BLUE HERON BAY

    FEBRUARY 2011

         By: Elaine Higgins


I hope everyone is enjoying                  GARAGE SALE DONATIONS
themselves this season. There is
sure a whole lot to enjoy. January             Our BHB Recreation is accepting
was a very busy month and we have          donations for the upcoming Garage
a very exciting February & March           Sale. If you have items that you
planned also. Be sure and check out        no longer want or need and would
the bulletin board in the clubhouse        like to donate them to the BHB
for the many happenings and events         recreation table, please contact one
that our recreation committee has          of the recreation committee
planned for the upcoming months            members or you may simply drop
and also what volunteers have              them off near the stage at the
planned to put on.      We are so          clubhouse, but let one of us know so
blessed here at Blue Heron to have          we can put it in our storage room.
such wonderful volunteers.      And
what is even more exciting is see to
see a lot of our new residents                SUNSHINE FOUNDATION
jumping in to help. We even have
some people renting who are helping           For the residents that donated
out. What a great way to meet              to the Sunshine Foundation, I have
people. So if you would like to help       posted a thank you letter from
out with any events or socials just        them on the board down at the
let someone know and be sure to            clubhouse.
sign up to be a volunteer on the
sign-up sheet at the clubhouse.

     2011 PARK DIRECTORY                        GROCERY COUPONS FOR
                                                   THE MILITARY
    The response has been very
good with the sign-up sheet down                Don’t throw out your grocery
at the clubhouse. The sheets are            coupons, take them to 385
to come down on January 28. Then            Kingfisher Lane and Diana Caldwell
they will be sent off to the printer.       will send them to our Military
Once we get them back, the                  families that are overseas and they
Welcome Committee will then                 can use them for items that are at
compile     them     together     for       their store on their base. So even
distribution. They will be available        after you have gone through them
for pick-up on Wed. Feb. 23 and             and cut the ones you want out, if
Wed.      March    2    during   the        you will drop the rest of them off
Sausage Dog hour between 11:30              to Diana. She has a basket or box
a.m – 12:30 p.m. They will need             on her porch for you to put them in.
to be paid for at this time. So if          Or, if you call her she will come
you have ordered the pages and/or           pick them up. Her number is 863-
a folder, please come down to the           438-5860.
clubhouse on the dates mentioned
above and pick up your copy(s).
                                                     AARP TAX AIDE
    A special Thank You goes out to              FREE Federal Tax Preparation
Mary Ellen Diamond. Mary Ellen              and E-filing. Starting Thursday,
has been keeping our Directory and          February 3 and every Thursday
Birthdays      and     Anniversaries        thereafter until April 14 from
updated for the past couple of              10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Due to
years. However, Mary Ellen does             unresolved tax issues, anyone
work full-time, so to ease the load,        itemizing will be asked to wait until
Walt Ellsmore has offered to                March to file).       A couple of
handle this task as our new park            residents from the park will be
directory coordinator. Thank you            working with other volunteers in
again Mary Ellen for your time and          preparing tax returns.          This
effort in doing this for the                service will be set up at the First
Welcome Committee when it was               Presbyterian Church in Haines City
most needed.                                located at 104 Scenic Hwy.
   If you have any changes that             (RT.544). You must bring a copy of
need to be made to the directory            your 2009 taxes, photo ID & S.S.
please call Walt at 419-0979.               Cards,    all W-2’s, Retirement
                                            Income,      1099    Interest    and

Dividends, Checkbook, Etc. If you        Fri. Feb. 4 - GARAGE SALE
sold Stock, you must know the                           SET-UP and
purchase price.                                  RESIDENTS SHOPPING
   Preparations limited to basic             The tables will be set up and
returns. For more information you        your name will be on the table you
can call Kathy Behl at 419-2841 or       have chosen. You may bring your
Ralph Curtiss at 422-0689.               items down and set up any time
                                         after 12 Noon. Please, If you are
        TREE TRIMMING                    not helping set-up or have a space
                                         rented, DO NOT come down at
    Tree trimmers need to remove         this time. The Residents Shopping
their trimmings and debris. If you       will be between 4 pm – 6 pm. It
are paying someone to trim your          is very hard for the merchants who
trees, they should be hauling them       are setting-up to try and sell their
off. Also, for any major (high)          items as they are trying to put
trimming, you need to make sure          them out for display. So please, if
that the person(s) you hire are          you are coming to shop, wait until 4
licensed and insured. Ask them for       p.m. Those of you who are selling
a copy of their insurance, most          will want to bring your money with
companies, if they have insurance        you so you can be ready to sell your
carry a copy of it with them.            items.
                                             Garage Sale Participants, Please
      FEBRUARY EVENTS:                   remember to observe all rules
                                         about what’s allowed to be brought
Tues. Feb. 1 – Chili Supper**            to the Clubhouse to sell. Also, be
                  5:30 p.m.              mindful that you have space under
                 $5.00 p.p.              your table to place items, but we
 Includes: Chili, with assorted          do need to keep the walk way area
toppings, Cornbread, Rolls or            clear so shoppers do not trip over
Crackers, Dessert and Beverage.          anything. As you sell items off your
HOSTED BY THE SWITZERS                   table you can place items from
                                         under the table on top of it.

