you go out and create capital
to work with than charge your credit card or
empty out your savings or even burrow
money. You need to be able to afford
failure. It’s impossible for every affiliate
promotion to be a winner.
Set up small meetings gear towards
benefiting small business owners in your
area, just a few people will do.
You’ll be surprise how desperate people
are when it comes to getting business
advice, especially when it comes to
anything related to the internet. They will be
more than happy to pay you a decent
monthly fee if you help them beat the PPC

                                                        100 | P a g e  
Take advantage of the knowledge you gain
from this book and raise the extra money
you need in a flash.

There are plenty of places that need your
kind of expertise. A lot of people have no
idea about anything related to internet
marketing. If you help people in your local
area get their businesses where it needs to
be – you’ll become the local hero.

How much should you charge?

You should charge at least $250/month
plus click fees and a $500-1000 fee for set
up. Remember you are pretty much doing
nothing for $250 a month, everything is on
autopilot. If you can get a couple of these
                                                        101 | P a g e  
you’ll be on your way to building that startup
capital real quick.

Sell yourself to potential clients – it’s easier
than you think. Businesses like Real Estate
offices, Dental Clinics, Tourism, Hotels, etc.

Just set up a presentation and show them
in no uncertain terms how you can help
them increase sales in a short period of
time for very little investment on their part.
Sell your services so it makes sense to
these people. Let them understand the
concept of internet marketing without
deciding they don’t need you. Keep it
mysterious enough that experts like you is
essential to their continued success.
                                                        102 | P a g e  
You can get certified by Google or Yahoo
as a specialist, if you think this will help you
gain credibility then go for it. Their brand
name carries a lot of clout, so leverage off it
as a lot of businesses would probably be
sold off that impressive association.

Do whatever makes you feel confident and
comfortable. There is a lot of money to be
made doing this. Just get the word out that
you are a PPC professional and hold a
couple of small meetings in your local area
for small business owners. Do your
presentation and sign them up!

Here are some example websites you can

                                                        103 | P a g e  

                                                        104 | P a g e  
                     Chapter 14:
                     Super Tips!
Pick a niche and setup 2-3 websites so that
you appear as the merchant. Then take the
top positions in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Next go into the internet marketing forums
and announce to people you’re having
great success in this niche. When they
head to the search engine to investigate,
they should see your ads and hopefully sign
up as an affiliate under you. This way you
get a network of top affiliates and internet
marketers promoting the product for you.

You then offer a 2nd tier arrangement to
allow them to do the same thing.
                                                        105 | P a g e  
If your niche has high paying Adsense ads
then you might make some extra money
when they click through from your site while
they are searching!

Negotiating a better commission is not
hard, but first you must prove yourself to
the merchant.
I usually accept whatever rate they give me
in the beginning, until I can generate some
sales under my belt. Then I would contact
them and let them know their program is
converting well and that I have several
ideas that will generate more sales in return
for a higher CPA.

Many marketers are so focus on
commission percentage instead of how

                                                        106 | P a g e  
profitable (money you can make) a product
can be.
What good is a product that pays 90%
when your conversion rate is 0?
It’s not about percentage because you can
always negotiate your rate when the
program sells. Try and focus on the
profitable of a program instead.

If it’s a small pie then I want a big piece, if
it’s a big pie than a small piece might be
Most people search through CB or CJ
looking for large commission payouts, why?
They feel like they need a bigger piece of
the pie than the developer.

                                                        107 | P a g e  
For what? Writing a friggin email or posting
a couple of lonely PPC ads?
The lower commission is often attached to
better quality products, because the owner
took time and money investing into his
product he doesn’t believe in giving more to
anybody than himself.
Look through CB and CJ for the lower
commission payout and you might find a
golden nugget that everybody else passed
up, because of being greedy or listening to
common advice.
It annoys me how short sighted the masses
are, but of course this works to our
advantage. So let’s keep them in the dark,
at least for another while ;-)

                                                        108 | P a g e  
               Chapter 15:
The Ultimate Smack
What do you do when the merchant doesn’t
let you bid on their trademark? What if you
tread on iffy territory and receive a
correspondence asking you to back down?