HAMBURGER. 11:30 – 12:30
       $2.50 - $3.50
Includes: chips, dessert and

Sat. Feb. 5 -     GARAGE SALE              Tues. Feb. 8 – Shaun Dunning**
                 AND BAKE SALE                             Entertainer
                  8 a.m. – NOON                      Time:    7:00 p.m.
   Residents that are baking goods                 Tickets:   $7.00
for the Bake Sale, please bring your         If you enjoyed the Donna
items to the clubhouse by 7a.m.            Moore act that was here last
   On Saturday morning, enter the          year, you are going to love Shaun
clubhouse through the kitchen              Dunning.    He is a World Class
door. You will see why when you get        Entertainer.
there. Please be at your table no             PURCHASE TICKETS FROM:
later than 7:45 a.m. The doors will             Doug Conran…. 421-9568
open promptly at 8:00 a.m. for the              Bob Andrew…..422-8979
sale and we ask that you remain at             Judy Churley…..421-6866
your table until 12 o’clock noon or            Connie Novack…..419-0174
until all your items are sold. We              Linda Colhardt……421-8601
advertise being open until noon and
we want to be there, as we do have
some who will come in around that          Fri. Feb. 11 - DEADLINE TO
time.                                      PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE
Also, For those of you who do not          VALENTINE’S       DAY    DINNER.
want to take your items back home          There will be NO tickets sold after
with you and want to donate them           this date and NO tickets will be
to a local charity, please pack your       sold at the door.
items up and take them to the back
door of the clubhouse. We do ask
that you separate clothing from            Sat. Feb. 12 – Coffee & Donuts**
other items. If you have boxes you                 English Muffins Available
can leave we would appreciate it.                            8:30 a.m.
And if you can, and are able, please                         $1.50 p.p.
stay and help get the clubhouse set
back up to it’s original state.
Thanks.                                    Sun.Feb. 13- Ice Cream Social**
                                                    Birthday & Anniversary
                                                                  7:00 p.m.
                                                       Celebrants are FREE
                                                           Others - $1.50

    February    is   dedicated    as       Thur. Feb. 17-Ladies Luncheon**
sweetheart month and those                                The Outback
married 50 years or more may                          Cypress Gardens Blvd.
enjoy their treat for FREE, too.                          Winter Haven
   So for this Ice Cream Social we                    Meet at the Clubhouse
will not only celebrate February                          at 11:15 a.m.
Birthdays and Anniversaries, but
we will also honor those that have
been married 50 Years or more. So          Sat. Feb. 19- Coffee & Donuts**
if you have been married 50 years                  English Muffins Available
or more, including this year, please                        8:30 a.m.
come and let us celebrate this                              $1.50 p.p.
wonderful achievement with you.

                                           Wed. Feb. 23 –ATTENTION ALL
                                           BLUE HERON BAY LADIES **
Mon. Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day                     Red Hats are hosting
                     Dinner                      “Days of Wine & Roses”
Includes Chicken/Broccoli Alfredo               Wine Tasting Party at the
w/ Garden Salad, Italian Bread &                      Clubhouse from
Dessert & Beverage.                               3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
       Time:    5:30 p.m.                     All Blue Heron Bay ladies are
      Tickets - $6.50 p.p.                   invited to join in the fun with
   To purchase tickets contact:                      The Red Hatters!
  Helen Cote………………..422-5537               Please check sign-up sheet on the
   Judy Churley……………421-6866               regular board and mark what you
  Ralph Curtiss……………422-0689               will be bringing behind your name:
  Darrell Fox ………………422-5168                  Your favorite bottle of wine,
Joanna Gentry ………..937-205-9587            cheese, crackers or other snacks.
    Sonny Kasuba …….422-5775                 Non-alcoholic wine will also be
REMEMBER: There will        be   no          Red Hatters wear your casual
tickets sold at the door.                              Red & Purple.

Sat. Feb. 26 – Sausage Gravy**                  UPCOMING EVENTS:
                  & Biscuits,
                Scrambled Eggs,
                Biscuits & Jelly.         Wed. Mar. 2 –BLOODNET USA**
                Juice & Coffee                                   9am – 2pm
                    8:30 a.m.                The bloodmobile will be here
                    $3.00                 again for our second visit this
      Hosted by The Mullauers             season. I want to encourage all
                                          those who are able to donate to
                                          come down and give blood. It is an
Sun. Feb. 27 – Social Dinner**            opportunity for us as a community
             The End Zone                 to help those in need. We do have
      U.S. Hwy 27, Davenport              an account set up with BloodNet, so
   Meet there at 4:00 p.m.                if a resident is hospitalized and
                                          needed blood, the hospital gives it
                                          to them and then BloodNet will
**Sign-up sheets for these events         reimburse you with a check for the
are in the clubhouse. PLEASE sign         number of units that were used. So
up for events as soon as you know         be sure and let me know if you or
that you will be attending. Knowing       your spouse needed units of blood
in advance the number of attendees        while hospitalized.    I have the
for each event helps us in our            paper work here at the office.
planning and making the necessary
arrangements and/or reservations.         Sat. Mar. 5 – PIG ROAST
     Also, if you see that you                FOOD - FUN & GAMES-
cannot attend an event that you                LIVE ENTERTAINMENT
previously signed–up for, PLEASE                 EAT AT 2:00 p.m.
cross out your name on the sign-            ENTERTAINMENT 4pm – 7pm
up sheet. Thank you.                      Food, soft drinks, & beer will be
ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS AND                       Doug Conran…. 421-9568
OR ACTIVITIES ARE AT OR                       Bob Andrew…..422-8979
AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE.                         Judy Churley…..421-6866
                                             Connie Novack…..419-0174
                                             Linda Colhardt……421-8601

Mon. Mar. 14 – Red Hat Society            Day 3 - Breakfast – Coach to Mt.
           Tea & Lunch                    Vernon/       arrive    Jamestown/
                                          Jamestown sightseeing/ Coach to
Thurs. Mar. 17 – St. Patty’s Day          Williamsburg,        Dinner       at
                     Dinner               Williamsburg Tavern Hospitality
Tues. Mar. 22 – Comedian                  Day 4 – Breakfast, colonial
                Johnny Roberts            sightseeing.
                                          Day 5 – Breakfast, coach to
Thurs. Mar. 24 –Red Hat Bus               Monticello, lunch at Minchie Tavern,
Trip to Lake Placid                       Monticello sightseeing, coach to
                                          Staunton Stonewall Jackson Hotel.
Tues. Mar. 29 – Volunteer                 Day 6 – Breakfast, coach to
      Appreciation Party                  Gettysburg, sightseeing, Wyndham
                                          Day 7 – Breakfast, coach to
        AROUND TOWN:                      Philadelphia,    lunch    on    own,
                                          sightseeing,    Sheraton     Society
      RIBS ON THE RIDGE                   Hotel.
         LAKE EVA PARK                    Day 8 – Breakfast, coach to New
       555 LEDWITH AVE.                   York, board Caribbean Princess.
          HAINES CITY                     Day 9 – At Sea
FRIDAY, FEB. 18 – 5pm – 9pm               Day 10 – Halifax, NS
SATURDAY,FEB 19 – 10am – 5pm              Day 11 – Saint John, NB
Live Entertainment,Crafts & Food          Day 12 – Bar Harbor, Maine
                                          Day 13 – Boston
                                          Day 14 – Newport
         TRAVEL NEWS                      Day 15 – New York
         By Walt Ellsmore                 You may eliminate the coach tour
                                          and just take the cruise.
There is a 14 day cruise/tour on          Ask me for details and pricing.
August 6, 2011.
The itinerary is: Day 1 – Arrive in       December 4, 2011
Washington, DC and stay at the            Seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise
Melrose Hotel;                            on the beautiful Ruby Princess.
 Day 2 – Breakfast, Arlington             $50.00 shipboard credit per cabin,
Cemetery, full day sightseeing,           Only $100.00 deposit per person!
dinner and evening tour.                  Day 1 – Depart Fort Lauderdale