It’s time for a smack down!
Copy their Ad!
Yep, that’s right copy their ad, it’s all ready
to go, no work on your part.

                                                        109 | P a g e  
Copy their ad word for word and drive traffic
to their site through your affiliate link. They’ll
have no clue what hit them.
This is how you keep track of which ads are
yours and which ads are theirs, by putting a
period at the end of your ad. If they have a
period already then leave the period out of
Everything in your ad should be identical to
theirs except the period at the end.

Outbid them under their noses. Their bid
prices are likely to be reasonable and
redirect that traffic to their site through your
affiliate link. We already know that
trademark terms tend to turn a good profit
so you should do well at their expense.

                                                        110 | P a g e  
So keep putting your bid up by .05 or .10
and when your ads show (you should
recognize it by the period) then you know
you’ve smack them down. At this time it all
depends on your objective, if you just want
to put some pressure on them then you can
withdraw the bids or stay going, their daily
budget will be burnt up by lunch time and
your ad will show as #1 for the rest of the

Why punch and bully?
   • The Google slap URL rule changes –
     just one URL
   • Gain insight into their ad performance
   • Gain insight into what they’re actually
     paying/what a click is worth?
   • Apply price pressure and force up the
     prices so they burn their daily budgets.
                                                        111 | P a g e  
Key points to remember:
   • Running an identical ad, you know what
     their CTR is and what they are paying
     per click. Use a 2nd account to put more
     pressure on them, set a low campaign
     budget if you only want to bully them.
   • Bump your bid up .05 or .10 until your
     ads show then lower your bid to 1 penny
     below them to pressure their budgets.
     You pay just 1 penny more than the next
     place below you.
   • If they are #1 and willing to bid $6.00
     and you are #2 at #3.50, they are only
     paying #.51 to be in that position above
     you. By increasing your bid to $5.99
     they will have to pay the full $6.00 but
     you only have to pay 1 penny above the
     guy below you, maybe $3.49.

                                                        112 | P a g e  
   • Putting pressure on their budget will
     cause them to run out of money by
     lunchtime and my ad will show at #1 for
     the rest of the day.

When you place a bid with odd numbers
like 1,2,3,4 or 6,7,8,9 you’ll fall in between
the price gaps without raising your bids too
much. This tip alone can save you a lot of
money across your campaigns.

                                                        113 | P a g e  
              Chapter 16:
The Covert Cookie!
          The covert cookie technology is a
          piece of JavaScript that’s loaded into a
          visitors’ browser whenever they visit a
          page that has been pre-coded with it.

          It simulates the visitor clicking
          whatever link’s you’ve decided and
          simultaneously it places a cookie (or
          cookies) on their machine which is
          loaded with your affiliate ID.

          For example when a prospect clicks
          on your PPC ad and goes to your
          landing page or any other page they

                                                        114 | P a g e  
          are automatically cookie with your
          affiliate ID even if they don’t click
          through your affiliate link. So if they
          click the back button and later decided
          to purchase you will get credit for it.

          You can also use this covert cookie to
          send the customer through your sales
          funnel and then directly to the order
          page, and still get credit for the sale.

          Back then you would lose credits for
          customers who click on your ad
          (costing you money) and then click on
          the back button. If they decide later to
          purchase you won’t get credited for the
          sale. Now you have a better chance of
          getting credit for that sale unless they
          get “cookie” by another person, delete
          their cookies, or disable JavaScript.
                                                        115 | P a g e  
          Something I must warn you about, a
          lot of debating has been going on
          about this, some say it’s stealing,
          some disagree. My point of view is
          simple; sometimes a merchant’s sales
          copy/sales funnel might suck so by
          using the covert cookie I can put the
          customer through my sales funnel.
          The end result is more sales for the
          merchant and more profit for me. It’s a
          win-win situation for both sides.