Day 2 – Princess Cays                            YOUR NEWSY NEIGHBOR
Day 3 – At Sea                                       By:Terry Larock
Day 4 – St. Maartin
Day 5 – St. Thomas                               The holiday season went out
Day 6 – Grand Turk                           with a BANG!!! and it started a new
Day 7 – At Sea                               season with another BANG!!
Day 8 – Fort Lauderdale                         Arlene And Doug Conran hosted
Please call me at 419-0979 for               the most delicious French Toast &
details and pricing.                         Bacon Breakfast. What a turnout
                                             that was. The food was great, hot,
                                             and served with a friendly smile.
   NEW TO BLUE HERON BAY                     There were about 40 people
                                             attending and it couldn't be done
   Leo and June Maisenbacher                 with out the help of folks like Patty
         200 Egret Drive                     Schleicher, Roland Marcotte,
                                             Ralph & Denise, Connie & Bob N. and
     Leo and June will be at BHB for         the always faithful Mary U.
the winter months only, then they               Where else could we go to get a
will return to their home near               fantastic meal for a great price and
Albany, New York.                            have lots of laughs with lots of
    Leo and June both worked at a            friends.
local hospital, Leo as a welder and
repairmen while June worked in the              Metro     Crime    Agency     was
payroll department.                          represented     by    agent,   Mark
They     have    5     children,    16       Rutledge, who gave us some very
grandchildren     and      2     great       helpful tips on safety while out and
grandkids.                                   about. He also answered many
    June likes to complete jigsaw            questions about the tools that can
puzzles and loves working with               be used to defend ourselves. Mark
wood. She has built doll houses,             was terrific. He informed, amused
furniture and rocking chairs. Leo            and explained all this information
roots for the New York Giants                while never pushing us to by any
(YEAH!!). They also enjoy playing            product. Telling us the things that
double pinochle.                             we can do to prevent home
    They intend to do lots of what           invasions were very impressing and
they want to do with some resting            he was knowledgeable on both the
and relaxing thrown in.                      tried and true methods and the
                                             more recent electronic gadgets.

The next event was a record                helped Diana DuDray and Carole K
attendance for the monthly ice             putting the sandwiches together,
cream social.                              great teamwork, great cooks and
Fifty residents showed up to               great food.
celebrate     their  birthday     or       Sonny K and Maryanne Aroosian
anniversary, as well as those who          were at the door greeting the
had birthday/ann. while they were          hungry crowd and of course taking
away. Fred & Linda Colhardt host           their money.
this event every month and they            Andy Yankovich was asked to give
always do a great job. Whether it          the blessing and Ralph Curtiss
was a free night for you or not it's       acted as emcee. Ed Gentry helped
always a winner.                           set up the tables.
                                           Harry Aroosian & Frank Muscari
   What an evening! What a night!          made sure the water and soda was
and as my mother always said "Its          kept flowing.
a Great Night for Soup". The Blue          Serving the meal were Denise C.
Heron Clubhouse was filled with the        Diana    &    Roger    D.  Rebecca
aroma of home made vegetable soup          Cammarano, Pam H. & Frank M.
and grilled cheese.                        Bakers were Linda Reynolds,Shirley
   Sonny and Carole Kasuba put on          Matton, Diana D., Ruth Petuske,
one of the best dinners in the             Judy Bland, Virginia Carmichael,
history of BHB, and 128 people said        Carole & Jean Truax. Mary U.
exactly that.       I also want to         helped serve and also did one of
mention that there were home               the things she does best, held the
deliveries made to seven residents,        50/50 raffle.
no tip required.                               Sonny and Carole want to thank
   Since the signup sheet was              everyone who helped make this
getting longer & longer, Sonny &           event such a great success and of
Carole knew they had better send           course to thank all who attended to
out a call for "HELP!!" and one that       make it a great night.
would be heard from one end of the
park to the other. Those who                   Next    came     the    "Ladies
answered the call are as follows:          Luncheon" and once again it was the
Ina & Mike Paolino made the                best attended we ever had, 37
delicious soup,     needing 3 grills       ladies were there to eat, drink and
were Sydney Campbell and Janet             make merry and we certainly did
Patton     grilling   the     cheese       that. We ate at "Mimi's Cafe" as
sandwiches to perfection. They also        we have several times over the

years and all first timers were             more than others, and others had
advised to order ANTHING that               more stuff to strut with. I had to
came with a "muffin included".              watch and wonder why our kids
Those of you who did not heed this          think we live in an"ole age home?"
splendid advise were then forced to         There wasn't one person on the
"order to go" 'cause one look at            dance floor who looked or acted
this oversized delights is to               old.
salivate. Since there was a delay in        Putting this gala evening together
getting and paying our checks, I            took lots of teamwork and that was
want to thank all of you for your           provided by hostess Connie as she
patience. Your a good group and I’ll        planned the decor and Lola
fight anyone who tries to say               prepared all the food. Helping
otherwise (well anyone smaller than         Connie were Fran Hein (she is co-
me) and enough said on that                 committee person of the BHB
subject. Next month will be at              clubhouse decorating) me, and of
OUTBACK in Winter Haven, hope to            course (what would we do without
see you there.                              her ) Pam House. Lola was assisted
                                            by her daughter Linda and Joanne
The last big event was our annual           Wiz. Everything Lola undertakes is
after the new year celebration, and         always set with style and a touch of
did we celebrate!! Connie & Bob             elegance, we all marveled at the
Andrew once again hosted and Lola           array of food on the beautifully
Doty suggested that the theme               attired table, and the trestle that
this year shoud be a "Black&White"          Pam House created was perfect for
affair.                                     taking pictures to commemorate
    It was wonderful to see a room          the occasion. We are already
filled with black and white dresses,        looking forward to next year.
slacks, shirts and blouses. Bob             I say it to all of us who live here
Andrew wore a tuxedo and looked             year-round, to those of you who
dashing as he greeted the guests.           make this a second home, and
Wearing their unique brand of               especially to those who rent year
splendor were Butch Behl & Gene             after year, what a great park Blue
Buckely also in their tuxedo --             Heron Bay is.
SHIRTS--.       Entertainment    by
Mandy & Jim was great and their
choice of music set the mood for an
evening of dancing and strutting
our stuff, some of us strutted


    The first event of 2011 was a          FOR SALE: 48” Glass Top Table
celebration for all our members            with Solid Oak Pineapple Base, Four
birthdays as we usually do in              Chairs with padded seats, all solid
January.                                   wood. Make Offer.
 Connie and Company (the company           Call 419-2977
part being me and Joanne Wiz.)
Connie had seen an advertisement           FOR SALE: Four Golf Cart Tires
of the Sanford Arms in Bartow and          on Rims with Wheel Covers
we had lunch there in Nov. to check         215/60-8
it out.                                    Load Star. $90.00
 It's an old Victorian house that          Call: 863-422-7292
the owners have converted into a
Bed & Breakfast with luncheons                If you would like to place a For
also served.     Connie made the           Sale ad, notice or an announcement
reservations then and there. Since         in the newsletter, the deadline is
it was still the holiday season the        the 20th of each month. The ads
decor was beautiful and so like an         are $5.00. You need to write the ad
old fashioned Victorian Christmas          up the way you want it to appear in
Setting with Dickens Houses and            the newsletter and bring it into the
antique ornaments.                         park office before the deadline.
 This event is one the most                Residents are not allowed to place
attended functions and we all enjoy        any ad or other items on the
it very much. It seems to set the          bulletin board in the clubhouse.
tone for the upcoming season.

See you all at the next outing.

       BHB Contact Persons:

Neighbor in Need Committee:                    Recreation Committee:
Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-9620               Bob Andrew. . . . . . . . . . 422-8979
   For any general assistance, such            Ralph Curtiss . . . . . . . . . . 422-0689
as a ride to an appointment, a meal            Connie Novack . . . . . . . . . .419-0174
fixed when ill, etc. or if you need            Dave Davis . . . . . . . . . , 422-0525
some medical equipment that we                 Judy Churley . . . . . . . . . . .421-6866
may have on hand, such as,                     Elaine Higgins .. . . . . . . . . .422-3157
crutches,       canes,         walkers,        Doug Conran . . . . . . . . . . .421-9568
wheelchair, bedside potty seat, etc.

Sunshine Committee:                            Bingo Committee:
Ann Bunke……………..1-847-804-3078                 Walt Ellsmore . . . . . . . . . 419-0979
  Will send cards to residents                 Evan Shirley . . . . . . . . . . . 421-2545
hospitalized or ill, death in the              Mary Umphrey . . . . . . . . . 419-2977
family, etc. So please, if you know
of any of our neighbors that are ill
or have passed away, please let Ann            BHB Group Travel Coordinator:
know.                                          Walt Ellsmore . . . . .. 419-0979

Welcome Committee:
Judy Churley & Kay Watson,
Ralph & Denice Curtiss,
Fran Hein &Terry LaRock.
Welcoming Coordinators - Bob &
Virginia Carmichael – 422-2019
Directory     Coordinator    –Walt
Ellsmore – 419-0979


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