          This method alone cans double your
          affiliate sales.

          Something to watch for
           • Not all browsers accept cookies
           • Some sites forbid this etc.

                                                        116 | P a g e  
Please do not abuse this tactic.
This method can also be use the wrong
way, like cookie stuffing. Please don’t ruin it
for the rest of us.

          • If you are dropping cookies that don’t
            have nothing to do with the page.
            For example, dropping cookies A, B,
            C, D, E when you are only promoting
          • When you are not adding value, if
            you drop a cookie and cannot
            legitimately make any claims to a
            merchant that you’re trying to help
            them sell their product, they can ban
            you from the affiliate program and

                                                        117 | P a g e  
Don’t use multiple CC on a page, especially
if more than one merchant is involved.

Where do I get this tool?
You can get it for about $40 bucks,
sometimes more, sometimes less; it
depends on what features you want to
come with it.
Here’s one I personally use, you can check

Like I have said there is a lot of debating
going on about this CC. I personally think
anything good can be use for bad in the
wrong hands. A car can be use for

                                                        118 | P a g e  
transportation or it can be use to run
someone over!
I will say no more, except that it all depends
on how you use it.

                                                        119 | P a g e  
             Chapter 17:
Copy Their Ad Part 2!
When you copy their ads, do some
research and see where there head office is
located. Then set up your campaigns
specifying geographic locations, select
“target your customers by location” and
then “select countries/regions or select
cities within a country/region and choose
locations outside of the company’s state.

For example, if they are located in Florida
run your ad every other place other than

                                                        120 | P a g e  
Be aware this tactic will not last forever,
when the buzz goes around and everybody
starts doing it, it will probably get ban and
you’ll miss the opportunity to make money.
The more you fly under the radar the better
it is.

Key points to remember:
    • UK is one of the most profitable PPC
    • Ireland is also not bad.

                                                        121 | P a g e  
                     Chapter 18:
             More on Covert
If you own a forum and you know a new
product just hit your niche, you can preload
a CC in each visitor who visits your site and
get credit for each sale.
But be warned!!
If you’re not adding value you could easily
tick off some whiners, steer clear of the
temptations to go cookie stuffing. Just add
a section promoting the product or site.

                                                        122 | P a g e  
You can try this with Amazon or EBay, but
tread carefully!


                                                        123 | P a g e  
               Chapter 19:
Smack Downs Part 2!
If you really wanted to smack down the
trademark banning merchants you become
a treasonous slave to their competition.
Work both sides of the track.

Implant a CC on your landing page for the
competition’s product that lead to the
merchant that slapped you with the
trademark ban. While advertising for the
competition, you have every right to use
any keyword you like and advertise what
you want as long as you don’t violate the
trademark ban.

                                                        124 | P a g e  
Use keywords from the company that was
messing with you in the ad description of
the competition so that people will make a
connection with both products. You don’t
have to use the actual trademarks to
remind people of the merchant in the ad.
Bold keywords and you’re all set. Blatantly
advertise the competition, but create a link
to the original merchant even if you got
You won’t be overstepping the trademark
ban, while still directing traffic to the affiliate

                                                        125 | P a g e  
The Conclusions
Here we are at the end of this great book.
You will need to reread this book 2 more
times before taking any action.

Remember, do not bite the hand that feeds
you. What do I mean by this? Don’t try to
use any of these underground techniques
on me or you will be heading towards self

There are two things that you need to do
NOW, and when I say NOW I mean NOW!

                                                        126 | P a g e  
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      2. There is an residual income program
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I hope you take the new knowledge you
have obtained and make good use of it.
Like I have said before, only 3% of you will
ever apply this knowledge and become
wealthy. Will you be that 3%? I don’t know,
it’s not up to me, it’s up to you!

So take the time right now and join my
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                                                            128 | P a g e  
residual income program listed above. Stop
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                                                        129 | P a g e  
I wish you the best of luck in your
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